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Mazda 626



  • BINUBINU Posts: 80
    I recently bought a 2000 626 Lx as a second car.
    While driving, I noticed that the headlights don't seem to have enough range. The lights are bright but the range ends abruptly at less than 40 feet.
    In streets that don't have enough lighting, I have to turn on the high beams.
    Does anyone else notice this on their cars or could it be an aiming issue with my car ?
  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    This is our First new car and I was caught off
    gaurd by the brightness of these lamps.I'd check
    the aim.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Aren't they the self-leveling type? You can actually see the levels when you pop the hood.

  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    Those are to aid in the accurate alignment by
    adusting the screws instead of pointing auto
    at wall 4 feet away then screw the adjustments.
  • dermendermen Posts: 31
    I am looking for a new car and saw a 2000 626 LX with a 4 cylinder and AT. I read some of the previous posts and heard that they have transmission problems. I was wondering how often it occurs? I really like the car but I dont want to buy it if I will have to replace the transmission because I just did that with the truck I own now and it wasnt cheap. Any advice would be greatly apprieciated(sp).
  • The statistics are probably locked away in a vault in Irvine, down two flights of unlit stairs, next to a sign that says "Beware of the Leopard". :)

    You might also keep in mind that no one ever comes on here to complain about a transmission that hasn't failed.
  • dermendermen Posts: 31
    I will probably just stay away from them. There are a few other types of cars I am also looking at. I still have to do some research on them. I liked the Mazda over the other cars I like because it got a better safety rating and it was different. Maybe I will find one with a V6. I havent really looked a lot. I am going into the city this weekend and am going to look at a lot dealerships.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    dang....thanks for the warning phobe
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Can you drive stick? The manuals are pretty reliable.

  • dermendermen Posts: 31
    Yes, I can drive a stick. The only 2 626's I have found for sale in my area have the AT with a 4 cylinder. I am also looking at Dodge Stratus, there are a lot of them for sale around me, Saturn L series, and Nissan Altima. So far I have only been looking on the internet and in the news paper. Maybe I will find a V6 this weekend since some dealers around here dont have websites.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The V6 doesn't use the CD4E unit, plus the engine is a gem. I'd wait for that one.

  • dermendermen Posts: 31
    Well I will let you know what I find this weekend. I found a 4 cylinder with a manual which I will be looking at. The only thing I dont like about it is that it is burgendy. Not really my color. I like driving kind of fast so I think I might not like the 4 cylinder. I have read that it is kinda slow.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'd call it adequate. The V6 is truly quick, though. Watch out for speeding tickets.

  • The four with the stick is no slouch, though; you should be able to do 9-ish zero-to-sixty runs, which is close to what you'd get with the V6 and the automatic. Of course, the V6/manual combo outruns them all, and the four/automatic powertrain best serves as a lesson in patience. (I have one of these latter, but then I am old and cranky.)
  • dermendermen Posts: 31
    I am going to look at it this weekend. Im sure the car is plenty fast for me. But faster is better. The car I really wanted is a Nissan Maxima but they are too expensive. Anyway here is info about the car.

    2000 Mazda 626
    13,626 miles
    power windows, locks
    manual transmission

    Hopefully they wont try to screw me over on my trade in if I decide to get this car.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'd go to a Car Max and see how much they'd give you for it. Then see if they can at least match that.

    Used car values have plunged lately, don't expect too much.

  • skibry1skibry1 Posts: 174
    Our Doubleought Freeport has 24K miles and I'm
    loving this left leg flexor ! For my needs this
    many horsies and being able to shift when she gets
    around 3300 RPMS is very sweet...luv those on/off
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    I've never heard of it.
  • It's a 2000 626 in Freeport Green Metallic, I believe.

    (And if he shifts at 3300, he's more conservative than I thought.)
  • logtraillogtrail Posts: 71
    MX6 with 91,000 miles runs like a top. But why would it start immediately (and I mean as soon as the key is turned) when the car is cold; but when it is hot it's a bit slower to start. Not a problem yet but I'm curious. Coil maybe? And how difficult is it to replace those pesky little lights in the dash? the one that tells me Im in the power mode and the other indicating I'm in drive.
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