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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • kymcampkymcamp Posts: 51
    Good advice.It's still tough though, considering how I liked all three cars. Actually, the fact that you have a Pathfinder excludes you from that SUV set I mentioned (which was why I apologized). After all, Pathfinders and Isuzus and 4runners make no pretensions of being a car. But it seems the vast majority of so called SUV's on the market are nothing more glorified minivans pretending to be off roaders.
  • avsfanavsfan Posts: 1
    For what it's worth I used to sell guitars... The BEST guitars back at the beginning
    of time were the Gibsons and Fenders built in the USA. Then they started importing
    cheaper models from Japan (cheaper labor etc)... After 3-4 years the quality went
    WAY up as well as the price... My Takamine lists at 1899 and 10 years ago it
    would have been a $500 price tag at best.

    So then they went to Korea once Ibanez, Tak etc were considered legitimate 'proffesional quality' guitars. At first the guitars coming out of Korea were crap again, but after a year
    or two, they too improved radically but the prices started creaping up as well (see the pattern here?). Before I quit they went to Indonesian or some African country (I can't recall) and I sent back the entire batch of 50 guitars since they looked more like archery bows rather than guitars..
    But if they kept at it, I imagine they improved the quality. If you stay at something long enough
    unless you are Homer Simson or the Chicago Cubs, you almost HAVE to improve somewhat..

    By the way I have a 1990 CRX SI (voted THE most fun car you can drive in 1988 by Automobile magazine and probably still holds true today) . I just bought a 92 Pathfinder (since it seemed to handle the best out of everything I drove). I've totalled 5 Hondas.. Not something to be necessarily proud of... But the ONLY way they break is if you don't put oil in them or drive them into trees or other cars... Total mileage: 1st civic: 90k brakes and clutch -crash, 2nd: civic 70k 100% stock -crash, 3rd: civic 143k tires/brakes clutch, alternator (due to stereo amp), 4th: 89 accord SI 194k tires/clutch/timing belt/ power window motor (water leaked in after
    10 years). This one did lose 5th gear at 120k which totally surprized me... Poor oil flow
    to 5th gear and lots of hwy miles I was told loosened/warped the shift fork which eventually broke..

    5th: 80k (first CRX ( rolled it) all still stock). .. Current CRX is at 126k and still buries the needle at 125mph (Just ask the judge) and other than tires and brakes, timing belt and battery is still 100% STOCK parts (ok I forgot, the muffler rotted after 10 years) and it could use new CV joints and a valve adjustment. Also I don't think the stock clutch is going to hold out much longer due to my heavy driving.

    Castrol syntec and prolong fuel treatment help a bunch! ) If you don't drive like I do, a Honda
    could last you a lifetime. Are you listening DETROIT?
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    wow avsfan, totalled 3 cars and pulled over for going wonder our insurance rates are so high! ;)
  • kymcampkymcamp Posts: 51
    We'll the decisions are still hard. I didn't get around to those other test drives yesterday but I'm going to tonight. Then on Thursday I'll test drive my three top choices again (at different dealerships) to help decide.

    I looked at a Y2K Elantra, it's an entirely different car then the 2001. It seems well built, but somewhat cheap. In contrast, the 2001 seems as though it should cost more than it does. The only thing is the metal's a bit thin on the Elantra (in comparison to my other two choices). That doesn't mean it isn't a well built car, but it might dent and ding a little more easily. I guess Hyundai had to cut corners somewhere to keep the Elantra cheaper than the competition. Still, Hyundai has finally hit the nail on the head with it's latest generation of cars. The Santa Fe especially seems to be changing minds about Hyundai. Of course, that probably means in a few years Hyundai will be overpriced like all the other imports.

    You know, one of the things that impressed me most about the Hyundai was that it showed the position the auto was in on the dashboard. It seems a rare feature these days. I mean, you could look down at the shifter to see what position it was in, but in between the tach and the speedometer it had a series of bright green LED's with the current mode circled. It was a thoughtful touch by Hyundai. I'd still prefer a manual though. I could step down to the GL model, but it lacks airconditioning which is a $2000 option. Apparently the entire dashboard has to be removed to add A/C in the Hyundai. At least in the states the one model can be equipped with either transmission.
  • kymcampkymcamp Posts: 51
    Since I'm test driving the Candian models, I should mention the equivalent American model

    Protege GT(2001)-don't know if there is an American equivalent.
    Protege LX-identical
    Protege SE-same as ES (why they're reversed is beyond me, but in Canada SE used to be for the "Special Edition" model)
    Protege DX-identical

    Elantra VE-similar to GLS automatic
    Elantra GL-no equivalent

    Golf GL-identical but Canadian version doesn't have A/C standard (money grab on VW's part, since almost everyone orders it).
    Golf GLS-identical
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    Maybe VW thinks that standard a/c on their least expensive car in Canada is dumb. Is the price lower because of no a/c than the U.S. Golf GL, with standard a/c?

