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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • Hi. I have a Mercury Grand Marquis GS 2005 with optionals, like leather wrapped steering wheel, etc. It's a Mercury with clean CarFax history and only 37k. No accidents and air bag never deployed. However it does show a Ford emblem in the center of the steering wheel. I was wondering if an aftermarket unit was installed at the dealer or if Ford made some Grand Marquis with the Ford logo in 2005 or any other year. Thanks
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    Can't answer your question directly, but when I bought my new 2004 Crown Vic from a Ford dealer, it came with a Grand Marquis owners manual...I know they are basically the same car, but the overhead computer of the Grand had a lot of functions, like a driver info center, whereas the overhead in my Ford only had a compass in it...all that plastic for a compass and two overhead lights...what a waste of plastic...
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    A reporter would like to speak to a civilian driver of a Crown Vic, preferably a P71 (Police Interceptor). If you are not a police officer, and you own a Crown Vic, please send your daytime contact information to no later than Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 10 a.m. Pacific/1 p.m. Eastern.
  • This is my dilemna. I'm coming up on the 60k scheduled maintenance. i can go to my usual garage, where i get my oils and various filters etc changed, or to a local dealer, friendly ford. the dealer is expensive but super efficient. Its an extensive check, and i'm afraid of what they might find and$$. the independent garage is much less$$ but sometimes they want me to replace things like my serpentine belt, that does shows minor wear and tiny cracks that are well within the accepted condition for 2007 Marquis. I checked on the internet.

    Where should i go the dealer who replaced my blend door activator for $700.00 or the garage that i do all my normal maintenance with??? PS. The garage was afraid to replace my tranny fluid unless it was necessary to so, citing dripping problems with the tranny after the fluid change. This makes me thing the garage or the the tranny dripping is a problem with this car?? Any help out here? :confuse: ">
  • Well, I personally think, a garage that is afraid to replace the tranny fluid because of "dripping problems" with the tranny after the fluid change would not be my garage for any further projects!! I even do all the Oil changes myself.. engine..power steering AND transmission oil and I´m not a mechanic!
    And what means "unless it is necessary to so.."? Never wait till it´s necessary with a tranny fluid change, cause that might also be too late -and expensive-. Depending on your driving style, if you are often in stop and go, live in or close by a city and/ or like to drive "sporty", stick to the Police and taxi maintenance schedule (shorter intervals). Anyways, if it has never been changed yet, change it!!
    The dealers usually just flush the transmissions these days and I guess, as they do it pretty often, it might be the better place. My Dad had his transmission on his Town Car flushed at a Ford place and it seemed to work good (price was around 120 $ including the oil)! BUT always check the fluid level when you are out the door of the garage and always check for a wet undercarriage when you arrive home and for stains the next morning! Things can happen, anywhere!
    Another Question, do you have to have an "official 60000 mls check" because of a warranty or so or do you just want to have it checked according to the specs? If no "official check" is necessary, maybe check what has to be done by the books, then decide on what you wanna do and place your instructions at one or the other or different things on both dealers.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    " his transmission on his Town Car flushed "

    Local Ford/Lincoln "flushed" the tranny in our 95 4.6 T Bird & in so doing blew the O ring seal around the transmission dipstick. They claimed a coincidence and charged me accordinly to fix that.

    IMO the flushing is too powerful and the process doesn't involve a change of filter. Believe in dropping the tranny pan, changing the filter, new gasket, attach the pan & fill with oil. If the oil needs changing, so does the filter.
  • just purchased a 2002 Gm Gs it has the lacy spoked rims with the wider good year tires..arizona beige metallic ...95k miles..interior and exterior are in like brand new condition ...bought from a ford dealership, i paid 5k....i have only put 100 miles on it so seems to ride very well...there is a slight pull to the right..
  • the GM also has a much better looking interior
  • tbebtbeb Posts: 11
    I have a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis that has 130,000 miles on it. It had 34,000 on it when I purchased it in 2005. Anyhow, today my mechanic replaced upper and lower ball joints on both sides. He said I may need tie rod ends and an alignment. Like a dummy, I didn't question him on that. I drove car 8 miles back to my house and nothing feels wrong. I mean there's no pulling or vibration or anything else. My question is: Should I get an alignment? Not to sound like a jerk, but I hope to only hear from those of you who know what you're talking about.

