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Hyundai Elantra Touring Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • MSRP on the car is $18,125 the sale price on it is $15,125 plus t.t.l. This includes the $1,000 rebate and the $500 finance bonus. I did 60 month term at $298 with 3.9% financing and some change for 60 months with zero out of pocket. This was without the trade as well. With my trade ($600) and gap insurance I'm paying 290.44 for 60 months.

    Deal or no Deal?

    The car is a new 2010 Vivid Blue/Black fabric 2010 Elantra Touring GLS with an automatic transmission. The car has carpeted floor mats and mud guards.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    So you are saying the car is really $16,625+ttl for a GLS that does NOT have the Preferred Package #2, correct or $1,500 off of MSRP?
  • they took 1500 off MSRP as a sale price and no it doesn't have the preferred package. Just mud guards and floor mats. Then they took an additional 1500 in rebates off the cost. So 3,000 less than MSRP.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    edited November 2010
    I paid $18,372 out the door for my GLS with Preferred Package #2, bluetooth and floor mats. It seems I paid around $900 more than everyone else at the time. So if I could have lived without the color I wanted and not gotten the car with bluetooth, I could have bargained for about $17,472. If they are wanting $15,100 + about $500 ttl, you are at $15,600. That sounds like a good deal to me. My only caution would be on getting a car these days without bluetooth since the hands free law will eventually cover all 50 states. I got exactly the car I wanted and will very likely get the 2012 HET when it comes out. I think that highly of the car, and I know you will too. Good luck and happy T-day.
  • Thanks! Yeah this car was for my wife. I can't wait to see the 2012 ET after seeing the new redesign of the Hyundai Elantra. I'll probably get a stick shift version of it when it releases. Glad you're happy with yours. We are too!
  • Just bought a 2011Elantra Touring SE with manual trans. I paid $16,600 plus a trade of my 2000 Mazda Millenia with 150K miles. I think the trade amounted to about $2K so the cost of the car was about $18,600. It came w/the Bluetooth (a great option) plus the cargo net, iPod cable and carpeted mats. MSRP was $20,720 and had a $500 cash back offer, so the list price could be considered as $20,220. I think it's easier to negotiate on a manual transmission model.
  • bear7bear7 Posts: 10
    We just bought a new 2011 Touring mainly for my wife to drive. I did a LOT of research and test drove a LOT of cars before buying. I looked at the Scion xB, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Mazda 5, Golf, and Chevy Cruze. It was exhausting.

    I read good things about the German-designed i30 (Touring in the US), the great H warranty and reasonable price. I admit I've had a lifelong prejudice against H cars (I remember the Excel! Scorpios never forget!) But I test drove the Touring because it seemed to have everything we needed. After test driving and liking the European-style ride, I used for a quote and got two quotes from VA dealers (Gateway & Pohanka). Pohanka's was lower but Gateway is nearby and their Internet salesperson quickly agreed to match Pohanka's. We got a new '11 Touring GLS, A/T, PEP #2, mats, iPod cable and rear bumper protector for $16,560 including delivery, dealer prep & rebates. This is at least a couple of thousand below invoice. We are extremely happy with the car, the dealer, the warranty and the no-BS purchasing experience. No more overpriced Hondas for me. :D
  • Just bought a 2011 Elantra Touring SE with auto trans. I paid $20,448 (no trade) OTD. It came with a cargo net, cargo tray, iPod cable, wheel locks and carpeted mats. There was a $500 cash back offer and I paid 7% sales tax in DeKalb County, GA as part of the price above. It is dark gray exterior. Could of had vivid blue for cheaper, but could not look at that for 5+ years.
  • bear7bear7 Posts: 10
    Yikes! 7% seems high for a sales tax. In Virginia we pay 3% on cars and 5% on everything else. Yeah, Hyundai is doing $500 cash back on 2011s and $1,000 cash back on 2010s. But we wanted a "new, new" car! SE must be nice..leather, etc. I personally have to pay for, insure, maintain, and gas 4 cars for my family (4 adults) so I try to economize as much as I can. Damn, how I wish I lived in a U.S. or European city on a subway or tram line! I'm a new Hyundai owner and so far, so good!
  • bear7bear7 Posts: 10
    Just bought our first Hyundai ever. I researched and test drove cars for months. The 2011 Touring wasn't even in the running until I read some good reviews. We got the GLS, auto with PEP #2, iPod cable and mats for 16,260 incl 500 rebate and 720 delivery. This was more than 2,000 off MSRP and didn't require any annoying "special groups" rebates such as loyalty, military, student, etc. We used and worked great. No BS, no kabuki dance sales routine at the dealership. All email and phone. We love the car (overall 34-35 MPG, very easy driving), loads of features and best warranty. I would go to Gateway Hyundai again and will use :D
  • wriconsultwriconsult Posts: 1
    Hi, I just bought an Elantra Touring this past weekend. Base GLS with manual trans. Only options were ones you essentially can't buy the car without (floormats, splash guards, iPod cable, bumper protector). MSRP equipped this way is basically $17,000 even. I paid $15,500 plus registration (this is Oregon -- we have no sales tax).

