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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Elantra



  • You had better not doubt it bud it is true. Let me start by answering your first question why did I buy a 2006 Civic instead of a Hyundai product. Well it was September 2005..gas prices spiked at over $3.00 per for the first time ever I was driving an SUV (Hyundai Santa Fe) which we liked but got less fuel economy than I cared to see. I did not like the Toyota Corolla for several reasons the biggest being you could not get several features which were technically available but unavailable because Toyota did not build them with those features for our region. I knew the previous generation Elantra was on its last legs but could not wait for the 2007 redesign. I didn't even consider Mazda..Ford etc. The new and wonderful Civic had just been released and I loved it at first sight..I considered a 2006 Sonata before gas spiked so I bought for fuel economy plus a bit of spice and of course who could go wrong with a Honda?? Right?? So there you go question 1 answered.

    1)A screwing as I would now Honda
    3)Don't care..that is MY "real world" mileage take it or leave it
    4)Don't care I own a Civic and as I stated it is quiet but so is the Elantra..I don't own anything to measure db of noise (except my ears) but the Elantra seemed quieter
    5)Don't care..the Civic is adequate so is the Elantra.
    6)Don't care...both handle adequately so will a go-cart but the Hyundai is more comfortable. Further the next time I circle a skidpad I'll be sure to be driving a Corvette talk about mockery!!
    8) YES I did and what proof would satisfy you my VIN ??? Atomic blue EX sedan automatic VIN 1HGFA16876l00XXXX, there you go bud. Send me your email address and I may shoot off a picture good enough??
    9)asked and answered...see above. to amplify...I liked the way it looked better than what was available at the time and was deceived by all the claims to Honda quality.
    I do,and intend to trade it ASAP...oh how should I make it look as thought I actually own the car? praise Honda to high heaven???? Sorry no can do.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We own both of these cars and couldn't be happier. The 3s is a great road car and just plain fun to drive. My Civic does what a car should do...get the job done with comfort, flawless fit & finish & class leading mpg's. Tried the Elantra, Corolla, Spectra & Jetta and ended up with the Civic & the 3s. Very happy campers.
    Was truly disappointed with the Elantra/Spectra cousins. Felt like I was driving my '96 Corolla again. Very underwhelmed. Was expecting so much more from Hyundai after really enjoying a Sonata rental.
    Hopefully won't get bashed to hard here as the last 1/2 dozen posts have bordered on the nasty side. Who cares what the "figures" say, buy what "fits" within your paramaters...just leave the personalities out of the equation. Really thought we were all aults in these forums....!

    The Sandman :D
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We're supposed to all be adults. Let's drop the personal stuff, please. No one needs to try to change anyone's mind; it's not gonna happen. We all have our own set of priorities and, fortunately, we have a lot to choose from.

    It's about making the choice that is right for you. It is NOT about trying to convince others that they are not entitled to their opinion - no matter how they say they arrived at it, they are entitled to hold it without getting figuratively beaten up about it.

    Time for some deep breaths...

