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Chevrolet Impala Audio



  • Hey Guys! Wanted to let you know that i did receive a reply from the BBB.They talked to gm directly and the service manager at the dealership where i purchased the car.They have come to a conclusion that it is whats called a design issue on this vehicle whatever that means.My problem is even if they aknowledge that there is an issue here,when or if they will do something to fix it or not!I have not heard of any so called promises that it would be fixed from anyone.However,the BBB auto line negotiated an agreement in which they offered me a 24 month gm smart care plan with no deductible as a so called good faith effort for being a patient with this problem.I personnally think that this is just a pacifier, instead of addmitting that they have not yet found a solution to this problem.But i was not going to say no to this for at least it covers my oil changes and tire rotations for the next two years.Maybe if other people with this problem would contact the BBB auto line, chevy might do the same for them and in essence,realize that they are shelling out so much money that they actually try to fix the problem instead of brushing it under the carpet!Looking forward to hearing your remarks. Pete.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Does this have to do with the radio? If not, your comment would probably be better placed in whichever of our general discussions would be appropriate at these links:

    Chevrolet Impala 2006+

    Chevrolet Impala 2005 and earlier
  • Sorry Pat, Did not elaborate well enough i guess.My entry #1235 is about the radio hiss problem on the 2006 impala.It's an update on the previous entry #1222 dated on 04/05/06. P.S. Sorry about the e-mail situation Pat.I was not aware that it cause a problem! Thanx.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sorry Pete, my misunderstanding. :blush:

    I just wanted you to get your message in front of the widest audience if it wasn't about the radio.

    'scuse the interruption!
  • That is awesome on the update. I actually have one as well on that hissing noise. As you know I have been waiting until Chevy fixed the problem before I would buy the radio... well low and behold I went to a dealership yesterday and looked at another one with a later manufacture date on it and guess what.... the hissing was hard for even me to notice! I think they actually tried to do something to fix it. My jaw dropped to the floor. I took it for a test drive and couldn't hear the noise at all with the engine running. Needless to say I must admit that I took it home with me. I'm not sure if this helps anyone, but I have a strong feeling they knew they had a problem and I am guessing it is too complicated for them to fix the ones already out there, but the newer ones are MUCH quieter.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    ibaswimmer, just to elaborate, are you writing in reference to the Bose system? Assuming you are, what is the manufacture date? If there are new/improved head units or amps in the assembly system, I would think the rest of us could get replacements. I'm really looking forward to hearing that the problem has been addressed by GM and a fix is on the way! Thanks for the update! :)
  • quietpro,
    Yes, I am referring to the Bose system. I will look on the car itself to get you a more accurate date, but the manufacture date on the sticker was for August of 2005.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    jt, in reply to your message, there are plenty of GXP owners who have the hissing/humming noise constantly while they are listening to their radio. One person said he can't even listen to the Sports Channel at low volume, the noise is so unbearable and another one said at 60 miles an hour, the noise is unbelievable. Thank God, mine isn't that bad. Another thing, the dealer did give me the Smart Care Package free of charge. I substituted wheel alignment, in lieu of tire rotations, since the tires on the GXP don't get rotated. I still think that since OnStar is now digital in the new models, not analog, that is the problem and GM certainly isn't going to admit that. OnStar monitors the car all the time and uses a microphone and may not be compatible with these systems.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    If your reply was directed at me for posting, what is wrong with that? That is on your forum; it's not a private e-mail address, and I wanted that particular GXP owner to contact me, so I don't know why you deleted my message. Please explain. Your explanation is not satisfactory to me and I think rude.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Thanks ibaswimmer! I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. If this turns out to be a good lead, maybe you can provide more specifics at a later date. This is the biggest issue I have with the car. Thanks again! :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It wasn't directed at you. :)

    Email me if you want to talk about it some more.
  • Just wanted to chime in on the possible production date issue. My vehicle was special ordered and built in October of 2005.I took possesion of the car on Nov. 1,2005.I added the optional 6-disc c-d changer and engine block heater (since i live in a cold region during the winter months)I do not think that the 6-disc option is relevant to the hissing problem,but wanted to state it anyway.I called my salesman today at the dealership and asked him to go out on the lot and try the two other '06 ltz model impala's they currently have their and see if they exhibit the same issue.About an hour later,he called me back and verified that they both do!The production dates are 12/05 on one of them, and 01/06 on the other one.I'm sure glad he did that favor for me because it is a 100 mile round trip to the dealership!Anyway,just wanted to share that info with everyone. Talk to you later, Pete.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316

    Do you have constant hissing problem in AM/FM modes or even in CD mode? If the AM/FM audio is corrupted but the CD audio is OK, then your problem could be caused by Electrical interference from the On-Star module (or others: ignition, fuel pump, motor controllers...) to the radio's antenna.