    Maybe they think, like me, that Canada is this cold icy place and that some could live without a/c?? :)
  • kymcampkymcamp Posts: 51
    Well, it is cheaper, but not by much. Still if everyone is going to order it, why not make it standard?

    The joy of living in Canada is that it *is* an icy cold place in the winter, but almost as hot as Texas in the summer. In the nation's capital (where I live) temperatures can get as low as -20 Farenheit with the windchill, yet in the summer it can reach 104. Generally though the summer temp is in the low to mid 80's. We always seem to have a heat wave though when my cousin from Ft. Worth flys up.

  • Just curious. I was qouted $16100 (w/o Tax & TTL) for a Manual 2001 Honda Civic EX Sedan. No other charges. How does it stack up. I bought from the dealer before and he says he is gving me a great deal. Please enlighten me.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    anything from Invoice to +300$ is a very good deal
    I guess, Honda will declare special APR in the month of Feb/March. U can take advantage of that too. Honda has target of 350K Civics this year.
  • kymcampkymcamp Posts: 51
    I'll briefly summarize the rest of the cars:

    Ford Focus: wonderful car but too many recalls
    Chyrsler Neon: Not enough headroom
    Kia Sephia: cheap
    Toyota Echo: ugly and weird

    Today I test drove my top three again, back to back. The only difference was that I got a 2001 Protégé this time instead of a 2000 (they just came in this week). The new 2001 model doesn't drive any differently, even though the engine has been upped to 2.0L (you'd notice it in an automatic though). However it is far more stylish than the previous generation both outside and inside. It stands the middle ground between the Golf and Elantra both in perception and in price, so it will probably be my choice, but don't make any bets yet. Odd how my top three choices managed to be in the low, middle, and high parts of my price range.

  • dankgdankg Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a small car for a while and would like to get a used Honda Civic DX. A dealer nearby has a 1997 with 48K miles for $9,500. I baulked because it was at the top end of what I wanted to spend.
    Today the dealer called back and said he had a 2000 Hyundai Elantra with 6,300 miles for $8,300.
    I don't have experience with the Hyundai make but
    began reading up on them.
    Any opinions out there? The vehicle would be mainly used for commuting to school.
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    id go for the elantra....less mileage and a thousand cheaper. also, especially since the civic is a "DX" trim, you dont have power windows/locks/mirrors. so for a thousand less, you get a car that is pretty much brand new with power everything, 40k less miles and still under warranty (5 yr/ 60k i believe). Thats my choice, but either one you can't go wrong. its what YOU like. Good luck
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Civic DX with 48000 mileage for 9K ??
    It will be very good if u can get it for Edmunds private Party value. Regarding Elantra, it depreciates like crazy, also u won't be getting 10year-100K powertrain warr. Hyundai Xmission had tendency to break before 60K mileage in the past, but if it sustains & breaks JUST after 60K miles u will spend atleast 1600 on it.

    Look in the market, try to get Civic from Private party instead of a dealer...u will do much better(at least 1200-1500$ better)
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    tendency to break after 60,000 miles? Let me CLARIFY this up. For pre-1995 model elantras, the timing belt had to be changed at 60,000 miles. If not, then it could cause problems. But lets see..that was about 6 years ago! That problem has been DEALT with and SOLVED. And to boot, if you changed the timing belt at 60,000 miles, then you would have no problems! This is a passed problem that has been fixed.
    So lets stop hounding on passed problems that have been fixed and lets look at the present. You cannot change the past. Honda sucked when they first came out, as well as Hyundai did. Honda became great, and now so is hyundai. Just hyundai is about 5-10 years behind hondas rep so they are catching up now and their cars are fantastic.

    ....and 8300 is pretty good for a 2k elantra. I usually seen them for 10-11,000. But out of that one post, you are right about the depreciation....for now ;) At the rate hyundai is going, their resale value will be nearly if not as good as Honda. Give'm 5 years and you'll see, sobers.

