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Hyundai Elantra Touring Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • maxchemaxche Posts: 4
    OTD: $16900

    This was the lowest price I got near the town. It seemed that this model was very popular recently since most dealers told me that they had no GLS model in store and would locate one for me. I don't think it's a great price. It's my first time to buy a new car. Deal or no deal? Ask for help.
  • crowheartcrowheart Posts: 36
    Sounds like a good OTD price to me. Did you pay under 15,300 for the car before taxes, title, etc, etc with the 1000 incentive added? I have the same car as you I paid 17,449.78 OTD. I have the GLS auto with the Popular package though.
  • maxche,
    What is your zipcode? I can look up what dealers are offering. My subscription is good for 3 months. it wont give OTD price..but it will give sales plus (including incentives freight, etc...but not including tax & tag)
  • crowheartcrowheart Posts: 36
    60076, 60053,60016 Check these zip codes. The dealer I bought my car from has plenty of inventory. Let me know if you want the dealers name. Good luck...
  • maxchemaxche Posts: 4
    Thanks, crowheart. I think you got a very good price. That popular package #2 costs $700 or more. I have to pay about 15,600 before taxes,title and license, but the tax rate here is relatively low.
  • maxchemaxche Posts: 4
    45249 & 40509. Thanks.
  • markmark69markmark69 Posts: 6
    edited June 2010
    For both zip codes the best pre-negotiated price zag dot com came up with was $15,770. The popular Pkg is not listed under options, so I cant tell if that is included.

    I didnt realize there was such a difference in regional pricing.
    The exact same car in my area is quoted @ $13,869 :surprise:
  • Sales price $15,320. Unfortunately I do not see the popular Pkg under the options. So i cant say if that is included.
  • hyundaivirginhyundaivirgin Posts: 8
    edited June 2010
    You guys are lucky to be living where you are. Here in the SF Bay Area, I got my gray carbon mist GLS Auto with PP#2, rear spoiler, and mats from the local Hyundai dealer for $16800 after $1000 rebate and before TTL, which itself adds $1944. I thought this was a good deal at $639 below invoice plus the $1000 rebate, and zag shows $16939 as the lowest price on-in stock GLS Autos with these options within 170 miles. The San Jose dealer has GLS manuals and SEs for $2250 below invoice through zag (they seem to be sold out of GLS autos), but MT is a non-starter with my wife :) and I don't need the features of the SE. It seems Hyundai may have built more in the MT and SE trims in response to the enthusiasm of reviewers for those configurations, but the boring GLS AT still seems to sell the fastest here. Regardless in any trim, the car is an awesome deal and am truly loving it.

    So if you are on the fence about paying less than $16k before TTL for a GLS Auto PP2, I suggest you jump off it real quick.
  • gwillygwilly Posts: 51
    I am in so. cal and trying the costco hyundai promotion, we'll see what happens. The deal is invoice minus 3% of MSRP minus $250 minus the existing $1000 rebate, after the deal is done you get a Costco cash card for $500 for filling out the survey.

    However the availability of GLS with PP2 is close to nill (says sales mgr), the quote over phone for SE/ manual is $17,421 plus ttl, OTD=$19,400. Seems like a good deal, truecar says a great deal is less than $17,380.

    Since the dealer has no manual transmission ET's( unless I buy one and he brings it in) he says the regular elantra with manual transmission is the same, does anyone know if this is true? I'd like to get a feel for the manual transmission and see if it fits my driving style.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    I had a dealer here in no.VA giving away SEs for $18,200 OTD, the same price I paid for my GLS with PP#2. It indeed is tough to find a GLS with PP#2, and I feel it is a better car than the SE simply because I don't want 17 inch tires to roughen my ride, nor a sun roof that never gets used (I had one before), nor alloy wheels to get scuffed up.
  • Got a quote for $16150 on GLS automatic +Pop PKg+ floor mats at a dealer 1hr away, and a quote $16389 for the same car except + mud gaurds and the dealer is 10 mins away +ttl. I'm ok with either quotes but just worried that I can get the price lower in the next coming months due to dealer incentives to make room for 2011. Is this usually the case?
  • I test drove the Touring SE w/manual. I have driven sports cars my entire life with man. transmissions and I have to say this was a very good man. tran.
    Short throw shifter. Shift gate very crisp, gearing ratio was good (much better than the auto. gear ratio). Light clutch (at least to me)
    The only reason I didnt pickup the manual is my wife wanted the auto. She doesnt ask for much so it was hard for me to say no.
  • samgreensamgreen Posts: 13