    I'm Pat and I approve of this message.
  • You are putting a lot of energy into debating the merits of two go-carts. Try a Mazdaspeed3 if you want to get out of the slow lane.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    If you pay the up-tick for the car ($7000?), the extra $$$ for gas, and ante up for the extra insurance premiums (not to mention the speeding tickets I will certainly get), you're on!
  • It seems to me the title of this particular thread is "Honda Civic verses Hyundai Elantra" You want that kind of discussion but everyone gets bent out of shape when a spirited discussion ensues. What did "you" (everyone) expect when you ask a prickly question like that in an open forum? I based my comments on the fact (questioned by some)that I own a 2006 Civic and have owned several Hyundai products. I have been vocal that I am disappointed by my choice of Honda, no surprise there. So, ask me that question and don't be surprised by my answer. Further, all the supposed superiority of the Civic as posted by a certain person was based on a road test by C&D magazine. While I find C&D entertaining I absolutely know that they are biased toward performance/handling with perhaps the more important aspects of driving an automobile in the long term relegated to the lower end of consideration in ranking one of these comparison tests. Yeah, interior space and interior peace and quiet IS important if you intend to drive the car longer than the time required to perform a road test...C&D gives em back and they don't make payments for several years. Even their own published specs seemed to contradict i.e. the Elantra was the quietest at idle, AND at a 70mph cruise yet the text states that 72mph (a mere 2 mph over that 70mph cruise)"the engine roars" give me a break, that extra 2mph or even 5 more mph won't add but 100 or 200 rpm in 5th so how does it go fron the quietest to roaring 2-5 mph faster? Now that I have received my issue of C&D, something I didn't have yesterday, I can see the Civic IS marginally quicker, .2 seconds to 60 mph which is virtually undetectable as you merge on the interstate. The Honda was 1 mph faster and .2 seconds quicker in the 1/4 mile but the Hyundai was faster in a roll on from 50-70mph in 5th gear..considerably faster than the Civic and in fact faster than all other entries in this test. All which goes to point out that both are more than acceptable in every day driving. C&D had nothing but praise for the Elantra interior materials and quality and space. Average performance figures and above average fuel economy in their type driving. The Civic was praised for above average performance.. best fuel economy but was ragged for interior space, too many interior textures, the instrument package,
    and interior noise/ride quality. By the way the Civic DID NOT win that comparison but finished 1 place ahead of the Elantra, 3rd..both finished ahead of the Toyota and new Sentra. You want a discussion about the merits of those two? there you go. My posts of yesterday were based on a road test of the Elantra and having owned a 2006 Civic for over a year. None of my comments were based on the C&D road test but my own feelings and perceptions.
  • Both the Civic and the Elantra are fast enough to get me into serious trouble with the law. I guess this is the sporty turbo intercooled version of the standard 3? Along with performance comes increased insurance premiums, premium fuel, expensive very low profile tires that are formulated for "grip" and little else that may last 15K miles if you are careful and "you" (the targeted age group owner) probably won't be with all that power at hand. The extra maintanence for such a vehicle. Nah, it is probably fun for a few miles but all the negatives will pile up over time/miles especially if you are "over the hill" as I am..a toy, no more, no less.
  • Please use paragraphs next time, it helps us read your post.

    "While I find C&D entertaining I absolutely know that they are biased toward performance/handling with perhaps the more important aspects of driving an automobile in the long term relegated to the lower end of consideration in ranking one of these comparison tests."

    Really? If C&D was only concerned about performance and handling numbers, then WHY did they pick the VW Rabbit as their NUMBER ONE pick?

    The Rabbit was neither faster to 60MPH nor the 1/4mile, had respectable, but not top marks for skidpad and lane change MPH. Could it be the fact that the VW Rabbit has an excellent, solid, stable highway ride, "superior" interior materials, impecable fit & finish, excellent driver comfort and ergonomics? Maybe it was that the Rabbit didn't drive like an economy auto like the Elantra (or look like one), or that it had standard safety systems not even available on the Elantra (or Sentra/Corolla).

    I find it humerous that the same posters who bash C&D when their car comes in at the bottom, praise the magazine when they rate a car like the Sonata well.

    Also, please explain "driving an automobile in the long term [is] relegated to the lower end of consideration in ranking one of these comparison tests"?

    So, the Elantra will be better in the long term than driving a Civic? Right, because the Civic's better fuel economy, better resale value (much), and better predicted reliability I guess should place it BELOW the Elantra?