    Bought it from Dick Hannah's Hyundai of Portland, and had an absolutely easy-breezy buying experience. I got good quotes (about $15,850) from two different dealers through the new Consumer Reports buying service, and was able to negotiate down from there without too much difficulty. The actual dealer experience involved only minimal negotiations (beyond what we'd done with other dealers over the phone), no pressure, no tricks, no tactics. Couldn't have been easier.

    We're replacing a 2001 Jetta Wagon that has been extremely expensive to maintain (20c/mi!) but has otherwise met our needs. We need generous cargo capacity because we often squeeze in camping, hiking, biking or ski gear next to 3 or 4 people plus a large dog. We don't want a midsize wagon (think Subaru/Volvo/Passat) because their length and turning radius can make for difficult parking in tight urban spaces. Most folks in our situation go for small SUVs, which have largely displaced small wagons like the Jetta from the market, but those tend to be thirsty AND clumsy. A small wagon is still our ideal car, even if choices are few.

    I've done a LOT of research over the past year, and have test driven over a dozen different cars. The Mazda5 was mighty tempting, most underrated car in America IMO, an astounding value if you can grab an ad car at $16,600, but still a bit larger and thirstier than we'd like. Probably would have been our choice if not for the Touring. The xB is good sized, but it's no less thirsty than the Mazda5, its seats are hideously uncomfortable and its rear blind spots are big enough to be really dangerous.

    Most of the other 5-doors were notably smaller, but we were at least willing to consider squeezing in and throwing a cargo box on top when needed. The Kia Soul was tempting, just $13k for the very well equipped base model, but really tight on cargo space. The Versa hatchback was cheaper than the Touring, even when when stepping up from the stripped base model, but also quite small. I really liked the new Ford Focus hatchback, one of the more spacious 5-doors in back, but it stickers at nearly $19k and is eligible for NO discounts since it just hit the showrooms last week. The Honda Insight is roomier for cargo than you'd think, and very undeserving of the bashing it's received in the automotive press ... would have been VERY tempting (both for the mpg and my loyalty to Honda) but tied the Focus as the most expensive car on our list and similarly NO discounts (in this case because the Japan disasters shut down production).

    We ruled out the otherwise lovely Honda Fit because it's SO heinously noisy. Ruled out the otherwise great Matrix/Vibe because the shifter on the manual transmission is the clunkiest we've ever encountered. Ruled out the Scion xD because it's just too dang small (though the sliding rear seats do add versatility) and the seats are even more torturous than the xB's.

