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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • seanyseany Posts: 3
    To btroy:

    I've looked at both the Saab 9-5 and the Volvo S-80. I think these are probably the safest sedans on the road. I would buy one today if I could get the seat belts to fit properly. The seat belts in both these cars fit way up around my neck, and I can't adjust them.

    I test drove the Lexus LS-400. The seat belts are adjustable and the car drives like a dream. The Lexus has a fairly good safety rating, but it's too expensive for me.

    I like the BMW 528i, but I feel cramped in it.

    I was hoping Ford would add more safety equipment to the Crown Vic. I would love it if they would add side air bags, and Volvo S-80 seats.
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    Sean, you hit the nail on the head. That would make a great package and put the CV in direct competition with several of the world's finest automobiles. I hope Ford is listening. I've been hoping that Ford would add to the CV all the safety features they put in the 2000 Taurus (side air bags with head protection, dual-stage air bags, belt pretensioners and force-limiters, etc), but I never thought of incorporating the Ford-owned Volvo WHIPS seat. That package would get a lot of attention and be almost unbeatable at any price.

    The only reason I can think of for not doing that is maybe Ford doesn't want to invest in boosting sales of the CV due to the CAFE restrictions. I think they would really rather sell the Focus, Taurus and Trukasaurus Gigantus.
  • weltronweltron Posts: 11
    Hi, I am new to this forum. I took the time to read all the entries (it took awhile, but was worth it) I recently purchased a 95 GM LS with 38,000 miles on it.The car is electric currant red metallic with what I would call dark maroon leather interior. I looked at many used Crown vics and many GM and this was the only one I seen with this combo and just fell in love with it. It also had everything digital (which is what I wanted) and the look of all the electronics against all that maroon and the faux wood trim was just it for me. I started reading the forums before and after I purchased the car. I did find this sight and a couple others after I bought the car. The concerns I have are what I have been reading here about early Ford 4.6 burning oil usually around 90,000 miles. I have not seen any one say if Ford corrected this problem, When they did, is mine one of the early ones, and what was the problem. I would have to sell mine at 85,000 miles if this is the case. Then I have read that the 4.6 is bulletproof alot. So I am getting confused as to what to believe or think. I also have read about the tranny shudder problem, so I had my fluid changed at Lincoln Mercury including the torque converter after I bought the car. I also read in another forum that you should keep the RPM's down because of the torque converter ballooning because it is to big and to thin. Sorry to ramble on, but I am a little concerned. Thanks. Kevin P.S. I forgot to say that after I bought the car I had the silent exhaust removed and had a catback system installed with some turbo mufflers to give it some sound. I did not want the sound of my old 400 small block Nova made, but some sound out of that V8. If you have not done this mod yet DO IT!! You will not be sorry, the sound this V8 makes is great. I am 37 and haul 3 kids and the wife around and can still be a kid when I want to be. (HA HA)
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I had a 95 GM and 131,000 miles on it without burning one drop of oil. The 4.6 is bulletproof. The tranny shudder was a minor problem, I just put up with it. I am taking delivery of a new (spruce green) GM this Saturday. The tranny shudder has been fixed on the 2000's and the engine is still bulletproof.
  • cebuanocebuano Posts: 24
    That's good news since I'll be taking delivery on my 2000 CV tomorrow. What did they do to correct the problem?
  • weltronweltron Posts: 11
    Hearing about your 95 GM makes me feel better. What oil did you use? When did the shudder show itself? I have not felt it as of yet.
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    Hi Weltron, thanks for your post and I hope you are enjoying your new cherry GM. As far as your advice to put on the loud mufflers, I think I'll pass. I honestly don't understand why modifying your car to make *more* noise could ever be a good thing. I know a lot of people do it, especially to Harleys, but take it from me: nobody is impressed by your noisy car (especially the neighbor who is trying to sleep when you come in late or leave early in the morning and can't resist gunning it a few times). Just thought you should know.
  • weltronweltron Posts: 11
    Btroy, I decided to put the duals on because the car had stock single exhaust. This let the car finally breath and exhale. The guy who did mine is a good friend with his own shop. Before I allowed him to start there was a definite understanding I wanted the lowest noise possible without being silent. When I picked up the car it had the perfect sound. On the highway or driving normal it is almost silent. Giving decent throttle produces a nice mellow tone. The last thing I would want to do is wake somebody up.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    Cebuano, I am not sure what Ford did to correct the shudder problem. I read several reviews recently of the GM and both reviews indicated that the shudder problem had been corrected. I also test drove several GM recently and did not notice the problem. I am taking delivery tomorrow of a 2000 GM and the dealer insured me that Ford has corrected the shudder problem.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    Weltron, I always used run of the mill 5w 30 oil in my 95 GM. I felt the shudder in my 95 GM when I was maintaining speeds of between 40 to 45 mph. I never experimented with different transmission fluids, maybe I should have.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    Weltron, I always used run of the mill 5w 30 oil in my 95 GM. I felt the shudder in my 95 GM when I was maintaining speeds of between 40 to 45 mph. I never experimented with different transmission fluids, maybe I should have.
