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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    Do you work at the Ontario plant that produces the CV/GM?

    I hope that by 2006, the 4.6L V8 in the CV/GM will get the 3 valve per cylinder design of the 5.4L used in the F-150. I think that Automotive News said that the CV/GM may get a modest styling update for 2006 also.
  • If you bust the dealer's chops really hard, you should be able to get one of those '03 LX Sports for about $22.5k with rebates. Go there the last day of October and they'll jump through hoops and bark like dogs to sell one to you. <g> I got mine the last day of July for a net of $23.5k.

    My dealer got a new '04 LX Sport in and I was looking at it while picking up my '03 from service.

    I see that the heated outside rearview mirrors are no longer standard, but are instead optional. On the Sports, at least, they've gone to a body-colored "B" pillar between the front and rear doors. The silver monochrome one I looked at was beautiful.

    I didn't notice the change in taillights, but have heard the same elsewhere. The all-red taillamps have been standard on the Police Interceptor model since that taillamp design was introduced. I don't know which I actually prefer.

    I love my 2003 LX Sport. I'm only averaging about 17.5 MPG per tankful presently (@2k miles), but I take the blame for that. It's too much fun... :)

  • vidtechvidtech Posts: 212
    my 97 grand marquis transmission is beginning to shudder slightly between gears 3 and 4.the car has 70k miles.i have heard from previous posts that changing ALL of the transmission fluid and replacing it with MERCON-V may solve this problem.i have also heard that MERCON-V may cause the clutch packs to fall apart.I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.
  • I just read the posts above re. overdrive. I recall owning a 1958 Ford with a straight 6 and manuel shift on the tree. In order to get into o/d range you had to let up on the gas pedal briefly after the car was moving above 32 mph. You could hear a click in the transmission when it shifted into o/d This was a free-wheeling gear and it felt like you were in neutral when it coasted.

     Anyone else remember this set -up? I know that I got over 30 mpg and it was a full size car.

     Geo K
  • evolkevolk Posts: 9
    In changing out my halogen bulbs yesterday, I noticed I have not just condensation, but standing water in the lenses. Are they double-payned? How do I remove?

    Its a 97 Crown Vic.

  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    is not so safe. You can't see it from a distance too far. But Ford decided to change all their cars to red turn signal lamps. and so they did to the re-designed Freestar. The rear turn signal light at night is almost invisible (same as Chryslers minivans). The old Windstar was very good, it was visible from at least 1/2 mile away! Also Toyota decided to change from yellow to red on the new Sienna, but Honda's Odyssey was changed from red to yellow. If you want to go with the red lamps, copy the... Cadillac DeVille. They're great!

    Interesting is that the front lamps always stays yellow. You'll not find a car with a red turn signal lamp in front - why?
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Because Federal Law in the United States forbids red lights on the fronts of vehicles other than emergency vehicles. That's why!
  • dmersdmers Posts: 23

    We had the same problem on our 94 Merc GM, that is, condensation on the inside of the front headlight lense. Our Ford/Merc dealer drilled a small hole at the bottom of each lense housing to allow moisture to drain out and dry out. The air tight condition inside the housing would not let moisture escape. I don't know if this is the correct way to fix it, but it was low cost and worked trouble free for 5-6 years before we traded it in for our 2000 GM.

    Good Luck.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That seems like the best overall solution, but you wonder how it is all that water gets in there.....
  • My daughter's 88 Thunderbird had the same water problem and she did the same thing -- drilled holes in the bottom of the lens housing. Worked like a charm. Now my 94 GM is doing the same thing, mostly condensation, though, not standing water. Guess it's time to break out the drill. On another topic, my daughter belongs to some car forums and has heard rumblings about the not-so-distant discontinuation of the Grand Marquis. Tell me it ain't so! Mine has 180,000 miles and is still cooking along great. Looks great, too. I want to get another one pretty soon, if they give some better color choices. The current blues and green are terrible, in my opinion. I almost bought a 98 medium blue GM on eBay yesterday, but I am squeamish about the sight-unseen thing. It was a knockout, though, with sunroof and all. That blue isn't offered now, and the price of a new GM blows me away. If they are going to do away with it though, I will rush to my nearest dealer and get one, since I will keep it a long time. Anybody got any scoop on this?
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Same rumblings have been heard for over a decade now. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis will be around through at least 2009.
  • harmarharmar Posts: 94
    As previously posted, a buddy, now retired from Ford, tells me FoMoCo still makes money on these models, so they'll be around awhile. Increasing costs are held somewhat in check by making prior years' standard equipment optional, such as the dual sunvisors and locking gas door, or by eliminating something like the passenger's outside doorlock and keypad.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Ford has been trying to get rid of the keypad for years now, and they get hate mail galore each time they do it. It's a lovely feature that actually keeps customers loyal to the brand. It would be foolish to decontent those features, particularly in light of today's competition. Hope someone from Ford is reading.

    My wife bought her old 94 Cougar out of her lease in 96, because she couldn't get the keypad on the 96 - it had been eliminated. A sale lost.
  • harmarharmar Posts: 94
    Has anyone added a pair to a GM or CV? Several retailers advertise them for ~$290. I've seen them on some General Motors models and like the extra degree of safety they provide. It's been a long time since I tore apart a door, so am not certain what I'd run into re: all the electronics on the driver's side (e.g., windows, locks, seat adjustments, trunk, etc.). What type connections are there? Thanks for any insights.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    The GM models with turn signal mirrors are factory installed, not aftermarket. They are offered on many GMC, Chevy and Cadillac models.

    Ford also offers it on the Windstar/Freestar minivans. And the Expedition or Explorer have a signal lamp under the mirror, and so are many GM's (as Envoy, etc.)
  • Please assist my 86K mile 98 Grand Marquis. As I was ready to leave work this afternoon, I turned the steering wheel and tried to back the car out of the parking lot. I heard a grinding noise coming from the front end and the car won't move forward nor backward. I found that only the right front wheel is turning right and left. The left front simply won't turn. The power steering seemed fine and was turning the right front wheel OK. I was lucky that it happened before I hit the road, but I need help to get the car repair soon. Can anyone help me point out what parts of my front end is broken? What is the average cost of repair for this? Or recommend a front-end shop near Chicago O'Hare airport? Your input is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  • harmarharmar Posts: 94
    I'm aware that original equipment is the best way to go, but was wondering if anyone had installed the aftermarket kit. "Muth" makes a nice, complete one for late model GMs. Since I'm not planning to buy for many years (I drive my cars till they start nickel and diming me to death.), I'd add the signals to mine if the process was not terribly difficult. But it's been years since I got into a door, and the switches on the driver's door might be easy (plug-ins) or hard to deal with. But -- winters in Michigan DO provide ample time for me to work on the problem. If I get any info, I'll post it. Thanks again.
  • I found the problem this morning! It's the lower control arm that was seperated from the lower ball joint. The sealed type ball joint was so bone dry inside. No wonder it snapped. I did hear some noise from the same area before, but the music was so loud. Perhaps the other side is going soon. Anyway, thanks for those who tried.
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