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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    Got a friend who'll I give the tip to.

  • I just went past 10,000 miles on a 2000 ES 5speed, absolutely wonderful. I couldn't be more happy with the car. I haven't looked in on this topic in a couple of months. I was unaware it had become a my car is better than a Neon because topic. Frankly, I don't care how wonderful everyone's Proteges, Beetles and Focuses (Foci?) are. That's for the Neon vs. whoever categories. If your Neon is a piece of crap, get it fixed or get rid of it. No manufacturer has any wonderful reputation for lemon resolution. I've found it seems to largely depend on the relationship that has built up between your dealer and the zone rep. On a lot of these cases getting it fixed at company expense is going to heavily depend on how willing your dealer is to go to bat for you and the zone reps opinion of the dealer. If your dealer has a reputation for screwing buyers they probably have a reputation for screwing the manufacturer also. Our Jeep taps, the local dealer said they all do it, then I found out a dealer 30 miles away was replacing engines under warranty for the same problem (until Chrysler put a stop to it). You never know, so much does depend on the dealer. My old next door neighbors drive a Chrysler now when they once said they would never have an American car. That was before the engine in their Celica seized up just past the warranty and Toyota said it wasn't their problem it was out of warranty. This was at the same time they had a Nissan, the trunk of which filled up with water every time it rained. Not a warranty item said the dealer, that was only covered for the first 90 days. I had another friend trade an Audi 5000 on an Escort wagon because he was tired of breaking down all the time. Another friend had a Renault that was absolutely trouble free for four years, a wonderful, if wierd looking (a Fuego) car. You never know.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    Yep!, you never really know.

    I personally think that US made cars are slowly but surely becoming more reliable. Blame competition, robotic,and computer technology.

    Also what's amazing is how much Horsepower and torque can be made from a "lowly" four cyclinder if the designers are aggressive enough.

    The NEON has the most powerful engine in its class and is a relatively understressed engine. It becomes an absolute terror with just modifications to its exhaust (most pronounced bottleneck) and with it's intake.

    There is a myth that ALL Japanese cars are super-reliable and never break down. They all do to a degree, but not with the same frequency as a US made car. I owned them and like them,but love the handling and power of my 2K 5sp. ES

    Engine noise aside (which I might add is due to header proximity, it is a refined well made car.

    Here's to many more trouble-free miles

    2k 5sp ES with some nice goodies on board
  • Glad to hear you agree. There was so much "car X is better than a Neon" on this message board that I had to respond. I like to compare my 2000 Neon LX to some near-luxury cars that I owned, because it says a lot about how far automobile technology has come.

    When I compare my 2K Neon to my 85 Bimmer and 96 G20 (both of which I no longer own), I have to say that I like the Neon better than either one. The Neon is about equal to the BMW in seating position, visibility, road feel, steering, ride, etc. (Thanks to CAD/CAM design, no doubt). The Bimmer (318i) was a dog 0-60 and was lousy in the snow, plus it was constantly in the shop. 15 years of technological advances have made the 2000 LX more sophisticated than a previous-generation Bimmer, really.

    The 96 G20 was a great car in many ways, but its engine was equally noisy and it had FEWER features than my loaded LX has, which I think is incredible. My Neon has the auto-dimming lights, heated mirrors, etc., plus traction control and remote keyless entry. Oh, and the dealer-installed sunroof creaked on my Infiniti...very annoying.

    Can't think of a more interesting car in its class! Truth is, cars are getting so much better in general that one no longer needs to get a luxury car to get a great car. I think the horsepower wars are getting ridiculous and that the proliferation of high-tech features demonstrates that auto companies can't compete on the quality of their cars anymore. It's getting kind of gimmicky. Couldn't be happier with the Neon, for my needs.
  • ochoaochoa Posts: 9
    Can any bary recommends a supplier to modified the neon in order to ad some more power.
    and tell me why is the esaust of the car so noise over 110km/h.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    All that noise starts going away once you break the sound berrier. I think my neon is still pretty quite at 110 MPH not KPH. It's just the 110-660 that is trouble.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    You have indicated in on of your posts that you purchased yours from Herb Gordon.
    Mine has only 380 miles. But I can tell that despite all the negative postings I have red, 2K Neons are very good cars for the price. I paid 11.5K + TT AT,ABS,CD,AC. I was going to buy Honda Civic but I could not justify the difference. They asked 15.3K +TT
    Even tough mine is 2K, all the guages are white. I thought this for 2001s.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Since the new 2000 Neons came out, all ES model gauges are white-faced. Love the way they light up at night. To me, it's the car's best feature.
  • Its been a while since I posted here. It appears things have settled down some and I have actually enjoyed reading some the of the recent posts and thought it was about time to post again.

    I took my 2k Neon with 18,000 trouble free miles to my dealer for its PCV valve repair. I was having a small vibration at 65+ mph on the highway so I had the dealer re-balance my front tires while it was there.

    I was also concerned about my rotors as they were pulsing when the brakes were aplied. I thought they were warped.

    The good news is that I got the car back in 3 hrs as promised by my dealer and the highway vibration is completely gone as well as the pulse I felt under braking.

    Can faulty tire balance also cause a pulsation under braking? I dont know, but I think they were related.

    I also had a chance to check out some 2001 Neons while at the dealer. They have some awesome new wheels and new colors. I think the wheels were 16" with 195 tires and they make the whole car look more substantial and sporty.

    I think they issued the recall to bring all of us 2k owners in with our crappy 14" & 15" steel wheels & hubcaps with those tiny 185 tires to see the new cars and make us want one.