    (I did an internet search about new ball joints, and half the people said an alignment is necessary and the other half said it wasn't.)
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Would be helpful to know about the treadwear on your front tires. If the treadwear is even and satisfactory, I don't think an alignment is necessary at this time. If the camber, caster, toe in & toe out adjustment is affected by changing ball joints - I don't know how.
  • tbebtbeb Posts: 11
    Can't comment on front tire treadwear because I've only put 8 miles on them with the new ball joints.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Reconsidering: New tires, new ball joints, & the mileage on the car - a front end alignment would be appropriate at this time. :)
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    too critical, but I would align my front end once a year, simply as a form of good maintenance, to make sure my tires last as long as possible...if I changed front end parts or bought new tires, I would consider an alignment absolutely mandatory...don't be so damn cheap...
  • halo51halo51 Posts: 6
    Absolutely, you need an alignment.
  • evolk1evolk1 Posts: 11
    ....I just bought a 2004 Crown Vic LX. Two issues:

    1.) The seat belt chime / tone (?) goes off, after the seat belts are engaged, for 5 sets of 5 chimes, with about 5 seconds between sets. It wouldn't be that bad if that was it, but they will randomly start the whole process over again just driving down the road, 30-40 minutes later for instance. The seat belts are generic replacements from autozone or somewhere. The guy I bought it from said there was a chip / sensor in the seat belt that was very expensive to replace and said I could probably get one at a junkyard. IMO, he was bs'ing me.

    2.) There is a replacement car stereo installed that sucks. Any suggestions on a replacement? It is a 'Dual' brand with a removable face plate. There is an empty half inch space below it.

    3.) A previous owner was a smoker, though the very vast majority of the smoke odor is gone (I have a VERY high sensitivity to this smell, but even I think its barely noticeable....I don't smell like smoke after I get out of the car). Is there any 'go-to' products that I can use / spray on the car ceiling liner and floor carpeting to remove the odor? what about the leather seats? Do they harbor that smell also? I'd tend to think not...

    Thanks to all who contribute!

    Eric in Indy
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    I have a 2004 Crown Vic LX Sport (floor shifter, dual exhaust) and I replaced my seatbelt with one from Ford...some things, IMO, should come from the factory, and seatbelts are one of them...mine cost $350 to replace...replaced at 110K miles, needs another one at current 210K miles...Honda warranted seatbelts for life, Ford does not...

    I have factory radio/cd/cassette, and it functions...that's about all...part of me wants to replace it, and the other part says that a new audio system would be worth more than the car is now...

    I would think a decent leather cleaner (Lexol?) might work...

    How many miles on your odo, and, may I ask what you paid for the car?
  • evolk1evolk1 Posts: 11
    Regarding the seat belts...never replaced seat belts before...are they difficult or easy? I can replace an alternator, but that's about as difficult as I've gotten over time. I just want to get an idea if it really IS the replacement seatbelts that are causing that chime/tone, before I go out and spend $700.

    Thanks for the tip on the Lexol. I hope it works. What about on the ceiling?

    I'd be surprised if your 2004 is not worth more, depending on condition. Mine has 137,000 miles on it. I paid a 'friend' $2,700. As I've driven it more and more, I'm pretty sure I got sold a bill of goods....

    He told me about the chime/tone problem, as he did about the warped rotors on the back, and the tires needing to be replaced in the next 5-6 months.