    If i were you dankg, i would take COMPLETE advantage of the depreciation, while you can. The cars resale will go up in the future cause the hyundais are only getting better. $8300 is a fantastic deal for a almost new elantra. unfortunately sobers is right, you wont be getting the 100,000 mile warranty because you are the second owner. but at least you ll get a 5 yr/60k warranty....better then the civic. civic warranty is up unless the dealership throws in a 2 yr which some do. but 3 yrs less then the new elantra warranty. Only if you need the best fuel economy, then maybe the civic would suit you better....or maybe a 1.0 litre 3 cyclinder 55 hp metro w/ 50 mpg. lol. But for performance, then the elantra.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    My intentions were not to drive away somebody from getting Elantra vs Civic. Everybody is smart enough to spend amount like 8k-9k properly.
    I was just making aware of possible Xmission problems. There is one site (I forgot wed addr),
    which deals with the Xmissions. It presented case study from all records of repairs(both warranty & others collected from various sources)

    The site gives estimates for Xmission duarbility & overall quality
    GM: The best shifting, reliable AUTOs, No probs until 100K mileage.
    Toyota/Honda: 150+ Reliable. Toyota being more smooth.
    Ford: 80k+
    Chrysler/Koreans: 60-80K regular failure problems.
    I don't remeber exact figures but these are pretty close. Please read my pevious post(apprx 50 post back) regarding this.

    2001 Elantra is improved over 2000. So u will be getting previous generation car. Also mpg is 8-10 miles lesser for the Hyundai. When it comes to resale ur car again u'll get hit by depreciation or virtually buyer-less as nobody want to buy 4-5 year old used Hyundai as such....
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    That record you gave of durability and reliability of the cars is not very accurate. Why i say that? well, i have a chyrsler product...a 96 jeep cherokee with 100,000 miles on it. not ONE problem with the car since new. my friend has an 87 mercury cougar with 235,000 miles. It just died, but it just goes to show you that any well maintained car can go over 150,000 miles.

    Yet, I had an old 86 toyota corolla that i bought used. The engine went on it at 65,000 miles. But wait....they are suppose to go above 150,000 miles and be the one of the most reliable cars around? and i took good care of it. obviously the previous owner didnt since i got it at 50k miles.

    My point is, it all depends on the owner. How you care for the car will determine its life span. Not so much the manufacturer but more of the owners end. you dont change the oil for 30,000 miles, constantly peel out, floor it, do a "transmission drop", etc. expect problems.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Of course it's not accurate. It's an estimate and an average based on previous experiences. The way you put it, it's all due to the treatments these cars receive. Then there's practically no difference in reliability and durability among all cars. Someone can cite a study that says someone with a college degree earns on average $15,000 (or whatever) more a year than someone without. You can always name a multi-millionaire who dropped out of high school.

    And just to make myself clear. Yes, the '01 Elantra is a compelling choice.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    are in for the '01 Elantra and, guess what, it bested the '01 Civic head-to-head (4drs with side air bags). Both got 4 stars in the rear. Elantra got 5 stars (highest rating) for the front, Civic got 4 stars. Frontal crash ratings should be out soon. I'd hope the '01 would do at least as well as the '00, which got 5 stars driver, 4 stars passenger.
  • kymcampkymcamp Posts: 51
    I'm impressed with those crash test scores. I read the glowing review Consumer Reports wrote about the Hyundai. Probably the best hint they liked the car is that they called it "to new to rate for reliability", and didn't base it on the manufacturer's history like they did with the also brand new Civic.

    Still, I've decided to go with Mazda. I ruled out the Golf as just too much of a budget stretch at this point, but if I had the money I would. I revised my opinion on the Civic after looking at the Si coupe, the sport seats are much more comfortable than on the DX sedan. The location of the power mirror controls is bizarre though. Still, at 9% financing, no new grad rebate and a price higher than the Mazda and Hyundai I won't pick it.

    Between Mazda and Hyundai it was right down to the wire, both cars offer 4.8% financing for 60 months, and Mazda Canada lowered (yes you read right) the price of the 2001 Protégé by about $1500. There's only about a $3000 Canadian (about $1800 U.S.) difference between the two cars. Tough choice. The basis for my decision? The power moonroof is standard on the Protégé GT and I can get a manual transmission. Hyundai Canada doesn't have any moonroof or sunroof equipped Elantra's and I'd have to go to an automatic. If I could get these features I'd probably be driving a Hyundai off the lot next week instead.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Civic Coupe got 5 Front 5 side carsh. i.e all around 5 stars !! Civic sedan 5 frontal & 4 side carsh. So the crash test scores for civic are not lesser than Elantra. I have yet to see carsh test results for Elantra for 2001, will comment when I get to read.

    Regarding Xmissions: Those figures were based on millions of vehicles of 90s. Apart from Xmission Hyundai's mail problem was Electrical problems.
    yes, the warranty should help but it means likelyhood of ur car being out of service is more for Hyundai.
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