    After looking at all these cars, the Elantra Touring was "just right". Not too big (i.e., thirsty and/or hard to park), not too small (specifically in terms of cargo), no deal-killing ergonomic problems. And it was cheap, with only the Versa and Soul coming in lower. Reliability appears pretty good, beautifully firm suspension, decent mpg, more power than I need (which is now true of ALL cars sold in America). Has everything I want (AC, PW, PDL, good stereo), nothing I don't. Basically it's the car I've been wishing Honda would build for the last 20 years, ever since they dropped the Civic Wagon (of which I have owned THREE).
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    I could not agree more with your comprehensive right up. I have both the Vibe and Elantra Touring. If only the leg room for the driver was a bit more, I'd own two ETs. I'm now hoping and waiting for Hyundai to send the Sonata Wagon to the US.
  • delaluzdelaluz Posts: 48
    Anyone looking for a Touring like vehicle in a year or so should contact Hyundai and tell them to bring the I40 to the US. Based on the photos it looks like a Sonata sized station wagon. I average 28 mpg with my 2007 so depending on the engine in the I40 it should get great mileage and IMHO should probably ride better than the Touring.
  • dmortazdmortaz Posts: 26
    Hi Bear7,

    Thanks for your post. I keep seeing a lot of i30 in Europe, but nothing in US! Is the Elantra Touring the SAME car !? Do you know where the US version is made!? What kind of millage are you getting !?

    Thanks in advance for the input.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    edited April 2012
    The Elantra Touring is made in Korea. The body design is a bit different than the i30. I am now seeing quite a few ETs on the road as people finally wake up to the realization that it is a great value, has fantastic room for 4 adults and can hold lots of stuff without being eaten alive by SUV gas consumption. Unfortunately, the ET only has a 4 speed transmission instead of the (now) commonplace 6 speed. I can't quite tell you what the gas mileage is since I drive the other car. My major complaints on the ET are:
    1. stiff steering
    2. driver's seat does not go back far enough for tall drivers
    3. reduced gas mileage due to the 4 speed tranny
  • cptwlkrcptwlkr Posts: 4
    The Touring is finished in the US - the i30 is coming to North America as the Elantra GT expected to be at dealers late June/early july 2012 as a '13 model....5 doors, 'sportier' suspension & being marketed as the Elantra answer to enthusiast needs & will compete more directly with Mazda3 5 Door.
    Details of the vehicle have been released & pricing has not. If I hadn't just finished my deal on Elantra Limited I may have consider waiting for the GT. I am coming out of 2010 Mazda3 which was an excellent vehicle, though dealer experience horrific.
  • bear7bear7 Posts: 10
    Elantra Touring in the US and the I30 in Europe are the same car I'm told. The ET is 100% made in Korea. I get 31.4 MPG on highway trips and 27 MPG around town in a relatively low traffic area. I love the car and the no-haggle deal I got at Gateway Hyundai in Chester, Va. through TrueCar. My only complaint is the relatively low mileage vs. the Elantra (40 highway MPG in US).
  • avandykeavandyke Posts: 1
    I bought my Santa Fe at St. Charles Hyundai. I am a repeat customer since 2003 and have always been treated fairly and honestly at the dealership. The service department is just as wonderful as the Sales dept. I recommend St. Charles Hyundai to all my family and friends. :)
  • misterbillmisterbill Posts: 60
    edited September 2012
    I really like my 2010 Touring and my wife is driving a 1997 Buick she got from her mother, so I went to my local dealership today to see what they could do on a new 2012 Touring, given that it's been discontinued and replaced by the Elantra GT, which looks like a Subaru Impreza and which I really do not care for. Much to my surprise, he said that Hyundai is not offering any incentives on them, and even though he had several in stock, he would not give me much of a deal. Instead, I ended up with a Sonata, which had $1500 in rebates and 0.9% APR for 36 months. Cost me a bit more than the Touring (and I ended up with a GLS instead of the SE I wanted in the Touring) but I think I got a much better deal. I always liked the look of the Sonata and the mileage is better than the Touring.
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