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Hyundai Elantra Touring Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    Normal tire pressure, in fact I lowered about 2lbs less to see if it improved ride, it did not, went back to normal pressure
  • If it is really that stiff I would imagine it would hurt their sales somewhat, although in my opinion, for a "touring" vehicle (almost a wagon too) the suspension, etc should be a little stiffer than the more luxurious sedans. Of course that all depends on the individual....another good reason for always trying to take an extended test drive yourself.

  • As the SE was not available,we drove the GL, which I think has 15" wheels.Of course now we will have to try the SE which has the 17 " alloy wheels.Sure hope we don't have the same problem.
  • 17" alloys are standard on the 2010 SE.I don't think there is an option for 16 " alloys.Maybe you drove the GL? Or maybe the 2009?
  • I just bought the sport model in Phx, AZ.

    Roof rack
    satellite radio, etc (all standard features I believe)

    I didn't add any other accessories

    I paid 17984 + tax, title, lic, doc fees. which came to 19,500

    I like it. Cool little car, lotsa space and I love all the extras while keeping the price under 20K. You can't beat the warranty either.
  • $14990 includes both $500 rebates at Buerke Hyundai White Bear Lake MN. Tax and lic extra. They had 5 more like this.
    Beats Honda Fit in all areas except, cornering, gas mileage, radio sound. This is not worth the extra $2000.
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    Looks like a decent deal. Mine was about $300 more but i had blue tooth and rear spoiler. Congrats on your purchase. You said it right about warranty, cant beat it. Mine came with this so called Warranty Forever, as long as keep scheduled maintenance going, and it don't have to be dealer either, power train is warranted forever as long as i own it regardless of years and miles.
  • That sounds like a pretty good deal! I'm also in the Phoenix area. Would you mind sharing the dealer? Did you go through the fleet/internet department?

  • So I am about to buy one of these. It appears that I am going to be able to get it for close to $1k under invoice plus another $1k rebate. The TMV seems to have dropped $100-200 since I started looking last week and is now close to invoice. Hyundai must be offering some great dealer incentives.
  • 2010 Elantra Touring SE /Manual in Central Texas.

    They sold at $18847
    Hyundai Rebate $1500
    Actual Sales Price after Rebate: $17,347 + tax, title, registration

    ..they sold @ 300 under factory invoice...or $963 less than sticker price... plus the rebate.

    I used Edmunds to request quotes from local dealers--had three responses. One dealer was a complete waste of time...other two gave me very competitive quotes from the get go so we didn't have to haggle over price at all.

    Went in with preapproval from Bank of America for financing @ 3.75% but they were able to beat it with Wachovia for 3.49%--better than Hyundai Motor Credit's Current Promotional Rate of 3.9%

    I'm happy...loving the car! I test drove both the automatic and the manual....and the manual won me over with the fun factor.
  • Did you buy it this month? I think the rebate is only $1,000 now.

    Here is my story, and yes, it's long.

    Anyway, I bought my car on Saturday (I will get it on Monday). I had originally contacted my local dealer via email last weekend and stopped in for a test drive on Monday. They offered me a price that was around $50 below invoice but said they'd match anything else I found. I was waiting to see if my current car would be totalled so I did not know for sure that I was buying until I heard from GEICO (I did on Thursday and it was). I had put in a request for a price quote through Costco and their dealer offered me $500 below invoice (however, it was a 1.5 hour drive so there was no way I was going to buy from them). Then I checked the next nearest dealer to me and they gave me a price around $50 ABOVE invoice so I thanked them and said I had a price $500 below invoice, so he stammered and said "well you should have told me you were a Costco customer, let me talk to my manager". I told him to get back to me if he could do better, and a few minutes later he called back and said he'd beat that by $200. Then I had been exchanging email with yet another dealer, and she came back with a ridiculously low price but I noticed that it also said I had to use their financing so I told them to give me their out the door price, which was also really low (and added $500 if I wanted to pay cash, which made me suspicious about the whole deal).

