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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • Stop living in the 1980's. been there done that as i always say. Forget the past and look at 2001 models as they are regardless of past problems. Things change over time, such as Believe it or not, cars have fuel injection now rather then carburetors back in the 80's. so like technology improvements like that, cars can get better, like hyundai. hehe

    so what if you have a an integra with 130k miles on it. Big deal. Obviously it was well maintained. My friend has an 88 Hyundai excel with 110k miles on it. So what do you have to say to that? Like i have been trying to tell you all along, they way you treat a car is how reliable it will be. Obviously you treated your car well and it returned that favor. The excel was a piece of crap, but treated well, it can last, just like any honda.

    And VW has poor quality? I dont think so. Go slam the door of a civic and then slam a door of a jetta while you are sitting in it. The civic sounds tinny. The jetta sounds much more solid, it is also MUCH better looking interior and exterior. the new civic looks like it got its [non-permissible content removed] kicked in cause it shrank. Yea, the jetta is underpowered with the base 2.0 engine w/ only 115 hp. That is the only flaw and that is why i didnt get a used one, but the civic isnt that much more, maybe 10 or 11. But if its power you are looking for, then neither is a good choice. ELantra wins hands down. (not including VW DOHC 1.8 turbo or VR6)
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    "Goslam the door of a civic and then slam a door of a jetta while you are sitting in it. The civic sounds tinny."

    Or for that matter an Elantra. The doors (at least the 99/2000 model) close with an authoritative thud.

    AcuraGrl, have you seen the XG300? Why don't you humor us and actually get inside one. Over the weekend I took my buddy to the local Hyundai dealership. This guy used to sound like you. We did not test drive it, but just getting inside he admitted that it was a very nice car. He was also shocked at the sticker price 24K for leather and the works. Hyundai sales are breaking records for a reason.
  • Dropping off the VW topic for a bit, I've test driven an Elantra. I think my only compaints are i)that horrifying Korean new car smell. Apparently its due to some chemical that the Koreans use in shipping (the same smell is in Kia's and Daewoo's). Whatever it is I wish they'd stop using it.
    ii)the "fairy princess" door chime. Americans cars make a "Gong, Gong" sound, Japaneese a "beep, beep" sound, but Hyundai's go "tinkle, tinkle". Its rather annoying. However, in the old Excel we had I got used to it. It must be emasculating in the Tiburon though.
    iii)Hyundai seemed to cut corners on the trunk lid. The rest of the car is solid as a rock, but the lid seems like it would dent easily.

    The dashboard reminds me of an older Volkswagon in the way its layed out. The beige interior was pleasant, but the black dashboard seemed out of place. The grey was more suitable. Also, I don't really care for the "antique rose" (I think it's called cranberry in the U.S.) color of the test car. But, I wouldn't be buying it in that color so it really doesn't matter.

    The engine is remarkably quiet, except when revved high. Steering is responsive and the ride is smooth. Next up on the test drive list is the Golf.
  • sorry bout the VW talk, but i love VW. if i had enough money, i wanted the turbo golf in 2 dr. Quality and performance, but you are paying for it at $17,000+. But i am happy with my elantra. For 10,800, i could not have picked a better car. I dont care what other people say. When it comes to money, i want the most for it. Why the hell am i going to pay more money for less features or less engine power? That would be silly. Just so i can say, "yea, i own a "honda"" and people bow down to me? If someone said that to me, i would bow down, turn around and fart in their face. j/ to have some humor in here. :) But seriously, ask yourself that question before buying a civic. Like Shoprites slogan, "Why pay more?" The elantra has proven itself reliable. Honda owners cannot argue this fact. The elantra came out in 1994 and had no problems except for timing belt. but if changed at 60k miles, then that is not even a problem. the elantra is not the excel. SO I KNOW IM RIGHT AND THEIR WRONG WHEN IT COMES TO VALUE AND PERFORMANCE.

