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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • marshal1marshal1 Posts: 68
    However, this in no was actually affects MPG. It just allows more gas into the gas tank. The original thread was about increased MPG using premium vs. regular gas. Unless my ignorance has again gotten the best of me, please explain how getting an extra gallon of gas in the tank will allow for better MPG?
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I have a 1989 Crown Victoria with 146,000 miles. Because of a promotion at work, I will need to drive a lot more than I do now, so I will probably buy a new car within a year. It seems that the newer versions aren't as durable as the Crown Victorias of the late 1980's, even though the cars use the same platform. The old 302 seems to be a better motor than the 4.6 OHC. I may consider a Buick LeSabre because of the reputation of the 3.8L V6. Are any owners of 2001 Crown Victorias/Grand Marquis happy with the cars?
  • 427435427435 Posts: 86
    Come on marshal1, how do you calculate gas mileage? Most people "fill" up the tank and drive until it needs "filling" again. Then they divide the miles driven since the last "fill" with the gallons that were needed to "refill" the tank. If the tank was really full at the beginning of the check but ends up 1-2 gallons short on the refill---presto, good mileage. Of course if the tank wasn't really full at the beginning but the car/tank is sloped so it gets fully filled at the end of the check, the mpg isn't so good!!

    The only way to really check mileage is to keep a log book and do it over several fills and 1000-2000 miles.
  • bruneaubruneau Posts: 8
    Using premium in these cars is merely a waste of money- they can't adjust to it. Moreover, Ford specifically advises against it since it may cause drivability problems- premium is more volatile. I have an unrelated question: my GM has the handling Good year LS tires. I don't like them and am looking for something quieter and smoother. Any ideas?
  • 427435427435 Posts: 86
    I've been using BFGoodrich T/A's. They're quiet and give a lot better traction in the winter then the original Michelens (sp?). Their wear life is a little less at 45,000-55,000 miles, however.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    The Towncar came with Goodyear GA tires and there were four flats in 60,000 miles. Michelin X One is on the car now and 33,000 miles later, not one flat. Tire pressure maintained at 35 lbs.
  • kingfishguskingfishgus Posts: 112
    I had a 92 LeSabre 3.8, basically the same as the new ones, and have a 93 and 01 GM. The GM has held up much better. The LeSabre is a smaller car, which some like, and it rides well empty. The standard suspension bottoms out with 4 Medium to large adults in it, without luggage. Standard GM suspension is much better handling weight. LeSabre has a great airconditioner, GM is very marginal as are all Fords. Some people don't like the seats in it, but again I don't like the GS seats in the GM. Gas mileage on the LeSabre was 21-22, mostly highway, and on the same trips my 93GM 4.6 gets 24-26. I've checked the mileage from fillup to fillup for 105K miles on the Lesabre and for 120K miles on the GM, so it is accurate. I had several problems with the LeSabre transmission (after warrantee)which were costly. The GM needs fluid changes at $175 a pop, but at least it hasn't failed on me like the Buick. 6 months ago I bought a new GM, so that should tell you something.
  • graybeegraybee Posts: 4
    Purchased a 2000 CM AS I/24,000 i. one month ago as a "program car" from a Lincoln-Mercury dealer. Front end makes squeaking and creaking noises when going over even moderately rough road surfaces. Sometimes I hear a rattle like a loose or broken shock; had the suspension checked twice, the second time by another LAM dealer who reported "nothing broken or loose" (this dealer lubricated chassis again). Noise seems just as bad. Car handles and rides fine, but it sounds like an old car and it is very annoying.
  • tbear503tbear503 Posts: 70
    After doing considerable research, I chose Yokohama Avid Touring Radials... Got them at Discount Tires for about $68/each. Tire rack ( rates them very highly, and they were in the top 5 sellers for GM's at Tirerack....They ride better than the GY-LS I had and... are so quiet that I actually stopped the car, when first put on. They are amazingly quiet.
    Check them out.

