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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • I presently own a 1999 Grand Marquis with 40,000 miles. The car runs terrific except for an occasional hiccup. When driving in stop and go traffic (aka Cross Bronx Expressway), the O/D OFF light on the dashboard flashes. It takes turning off the car and restarting it to reset it. Can anyone lend some advise here? It only happens when the car is warmed up and you encounter stop and go conditons.
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    Does anyone know when/if any siginificant redesign is planned for the Crown Vic/Marquis ?
  • cfocfocfocfo Posts: 147
    It looked like it was the highest ranked (5 stars) full size vehicle on the market, according to the STAR ranking system at

    The side impact was only 4 STARS, but if eqquiped with side airbags, I don't see how there is a safer VEHICLE on the road right now ?

    And please, no need to include the 60 MPH crash into the back-end on the hwy issue. (If I was pulling over 3-5 drivers a day on the hwy, that would concern me, but most people don't)
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    Question - is it possible to add a factory keyless entry system to an Interceptor? Would it just be plugging in some controller/receiver? Second question is how much do you suppose all this would run me?
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    You can usually find those keyless entry kits at Target or K-mart for something like $30. Installation will be DIY, and I'm not sure what that entails, although I almost did this to my '95 Thunderchicken once.

    As far as a redesign?
    Don't expect one anytime soon. The same basic platform goes back to '79, although with significant improvements over the years, especially the 2003's. Personal speculation, but I think the Mercury Montego and Ford 500 will end up replacing the Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria. I think the Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria nameplates have become too associated with "old people" cars to be viable in the marketplace, and the Taurus will probably never recover from the radioactive catfish design of '96, so Ford is hoping that one car, splitting the difference between the Taurus and the Crown Vic, will correct two of their marketing mistakes, make them more competitive in the family sedan market, and reduce the number of car models they have to make. Much as they hoped to replace both the Contour and Escort with the Focus on the small car end of the market. If Ford has ceased production on the Contour and Escort, I missed that notice, but replacing them with the Focus was the original plan. I wouldn't be surprised if Ford is doing the same thing with the 500.

    As an aside, such a tactic worked for Jaguar in the '60's, when they replaced a small, medium, and large sized sedan with a single midsize car, the XJ6. Now, ironically, they're going the opposite way, having come out with a midsize S-Type, a small X-Type, and moving the XJ up to the big end of the spectrum with the 2004's.
  • dinudinu Posts: 12
    Am presently shopping for a 2003 GM-LS and a 2003 CV-LX . Will buy one of the two and would like to hear from owners of either one of these cars. The wife and I have checked out the GM-LS but not the CV-LX as yet. ...we'll do that next weekend. We like the GM-LS "Ultimate Edition" model a lot , especially pocket-book wise as compared to the 2003 Lincoln Town Car Executive we've also driven....which is very nice. We haven't driven the GM-LSE as yet but I believe this is a longer
    version of the LS and may not fit our standard-sized garage. Have to check that and other differences to the LS model.

    Will appreciate any input on these two cars from you.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    How much for the LS Ultimate?
  • I have a '93 Grand Marquie that runs great, the only problem I have with it is that after it warms up the motor will start ticking if the car is under a heavy load. When the car is still cold you can put it under the same load and it runs fine. Has anyone had this problem, or can give me any advice. Thanks
  • zslickzslick Posts: 11

    Is this "ticking" accompanied by any sort of bucking sensation. My 94 GM started some mild bucking on hard acceleration when warm at around 60,000 miles. If I remember right, there was a ticking sound, too. Problem was found to be ignition wires. Replacing them solved the problem. At 110,000 miles, I had a similar problem, although it was more prevalent when cold. It was found to be the ignition wires again. Hope this helps.
  • cfocfocfocfo Posts: 147
    I bought a GM-LS Ultimate 2 months ago after taking a similar route to yours. I was interested in the GM-LSE, but never found one. Also checked out the Lincoln Town Car Executive, but I was looking at used 2001 models with low miles for the same $$ as a New GM-Ultimate.
    For what ever reason, I never shopped the CV-LX, so I can't offer comparisons of the 2.

    I believe all 3 are reliable, safe, and a great value now as they are all being discounted because they're not cool and not AWD.
    But since I'm looking at the interior of the car 95% of the time, I was sold on the Ultimate as I like the interior a lot ! Especially the instramentation panel, steering wheel, and roomy leather seats.

    Let me know what you thought of the CV after you drive it. Also, what are the rebates on the 2 ?
  • R92688R92688 Posts: 7
    Your ticking under load is just pinging from pre-ignition of the fuel in the cylinders. I had the exact same problem in my 95 CV with the engine check lamp ultimately coming on after many months of pinging. Well, it turned out that a Mass Air Sensor located on the air filter housing needed changing. After changing it, the car runs quiet and smooth with all fuel types. I hope this helps.
  • ronslakieronslakie Posts: 58
    Creativecomput - As noted above the likely candidate is the Mass Airflow Sensor. I have read on other forums that there is a simple method to fix this without replacing the sensor. This sensor can be sprayed with electric contact cleaner and will work like new.

  • jcooney3jcooney3 Posts: 7
    Head rests on 2003 GM too tall block view when backing up. Anyone hear of this?
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    18 Wheelers use a primitive form of sonar when they back up. They keep coming back til they hear something crunch ;-)
  • randal5randal5 Posts: 1
    I totalled my Seville and I am shopping to replace it with either a GM or a Continental. 98 model year is in my price range. What are some key advantages of the GM over the Continental? I'm leaning toward the Continental but I'd like a reason to spend less money.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    It will keep you out of the ditch. Rather than a discontinued Conti, check out the 2000 Lincoln LS.
  • cfocfocfocfo Posts: 147
    At 6'7", I find the headrests just right ! : )
  • dinudinu Posts: 12
    Sorry about not responding sooner. We haven't bought the GM LS Ultimate Edition yet as we're still looking at other brands & models. The sticker price on this particular model was about $27,000, which is not the invoice price. We liked its interior, general looks, and features but I gave it a limited test drive at that time. This Edmunds website has good advice on how to test drive a car and I'll follow what it says for my next time behind the wheel of the GM LS Ultimate Edition.

    BTW, for what-it's-worth for anyone interested, read the Feburary 2003 Consumers Report issue "Cruising For Comfort" on the Toyota Avalon, Buick Park Avenue, Lincoln Town Car, and Mercury Grand Marquis. The Grand Marquis was rated by CR at the BOTTIM of thisgroup and CR's comments on the GM has given us some second thoughts on buying this car after our initial impressions of the car.

    CR's comments and rating on the Lincoln Town Car has also influenced our thoughts on this car. The Executive model of the Town Car line was the one I drove, also in a limited course near the dealership.

    The wife doesn't want us to buy the Toyota Avalon, which was rated at the top by CR, and sitting behind the wheel during a short test drive, I found its comfort level not up to par with the TC Executive nor the Mercury GM Ultimate Edition. Comfort is a major feature that both of us want , as well as reliability and some other major features.

    Today we're looking-at / test-driving the Buick Park Avenue base model and Park Avenue Ultra. This would be something like a $10,000 step-up in price, but with mfg. incentives and the wife's Honeywell General Motors or Ford discount offered at her job, we might be able to live with the bottom line. The Park Avenue is longer than the GM LS Ultimate Edition, so we'll be measuring our standard-sized garage to see if it'll fit.

    Will get back to the Town Hall soon. Would like to hear from others about the Grand Marquis and other big-'an-comfy easy-riding new cars they've driven or bought .
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