    So to all those people ignorant towards hyundai, go ahead and buy your overpriced underpowered, option-challanged civic and prepared to be smoked by my twin cam w/ at least 13 more hp, fully loaded, less money but better value, hyundai elantra with the force field of a 10 yr warranty. that one sentence sums it all up folks hehe. we needed some humor in here. too much tense.
  • i didnt realize the title i gave it. The VW section was for you, bri170. everything else after that was for anyone in general
  • justin: REAL people also say they love their Hyundais and their Hondas. It is very hard to be objective when reviewing a vehicle that you are personally paying money for. Maybe that's why we should look to quality surveys like Consumer Reports, Strategic Vision, and JD Power.

    Saying that Hondas are tinny and overpriced is an unfair and unjustified statement. Do not get me wrong I can recognize the Jetta as a very nice car as I almost bought a 2000 GLS 1.8T. But so are Hondas. They are just different cars, both drive great but they drive different. The Civic according to many people and many publications is more reliable and "sturdy" in the long run than a Jetta.

    elantra00: I do not know the current Integra's maintenance history as I just purchased it 5 months ago and it had 120,000 on it when I bought it. I do know that the tires were way out of balance, it needed 2 CV axles, timing belt, and a muffler. None of those are real mechanical issues but it does prove that the prior owner was not as anal retentive about their maintenance as I am. I also had a 1990 Integra that was bought with 130k that had very obviously NOT been well maintained and after I did the usual timing belt and CV axles the car was good for another 30,000 miles before I sold it to a guy who used it to deliver pizzas. So maybe you are right, any well maintained car has a chance of survival. It's when a car can be somewhat abused and still give it's owner confidence to jump in it and go anywhere that it becomes a true example of reliability. It also interesting to note that neither one of these Integras nor the 1994 or the other 1991 Integra I owned had any quality issues other than normal maintenance that I listed above. Same goes for the 89 Honda Civic we owned and a 93 Acura Vigor. The Vigor is a different animal though because it had been perfectly maintained before it came into the family at 42,000 miles.

    I also want to comment on what an intelligent statement you made about the Civic shrinking. I guess though if you use your logic the Civic got kicked in the [non-permissible content removed] with a size 5 shoe while the Jetta got hit with a size 13 considering the Jetta is shorter than the Civic. The Civic also rides on a wheelbase that is nearly 5" longer.

    And if you want power you wouldn't be looking at the Jetta, Civic, or Elantra. You would get a Nissan Sentra SE with 150HP.

    bri70: A sticker price of $24,000 on a Hyundai would be enough to make me consider one since I bought my '01 Accord EX V6 for $23,200 and it stickers for $25,540 and once you are in that price range there are several other models that one might choose before going down to a Hyundai. But to it's credit, nobody pays sticker for a Hyundai so after all of the special financing and rebates that they throw at you one could probably be had for around $19,000.
  • My 2 cents worth.
    I've owned a 99 Honda Odyssey and it had quality control problem just check the recalls and tsbs and Car and Driver's comment abot it being notso Honda quality.
    If you know anything about cars you know how imperfect all of them are and that the real winners are the car manufacturers not us...
    However how much you let them win is the game.
    With Honda sure there great but follow their recommended service and you will pay thru the nose and change parts hat don't need changing (maybe thats why they are so relaible and add those wonderful secret warranties) they fix things before you find to a certified Honda mechanic. They don't depreciate so much because you pay so much...du!
    I recently bought a 5-speed base model of the 2001 Elantra Love it, drives like a much larger car, feels solid, nimble, great little engine and power, noise from the Khumo tires (sound a bit like snow tires) isn't all that bad.
    It looks great (distintive) in comparison to what else is available...The sentra se interested me it had 145 hp but in comparison to the Elantra looks no way...Motor trend timed the sentra se 7.9 sec 0-60 and the Elantra 8.4 sec 0-60 .5 difference worth the extra money for a marginal difference? Up to the individual...I think we who are Hyundai owners are tired of the Honda people trashing our inferior cars? We love our cars just as much as they love there hondas....We all payed for our cars with hard earned cash so lets give each other a break... the real winners are the car manufacturers...Thanks
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    It is the holidays! Let's all play nice today! I am hungover from a Christmas party last night and I can't deal.