    Oh, yea, ALL cars have their problems, I just think back on Gen Motors cars relatives have had and think I'm lucky with my Merc GM. Brother has a 99 Concorde that is almost deafening at speed window seals falling off doors, etc.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I've heard of this on MN-12's, but this is a first on a Crown Vic. Anyway, the usual culprits on a T-Bird are worn ball joint or the bushings on the upper control arms. Try checking those out.
  • franbeckfranbeck Posts: 1
    96 Mercury Grand Marquis - Difficult to keep car in a straight line. Car sways to the left or right. -- Recent regular maintenance could not find problem. Had new upper & lower ball joints replaced. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
  • maxethanmaxethan Posts: 6
    This is my first post to this discussion thread. I want to thank all of you regulars' who make this a great information site to visit. I spent about 6 hours, in 2 days, reading every single message from the very beginning. I read these to educate myself quickly with these cars. I was deciding whether or not to buy one (98 CM)that I had run across, by chance. I decided to buy it on instinct and common sense, using the backup of the info collected here. That was December 2000 and I bought the car. I could not have made a better decision! It is a 1998 CM AS d. green/prey leather all options (except performance handling). It had 11,700 miles and I paid the asking price of $14,700. This was wholesale as I remember, and the car was (and is) mint. The gentleman who owned it never had cause to bring it in for anything but oil changes. I changed the warranty to my name and confirmed it has no warranty service history. The local dealer did find a recall due. It is "00E11 , On-board diagnostic system". hats all the printout says. Does anyone know what this means and why they said it expires with the 3/36,000 bumper to bumper war.? HERE IS THE KEY! I would like to know any things you folks can think of that I should have checked/fixed under the bumper to bumper warranty. I plan to get the ESP plan for 6/100K. I'll Probably select the "Extra" plan with the $50 deductible. I know there are things only covered by the original warranty like exterior trim, cosmetics etc. I don't know what else to be focused on, that is crucial for the 3/36,000. Things I noticed that currently need attention. I remember someone having big problems with the drivers door not staying open on slight grades. My door won't stay open if the grade slope exceeds 5 degrees! It doesn't bother me much but my wife always has bruises on her arm from it! I recall it not being repair able on the other persons car because of hinge construction limitations. I think they got to swap the car out for another. Anyone else had this? I also had the dashboard/cowl whistle (at high speeds) that others talked about. I noticed it above 75-80 mph and it would stop if I turned off the climate control system. This problem has seemed to go away. I haven't noticed it in months. I think it was a heater door/seal vibrating in the center dash and it broke in or something. Let me know if I am wrong, I have not been able to make it happen any more(85mph+). The premium radio cassette playback is lousy. Lots of hiss, not balanced, can hear electronic whine of the engine, or electronics, when speed control is engaged. I have tried many tapes, including premium metal chrome. These tapes playback superbly on many other cassette stereos. The chrome strips above and below the side windows have snow flake shaped discoloration spots on them. As if the chrome has oxidized under the clear coat. I can't think of anything else worth mentioning... I am dreading the lack I will get, going in to log these problems at the dealership, on the last day of the 3/36,000. The heck with them, it's covered! I absolutely love the car and always plan to drive one. For your demographic curiosity, I am 6'6", 215lb, mid 30's, wife, kid. I think this current body style looks great and it is the best overall value of almost any other sedan.
  • maxethanmaxethan Posts: 6
    Dear franbeck,
    Obviously the alignment is key, but the ball joints should have prompted a good one. I saw a similar problem once, caused by seperated belts inside the tire. Try swapping front tires with rear. Also has the car ever been repaired from a rear end crash. Sometimes a car's crooked rear end can be way out of alignment. The rear of such a car can track 4-6" off center compared to the front end. This can also create poor overall tracking. You could try bringing the 'toe in' to the limit allowed (front of tires closer than rear), to try and get better self centering of steering wheel. Good luck.
  • yonsei93yonsei93 Posts: 22
    I have a GM 99 LS w/39000 mi. My dashboard is beginning to rattle when running over little bumps on the road. What is the quick fix on this? Brakes are squealing when stopping. Went to dealership but dealers said the brakes are new. Went to Midas for 2nd opinion. Tech said the brakes will last for another 8 months. But brakes are still squealing!! Anyway to eliminate the squeal???
  • dmersdmers Posts: 23
    I can verify the GM is a safe car in a wreck. 5 Years ago my wife was driving home in a 92 GM on a highway at about 60 mph when a fool kid, not looking pulled out right in front of her. The air bag and seatbelt saved her; she just walked out the passenger door. The boy miraculously lived while being thrown out of the Van with a ripped off door on his side.
    The police said our car with a "frame" underneath saved her. Her only injuries where a broken toe from slamming the brakes so hard by reaction, a belt on chest soar and now a permanent fear of any car coming up to an intersection while I drive.
    That is the only car we buy as of now, and the ride can't be beat.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Check out 90's Thunderbirds on the Coupe menu.
  • HacksawHacksaw Posts: 29
    To maxethan:

    You might want to look at third-party warranties in addition to the ones offered by Ford. They tend to be *much* less expensive, offer varying terms and coverage levels, and can be used at virtually any service station (not just a Ford dealership). Two sites to check out are: and

    To rea98d, the guy with the noisy front suspension:

    Try greasing the hood latch. It sounds silly, but it quieted down my front-end squeak when I first had my car. Also make sure the steering stops are well lubed, else your car will make grinding noises when the wheel is at full-turn.
  • maxethanmaxethan Posts: 6
    Just for those of you interested in FoMoCo Extended Service Plans. I had a heck of a time with ford on the phone this morning. They said it was to late to get the new car ESP plan, or get any warranty service, because my warranty expired at 12:01 AM today! The in service date was 7/10/98. Someone tell me of a dealer that delivers cars at 12:01 AM on the day you pick one up. Ford direct was quite stupid to take this hard _ss position when I was willing to give them even more money! I ran down to the local dealer, got a quote of $1699 for the same exact ford ESP (ford direct was $2345) plunked down the plastic and that was that. The plan I got for $1699 was the "premium" esp plan for 6years 100,000 miles w/ $50 ded. The "extra" plan was $1399 (w/$50 ded.). I figured what the h_ll, the car was such a value (purchase price wise) why not get the cradle to cript warranty. Alas, while in rome...
  • maxethanmaxethan Posts: 6
    hacksaw, oh well to late. I will take a look at the sites you mentioned if ford gives me any nonsense about this deadline thing. thanks again for your advise, I rember you being one of the great members (in my opinion) from last December. I was so frustrated with this stuff today I just thought, screw it, I don't have to spend a month of Sundays researching every possible option and cost. I get complaints from my wife about doing that to much as it is. I played average Joe consumer and purchased what looked good based on only what I did know. I have had third party plans before, and it can be a pain getting a dealer to go through the extra steps it takes to deal with these company s. My extended chrysler plan saved my but big time with my 91 caravan. Zero hassles when getting service and it payed off with a factory tranny replacement, rebuild motor and more! take care hacksaw.
  • smmsmmsmmsmm Posts: 8
    I just purchased a 94 CVic with 140,000 miles for $ 3,450. I drove the car home from Cleveland
    OH to Atlanta GA (by way of Raleigh) which was about 900 miles. Not one drop of oil seems to have been lost/burned during the entire trip. Car is in immaculate shape, is an LX with full leather and 10 CD changer. Now that I have paid cash for this one, I can sell my '99 LX and lose it's $ 400.00 / month loan payment. Anyway, sorry for my rambling. I have two questions:

    I have heard of 2 schools of thought on the changing of fluid, etc on the transmissions on these cars. One says to "change fluid/filters every 30,000 miles", other says "if you haven't changed it, just leave it alone and make sure to keep it topped off, being careful to ALWAYS use Mercon such and such". The car could not possibly be in better shape after 140K miles so all indications are that it was VERY well taken care of. Should I get the transmission "serviced" or should I just leave it alone, my recollections are something about changing viscosity of fluid by changing it....... or something like that, any comments welcome.

    Question 2: The car has a 10 CD cartridge unit in the trunk with a little control panel mounted on the dashboard to the left of the radio. The owner's manual makes no mention of this little control panel and only refers to controlling the CD player via the existing radio controls. I tried it the way the manual says, without results. Any suggestions as to where I can get help with this, I can just imagine walking into a Ford Dealership and asking them to look at my sound system (although, it is a "Ford / JBL sound system").

    My guess is that the car was driven nearly every day and was very well taken care of. As I said, I put 900 + miles on it bringing it home and it felt just about as nice as my 99. Also, has the nicest feature a car can have, or not have....a loan payment every month.....although I suspect I'll be visiting my local auto mechanic buddy more frequently.......Thanks in advance for any input..... or any other comments on care/feeding of a 94 CVic with 140K miles !!!
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