    All during this I'd been exchanging emails with the first dealer, who kept telling me "bring in the other prices, we'll do the deal". Well, I finally went in on Friday afternoon and told them to match the "out the door cash price". The salesman and sales manager played with the numbers and came back around $1000 above that, $300 of which was due to their car having Bluetooth (which I really wanted), some of it was due to a regional advertising fee I was not expecting to be charged, and some because he was not giving up his "dealer side cash" (as the really cheap place called it). He showed me the invoice and said he was selling it at invoice less the holdback, but that was it. He told me that both of them used to work at the other dealership and they were sure the price was not going to be real when I showed up to buy the car (I wasn't necessarily in a position to argue with him since I'd had my doubts about them being on the level when the price required me to finance them them (at a rate of 5-15%, which I only found out when I asked). Anyway, after having him tell me that he wouldn't budge off that number I got up and left, and he did not stop me (which surprised me).

    I looked around at local dealer inventories on Friday night and didn't find anyone else who appeared to have a bluetooth model in stock. I didn't feel like haggling with another dealer so I decided to go back on Saturday morning, and this time I printed the Truecar report. The final price he had offered me was $40 short of being a "great price" and I was determined to get that.

    I got an empty email from the salesman on Saturday morning, wasn't sure what was up with that but I figured I'd go back in anyway since I had to be in the area. When I got there, the salesman had gone home sick but the sales manager was there so I sat down and showed him the Truecar report and told him to figure something out. After a few minutes he gave me a price $205 cheaper than the night before, so I agreed to buy. Amusingly, when the deal was actually written up, the price ended up $25 less than what I had agreed to. Also amusing, while looking at the car (it was on the salesroom floor) after signing the deal, the manager noticed that it had pin-striping and door guards on it (their protection package). Apparently they (try to) charge $399 for this but it was not on the window and he did not realize it had been done so he did not charge me for it. No way would I have paid anything close to that for it, although the door edge guards will come in handy -- my son had just chipped the paint on my now deceased car a couple of weeks ago when it flew open and hit something.

    So, here's the deal:

    $20,935 Elantra Touring SE Auto w/Bluetooth and Floor Mats - sticker
    $20,250 Invoice, includes regional advertising fee of $205 (if you can believe Truecar). The dealer claimed it was $250 according to the invoice he showed me.
    $19,488 Price before $1000 rebate
    $18,488 Price I paid

    Truecar said that anything less than $18,667 is a great deal, so I think I did well. And I bought from my local dealer, which I really wanted to do.

    I would have financed if there was some incentive but the rebate is the same either way. I'm getting more than half the cost back from GEICO for my old car.

    They did get me for $75 for the registration/title processing fee. Nothing I could do about that.

    Already ordered the ipod cable from ebay for $16.99.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    What dealership did you end up buying from if you don't mind me asking?
  • Masterbill-I bought it yesterday (Jan 16th)....the current rebate in my area is $1500 through Feb 1st... but it may be different elsewhere. I did have one local dealer (Capitol Hyundai in Central TX) telling me the rebate was only $1000 but I checked their zip on Hyundai's website it states there is a $1500 rebate....I'm not gonna call the salesman a liar but they certainly need to get on the same page with Hyundai Corp's website so they don't look deceitful... ya know?

    Sounds like you got a great deal! I'm not much of a wheeler and dealer myself...The price I ended up paying was around 200 more than true car's "great price" since it was already a good price I didn't figure it was worth haggling over $200...I'm happy with the price I paid and the ease of the transaction. There was no fighting with pushy salesmen..or having the closer come in and try to wear you down. We went in and test drove..asked them again to verify the price quote given in the email..they did...I said lets do it. They asked about financing--I gave em the preapproval letter and told them if they could beat it I would finance with them. (Which they did)... The last time I bought a car it was a NIGHTMARE and I just wanted it as simple as possible.

    Alamo City--We bought from Round Rock Hyundai. They are one of the largest Hyundai dealers in the state I believe so they are probably able to sell at better prices and their selection is quite good compared to other dealers.