    Other high speed digital systems like PC, DVD player, cellphones are known to jam radio frequency. That is why we are not allowed to turn on our cellphone and any electronic devices while airplane is taking off or landing (they are afraid of Radio Frequency Interference to plane's computers, GPS, ...)

    Symptoms may be similar but the causes may be totally different. The GXP and Impala have different Head Units made by different suppliers and probably different Bose Amp/speakers setups. In addition, the vehicle electronics contents are different. Just one Ground wire could sometimes make a radio from being bad to good.

  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Thanks for your reply. No I have no hissing/humming sound once the car is turned on -- only when I first open my door and then after about 13 seconds -- car still off -- I put my ear next to the speakers on both doors and I can hear the humming/hissing sound from the speakers and I can't really tell if it's aiso either from the light on top that GM says is the cause or the rearview mirror with OnStar. My brother insists it's OnStar. Once the car is started, there is no hissing/humming. The radio/CD player play just fine. So, my noise is not as bad as other GXP's owners, but I am mad because GM was aware of the problem in the 2005 GXP's and failed to remedy the problem in the 2006 GXP. GM's answer is "it is not harmful, there is no remedy at this time, we are aware of this." And calling Customer Service is worthless. They do nothing. They just want to get rid of problems, not solve them. I have even written to Mark LaNeve at GM and someone else and received no answer. So no more GM cars for me. That's it. I have bought five Pontiacs from the same dealer since 1992. It is not a dealer problem, but GM's.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    The dealer gave me the three year Smart Care package when I first purchased the car bc I had another complaint. I didn't know anything about any deductibles. I take it in every 3,000 miles and they do the oil change, check the car over, adjust the tire pressure, check belts, hoses, etc., free. I substituted tire rotation for wheel alignment because on the GXP because of the different tire sizes -- 8 inches in front and 7 in the rear -- the tires do not get rotated. Then I had another complaint. When I picked up my new car, after I gave them my check, which I'll never do again before seeing the car, but it was being detailed, the salesman then told me a part had to be ordered. I was furious. But it was overnighted and fixed the next day. I called the owner who called the Service Dept. and the next day the door ajar part on the hood was installed. I got another detailing and free loaner car for this inconvenienced. No more GM cars.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    Thanks, Pat. I just thought it was directed at me. I apologize. I was rude. Happy Easter. Chats1
  • pskinnpskinn Posts: 1
    We recently had problems with our turn signals. We had the entire turn signal unit replaced. Within a few days the problem started all over again/ This time the Hazzard button was replaced. Now the radio does not work. We have no sound. It started with just working part time now nothing. I have been told we have to replace the whole radio unit. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on if this could be a short in a computer chip?
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    It could be the repair work on the turn signal that caused the radio problem (pinched wired, blown fuses,...). Something you can do yourselves:

    1. Check on fuses that connect to the radio and/or Audio amplifier (using owner manual to look for them). By checking, you take the fuse(s) out and look at them to make sure they are OK. Another benefit: if the radio 's computer is brain dead, this procedure gives it a "RESET" just like when your PC at home hangs up that requires a push on the RESET putton. I used this procedure many times on my GM minivan when the power sliding door acted up (resetting the body computer that controls the power sliding door)

    2. Your 2001 Impala radio does not produce TURN SIGNAL sound (or CLICK CLACK) so it is unlikely the radio failure would cause the TURN SIGNAL function to fail (06 Impala uses radio to produce the CLOCK CLACK sound however)

    Radio needs the following signals to function:

    1. 12V battery (always there)
    2. Ignition (12V when ignition is on or vehicle is on ACC mode). Some GM vehicle does not use this wire since it gets the same information from the vehicle bus
    3. Vehicle bus (CLASS 2 in this case) for VIN information power moding, etc..
    4. Ground (power and RF ground for tuner)
    5. 4 pairs of Audio outputs for 4 speakers

    All of those lines are feeding to the two black connectors in the back of the radio. If any of those wires got piched, broken then your radio will not work.

  • I just bought a 2005 chevrolet impala and the car was originally equipped with xm radio. Someone switched the am/fm/cd with an am/fm/cassette and stole the audio power booster out of the trunk. The radio flashes calibration error and there is no sound or chimes for the car. What is the cheapest way to fix this?
  • wzweifelwzweifel Posts: 2
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