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Dodge/Plymouth Neon

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
...of the new Neon, this topic picked up a bit.

Welcome to the continuation of the Dodge/Plymouth
topic. Those of you joining us from that
topic are welcome to continue your discussion. If
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  • 150yr150yr Posts: 2
    Yes, I've been wondering the same thing. My 2000 Neon has 4000 miles on it, about half being interstate miles. The mileage has consistently been at 26-29 mpg's, although I recently cracked 30 mpg. I was told by a friend that Dodges are not known for wonderful mileage ratings, and that all I can do is save gas by not peeling out at stoplights and by using cruise control. Certainly there must be more I can do. What gives?
  • ktondraktondra Posts: 4
    Do you have an automatic?

    The MPG has also been kind of an issue with our 2000 Neon (Auto) as well. My wife drives the car and mainly it is for a bunch of short distances (example: to and from work, etc.). I wouldn't mind seeing better MPG as well.

    He said once the oil is changed (Dodge uses some sort of special break-in (?) oil at the manufacturer, it should do a little better. He also said the car should do do better and better the more it is broken in (how long does that take?) ....
  • 150yr150yr Posts: 2
    Yes, my Neon is an automatic (oh well!), and it did have the oil change right before I got 30 mpg. So perhaps it is getting "broken in". My only other complaint is that a short person like me has trouble seeing out the back for lane changes on the freeway. Other than that, I think I got the best car for my $$. It's peppy, cute, and the bugs found in the previous Neons have been worked out (Or so I hear....)
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    My mileage on my 98 took about 2000-3000 miles to improve. It is a manual and can range from 25MPG around town with lead foot (my Jeep GC only gets 10mpg in the same situation) to 42MPG on long interstate trips keeping speed around 60 mph. If I increase speed to 75 or more the mileage will go to 30-35 MPG. This is the DOHC motor with the 5 speed manual. I also disagree about ability to spin tires, my Neon will spin thru 3 gears halfway down the block, this goes back to the 25 MPG thing.
  • ktondraktondra Posts: 4
    We are really happy with our Neon as well; also agree you can't beat the price.

    It's good to hear from people like yourselves about your experiences with MPG. We have an automatic as well, and like I mentioned before, are hoping we do a little better in the MPG area (we have about 1600 miles on it).

    I am glad MPG is getting some quality attention on this topic list, and am looking forward to hearing more ....
  • Hi, I'm strongly considering getting a used Neon to replace my old and expensive to repair '87 Toyota Supra Turbo. I've found a very good '95 Dodge Neon Sport Coupe. It only has 49000 miles and has a CD player also. I can get it for $5500, and it's in great condition. All I'd like to know is some general information that you can share with me regarding '95 Neons and what to look for...the good and bad.
  • seanrasseanras Posts: 1
    Hey silenceraz, we own a 95' neon. It has been great, we've had it about 2 years. We got it with about 40k on it. One major problem, head gasket failure. The 95' through 99' neon's have a badly manufactured head, too large a bore size I think. The head gaskets go out and are almost impossible to repair. Ours just went and they may have to replace the head or even the engin block. The second option is more expensive than the car was. Bottom line, great car but not so great after about 40k (ours now has around 80k).
  • hijinxhijinx Posts: 7
    I own a 95 highline sedan and it has been about 95% trouble free. The engine has been perfect through 84,200 miles (bought it with 39k). The 5% off comes from the currently dead a/c compressor and my front passenger window, which is slightly misaligned and thus gives off lots of wind noise. (That's minor. The a/c isn't.)

    The good: great kick to drive, great space, comfortable.

    The bad: not as refined as the 98s on. Watch the head gasket!

    I'd recommend checking the VIN with CarFax, and checking the price against Edmund's guide.

