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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • Don't forget the Lincoln Towncar too. I don't think it has to do with Obama. Notice that GM also no longer makes a full-sized sedan (all the current Cadillacs are small). For Chrysler, only the 500. It appears that nowadays noone wants a big sedan with extra wide front seats and a big trunk. The current Lincolns are really pathetic. I'm keeping my Grand Marquis until either it or I die!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    "How can the industry intelligently decide to stop production of the best full sized sedans ever built"...bold emphasis mine...

    you want to re-read your sentence and maybe re-consider the wording???...keep in mind you ARE talking about the American auto industry...assuming they do get 25 mpg highway, that places them in good company considering their size...

    If they dropped the 300HP new V6 that gets 31 mpg in the Mustang, ya think it might do 25 or better in the Crown Vic???
  • baginzbaginz Posts: 1
    I removed the air bags on my 1995 Grand Marquis and installed coil springs and shocks.Even though I turned air suspension off,the air suspension alarm comes on after a short distance and stays on.How do I disable this alarm.......-: Thank You
  • Car sat for several months. Worked just fine. Now, no start. Engine cranks but no fire. I suspect it's not getting fuel. Fuel shutoff is NOT tripped. Fuel pump fuse is NOT blown. There is NO spark but I suspect that's because there's no fuel pressure.

    Another weird thing is the ODB2 code reader produces "Error" after trying to read any codes.

    Any ideas out there?
  • Advanced auto parts and Autozone will both scan your car for free and tell you what the code is for. Some of the stores may make you scan your own car but all you have to do is plug the scanner into the plug under your steering wheel above where your legs are when driving and on the computer just select scan codes or read dtc (diag trouble codes) and the scanner will tell you what the codes are.
  • I hate to say it but if your car has 142k and you never had the tranny flushed and this was the first time, that was a bad move, you could end up with more problems with shifting if not permanent problems. The key is if you have your tranny maintained every 30000 or 40000 miles there really is no problem flushing it again but if it has never been done before you should have only dropped the pan and changes the filter and replace the lost fluid when the pan was dropped. This usually replaces about half the fluid with new fluid. Than you can do it again in 15000 to 20000 miles again, this prevents possible problems you could end up with from flushing a tranny with high miles. Most garages would tell you its not a good idea to flush it unless it has been done according to the maint schedule.
  • frankgsrfrankgsr Posts: 3
    Hi, new here, I need some help. Anyone know how to adjust the wipers. When I turn them off, they come to rest alittle to high. I have a 2011. I hate to bring it in for just that.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    I didn't know they were still selling them in 2011, I thought they stopped a few years ago.

    I would check the owners manual, it may have a simple adjustment for raising/lowering the wipers for ice and snow...I have never moved mine since I bought it in 2004...:):):)
  • My 2004 Grand Marquis with 155K miles is like new. Why do my wipers keep popping off? I have to keep them on the arms with twist ties.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    If you have the single pin on the arm like I do, you must gently, but firmly, push the wiper blade onto the arm until it might want to spray a drop of WD40 on the blade so that the little spring can break loose and compress to hold it onto the arm...
  • frankgsrfrankgsr Posts: 3
    They stopped selling to the public I think in 2009 or 2010, they still sell them to fleet owners. I bought mine on E Bay from someone in FLA that got it at auction from Enterprise. It had 667 miles on it, but the car was in a wreck. I paid 12,500 , and it cost me $2,500 to fix parts and labor.
    Now I have a new car for $15,000
    I gotta get some pictures up on it!
  • The wipers on all the newer CrownVics and Marquis` are all "a bit too high" compared to older Panthers. We have a 96 and a 2006 Marquis and found a lot of cost cutting measures on the 2006, one of them is wipers, that unfortunately don´t move back under the hood when turned off like on my 96. The Wiper-Motor/ Gear is probably from some other Ford Product, that does not offer that nice device. Anyways, they might still be too high on your Crown Vic, if so, there is a locking device, a little mechanism (ít´s hard to describe in english, I´m from Germany, sorry) at the base of the arm, where the arm is put onto the Pin coming out from the wiper Gear, you can pull out a little "metal-plate?" wich stops the arm from coming off the pin.. When the arm is released, check, if you can put it on again a little lower. On some cars, thats not possible as there is arrestor.
    Good luck!
  • Hello:

    I am new to this site, so am unaware of any chat room "nuances" or protocol when it comes to discussion. I also do not live on the net, just occasionally read things of interest when I can remember them.

    I have owned a 2000 Crown Vic [practically beat it to death] and always, despite having to replace the rear air suspension hoses due to driving fast over a bumpy dirt road, regretted getting rid of that car. Bought an 08 Mazda 6 just to see what having a car like that would be like [i.e. snappy sport sedan] and I ended up getting rid of that too. The replacement: an 09 Grand Marquis. Now, I knew there would be a slew of old-man jokes, and I knew that Edmunds and other sites knock this car to pieces, but I will tell you what - get used to one of these babies and unless you are restless, stick with it. I live in Colorado, so of course snow is a consideration. Face it, if it is snowing that bad no one should be out anyway, but my GMLS handles fine. It is heavy, safe, and I don't have to worry about being smacked and getting torn up in an accident because there is a lot of meat on this car. It is also big inside - and I know I am going to catch it from the Sable crowd, but oh well.