    I complained about the 2k tire and wheel packages months ago, apparently Dodge was listening!
  • You won't get flamed from me. I just ordered a 2001 Neon ES (I have a close relative who works for DaimlerChrysler) with every option available, including leather interior, EXCEPT auto trans and engine block heater. Had an original Neon with every option available (including auto trans) except for engine block heater and loved everything about it except for the auto trans. Since the Neon have had two JA sedans (Breeze and Stratus) with 5-speed trans. Replacement for JA sedans, the 2001 JR Sedans (Stratus and Sebring), are not available with 5-speed, only coupes have 5-speed available and they're Mitsubishi vehicles. Really looking forward to the 5-speed in a better handling vehicle. Wasn't sure if I should have gotten the R/T with the 150hp engine, it didn't seem that I would notice 18 extra hp and the steering/wheels/tires/suspension are all the same as the R/T. And no premium fuel required.
  • I agree with you,the 5 speed is the best Neon,but new ratios for ´01 makes the car feel much better than the ´00 Neon
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I don't recall your screen name but did I offend you without knowing it that you started your posting like that???? If I did then I am sorry.
    But anyway, the neon we purchased is for my wife, I am driving it for proper brake-in period. I have 99 Accord LX 5 spd (runs like Swiss Clock). MD ares 495 traffic is killing me. Driving 5 spd was fun but this traffic is miserable.
    I requested quote from my dealer for 2K Intrepid. Because of 0% APR I might switch the cars and end up paying less.
    Good luck with your car. Temparature is going up, I have to leave.
  • Hello all-
    I have a 2000 Plymouth Neon LX, I have been very happy with it. The car has 11,500 miles on it, no problems at all. I am planning major modifications to it, but for now I have an AEM Cold-Air Intake which improves performance as well as the sound of the engine. Along with the intake, I have blue-HID look alike headlights, which I think look great considering the car is the midnight blue. My future plans include exhaust, suspension, as well as bodykits. Maybe if I get around to it, I will add a turbo eventually. I plan to keep my car updated here on the posts, so let me know what you think. I live in the Tempe area in Arizona, so tell me if you live here!!
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Don't forget a really big exhaust pipe tip, or you will never get your "props from your peeps"!

  • ochoaochoa Posts: 9
    Elias. Do you have the name of the supplier of the blue-HID look alike headlights?

    Protegextwo keep the grate enthusiast of always¡

  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I think you are using the wrong racial slur there. To imply getting the "props from your peeps" would lean toward a ghetto theme but the coffee can exhaust tip is clearly "rice".

    What bugswest is working on here is a nicely personalized neon that would spank some serious high dollar iron from over the big ponds.

    Neons are not normally "riced" out as say Hondas and Mazdas so often are. Not to say it never happens, just that the 'per capita ehaust tip diameter' is much higher on say, oh I don't know, maybe a Protoge!?

    Bugswest- welcome to the NEON board, please take the 'never even sat in a neon' poster's comments with a grain of salt, or better yet a shot of Jack Daniels. All the Mazda fans here are just looking for a recount of horspower, come to think of it the Protoge does look a bit like a pregnant chad.
  • I really appreciate the input from this BB, you guys are (mostly) great! My husband and I are hardcore rotary fans, with three second-gen RX-7 TII's in the driveway (plus an NA parts car), but this weekend we're going to go talk with the boys at the local DC dealership about a '01 Neon. I'm going to use my oldest baby, a lightning-fast '87 turbo with some nice mods, as a trade-in for something with pep *and* a back seat. We already have financing set up, and I'm thinking that this will enhance our bargaining power, along with the advice I got from a couple of ya'll's posts. What do you think?

    Either way, I'm excited about the prospect of riding in something with a more comfy ride (the RX's ride is hideous- I feel every pebble on the road!), without sacrificing insane entrance ramp speeds. Can we say "psyched"?!?! The performance, coupled with the easy payments, are what drew us, and of course we're going for the 5spd, even if it means ordering it from the factory. We checked out a lot of '01's after hours (and free of bothersome salesmen) tonight, but it was full of ES's with that god-awful automatic (whimpeeee! It's like driving a Ferrari with training wheels when you opt for the automatic, IMO). We have no gripes about engine noise, obviously, and while we can afford a more expensive car, we're holding out for a North American release of the updated RX-7 and the Neon will make the wait pleasant and fun.

    Anyway, thanks again, reply if you think the pre-approved financing will help, and I'll let you know how it goes.

  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Don't buy an ES with the R/T's and ACR's just around the corner. Clearly you are interested in the best of performance and you'd be forever unhappy the first time you drove an ACR (or R/T if you want more creature comforts) if you settle on an ES. Check out this link:

    Drive this car before making the final decision. I drove an ACR when I first was looking back in 1997 and was forever changed. It was before the announcement of a R/T version and I decedied I needed more creature comforts then a ACR offered. That and an ACR didn't get the 150hp motor in a four door (the 132 was what a sedan ACR got). I didn't think I would be able to feel the difference between the sport and and ACR but I could, I cant feel any difference between an R/T and a Sport but the ACR just has everything done right from a performance standpoint, there are just no compromises. A stripped down ARC would have cost amost the same as my loaded Sport, it just shows they are really putting some money in the suspension of an ACR.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    "Props to your peeps", is not a racial slur in my social circle. I did not mean to offend you, my bad.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Alex, how are you doing! I hope things are well for you and your family. How is the Neon running, my friend? I think it is awesome that you are so enthusiastic about your vehicle. That is really nice. Keep posting.

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