    I live in the Boston area and went to a dealership with the Costco Program a few weeks ago. For a GLS with package 1 (extra $700) and automatic the dealer wanted about $16,800 and another $400 documentation fee. I would also have to pay registration fees and state sales tax. Finally, I would get a Costco $500 gift card. Is this a good deal? Would I be better off not using Costco?
  • crowheartcrowheart Posts: 36
    edited June 2010 tml?colorInfo=Black%20Noir%20Pearl,Beige,6292_001_NKA.jpg&optionInfo=6618694,635- 9422,6618700&incentiveIds=3000256904&trimId=320561&modelId=19971&zipcode=02140

    Check out the above link.
    BTW make sure you are getting the popular pkg upgrade, the roof rails, and all the extras which is popular equipment package #2 and that costs 700.00. Popular Equipment Package #1 is the standard and doesn't cost extra.
    I paid 15,952 for the ET auto with the popular equipment pkg 2(700.00). That price was with the 1000 dollar rebate applied. My OTD price was 17,449.78 I believe.
    That Doc Fee is very high! Is that standard?
    I guess if the Costco gift card is worth 500.00 dollars to you and the Doc fee is legit the price is still Not OK IMO. They need to come down!!!

    I really believe though that you can shave off 500-900 dollars off of that price easily, ....Good Luck and keep us posted...
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    edited June 2010
    I traded in my '07 Mazda5 Touring for a silver ET SE w/Auto. I wanted the 5-speed but they didn't have any SE's...just GLS's. I test drove the auto before buying and for the type of driving I do, it wasn't a deal breaker. My Mazda5 had a 4-spd as well so I was used to the drawbacks of a 4-spd.
    I got exactly what the TMV figures were for my trade and car! The ET's in Las Vegas are in very short supply as they go very quickly. I started out wanting it in red w/5-spd but am happy with my silver on black.
    Prior posts were accurate regarding overly inflated tires. Mine were at 36psi when delivered. This, plus stiff damping, makes for a jiggly ride at times. My Mazda was more supple and cornered almost as well. Anyone interested in a more supple ride might want to try out Sumitomo LSV Touring tires. I had a new set on my Mazda prior to trading and rode really well.
    I'm hoping the body kit I've seen on i-30 models finds its way to the States!!!
  • samgreensamgreen Posts: 13
    Thank you very much. I confused the packages (it's been a few weeks.) I meant to say package 2--so it's GLS, auto, package 2 for 16,800 and another $500 in costco $--so basically 16,300 and then $400 in "document fees"--which seemed high to me as well. Last time I paid under $300 and that included the registration fees and I thought that THAT was high. Is it possible that Hyundai dealers give better deals without Costco?

    thanks again
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Posts: 263
    Anyone knows what the deal is with the Popular Package on GLS with manual? Why is it not available? I am about to buy the ET, but I would love to have the telescopic steering wheel (6'3", long legs). I was not impressed by the AT, so want to buy manual, but it seems the only way to buy the telescopic wheel is to spend extra $3K on the SE. That is bizarre to me. In fact, I preferred both the seats and the less harsh ride in the GLS. Why is Hyundai treating telescoping steering wheel as such an exotic option?

    For those who are tall with long legs, if you bought the GLS manual, how do you find the driving position after a while? Are you comfortable?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    While I acknowledge it is a persons inseam, not their overall height that matters, I cannot fathom how a 6'3'' person can fit in an ET. I'm 6'1'' and have an awful time. In fact I won't drive it at all; it goes to my wife. I have a 36' inseam. Yes, the telescoping steering provides me a good arm position, but the foot on the gas is not pleasant after about 10 miles.
    If you think Hyundai is being stingy, try Subaru. Telescoping steering STILL is not standard on their Forrester. You have to get the deluxe model to get T.S. For $27,000, I'll pass thank you very much.
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Posts: 263
    If you went by my inseam, it would be even worse than 6'3" would imply. I guess I am somewhat resigned to the fact that short of a rear-wheel drive (Genesis Coupe fits me like a glove, but it is incredibly impractical for a family vehicle), I will never find a car that fits me (VW Jetta is a little better, but I am afraid to touch them because of their legendary reliability (sarcasm mode fully engaged)). What annoys me in particular in many cars is the "dead pedal", which robs me of whatever minimum rest area there is for my left leg - this is especially egregious on automatics.

    What do you drive, and what would you recommend for a tall guy? Perhaps I have overlooked something.
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