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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • Oh and also I am not taking the rebate..I think that 2.9% interest would work better as far as lowering the monthly payment.
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    those are the upgrade factory ALLOY wheels on that red neon, they should be on the car you are checking out at the dealer. They are really nice, get em. =^]
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Make sure before taking the financing instead of rebate you check what your local Bank or Credit union's rates are and then compare the monthly payments based on equal length loans, one with Price-$1500 and credit union rate the other price with 2.9 chrysler rate. Then consider that you would have to keep the car the full length of the loan to take full advantage of the financing deal. If you decide to bail on it and get somthing better (Neon SRT) in 3 years you would be way better off taking the $1500 rebate in the first place.

    The alloy wheels are very good looking on the current neon, my 98 wheels are ulgy and I can't beleive I paid an extra $300 for these 14" syling nighmares, Oh well they will look good with the studded snows for winter when I buy a new set of 16" next spring.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My friend's Neon has alloy wheels on it and it's Patroit Blue, so the car is nice looking. The only thing I hate about them is that they are always covered with brake dust.

    I have to take the car in for service again (as a favor, of course. I am too nice sometimes) :) on Tuesday. They are replacing the peeling dash pad, because they had to order the part. Also, I have another concern. I wanted taking off quickly from a stoplight today (to change lanes in front of someone), and from a standstill, I floored the pedal all the way down. No rubber laid (never does anyway, unless turning), but the engine made this HARD tapping noise, like it had no oil. I even pulled over shortly after and checked the oil and it was at perfect level. It baffles me. It doesn't matter that this car is such a lemon, because after Tuesday (hopefully), it will be someone else's lemon. We pick up our 2000 Mazda Protege ES then, and this is going to go bye-bye. I will be glad to see it go. Too bad its reliability sucks, because it's a pretty nicely styled and executed car for the price my friend paid ($14,000 fully loaded on 12/31/1999).
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Another thing I noticed about Mazda's, Honda's, Toyota's, etc is that their compact cars are not as big as a neon. I parked my 98 neon next to a new mazda 626 today and the neon looks bigger, wider for sure, maybe a little shorter. If Mazda's 626 is one of their bigger cars the protege must be tiny compared to a neon. The wide stance is what makes the neon really look (and handle) good. This is best demonstrated by how the neon's used to dominate the miata's in SCCA solo racing, they finally had to move the classes around to make things even out.

    That's Dodges life story in racing... read the rules, make something completely within the rules, dominate the competition, listen to the competition whine, have your stuff outlawed by rule changes. I'm sure the vipers are the next thing to be pushed out of GTS endurance racing after dominating Lemans again. The new winston cup motor already has Ford and Chevy whining before it's ever been run on a track. Heres a hint to the competition, instead of trying to make our stuff worse, how about just concentration on making your crap better.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Maybe my friend just got a bad Neon (it is an early production model), so I will leave it at that. It's also amazing when I took it in for service, there were 6 other Neons there, along with about 10 or so Durangos. I just don't like Dodge's reliability here lately. And I am not the only one to have problems with a Chrysler-made vehicle.

    Also, the Protege, Civic, Sentra, and Corolla are among the most reliable cars on the market. Can't say that about a Neon now or ever.

    And FYI: The Neon is .4 inches longer than a Mazda Protege and about a foot or so shorter than a 626. Check out the specs right here on Edmund's.
    That's one thing I like about the Neon: It feels like a larger car when riding in it and driving it.

    Also, the Protege is a little roomier inside than the Neon too. I have ridden the same passenger in both cars (5'8 female) and she always asks the front passenger to move up his seat in the Neon because she is scrunched a bit. But she never asks that same question in the Protege. Case closed.
  • Regarding your last statement, maybe the seat in the neon WAS A BIT FARTHER BACK THAN THE PROTEGES' WAS at the time. HELLO!!!!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Nope. The front seats in both cars stay all the way back all the time. Also, with the Neon, it even looks a bit smaller (in leg room) when compared to the Protege.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    That was kinda cold. If you don't believe my stories, I don't know what to tell you. The car my friend has is a 2000 Dodge Neon ES sedan, patriot blue with everything but CD, ABS, and sunroof. I wish it were more reliable, because I like it. But the Protege and Neon have different pluses and minuses. I am not trying to down Dodge, just voicing my bad experience. Isn't this forum for voicing experiences and opinions??? Well there you go then. Thanks.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    The neon is 13" shorter but taller and wider. If you take the stats for length x width x height the neon is bigger then the 626. I realize niether car is a cube (although the 626 is close) this may be why the neon seems bigger then the 626. As for back seat size I've had 4 navy guys in the back of a rented neon going 20 miles to a hotel in Hawaii, yeh they asked to move both seats up a bit too. I didn't say the accord, corrolla, sentra?, or protege had poor reliability just that they are smaller then the chrysler competition. It seems strange the accord is always compared to the concorde when somebody is comparison shopping. This is because they are close in price not size, the Stratus is the accurate comparison but it being over $5000 less then a Accord I would expect it's reliability to be a little lower. Mabe if Honda made a car with size and power then it wouldn't seem so durable, oh wait that already happened, the Odyssey, an epic story of tragedy. Then when you look at common problems of accords (distributers) and how much the repair is (over $500) and the fact this leaves you stranded (unlike a neon headgasket that can go for months) they dodn't seem that great. A distributer seems minor compared to a headgasket but when you look at it closely the truth comes out.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    You like the Neon?