    It was HE** driving into work with a five speed today....:( Should have paid a little extra and got an automatic.

    I personally have not even been inside the new Elantras, but on the outside they look nice. I still think that 2000 Elantras look nice too. The 2000 has the "swoopy" look, while the 2001 is more creased.

    I honestly do have a feeling that all of us Elantra owners, if we keep are ours for another 3 or 4 years, will find this resale thing a thing of the past... Hyundai's rep is changing in the marketplace slowly but surely. Especially here in metro areas.....middle America might not be trading their Camry's and Taurus' in for Sonata's yet, but I see a lot of Sonata's around here. Quite handsome I think...

    Anyway - The new Civic Sedan looks nicer than the old one, but the coupe went all wrong in my opinion.
  • I been waiting for a while to test drive this car. The Hyundai dealer in my area took a long time to get them on the lot. To my surprise, they also had the new XG300 on the lot. I took a closer look and it had the features of a $30,000 luxury car. I was shock to see the sticker with only $23,000 on it. That the price of a high-level Jetta or Accord.

    Anyway, I test droved severals cars during past two months.

    2001 Volkwagon Jetta
    Very nice looking car, but I can not afford to buy the base model. I can't picture paying $15,000 and up for a car that does not have power windows and cruise control.

    2001 Volkwagon Beetle
    They had to nerve to try to get me to pay $20,800 for a Beetle. No way!!!

    2001 Nissan Sentra
    I was very impressed with this car. It has a spunky engine. The interior looks nice. The exterior is kind of bland. Looks like a mini-Altima. The only thing I did not like about this car was the fact I did not have any real leg room. My knees kept touching the steering wheel even with the seat all the way back. So I dropped the Sentra from my list.

    2001 Honda Civic EX Coupe
    Honda has done it again. They are bringing out a nice product. Now, I do not like the Civic Sedans. Talk about plain!!! I just don't feel they are worth what they are asking even it is so called reliable. The only one I like is the Civic EX Coupe, but thats out of my budget.

    2001 Hyandai Elantra
    I was just like most people when it came to "Hyandai" = "Garbage". My mom had an 89 Excel that was ok, but it later died on us. From then on I this company has never crossed my mind. Well here it is 2000 and I have yet to hear any major complaints about Hyandai. My brother recently purchased a Sante Fe after leaving a bad experience with a 93 Pontiac Bonneville. When I got into that Sante Fe, thats when I knew Hyandai has changed a lot. So I test drove an Elantra because it seems to be in my budget. I was so impressed. The outside looks ok and the inside is ok. It looks more expensive now. I am planning to buy a 2001 Elantra next year. I felt it had more to offer for my money, plus having the best warranty in the industry does not hurt.
  • Hey, they redid this thing and about 40 messages have dissapeared. Oh well, life goes on.

  • Just a test to see if my message gets posted. The one I tried earlier disappeared.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    I could not take driving a 5 speed anymore, and I came into some Christmas money, so I dumped the Hyundai. Not for any reason except these two. I had a Jetta that was loaded and nice...the Hyundai left me feeling very bargain basement. Also - it was a 5 speed and I sit in Rt.7/Beltway traffic everyday. Also - I have a four door Pathfinder.

    So guess what I got? I am going to catch soooo much sh** for this...

    2001 Honda Civic Coupe EX. Eternal Blue/Beige interior. AUTOMATIC.
    It is not as fast as the Elantra...but I knew that. It is more luxurious and looks nice in the Blue/Beige combo. For once, Honda got some decent colors out there, and the interior actually has some style! Everyone is yelling about the suspension being downgraded this year...who cares. I don't really notice. The car is much "firmer" and rides "harder" than the Jetta or the Elantra. Seems kind of sporty to me...;)

    Anyway - I did not look at the Hyundai Elantra automatic for two reasons as well. Number 1, this was a major impulse buy. Number two - they don't come in 2 doors, and the Tiburon is as bad as a Pontiac Sunfire, looks wise.