  • Hello all, I just read this thread, and wanted to chime in. I own a '95 CV loaded w/all options. I have had it since 1 yr old with 23K miles, and it just turned 125K miles. I run 10w40 most of the year, (in New England) and did the same w/ my '92 Towncar w/same engine. The 92 TC was sold to my brother w/133K miles, and now is over 160K miles on orig engine. It needed tranny overhaul at 140K miles. My mechanic found that 5w30 caused the Ford cruisers he serviced to burn/use one Qt+ per change, so he switched to 10w40 many yrs ago. Both engines have performed flawlessly, on 10W40 and sound like new cars. Mine still uses no oil, but my brother now sees about 1 Qt per 3K miles. On the subject of tranny shudder, it happened on 95 CV during shifting (3nd to 3rd gear?) at around 30-35 MPH, much like the TSB described. I complained so often to Dlrship that they replaced the torque convertor at 35,900 miles just before warranty ran out. That was 90K miles ago. I do pay a little more (at local Trans. shop) for full tranny drain incl Torque convertor when I have tranny oil and filter done every 25-30K miles, and so far the 2nd torque converter has not exhibited what orig one did. I have loved both cars, but do find the '95's brakes to be poor when running at highway speed and forced to make a quick stop. In rain, it is worse, as rotors need about 3-4 seconds of brake application to dry off enough to even start slowing down the car. I do mostly highway driving 120 miles/day 4 days per week, and have to replace front brakes and turn (or replace) rotors every 30-35K miles. Usually there is still lots of pad, but everything is glazed so badly, there is no stopping power. The only other complaint I have is the airbag system, which pops an error light about once per year or so. Usually, it is fixed for about $150, but I was told today when latest one was diagnosed that the MONITOR needed replacing. Part is $252 and they say $150 in labor. This car has had 3-4 occurences of the Air bag light, and my 92 TC had similar problems w/ 3-4 over 130K miles. Last comment is a suggestion. I had to pay Dlrship to replace sparkplug wiring sets once on each car. The parts were appx $165 (and no aftermarket alternative at the time this happened) and labor another $80, so I told them I wanted the (7 good) old wires. Think about it $245 for one bad sparkplug wire... The old ones were given to my brother when he bought the 92 TC, and he now has only 1-2 left, and they are not long enough for the ones that usually fail... KEEP your old wires if you get this repair!
  • Okay guys, let's see if you can help me. What is the transmission model designation number for 1998 LX Crown Vics? I'm musing over a possible 1999 Mustang GT engine-transmission transplant into the Vic. If you could dredge up the Mustang transmission model number as well, that would be a great plus. The swap looks fairly doable, except the battery must be relocated on the Vic and a custom snorkel intake would have to be used with the new engine. I haven't delved into the necessary electronics issues, but they should be solvable. If there's a website out there super hardcore specs on these cars, throw me the link. Thanks!
  • jangolfjangolf Posts: 2
    We own a 93 MGM and thinking about buying 2000 because it's a great travel car. Wondered about the shudder and had tran service at the dealer. They never mentioned it was a common thing. Glad to hear it's not a big deal - REALLY glad to hear it's been corrected for 2000. Picked up other good hints from reading comments. Thanks!
  • jshaw5jshaw5 Posts: 1
  • swong2swong2 Posts: 2
    You've obviously gotten your money worth out of your ride! Time to consider a newer ride or else rebuilding the engine. All things considered for a ride with 199k on the odometer it's time to retire the ride!
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    Sounds like you need a valve job or a ring job or both. Your problem is so severe that changing the oil grade will not help. Shop around, maybe you can find a shop that will do it for a reasonable price. Like swong2, I wouldn't want to invest much $ into a car with that age and mileage, but if the rest of the car is in good shape and you like it, it may be worth it to you. Could you buy a better car for the price of the repair?
  • glenns2glenns2 Posts: 3
    Im thinking about buying a '95 crown vic, w/71k miles forest green & in seemingly perfect condition. anyone have any suggestions or comments?
  • glenns2glenns2 Posts: 3
    anyone on this page?
  • Regarding the comment on the crash safety and shared platforms of the Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car, the platforms were around essentially unchanged from their '79 downsizing to 1997. It's called the Panther platform, although that's not really known by anyone. Apparently, the 1979 platform was not all new; anybody who has noticed that '72-'76 Torino 2-doors' track and wheelbase were within spitting distance of the current CV/GM and '72-'76 Torino 4-doors' likewise with the Town Car should be somewhat suspicious. There's a neat piece to back this up at this website. Look at the handling section.

    Can anyone else confirm this? It's really bothering me. Thanks,

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