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2011 Buick Regal



  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    With the new CAFE rules in effect expect to see more "weak" engines offered in midsize cars and crossovers. The Sienna even offers a four cylinder as does the Venza. Again, the regal's acceleration is on par with Malibu, Accord EX and Mazda6. It is slow compared to the turbo four equipped CC but not other naturally aspirated fours.

    The CAFE rules have already been approved, more and more four cylinders will be offered going forward. The turbo 4 is a subsitute for a V6.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    Its interesting that so many have focused on the Sonata as a competitor to the Regal. Both are 2011s and both have DI fours but aside from that the Sonata is no more of a top competitor than a camry XLE or Accord EX-L. The Sonata offers more for your money but I think that's to be expected- it's a Hyundai. If you want the most bang for your buck you arent going to get it in a regal or TSX or CC or even Camry XLE. The regal is worth more to me because its more exclusive, has a better warranty and looks better inside and out. I've been in the Sonata and the interior looks better in pics than it doesn in person. The quality is AVERAGE for the class. No better than Malibu or Accord or Fusion. Lots of hard plastics and the switchgear are not on par with Regal.

    I presume electric steering will be added when production shifts to Canada which will add 1-2mpg.

    I took a road trip and averaged 27.2mpg with AC on all the way and moderate traffic that prevented me from maintaining consistent speeds.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 717
    I find it hard to believe that the Cruze is comparable to the Regal. The Cruze is Chevy's answer to the Civic/Sentra/Corolla. One would think the Malibu in the LTZ mode is more comparable to the Regal than the Cruze is. Is the Cruze bigger than the Malibu? I doubt it. If it was, then what's the point of the Impala?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 717
    not sure that the regal gives more bang for the buck than a camry xle. For 31K MSRP, an xle can be had with such bells and whistles as push button start (does regal have this?), remote car starter (available with the regal?), 6 cylinder with similar gas mileage as the 4 cylinder regal. Heck, for 28K you can get all that with a 4 cylinder XLE. As far as looks, that's all subjective, and I even agree the regal is a sharper looking car. And I'm not knocking the regal, I just think it lacks some of the amenities that should come with it. After all, it originally was going to replace the Saturn Aura until Saturn went bust.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Who cares about "push button start?!" How does that enhance any car? It's nothing but a gimmick and in the case of run-away Toyotas, downright dangerous.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    The new Malibu configured with the 3.6 DOHC six cylinder engine is considerably faster than the new Regal with the turbo four.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 717
    Just watch-- push button start will be on more and more cars in the coming years. No more fumbling with keys as much. In fact, when I was at Buick dealer, he said the push button start will be on the 2012 regal. It's one of those features that-- once you get it, you won't ever go without it on future cars you own, as opposed to, say, dual zone climate control which I can take or leave frankly.
  • gorphilgorphil Posts: 27
    Further to item #7 of my post #90, after reviewing forums for other epsilon GM cars, Malibu, Aura, etc. it appears the knocking/clunking noise coming from the suspension when driving over bumps/washboard at slow speed is a common problem that affects some cars and may or may not be repairable. If I had known this in advance, I would not have purchased the car. However, I will discuss this with my dealers service department tomorrow.

    With the thousands of Insignias/Regals sold in Europe and China over the past year or so I find it very strange the problem has not been resolved. I suspect this problem will affect future sales in North America.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,435
    I don't think anyone was saying the two are directly comparable. The Cruze is compact class. The point we were trying to make is that the Cruze has a big trunk for its size, a roomy interior for its size, is quieter than one would expect of a compact, and has interior appointment quality usually not seen in this class. Given all that, saving a few thousand by buying Cruze vs. Regal may not mean giving up very much. Your choice of course.
  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 97
    It's funny how things go. You can easily fall in love with a new model and then after a while you begin to wonder if you made the right move. I have a 2009 Allure/Lacrosse and every now and then I get discontented with it. Then I look at new models and find all sorts of things I like about them. Then I go home and think about the paltry sum I owe on the Buick and compare that to the financing schedules on the new cars and I like mine all over again. I love my car for the seats, the quiet, the ride, the look, and all sorts of good features it has. I would love another car for different reasons no doubt. But, I have yet to own a car I loved unconditionally and which was so perfect that it had no things about it that I did not like.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    Regal has better interiors, 18" wheels, dual 12 way heated seats, Onstar and backup sensors, nav and music HD for $31k. Sure the Camry is faster but its not better equipped, better looking, better handling or nicer inside. There is no comparison between the materials in the Regal and the Camry.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    There are no times for the turbo four yet. I'm thinking it should be in the high 6 to 7 sec range to 60 while the Malibu gets to 60 in about 6.5 secs. Hardly a major difference in my book. With the 18/29 mileage and 18.5 gallon tank the Regal 2.0T will also have much morr range than the Malibu V6. I had an Aura V6 and the range wasnt impressive with the 16 gallon tank.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    Push button start is an OK feature but you usually end up with the key fob floating somewhere around the cabin as you drive. it's not a time saver and its barely a convenience. It's just a neat gimmick really. I have not heard that push button start will be added and I doubt that it will since the dash would have to be modified. I do know that remote start and a base model Regal will be added next year along with the GS. Remote start is the only major option that the car is missing. Perhaps memory seats will be added as well.

    Tons of $30k cars don't have push button start including the TSX, Accord, MKZ, etc. Many of the luxury cars that offer this feature don't even offer it as standard equipment.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    overbrook, good points about the driving range.

    If the 2.0T has a decent 0-60 time, as you surmise, then it may be a go.

    Looking forward to seeing and driving it.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Agree 100%.