    Please explain.
  • Why did they pick the Rabbit #1? I honestly don't know..I only know I would never buy any Mexican made VW (or any VW product) but that is just me and if that is what you like go for it. In any case we are discussing Civic verses Elantra so the VW is irrelevent for this discussion.
    Find it as humorous as you please I said I find C&D entertaining but I am not going to buy a long term and expensive piece of machinery based on the momentary ride and drive of a bunch guys who are already testing the next batch of latest and greatest vehicles. As I said they don't own them or pay for them. FYI the Elantra didn't come in at the bottom and yes I am pleased that Hyundai is finally being recognized as in the case of the Sonata but I still don't base my opinions entirely on the text of a five page magazine article.
    I thought I was clear but for just you here it is again..the C&D boys drive a car for a week...hook up the test gear..get some test numbers..rank them as THEY like them based on preconceived parameters (performance and handling usually bearing more "weight" than other considerations(in deference to your VW win)...publish the test...give the cars back to the manufacturers who loaned them for the test..and what, MOVE ON to the next test. They have no idea how the car will fare over the next 100K miles or 10 years or care. Their objective is to sell magazines and if you put more weight into these tests than a purely number generating exercize "for comparison only" then you loose when your #1 Mexican Rabbit turns into hunk of crap in 5 years or less (if that should happen). Being #1 in a long forgotten car magazine test won't matter as you set (sit?) in the dealer customer lounge waiting for repairs unless they have some old issues of this months C&D. You can then review the test and console yourself that your car was #1
    And I guess you should revise your poor ideas of current Hyundai products quality,reputation, resale value,customer satisfaction is better than ever surpasing VW and closing on Toyota and Honda as well. Civic fuel economy isn't that much better so that I would rush out and buy another given the disappointment with my current Civic and you dare discuss so-called Honda reliability with me? Hah, don't you read??? all three of my Hyundai cars had less trouble combined than this 6K mile Civic. I will concede one thing the Civic has great resale value, something I am greatful for. I'll get a bunch when I trade on that Sonata, thank you Honda!!!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    quote Canadian Driver Review of Elantra-
    The trim levels don't tell the full story, though, as the Elantra is an exceedingly nice car to drive. It's quiet, smooth and solid, and its engine was more than adequate in the driving conditions we encountered on the country roads and highways around Quebec City. Fuel economy is excellent, at 8.4/8.3 l/100 km city, 6.0/6.0 highway, (figures for manual/automatic), and the build quality throughout is of a very high standard. More than that, the car is extremely pleasant to sit in, with useful storage containers located in all the right places, tasteful interior fabrics and materials, tidy control layout, and unexpected touches like chrome accents for switches and instruments. Compared with luxury brands from Europe and Japan, the Elantra may have humble origins, but it has definitely been to finishing school.

    And while the five-speed manual transmission endows the Elantra with a sporty driving feel, it's the automatic that best suits the character of the car. At 120 km/h with the manual, for instance, the engine is turning at about 3,300 rpm, and is definitely audible in the passenger compartment (even with the Elantra's extra insulation and triple door seals). In comparison, at the same speed an Elantra with the automatic transmission runs at a low 2,500 rpm, and is notably quieter and smoother.

    Over potholes and abrupt changes in road surface, the Elantra is unflappable, refusing to pitch or lurch where other cars may react unpredictably. The seats are comfortable, the cabin is spacious, the car feels substantial, and owners are likely to feel well pleased with their purchase when behind the wheel.

    Having driven the Elantra I agree with the Canadian Driver review observations.

    As for quality, latest (2006) JD Power results rate Hyundai #3 and Honda #6 in the Initial Quality Study. History has shown a very strong correlation between the leaders in initial quality and leaders in long term dependability.
    Highest ranked Compact Cars in 2006 were Toyota Corolla, then Hyundai Elantra, then Honda Civic.
    Predicted reliability goes to the Elantra.

    Also, the Hyundai warranty is far superior and longer than Honda's warranty.

    Residual value is still a weak area for Hyundai vehicles. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for 3 years or less then the Honda Civic is a much better choice when it is time for resale.
    Keep in mind that Hyundai Elantra has had a lower initial purchase price than Civic due to rebates and dealer discounts that are typically can not be obtained on Honda's.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    ..I only know I would never buy any Mexican made VW :confuse:

    What does this have to do with the Rabbit? The Rabbit is not made in Mexico. The previous generation of Golf was never made in Mexico.