    Follow me on this.

    I think that okra is the one of the slimiest vegetables, on earth. It's consistency turns me off, and I don't like the smell. I prefer corn or carrots as they are of a different color, smell, and taste.I will never eat okra or buy it.

    But you know something, I really do like okra, I'm only trying to voice my opinion .

    After all of your posts, the last one to Copperhead from you has me wondering on the logic of your statement "I wish it were more reliable...,because I like it".

    I have read several of your posts, and I come away with the feeling that you do NOT like the NEON.There is nothing at all wrong with that, you're expressing an opinion.I would challenge anyone to read all of your posts ,and say"yeah., deep down inside, this guy really likes Neons." I don't think they would.

    I can't swallow (like okra's) your last post's message.
    You have a right to voice your opinion,but try to be forthright.

    Help me out here,deep down inside.., you really like the Neon?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I like the way the car rides, I like the design, and it has pretty good power and fuel economy. But refinement and reliability are way lacking. I just wish the mechanicals in the car were better and it was a little quieter and refined. Also, dealer service improvement would be greatly appreciated too.
  • Of course you have the right to express your opinion,you may not like the Neon,and that´s fine with me.
    I agree it needs improvment,so all the cars,but I feel you overreact in your opinion.

    Nothing personal.
  • Well I bought the Neon. I think i got ripped off..but of course that is my luck..there were so many numbers flying around I got confused. I think they paid of my piece of crap Honda..that was worth nothing...for all 2600..then I paid full sticker price...14175. Oh well.
    I couldn't get the ES the payments were too high...but I am happy with the base model and they are putting in a Cd changer for no extra they say..well I just hope nothing goes wrong with the car.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    Chin up, you got the car, and a new car is kinda nice to have.I know how happy I was to get a new car last May when I picked up my 5spd. ES.

    Was it an auto or a 5spd.?

    The options that the ES has are nice, but can be added (some!) later. Alloy wheels can also be added as many companies make them. Eventually you can get wider/larger wheels and tires.

    Let me know how you like it.
  • I got the mopar polished aluminum wheels from the accessory guide, the ones for 700 dollars for free. I ordered my neon with the factory alloy wheels and didnt get them (along with the cd player and light group) boy was I ticked off! I bitched to the general manager about how my order was all #@$%#$% up and I said at least help me get some alloy wheels and he said just pick from the accessory guide and it's yours-talk about an early christmas!!! I felt like a kid again. Now my dealer was a 5 star dealer so I can tell you they will do ANYTHING to assist you if you are dissatisfied-they also sent me a ballon with candy!! Speaking of accessories, does anyone have the rear spoiler from the factory? It accents the neon really nice. Wilson26-you did great for a first time buyer,really you did. Be glad your crappy Honda is gone and you are now driving a new car! I would'nt mind at all if my neon was a base model, just all the more reason to accessorize it! Take care of it, new cars are too expensive today to abuse like alot of people do. Your 21 years old with a new car-BE HAPPY =^]. Oh by the way that price isnt too bad so dont worry you did ok. So what color is it? Hows it going Mobay?
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    I was having post buyers anxiety..that what if...feeling. You made me feel better.
    I love the car. I can't wait to get my cd player. It is blue!
  • I agree with you about driving on the back roads-I look for every chance I get to drive there. I'm only 29(not tooooo old)=^] but I still love country roads as well, I think the neon does too. And I also agree with you (scary isnt it?), about how people think of their cars today-only as transportation. Well some people arent like that, they care for their cars and treat them as an extension of themselves. It's a good thing we dont have Firestone's on our neons!! Theyre junk!! I dont know if wilson has a auto or 5spd. Maybe she'll read this post and let us know. That blue she has is a nice color. Have you seen any R/T's on the road yet?
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    Nope, not a one. They actually won't be in showrooms until late September or October. I'd actually consider getting one, but my 2K has been so rock solid and worry-free that I'm afraid to trade it in. Finally found a high flow filter that can fit the 2K, AND was locally availble.This filter plus the resonator box bypass=great pulling power increase.

    Had to erase the memory in the computer..., as usual, in order for it to learn new fuel,air,spark ratios

    It's called Maxspeed and is similar to the K&N. Actually the element seems to be from a K&N, and it uses the same recharging kit.

    Well, as a night owl (YIKES!! it's 3AM) gotta go to bed. I'm on holiday so, I can stay up.

    I would like to know though what type of transmission Wilson26 got.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I guess she is to busy driving her new car not wasting time with us loosers!
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