    Push button start IS a gimmick!
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    Best reference point for the Regal turbo is the A5 2.0T which has been clocked to 60 in 6.4 secs with a manual transmission with 211hp and 258lb-ft. Granted, that car has AWD which helps some but I think its very possible to see a 6.5- 6.8 0-60 time for the Regal turbo. GM cars with automatics generally arent slower than the manual versions so I dont expect any penalty for the auto. I would like the turbo but I wasnt willing to spend any more than I did.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,435
    I can see where for some people it is just a gimmick. However, when I go between my two cars now, I prefer getting in the one where I can leave the key fob in my pocket. Nothing to fumble with and insert. It is a small thing of course, but it is nice.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642

    I see your point. It would possibly be more convenient than a conventional key but is it ultimately yet another electronic gadget to cause problems sometime in the future?

    The experience with new electronic parts in many recent cars (e.g. i-Drive in BMWs) has not necessarily been a happy one.

    Your thoughts?
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    Its a nice feature once you get used to it, but I would never not buy a car simply because it lacked push button start. The only advantage is that you save 3 seconds by not having to insert a key. On some vehicles you still stick the fob in a slot and then press the button which is a waste really.

    Since the insignia lacks push button start I wouldnt expect it on regal anytime soon.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,435
    Having to insert a fob AND push a button a la VW is rather stupid. Buick would need to do little to install this feature. A puxh button is not really necessary. Just allow turning the ignition without the key in it, as long as the key is in the car (a la Suzuki SX4).
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    the CTS has a ignition switch to turn even when you have keyless go. The Acura RL has this as well. The Lacrosse has true push button start as does the SRX.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,435
    Yes, without modifying the dash, Buick could offer keyless go on the Regal. As long as you don't have to insert a fob AND push a button (or turn the ignition switch), it is easier and more convenient. So much so I wouldn't buy the car if it didn't have it? No. But it is so easily included these days, I hope they add it soon. They probably will when production switches from Germany to the USA next year.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    I doubt it. I think they want the Lacrosse to maintain some feature advantage relative to the Regal. Right now the only things the Lacrosse offers that the Regal doesnt are memory, push button start, remote start V6, HUD and steerable HIDs. The Lacrosse is supposed to be a more premium car after all.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    The official pricing is out finally. A turbo with all the options is $35k. Unfortunately you have to get the IDCS to get the 19" rims but you can get HIDs and H/K without getting the system. If I had waited for the turbo I would've had to pay about 2200 more than I did. HIDs would be included in that package. Only the base turbo and perhaps the sunroof equipped model dont have HIDs. Seems like its priced pretty competitively with the TSX and upper levels of the CC. I look forward to seeing some performance tests.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 418
    35k seems a lot. I seem to recall Bob Lutz saying GM will lose money on these before the move is made to have them built in N America. So I'm guessing people will have to pay close to MSRP? In any case 35k is in 328, A4 and G37 territory. Tough competition.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    When you mention those other cars you have to mention they will be base models for $35k. The regal is loaded with 19s, HIDs, heated seats, nav, etc. Let's not pretend you can get a similarly equipped 328 or A4 for that kind of money. You can either get a base model of those cars or a used version for $35k.

    When Lutz made those comments it was likely before he knew GM would go bankrupt. They can make money on cars that wouldn't have been profitable before.

    Just for reference a loaded Camry is about $32k and a loaded Mazda6 is close to $33k. The TSX V6 starts at $35k+. I don't think the turbo is overpriced.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 418
    Well I'll split the difference with you. I've priced out a G37x sedan with premium package and Edmunds gives me 36k for TMV. So if I can get the turbo for below MSRP at say 32 or 33, ok, but it's still creeping up on that next tier of car. Maybe it's deserving of being there I dont know yet.
  • overbrookoverbrook Posts: 275
    well you cant compare TMV to MSRP obviously. The G is in its 4th year so its obviously going to be available for a nice discount relative to MSRP while the brand new regal is going to sell close to MSRP. the G37 will definitely be faster than the Regal but I dont see any advantages beyond that. The interior of the Regal is as nice as the G37 and it has more trunk space and it will be less common than the ever popular G.

    $35k isnt a lot of money these days for a loaded midsize luxury sedan. A loaded Maxima is close to $38k BTW so I suppose many prospective Maxima owners would be smart to buy a G37x instead. Other cars in this price range are the Avalon (starts at $33K) and the Taurus SEL/Limited. There are numerous "lesser" vehicles that would cost more than the $32k TMV figure you have for a G37x.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 4,439
    edited September 2010
    I got to sit in a new Regal with the Cocoa/Cashmere interior this weekend. Prior to this every one on the lots here had the black interior and I did not care for the coal-mine effect inside. The cashmere treatment makes a world of difference. The car i was trying had a sunroof so that brightened things up even more, but the overall ambiance is far more airy-feeling. Too bad Buick is not yet offering a titanium interior color like on their other models -- that would be an improvement over the black.

    I also had the chance to try the back seat. I did the "sit behind myself" test on the drivers side and was impressed - I was quite happy back there even with the drivers seat at a comfortable setting, a real surprise. Then on the passenger side I set the front seat to a setting that was a bit more forward than the drivers seat was, but still quite good for comfort. Sitting behind myself on that side was great -- scads of legroom, an amazing amount actually. Combine that with the massive trunk and the Regal does very well for space utilization.

    I like this car very much. I can't wait to drive a turbo model.

    2014 Cadillac ATS4 2.0T, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    The 3.6L Malibu is very fast and under $30K.

    That said, there will be lower trim lines coming when production starts in Oshawa so hopefully a CX turbo will be available.
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