  • Just wanted to let you all 2000 Neon has nearly 27,000 miles on it now. The best mpg I've ever gotten with it was 27. The worst was 20. It usually averages around 25. The majority of my driving is highway/interstate. I don't think "breaking it in" is going to make a difference!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    was just that a gasket problem, it had nothing to do with the head or block. They didn't change the head or block design just the gasket. The new gasket is fine and will make an old neon fine as well. Head and block problems can develop after the gasket fails as you loose coolant and or oil wich if continued to be driven will destroy the whole thing. Chrysler is fixing the old head gaskets out of warrenty for $100. The 95 you are looking at may have the original gasket still or if it was replaced before mid 1998 it may still have gotten the old design. Even if you had to pay the whole cost of a head gasket replacement on a neon it would be less then the common distributer failure 95 Hondas suffer from, even if you just bought the parts for the Honda and put it in yourself.
  • copperhead1copperhead1 Posts: 157
    Front pads problem,tell your dealer to service them.
  • Thanks for your responses. I got the Neon and it was actually a '97 not a '95. It has the new style head gasket on it and is in almost perfect condition. Driving it around is a real blast!!! I am so surprised by this car. I already have a bunch of stuff planed for it ... like ... 16x7 rims, Progress springs, Iceman air intake, Thermal exhaust, AFX UDP ... :) I'm all giddy ... ;)
  • Hey dudes. Can anyone tell me how much horsepower and torque gain i can get by installing the ICEMAN Air Induction system? Also how much is it? I dont think it was that much last time i checked, but I want to know if I can get my R/T to close to 160 horsepower, without spending lots of billz. Thankz
  • Hey, checkout these sites and decide for yourself -> -> plenty of info on all the Neon mods, check out the boards -> carries the Iceman for $199.00 -> also carries the Iceman and many other mods

    The Iceman is good for anywhere from 5 to 10 HP gains, although the biggest gains are for the SOHC engine.

    Some type of air intake upgrade is often the first mod most people do to thier Neons, it's a cheap and easy upgrade with no negative effects.

    The next upgrade is the underdrive pulley, this is also good for 5 to 10 HP increase and runs $180.00 for the AF/X model. Although harder to install and requireing a special tool to install, this upgrade is an easy HP booster like the Iceman. Also, it lowers the power draw from car accessories, mainly the A/C.

    Anywho...check out the sites, tons of cool stuff for Neons that aren't too bad on the pocketbook.
  • jr1drjr1dr Posts: 5
    I've got a '97 DOHC 5 speed manual. It's been a great far. I've had wheel balance problems on the front and I'm waiting for that gasket to blow. I've gotten approx 40 mpg on the open road at 80mph. If you have bought one already check to see if it has a rear anti sway bar. I put one on mine and love it.
  • ktondraktondra Posts: 4
    Thanks for your reply, "copperhead".

    The dealer seems to think it is the hub caps ... they are ordering new ones.

    He told me if it still made the noise after they tightened them, they would order new ones.

    That's where I stand ... what makes you think it is the pads (I'm interested)?
  • tellietellie Posts: 3
    This past fall (oct.99) my husband and I purchased a neon 2000...In the first three weeks, we had to have the power steering pump replaced...Since then we have had it in the shop on several occasions...We have had 2 oil changes so this past week it has been in the shop all week...We found that there has been a terible vibration while driving or sitting at traffic lights...The idle is very low too...we also find the car to be very "electrifing"..there seems to be a short somewhere that keeps the car giving us shocks when we get out...we have taken it to the shop to have it looked at and they didn't seem to find anything..but then again I don't think they really looked at it carefully...So I took the mechanic out for a test ride with me...we have since found out that the car needs to have the motor mounts replaced due to the vibrations we felt...and the computer needs to be replace due to the fact that it has been reclibrated (according to the mechanic) but never solved the needless to say they are replacing the for the electric shock we get they have no clue on to why it happens...This past fall when we bought this new "reliable" car..we were hoping not to spend as much time in the shop as we have so far..As to the gas mileage it has been great...the comfort is great far it has taken us 12000kms and hopefully a lot more...if anyone has heard of anything about what I have written and know what we can do beside grin and bare it please contact me at:

    it is greatly appreciated...thanks =)
  • Hmmm, sorry u are having these problems with the Neon. I have not heard of any of these problems occuring on the New 2000's or the old Neons. I think u just got a bad one. Most of the comments on the 2000's owners are usually great ones. Sorry
  • The problems you've described are very, very similiar to the ones I've experienced with my 2000 Neon in the last 12 months. I've had the power steering pump replaced and the motor mounts replaced twice. New motor mounts didn't help the vibration and idle. Next week it will be back in the shop. I'm tempted to tell DC to keep it till they can fix it right!
  • My 97 Neon has a problem where when you go to get
    out and touch the metal of the door it will shock
    the heck out of you. I think it is a short in the
    speaker wire or something because my speaker in my
    passenger door seems to have a lot of static. I am not sure what I am going to do about this problem.
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