    As far as Mexico, would you buy a Honda or Hyundai if they were made in Mexico, what if they were made in the USA?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    My point was trying to be that the personal jabs and comments about other members need to stop. Maybe because I went on about opinions I muddied that up - if so, I'm sorry. But that's all I meant. Of course we want a spirited comparison - of the cars, though, not each other!! ;)
  • " I only know I would never buy any Mexican made VW". It has to do with a personel preference and because I do believe the Rabbit is made in Mexico. I will research it further. USA consumption Hyundai products are NOT made in Mexico so that is a moot point. It is doubtful I would buy another Honda Mexican or otherwise so that is also a moot point. And as you well know both Hyundai and Honda are made in the USA so the answer to that question is yes.
  • "when your #1 Mexican Rabbit turns into hunk of crap in 5 years or less (if that should happen). Being #1 in a long forgotten car magazine test won't matter as you set (sit?) in the dealer customer lounge waiting for repairs unless they have some old issues of this months C&D."

    When your whole argument for not purchasing a car is based on inaccuracies and incorrect assumptions, don't expect people to sit back and not respond. The fact that I've spent hours waiting for repairs (on 7 different trips) on my 2004 Elantra and still numerous problems remain is evidence of the fact that every make and model has problems. The fact that BOTH VW and Hyundai are rated far BELOW average in JDPOWER long term dependability is also a concern.

    But this thread isn't about the VW Rabbit (i've created a new thread to post there), but rather, about the Civic vs. Elantra. I merely included the Rabbit to rebut your presumption (incorrect) that C&D only cares about performance and handling numbers to pick their cars. The #1 VW Rabbit is evidence of the fact that C&D uses many factors to arrive at their decision.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    The fact that I've spent hours waiting for repairs (on 7 different trips) on my 2004 Elantra and still numerous problems remain is evidence of the fact that every make and model has problems.

    You were talking about "nonsensical arguments"? How are the problems you have experienced on your Elantra, one car, "evidence of the fact that every make and model has problems"?

    Do you know a car model that is problem-free? Have you seen the Civic problems discussion on Town Hall lately?
  • Not sure how that is nonsensical. Hyundai is held in such high esteem here that mentioning that even the Elantra has problems shows that every car has issues at some point.

    "Have you seen the Civic problems discussion on Town Hall lately?"

    A brief glance at the 13 pages indicates abysmal problems in headrests and cupholders. I'm certainly not buying a Civic now.

    Please don't turn this into a discussion about how the Elantra has better reliability than the Civic. You don't have the numbers and I don't have the strength :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,621
    Look again at the problems on the 2006+ Civic: leaking struts, "lug bug" issue with the engine/transmission, crunching gearshifts, suspension noise, wind roar, problems with A/C controls, paint issues etc. Much more than "headrests and cupholders". I could post some quotes if you don't believe me, but I don't have the time (or the strength?).

    This is not to say that the Elantra is more reliable than the Civic overall, but that the Civic isn't the paragon of reliability that most people think it is, especially in its first year or so of a new design. The 2001 Civic had a lot of problems also, most of which had been corrected by 2002.
  • Of course, all those inaccuracies and incorrect assumptions tend to be messy don't they but didn't you see the disclaimer...if that should happen? As I said it is a personal preference (mine) not to buy a VW product whether the Rabbit is made in Mexico or Hong Kong and if it turns out it isn't made in Mexico oops, my bad but that doesn't change my opinion. In fact I am not trying to influence anybody to purchase anything. I do not sell cars for a living. I only presented my experience with a 1 year old Civic. In this thread entitled Civic verses Elantra I felt those experiences would be useful..or not. Take them or leave them at this point I care not.
    C&D is entertainment I like reading it but would more likely use Consumer Reports if I used magazine testing to find a choice of cars. Maybe I am misreading this whole issue but it seems to be about magazine rankings in a test to prove one brand better than another, not so. Here is my final word on this to prospective buyers, drive all the makes and models within your price range, pick whatever issues you care about most,quality, standard features, fuel economy, handling, ride, interior space, trunk volume,safety,color etc. and find the car that fill most of them best for you...good luck! Psst. buy Hyundai, just kidding!!
  • Well a 2006 Civic owner I can attest to that. Honda isn't the paragon of reliabilty I expected either. But I also don't have the strength to go on some will never be convinced.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Please don't turn this into a discussion about how the Elantra has better reliability than the Civic. You don't have the numbers and I don't have the strength

    JD Power has the numbers.
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