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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Actually, the 4dr Elantra has an even better (5&5 star) side crash score as opposed to the 4dr Civic (5&4star).
    It will be interesting to see Elantra's score for the frontal crash test.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Ofcourse the diff is 333. If u read my response carefully: is $2000-333 = 1670 means that the guy who says Civic is costlier than 2000, is is actually 1670 considering the mileage cost per year. This cash will be more than enough returned after 3-4 years in resale.

    Getting manual for mostly highway driving makes sense to me as initial $$ saved & fun factor/control it gives.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    "Looking at up front cost, insurance, fuel cost and financing the Civic will cost me $40 more per month for 48 months in payments. Over four years that comes to about $2000.00 more."
    "I drive about 20,000 mi/yr and I calculated the gas cost at $1.60/gallon."
    That's what kevperro1 said. Not 100% sure, but I take it that he took into account the fuel savings on the Civic already. Even if he did not, sobers, why would you take into account the fuel savings in just one year?
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Ok, I didn't realize that your reply is specific to kevperro1's case. My bad.

    Lets dissect the number specific to kevperro's case then.
    Invoice price
    Civic LX(auto):$14,959 (option=side airbag)
    Elantra GLS(auto):$12,671-$500rebate=$12,171
    Main difference=lack of cruise control in Elantra and Civic's 14' wheel compared to 15' wheel.

    For Sales Tax @5% difference = (2288*0.05)=$114

    Consider $2000 downpayment & finance over 48 month @ 6.9%APR:
    Civic LX: $364.49/month
    Elantra GLS: approx $296.56/month

    Fuel cost for combined city & highway @20000 miles/year:
    Civic LX:(20000/12)/34 * 1.6= $78/month
    Elantra GLS:(20000/12)/28 *1.6=$95/month

    Insurance difference=$60/year more for Civic(approximately,I'm comparing the rate for my 99 corolla and 2000 Hyundai. kevperros's number maybe greater or less).

    Approx difference per monthly cost=$55.
    Invested @$55/month for 4 years APY of 7%=$3036.51(approx)
    Total saving after 4 years = $3036.51+ $114
    = $3150.51 for Elantra.

    Not taken into consideration:
    -Difference on annual property tax(more for civic)
    -Civic will be out of warranty after 2 yr.Elantra
    bumper-to-bumper is covered for 3 year and power
    train still in effect after 4 years. So any
    repair damage in last 2 years means more cost
    for the Civic.
    Of course we can add a 7yr/100K warranty which
    going to cost around $600-$700 more to the Civic
    total cost.

    For comparison, based on KBB data:
    1998 Civic LX(auto) retail @:$11,210 (80K miles)
    1998 Elantra GLS(auto) retail @:$7,815(80K miles)
    Difference = $3,395 after 4 years.

    Pretty much a wash if you ask me. If Elantra resale value increase then we may see more advantage to Elantra. If kevperro's can get a better loan rate, advantage more to the Civic.
    What do you think about the total cost calculation?
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    anyone is buying either car. I don't see any new Elantra or new Civics on the road. I think, seriously, I have seen one of each. What's up with that? Perhaps consumers are sick of Honda and Hyundai and are buying up the Protege and Focus...
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Seen about 4 new civic and 3 new elantra regularly at work and around where I lived.

    Civic 2000 sales = 324,518 (up 19% from 1999)
    Elantra 2000 sales= 104,099 (up 25% from 1999)

    and here I'm thinking the economy is slowing.... :)
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Approx difference per monthly cost=$55.
    Invested @$55/month for 4 years APY of 7%=$3036.51(approx)
    Total saving after 4 years = $3036.51+ $114
    = $3150.51 for Elantra.

