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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    Yes of course that's what we're going to say.
    The #1 selling car in 1999 was Camry. The number approaches 500,000. The number # 2 selling car was Accord. I haven't said Hyundai is not more reliable than Kia.
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    Look at the number of sales versus problems
    reported. Look at the ratio and tell me Hyundai is
    not reliable.
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    Those stats you relayed are interesting. Of course it is true that there are more of those other vehicles on the road. But the point stands.

    I remember Vince8's link which stated something to the effect that after one year the number of Hyundai vehicles with problems were only a few percentage points higher than Honda's.
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    You do the math. We'll do the geography.
    Cars selling at high volume have a high number of NHTSA complaints. Cars selling at a low volume have a low number. It proves nothing. Kia's numbers are incredibly high because Kia is the problem child of the auto industry. Kia is owned by Hyundai (doesn't inspire confidence to me).
    You haven't proven that Hyundai is as reliable as Honda. Why do you want to think a Hyundai is as well made as a Civic which is easily one of the two best cars in its class the other being Corolla. You got a discount car for a discount price so be happy the price was fair.
  • why can't we just tolerate our differences?
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    Last I checked the Elantra (and just the Elantra) was selling over 8000 vehicles a month and growing. I would consider that high volume. Not as high as the Civic, but high nonetheless.

    You said it. I got a discount(and very good)car at a discount price. I just want to let others know that they do not need to pay premium price for a discount car (Civic).
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    Down the road when you find out about the terrible resale values on Hyundais!
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    If you think Honda with VTEC and ULEV engines is a discount car you don't know much about cars.
    The entire world including Mercedes Benz
    is involved with price points for parts suppliers and Hyundai can magically make the same car for less money? Or Honda is a total scam on the public?
    Why do need to trash Civics to feel good about yourself? Forget Civic. Compare Hyundai to Kia if you want to feel good.
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    "Why do need to trash Civics to feel good about
    yourself? Forget Civic".

    I think this question must be answered by the Honda supporters as well, except switch the word Civic with Elantra. If I remember correctly it was a Honda owner who first said Hyundai's are trash because they are unreliable which Hyundai supporters with links and figures, are saying that is not true. I haven't seen anyone trashing the Civic.
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    To tell you the truth I like to talk about Mercedes-Benz and Lexus and Hyundai and Kia
    because I like cars and I like all cars.
    I was reading Kia posts and and I found
    one that said "KIA, Kind, Industrious, Automobile"
    Here were 1 in 3 posts saying it stranded me 4 times in 2000 miles and it's the biggest piece of junk in the world! and still someone had kind, temperate, loving words for the car.
    All I'm saying is the cars in this topic are at different price points and really isn't because anyone is stupid or anyone is getting scamed.
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    I have always said that the Civic is a good car. I have even stated that the Civic had a slightly better ride than the Elantra. Refinement is a little better in the Civic. But is it 3 to 4K better. No way!
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    What makes you think Hyundai is responsible for Kia's current reliability problems? It was only very recently did Hyundai purchase KIA. And even then, it would take years to iron out all the bugs. Just as Japanese companies do not have same quality level, same hold true for KIA and Hyundai.
  • hello25hello25 Posts: 30
    What I can tell you is that my Civic is between
    70k and 80k and $0.00 warranty repairs charged to Honda and $0.00 unscheduled maint.

    The check transmission light came on. I had spilled soda into the shift assembly.

    The wiper motor broke a few weeks ago. I had
    turned it on with snow and ice covering the blades.

    There was a recall. It was a floor-mat that was getting stuck on gas petals. I didn't have the floor-mat and so it didn't apply to my car.

    The car is 100%. It shows every sign of going to 150k with oil changes and the scheduled timing built.

    It was worth it to me to pay for it. I got what I paid for.

    The Koreans are industrious but they have not achieved what Japan has yet. In the case of Honda and economy cars ULEV engine develpment proves
    Honda's engineering superiority. Build quality is higher because of price points for suppliers is nothing else. You can't sell a car at the bottom of the market and put the same material quality in it. Honda Accord is having a huge reliablity/ reputation crisis (Edmunds Accord Topic, NHTSA
    leading complaints see above). When the same happens to Civic then you can call it a rip-off.

    In the US:
    Kia is a joke (I like it but it is a joke)
    Hyundai has stabalized its reliablity
    Daewoo is unproven.
  • dryfusdryfus Posts: 20
    What makes you think a Hyundai can't achieve the
    same or near same reliability and quality as a
    Honda, as you have talked about, but for thousands
    less? If you take the early Hyundais like the
    Pony/Stellar/Excels of the 1980's out of the equation, Hyundai has actually has been good reliable cars. The numbers of repairs indicate that which we have already seen. Even my local
    newspaper did a nice article on the 1995 Accent
    which was praised for its near Honda-like reliability minus some refinement, but for thousands less. Major complaints with this car has been far and few in between, except for few niggly little problems, according to the newspaper.

    I dare you to go over to the Sonata vs Camry vs Accord page, and start reading from post #7.
    This person did a heck of a job comparing OBJECTIVELY, the cars involved. And guess what,
    a Hyundai came out on top, tied with Toyota.

    You say Hyundai isn't there yet. But I say they are already there just in terms of quality and reliability. How much more do you really want from Hyundai before you give in and give some credit where credit is due?
  • andes11andes11 Posts: 62
    VTEC(in 1.6L): only kicks in after 4,800 rpm.
    Useless for everyday driving. Noisy.
    ULEV: 2000 Civics are not ULEVs.
    Anything else?
  • andes11andes11 Posts: 62
    >The wiper motor broke a few weeks ago. I had
    >turned it on with snow and ice covering the

    Here we go again. Faulting the driver.
    Remember the posts on the warped rotor? What did the Hondaman say about the cause?

    In this case,
    Something is wrong with the motor and/or related
    If there's a overcurrent, the fuse protecting
    the wiper motor circuitry will blow before
    the damage is done to the motor.
  • andes11andes11 Posts: 62
    What are the chances of these Civic owners
    answering survey questionaires correctly and truthfully?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    Last two posts aren't even worth a rebuttal.

    Most people are too smart to fall for such rubbish!
  • I own a 2000 Odyssey and a 2000 Civic HB. In looking at both car's boards, it is amazing how Hondas get under some people's skins.

    The 2000 Civic HB replaced a 1990 Civic HB with over 230,000 miles. I spent very little on repairs; in the last 80,000 miles or so, I spent amazingly little on maintenance.

    In other words, that car saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. So we bought another. Was it overpriced? I won't know for ten years or 200,000 miles.

    For me, reliability means going 10 years/200,000+ miles with relatively few problems. While Hyundai has apparently improved significantly, I don't think you can say Hyundai is there with Honda until the newer and better cars are still performing well after ten years.

    It is interesting that Honda is dropping the HB's for the new model. I think this means the entry level Honda will be even pricier, conceding the low priced car market to Hyundai etal?

    Finally, I am in the engineering/construction business. For the construction of pressure vessels, the Koreans are bidding at half the price of the American shops. We have some in their shops, From what I here, it is going well so far.
  • gbuck1gbuck1 Posts: 2
    I recently dumped my 1994 Honda Civic LX and bought a North American made car. I fell into the imports are better quality propoganda and bought an import. They are cheap and it's like driving in a tin can.

    In the six years I had my Honda, I went through three head gaskets. Honda replaced the first one at 35K miles. The car chronically would run hot and every dealership indicated that they could not duplicate the problem. Buy a quality car.
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