  • Tried to purchase an Elantra Touring yesterday @ St. Charles Hyundai. We had visited and test drove one the night before and walked out because we always want to "sleep on it" before writing the check. They :P mentioned they could get us the exact model we drove which was a base unit (with popular package added) in the vivid blue we wanted for $16,000. This was written on paper and verbally confirmed on phone before our second visit to them (Saturday). We did show them the sales ad they had in the paper and ironically other dealers are placing such ads that include ALL possible rebates that you will never qualify for. The MSRP was a bit over $18,000 and we thought we sucessfully negotiated the $16,000 only to be told there is a document fee of $140's. We said fine - we brought a trade in that will more than cover the fee. Even after all this they started back-tracking with negotiations and we ended up walking out the door. The manager ran after me while my vechicle was in motion to say he'd offer me yet another price and I informed him that if I could not get the price we agreed upon in the first place I didn't need to listen. After speaking with him for a few minutes he runs back in and says hold on. Still unable to meet my price he comes out and says "you'll never find this vehicle for that price". He was right because after searching around and doing more phone work, the COLOR is the issue! There are no vivid blues with the popular package added on (unless it has other ad ons we don't want and is located no where near our dealership). Bad experience all around which started out with an ad that had discounts that didn't even apply to the model (Elantra sedan did not come with the $1,000 Cash/Trade but they did and still post it in the paper - applied to the price that's in nice large letters). SHAME ON THEM! They upped it 2k now for discount - saying you can get an Elantra Sedan for $11,999 - NOT! And then they claim the touring costs another $1,000. Who was born yesterday?
  • missmisery - the salesman should have known the rebate but they change so often and can be confusing so I would not blame them (the woman who did the final paperwork for me yesterday had to read the T&C twice to make sure I could not do the $1k normal rebate with the $1k low APR rebate - I would have financed it if I could have!). The woman who had given the low out the door price originally quoted me $500 more on rebates because she was confused -- there is a $1500 rebate in my area on 2009's (but that was not in the OTD price she gave me). I was actually rather upset that there is no loyalty rebate on the Elantra Touring. As an Elantra GT (hatchback) owner who was rather upset that they discontinued that model a few years ago, they should have been welcoming people like me back to the fold with the ET. There is a loyalty rebate on other models.

    The reason I did not buy the first day was because I was upset that they told me they'd match the other price I had and then refused to. Then after realizing that no one else had the model with BT I decide to go back.

    Amusing story - 6 years ago when I bought my Mazda, they told me that the car had $500 more in rebates than it did. They claimed I could get some rebate with 0% financing. Another dealer had told me this was not the case but this one insisted that it was. And I was buying on the X-Plan with invoice pricing so they were making very little to begin with. I remember when I went back after buying the car they told me that they had lost $500 on me because of the extra rebate which I should not have gotten.
  • After phoning around we gave up on a color choice and ended up back at the nearest Hyundai dealership to purchawse an ET that was on the lot.

    MSRP = $18,760
    OTD = $16,250 (does not include tax which we have to pay at the DMV/BMV)
    This included the $1,000 rebate from Hyundai.

    Options on Sticker:

    Popular Package MSRP = $700
    Carpeted Floor Mats = $95
    Cargo Net = $50

    Hope this helps someone here. Good luck shopping. I'd advise you to give up on color choice and go with what's available on a lot. You'll get a better deal all around and it will be less of a headache researching who has what available. We'll not fall for the "we can get it for you" business anymore. ;)

    p.s Toyota isn't dealing at all at this time, no rebates but they have an internet coupon depending on dealer from $300-$400. They also are matching the warranty that Hyundia initiated but have less road-side warranty of only 2-years. We probably would have purchsed the Matrix if we could have gotten the cash for clunker program ($3,000 off) but we are two weeks too late. :cry:
  • We were told they lost major weekly incentives because we walked away on Saturday. We doubted it but said nothing.

    Back to the advertising comments. The salesman knew exactly what applied and didn't appl. He was ready with pen and paper to show us we could not get the advertised price because we did not qualify for 3 of the 4 discounts. Also, I thought I read somewhere, and this may have been another manufacturer, they will not honor more than one discount. Our salesman said ironically they had ONE person qualify for all FOUR discounts. Almost like it was a miracle - which really it is - especially if a Manufacturer will not honor their discount with any dealership discounts or bundle their own :blush: .
  • I realized after looking at the Hyundai website that I could have put the car in my daughter's name and qualified for the $400 graduate rebate. But then she might have insisted on driving it and leave me with her Pontiac Vibe.

    Regarding the weekly incentives, maybe that was why the manager agreed to lower his price a couple of hundred dollars on Saturday morning after refusing to go any lower on Friday. Whatever.. I needed a car (my old one was totalled and my wife was not happy sharing hers with me) and now have the car I wanted.
  • I purchased a 2010 Elantra Touring GLS Automatic w/ Popular Package about an hour ago.

    I paid $15550, after a $1500 rebate.
  • Sounds like a bargain to me.It's a nice car,I almost bought one.
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