    I don't know whether anybody is giving you 7% if you deposit $55 per month !! You need to keep bigger amount in deposit to get such rates I guess. so It is more if saving of 2640 oevr 4 years. Also u seem to take Rabate into account.
    I won't count that in. That is one reason who didn't get that rebate is already at disadvantage!
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    We can nitpick this to death. There're so many variables. Why don't we take into account the income tax on that 7%? Your tax bracket is different from mine. Your state income tax rate is different from mine. Some states have annual property tax. We can go on and on. You drive 12,000 miles a year? I drive 40,000 miles a year. Some people pay 12% on a car loan. Some people take money from their 4% savings accounts to buy a car. The bottom line is the '01 Elantra is a viable alternative to the Civic to a lot of people. The big question to me is reliability.
  • bluewindsbluewinds Posts: 100
    Hyundai has already shipped to E.U market.

    These are the photos.

    It has 2.0 Turbo diesel Intercooler Engine which has higher torque than Santa Fe's 2.7 V6.

    However, I have no idea where Hyundai engineers hide its intercooler.

    (In Korea, Hyudai has already launched Disel Santa Fe, Elantra's diesel engine is as same as Santa Fe's diesel one.)

    Enjoy photos!!!!

    Have a safe driving!!!!

  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    there are many factors. Elantra IS a good choice right now is it is very cheap to buy.

    Also, I have developed great respect for Hyundai the way they entered the market in India(Asia)
    Santro & Accent are their current offerings which are very good cars & are MUCH better than Suzuki(GM)
  • kymcampkymcamp Posts: 51
    Hmm... I can't see the photos you mentioned bluewinds. Maybe the problem is on my end. Still, the turbodiesel probably doesn't look any different from a regular Elantra. Does anyone know the specs on the diesel engine?

    I've seen lots of new Civics around, but only a few Elantras. It isn't that the Elantra isn't selling well, the dealers can't keep up with the demand. But even at the breakneck pace they're going at they just can't match the Civic. Including the previous generations, there seems to be a Civic on every street corner. Of course, there seems to be just as many Sunfires. Maybe my (still wavering) decision to go with Mazda was based on the fact that I won't see myself coming and going at every traffic light. I might still decide at the last minute to go with the Elantra though. I wish someone would hurry up and hire me. I'm beginning to get lots of interviews, but no offers yet. But I haven't recieved any rejection letters either, which is a good thing :).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    This is a tough choice, two excellent cars. But let's forget the money for a minute, since you said the Civic is only $40 a month more, so with its higher resale value money will be pretty much a wash. The main thing is, you have to drive the car every day for the next few years. Which car do you believe will give you greater pleasure driving every day? You said you liked the way the Elantra drove. If that is your main consideration, the Elantra looks like the obvious choice. But if you will lay awake at night wondering about reliability or how much gas is costing you, the Civic makes more sense. And I agree that you should check out the 5spd, if you don't mind driving a stick. To me, a 5spd is the only way to go with a small car, unless you drive in rush-hour traffic a lot. Especially with the Civic LX, you'll get better performance and the Civic has one of the smoothest sticks around. And you can knock about $800 off the price with a stick. One problem though: resale. I've found in recent years that a 5spd is much harder to resell than an automatic. I also see many advertised sales by local Honda dealers on just their 5spd Civics, "we're overstocked!!", because they don't sell as well as automatics. Maybe isellhondas can confirm this trend?