    Another thing is, I have the Norsea Blue [I think that is what it is called], and being a Navy Vet, it is somehow appropriate. I get a lot of looks in this car - I swear, when you're on the freeway putting around Denver, people act like you're a state trooper and they slow down :) I am not a cop, I work in school administration, but I will tell you that this car is powerful, doesn't handle like a boat, and is as comfortable as a car can get. The dash is the dash, and looks fine. The seating is cushy, and I am a big guy [6'3, 270#] and this is the only car that fits me. Granted, there are other more popular, sportier, economically correct cars out there, but I am sticking to my guns. When they say this thing is a cruiser, they're dead on, and since I am past the point where I have to impress anybody, I guess I'll stick to cruising. By the way, I'm 48, haven't hit 50 yet, and really can't see owning anything else. This is a big, mean, powerful enough car. Long live the Grand Marquis.

    And by the way, whomever at Edmunds said this thing handles like the USS Nimitz doesn't realize that is actually a backhanded compliment. I was a reactor electrician on the USS Eisenhower [the Nimitz was our sister ship] and I am flattered that we ended up being referred to in a car review column.
  • frankgsrfrankgsr Posts: 3
    I too take that as a compliment. I see it as a Dinosaur V-8 Master of the road. Hey, power, comfort and reliability. Smooth and Easy down The road we go!
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    If you like your GM, you would love the Town Car, but it doesn't have A Tacometer either. ;)
  • Did you find out how to get off. I have the same trouble with mine.
  • Didn't discover an easy way. Left it a couple of times for a day or so due to frustration. Ive changed many starters over many years and couldn't believe the problem with this one. Threw everything in my extensive tool chest at it.
    It was tge top bolt that caused most of the problem. What I finally did was to get a open end wrench on it and use a long pry bar and hit it with a hammer to break the bolt loose. Then I was able to get my 1/4" socket set up there to take it the rest of the way off. It took so much time I wished I had it towed it to a shop instead of home when it went out. The problem with the old one was the woven copper wire from the solenoid to the starter had corroded in half.
    Good luck. Wish I had better news.
  • halo51halo51 Posts: 6
    I took my GM 2007 in to my usual shop. It had about 38000 on it. The garage replaced my brake fluid, oil filter and oil, but refused to replace the the tranny fluid, they said the fluid is clean, has the right color and doesn't smell burned. They told me to wait. they think taking the pan off and the filter can sometimes cause leaks that are hard to stop. Are they giving me good advice? The car has 46,000 now. The tranny runs great?

    Secondly, I had a diagnostic done on my heater /cooler dash control at a ford dealer. My unit is stuck on AC. The ford dealer said I had a dead blend door activator motor. They have to take out most of the the dash assembly to replace it. I'm in las Vegas NV. They want 900.00. Does that price sound reasonable??? does anyone know of other problems that come from R/I the dash? Rattles?? electrical? etc. Sounds like major surgery. Thanks
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    "Secondly, I had a diagnostic done on my heater /cooler dash control at a ford dealer. My unit is stuck on AC. The ford dealer said I had a dead blend door activator motor. They have to take out most of the the dash assembly to replace it. I'm in las Vegas NV. They want 900.00"

    Does not sound too bad. I have had things go wrong with my 2004 Crwon Vic that I never thought would go bad. Dash panel for HVAC, fan speed stuck on high, climate control stopped working, air would literally come out of dash, then defrost, then heat ducts all in 1-2 minutes...I have never seen the need to replace the dash switch, but it happened to me.

    Than, my intake manifold went bad...who thought to design the manifold with mostly aluminum and 25% PLASTIC???...yeah, plastic, which leaked and cost $1200 to fix...

    Then, my tail lights stopped working at night...brake and signal lights (upper filament) worked fine, but the lower filament did not work, and my license plate light stopped, if you approached me at night from the rear, no lights were visible...tried the cheap way and replaced the dash lamp switch for $50...did not work...had to replace some electronic module above the gas pedal for $750.00...that worked...

    Here is the worst part...the manifold, the module and the dashboard HVAC control were ALL IN STOCK AT THE FORD DEALER...they stock that stuff???...yeah, if it is known to go bad often enough, they stock it...they EXPECT the intake manifold to go bad???...yeah, they stock that, too...
  • Believe it or not you might want to check your radiator. I bought a Marquis last year with a bad transmission and paid a professional to replace it. He found that the inner cooler rotted out dumping antifreeze into the transmission . Also there is some sort of external cable that either breaks away or seizes up that give trouble to marquis. KingBing1
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