    Please - be nice....I am NOT siding with any arrogant and obnoxious Honda owners. I never plan to be that type of Honda owner.....

    Got $7800 for the 2000 BASE BASE BASE Elantra.....not bad considering I paid just under $10k for it...
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    LOL, congratulations on your new civic. Hope you will enjoy it for the next year that you going to own it. :)
    Thats some serious impulse buying though!!
  • how do you afford to keep switchen cars like that? Thats got to be expensive with losing money on trade-ins so quickly. Congradulations on your new civic and I hope you enjoy it, but I do have one commment about it. That had to cost you around 16 or 17,000 for the EX and in automatic. You should have gotten a Jetta. maybe the turbo, if you really haggled. :) or 1.8t golf. Remember our arguments in here about the EX being pricy...but if you are happy, that is all that counts.

    Lots of luck
  • Glad you like your new car. Of course, there's a certain someone around this board who's probably going to be very,very smug. I tried the new Civic, and it was very nice. But it just didn't appeal to me much for some reason, but then again they won't have the racy SI coupes in until April or so.

    It's hard to resist impulse buying, so that's why I'm looking at cars now. I don't start my new job until January, so I CAN'T buy a car now, thus I can't impulse buy.

  • alese1alese1 Posts: 28
    You had mentioned in your previous post (see post 529) that the new Civic Sedan is nicer than last year's model, and that the "coupe went the wrong way", and you go on impulse and bought yourself a Civic coupe EX! You probably spent at least 19K (including taxes) on it. The coupe is nice, but isn't it kinda off uncomfortable? Everytime someone sits in the back the person sitting in the front has to move forward a little bit. I'm not particularly fond of the coupes. I think the sedans look better, and the insurance is probably cheaper since the coupes are considered to be more sporty-looking.

    Anyway, congratulations on your purchase. It is a nice car you got. The when it comes to Civics, the EX model is the way to go.
  • you did say the civic EX coupe went the wrong way back in post #529. What were you smoking when you bought that car?! hehe. I think you should slow down your car buying. I mean, from a Jetta VR6, to an elantra now to a civic EX, you must have blown off 5,000 in losing on resale so soon. I think you should slow down your car purchases because a car is a big investment and you should think of what car you want that is in your price range. At 19k on a civic EX, you could have gotten another Jetta and saved money from "car hopping" hehe.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    I didnt expect an EX to cost that much!! I was expecting in the range of 17K. For 19K I will get an Accord/Camry or a Sonata V6 :)
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    Who pays even close to $19 for any Civic?? You guys are nuts. I paid $16300 plus tax. I could have done better, but did not feel like haggling. They were selling 2001 Civic EX sedan 5 speeds for 14885 plus tax. I guess either Honda has realized that they have major competion from the new Elantra, or this area is just overstocked.

    Yes - on paper and on Internet I thought the new Civic Coupe was HORRIBLE. I never saw the blue/beige combo though. It really makes the car to me.... I love how long it is. Longer than the sedan. Plus the EX sedan had horrible cloth seats..the Coupe has a nice design.

    Believe me - I would not pay $19k for ANY Honda, not even an Accord. They are fine cars, as I have always said, just not any BETTER than the Elantra. I wanted a two door. The VW GTI-VR6 can't be had in an automatic....and I don't want a turbo anything. And VW base engine? That is a joke....I love VW's but they need to let the GTI VR6 have an autostick at least...

    Again - you don't pay even close to $19k for a loaded Civic right now. Now that Bush is in and the economy and stock market have tanked, and will continue to do so (all in the name of infamous Reagan-era tax cuts....), this is your chance to get good deals. Remember - always buy your car and house during a republican recession, if you can afford it. Prices are slashed - you can always refinance when Hillary wins in 2004 ;)
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