    P.S. On the crash test scores, unless isellhondas has inside information that the NHTSA has not yet posted on its Web site, the scores for the 4dr Civic with side air bags still fall a little short of the Elantra, since the Elantra got 5 stars in the side-front and Civic got 4. And the scores for the Civic w/o side air bags haven't been posted yet, and neither have the Elantra's frontal crash scores. What's really strange about the scores to me is that the Civic 2dr got better side-rear scores than the 4dr, which is too bad, because which car is more likely to have rear passengers? The 4dr. So if those of you with 2dr Civics get complaints from rear seat riders, just remind them of how safe they are!
  • I bought the Elantra today. Midnight gray 5 spd with no options except floor mats. I paid $11,938.12 without tax, title. I had a trade that they were very generous with. Mercury Tracer 1995 5 spd with power everything, alloy wheels, air and a bad transmission and clutch throw-out bearing. Also front windshield was badly cracked across the entire front and the windows on the right side would not work. The engine has also been bucking and the throttle sticking (at about 4500 rmp!!). Also has a salvage title since I bought it from a body shop after being totaled. I've gotten 87,000 miles out of the car and bought it cheap so it has served it's purpose. It has 107,000 miles and I've been driving it without 5th gear for the last 7,000 miles. I'm really happy I could just get it to the dealer. :) They gave me $500.00 for it and I was happy that I wouldn't have to sell it since I would have had a hard time doing so... in good faith. If it had a good title and was working it would have had a trade-in value of about $1200.00 (according to Edmunds). With my trade-in I walked out the door (taxes, title, etc...) for $12082.48 which I am happy with. I got financed for 7.35 via on-line banks and got $100.00 deposited to my credit card for taking the loan. If I adjust the loan for this amount it brings my APR to 6.73 for a 36 month loan.

    I'm very happy with the car with the exception of the famous smell... It stinks according to my wife. She suggested I drive around with the garbage that I forgot to set out this week to make it smell better (she has a memory like an elephant). It really is amazing how much you can get for under $12,000 smackers. I have reservations about resale but I drive cars until they die. I think the Honda is a nice car but I really like the Elantra better. I drove both several times at several different dealers. After running all those numbers I think that either car is right in the same neighborhood as far as price goes. I bought the car that I liked better and it just happened to be the cheaper car (up front).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,622
    kevperro1 on your new car! Sounds like you got a decent deal, considering your trade-in situation. The trademark "Hyundai aroma" will disappear after a few weeks and then it will smell like any other new car--unless your wife makes you drive around with trash in it!
  • A good friend of mine who builds Top Fuel Drag Racing cars brought up a good point the other day. He said he would avoid first generation Diesels coming from any company. He is a Voltswagon buff and he said it took VW over a decade to build a good Diesel engine. Maybe Hyundai has some experience with Diesels through another division that they are bringing to the car market. I'm not sure but the mileage numbers for the VW are really incredible if only the car was priced right.
  • Hmm. I also bought an Elantra on 1/20 but I haven't noticed any weird smell.

    But perhaps I'll hang one of those pine-cone air fresheners just to be sure.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    it is just irresistable not to buy Elantra !!
    I guess that is the reason why they sold 100K last year. I think the trend will continue this year with new model. They will cross 125K this year even the market is slowing down. I have seen may guys getting it in favor of other econocars like Focus(due to recalls & warranty being only 3 years). I guess they are preferring Elantra woth 5 year 60K against cars like focus/neon. I haven't seen much of cross-shopping between Elantra/new Civic. Yes there is some cross-shoping by used Civic market. If Hyundai keeps this trend for another 2/3 years I guess either Hyundai prices will increase or Honda/Toyota will need to check prices.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Elantra is introduced in India soon. (After April 2001 when Quantitative restrictions are lifted & import of new car would be allowed). Accent was an immediate hit so would be Elantra. Civic is available there are CITY but is costlier.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Hope you will enjoy long lasting service from your Elantra.

    Although I truely hopes that Hyundai will keep their price low, I doubt that will happen. For one thing, Toyota & Honda seemed undisturbed by the fact the Korean Car maker is pricing their car way more competitively that them. Another thing I notice is the price of the Korean's car is slowly but steadily climbing up.
    I also heard that the American Car maker is really not making any money (maybe losing money) on their small car lineup. So Hyundai will probably have to increase their price to boost their profit, protecting against slow down on demand.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    American brands not making money on small cars means Hyundai will have to raise prices? They raise prices to protect against slow down on demand? So when you expect demand to decrease, you raise prices to make up the difference?
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