    What I've discovered he didn't tell me about, that I assumed I guess, is

    1.)the missing full size or otherwise spare
    2.) No driver's manual of any kind in the glove box.
    3.) No code for the outside combination door lock pads (can I find out what that is somehow without spending a fortune?)
    4.) the fact the high beams don't stay on when pushing the turn signal arm forward....they only go on when pulling it back...and then need to be held otherwise it goes back to standard beams.
    5.) The headlight dial / switch only turns the headlights on or parking lights only functionality.
    6.) Only one ignition door key....thus, I had to spend $69.00 at WalMart last week to get a second ignition key.

    The car seems to drive quietly engine wise and is running fine, so I guess the other stuff is fairly minor, but nevertheless I feel he should have informed me of each...he drove the car himself for 2-3 months afterall.
    He's a newer friend, but I seriously doubt I will buy a car from him ever again. He was acting like because he has a wholesale license, he was doing me a huge favor to sell it to me at that price....implying he could get $4-4.5k for it retail. Yeah, right.

    I haven't run a CarFax on it yet, but will. He told me he had some sort of trade-only app on his phone and that it was clean except for a small front end mishap that somehow ruined the airbag sensor in the front, but didn't pop the airbag. He claims he replaced it. I have a sneaky feeling I'm going to find out quite a bit about this car when I get the CarFax.

    Oh, well, and learn.
  • evolk1evolk1 Posts: 11
    Follow up....I did the CarFax and it reports no accidents, but was owned in New York for a good chunk of it's life, then sold to an auto auction in NY, then to an auction in Cincy, then on to Indy, where I bought it.

    I had my mechanic look it over today and give it a test drive...he said other than the tires needing replacement immediately, he thinks I got a decent, fair, deal, which is all I was looking for. He is a 35 year mechanic and absolutely loves the Crown Vic line.

    Also, I id'd the model of the Dual stereo in the unit, and it is the Dual HD250, a basic run of the mill $50 unit sold at WalMart. Fair has it's limitations, and that's fine, as I'm not an audio-phile, though I used to think I was one...then realized that I really didn't care all that much to have the best stereo in the world.
  • Ford Crown Vics and Mercury Grand Marquis are probably two of the most reliable cars ever built. I travel quite a bit and you see both these cars as taxi cabs. I look for the mileage when I get one as a cab, and I routinely see 250,000 to 400,000 on the odometer. While I am sure these are not zero maintenance miles, cab companies are know to be frugal and so if these cars had too many problems, they would have been traded from the cab companies long ago.

    For your radio, the size in a Crown Vic is a "Din" radio. This is basically double the size (height) from a standard "skinny" radio. If you have a gap, sounds like someone put in a standard radio. I would look at any audio store or Best Buy for "Din" radios, which will fit the space perfectly. Your other option would be to go online or to a junk yard and find a Crown Vic or Grand Marquis and purchase the radio. These are pretty good Ford radios, so the original in your car must have died for the previous owner to replace it with a cheap unit.

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • The code for door is on the lock control module behind the drivers' door panel. You can remove the panel to see it, or a Ford dealer can pull it from the computer but will likely charge for it.

    The high beam problem sounds like a switch problem to me but I did have to change the LCM on my 03. LCMs are a common problem on these.

    Spray some Simple Green or better yet Benefact if you can find it to get rid of the smoke smell. You can spray it directly on the headliner parcel shelf visors etc. The Benefect has a thyme smell but it does go away and takes odors with it, it's good.

    I'm getting ready to install a Double DIN into mine. DIN is the standard 'skinny' radios we remember, and they also 1-1/2 DIN and Double din. From what I understand it's pretty simple, but you do need to use a utility blade to cut little tabs off the top and bottom of the opening for it to fit. Don't cut the side ones!

    Seat belts are simple to remove (the part with the latch anyway) but need a little muscle. You might want to simply find the wire going to the seat belts (that lets the car know if they're clicked) and either open or close the circuit to see if it turns off. If it does, leave it that way :)

    Good luck.
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