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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • edswordsedswords Posts: 47
    I just completed reading the small car comparison and it is full of flaws.

    First, they should drive cars with similar equipment. Some cars had automatics and others had 5 speeds. Some were selected with ugraded engine options (like the Cavalier) while others had base engines.

    The editors indicated that the Neon could have moved up in the rankings if it had a 4 speed automatic transmision. How far up? Next to last? Where would a 5 speed Neon be?

    It would be silly for Dodge to accomodate Edmunds and the rest of the car magazines by putting an automatic transmission in the car if they still won't like it rank the car next to last.

    I suspect that they gave the new Neon their lowest ranking to punish DaimlerChrysler for not equipping the car with an automatic transmission with the hopes that the manufacturer take heed and offer a 4 speed automatic in the near future.

    I agree that the 3 speed automatic should keep the Neon out of the top ranking. But last? That is rediculous.

    If Dodge's 2000 Neon is not substantially better than the Cavalier and Civic (both are about 5 year old designs) than Dodge should just get out of the car business.
  • To all: if youre out theyre looking for a new car just disregard the car reviews you see in magazines and elsewhere. They are full of BUNK. As stated by others before, these reviews totally disregard factual numbers and base all on their personal fancy. There is some type of conspiracy against the new NEON's because I cant find but one review that shows any respect for the car. The one that does is in the chrysler section. They gave the NEON's a realistic rating and praised it well, which it deserves.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45
    After reading the reviews on the NEON 2K and actually owning one.I've gotta agree with you.

    What's really annoying is that I personally drove most of the cars competing with NEON before making a final decision, and they lacked character.

    I like the JETTA, but the performace/price was too low for too much money.

    The propaganda must be working, because where I live (Silver Spring.MD) I hardly see any 2K NEON's. Even rarer is a 5spd with the ABS/alloys, which is what I have.An uncommon, common car?

    I had great fun with a 5 series BMW the other day from a standstill to 60MPH.The guy was red in the face at the next stoplight.Guess he could'nt shift or was a knucklehead.

    Last great econo car I loved was a 1983 VW Golf GTI. Euro-spec and very fast. I think however that my new 2K Neon ES is equal is acceleration, and handling, and superior (vastly!), in creature comforts.

    A lot of older NEON drivers have registered dissatisfaction with the new NEON,and that's their right. I find the new one to a much more refined,one with almost the same level (stock) as the older models.

    Unfortuately,I have very little long term data (12,000 miles and up) on the reliabily of this
    car.I have seen a few posts on the power steering, and Justpurple's problems, but not a great deal about the 2K problems as a whole.Remember that the 2k has been out since mid-1999, so if it is in fact as terrible as people say,why so few posts?

    I regret the problems of the 95-99 models have so stained the reputation of Chrysler (although it's
    deserved ..,if true). In the case of the 2K NEON ,I have to say , that it appears that Chrysler has made an attempt to right some of their wrongs.They also have moved the car into the mainstream where a certain level of luxury and refinement is expected. Yeah, I loved my old VW Golf GTI, but the 2K NEON has the performance, and handling to match it. But, as I'm now middle aged, I kinda like little things like power steering,Power windows, an A/C that works,convenience lighting, and a kick-[non-permissible content removed] stereo.

    Does it follow the initial "spirit" of the Neon? No, from what I hear from 95-99 owners, but progress demands change.I don't feel that DC abandoned the key things that made the NEON great,they've just honed the rough edges.

    Time will tell.

    It's just annoying to see all the bad reviews,especially when you own the car and have driven the so-called "better" cars.
  • afeyafey Posts: 20
    Has anyone changed the air filter yet. Can't find it in stores yet!!
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45
    Nope, not yet. Probably will be hard to find one.
    Have you tried your dealer? Surely they must have them.
  • larelare Posts: 1
    Does any 2000 Neon owner know what the real spread is between
    DEALER INVOICE and MSRP for a 2000 Neon?
    Edmunds invoice price does not include the national advertising charges and possibly one other dealer charge that I can't recall right now.
    I will purchase a 2000 Neon this week, with an
    MSRP of $16,000. I want to offer the salesman
    $15,000 initially. Am I out of the ballpark here??? Any responses are definitely appreciated.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    When I was shopping for a car back in July, I didn't look at American cars because of the trouble I was having with the Cavalier I already had. I ended up with a Mazda Protege DX with automatic. After purchasing, I went and drove a 2000 Neon. When sitting and waiting for the dealer to bring out a tag for the test drive, the car stalled. On the drive (freeway at about 70 or so), the engine was very loud and wind noise was awful. I didn't like it at all.

    My friend has a 2000 base Neon with stick shift and I rode in it the other night for about 2 hours combined for our trip. The seats are pretty comfortable, but the dashboard and other interior materials looked cheap (petty, but important to me if I have to look at them all the time). Also, the cup holders aren't functional (important when you drive as much as I do). The transmission also shifts hard (stick shift, so it's my friend's fault, but still..) and the engine is loud as hell. His car is noisier at idle than my car is when cruising at about 30 or so. He also paid about $1000 less for his car than I did mine. I have a CD/cassette and auto. to show for it though.

    As I said, I like the Neon but they aren't all that. Other cars with more refinement, similar equipment and at lower prices can he had on the market. Also, the head gasket blowing thing from the past scared me away from the Neon. I hope they are okay in the 2000s, but we shall see.
  • lsaukalsauka Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 Dodge Neon ES and have had nothing but problems! It only has 6700 miles.

    1st- brakes had to be fixed

    2nd- tire had to be replaced

    3rd- belt tensioner had to be replaced

    4th- CD changer had to be replaced & they lost my CD's that were stuck in the changer!

    5th- motor mounts had to be replaced- I had severe vibration

    6th- passenger doors were leaking- they replaced the seals and if that doesn’t fix the problem then the doors will have to be replaced!

    7th- the idle drops to approx 500 rpm and it starts vibrating- dealer states they can not find anything wrong with it (it is an automatic)

    Never will buy another Chrysler product- poor service from the dealer and from headquarters in Michigan.
    Lemon law in Ohio is 3 of the same thing repaired or 8 different things- you better believe I am counting. I have only had this car since 9/99!!
  • edswordsedswords Posts: 47
    But I dont believe all the problems you are reporting are the fault of the car.

    I believe some people have trouble with a rough idle, or loud brakes. I have read that the new 2000 Celica CD player will also occassionlly not work, but I simply don't believe that one car can have all the flaws you report after only 6500 miles.

    I would write this weather or not you had a Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mazda, Toyota.

    I used to service cars and I know for a fact that some people beat the @!#$ out of their cars out of ignorance or trying to see how much abuse it will take before it fails.

    Of course I have no way to know if that is your situation. If I was you I would have to assume that for every car like yours there are probably 25 relatively trouble free cars which their owners enjoy.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    I never believe as true anything I read until I research it.

    I also believe that when it comes to Religion,Politics,and Sex, that each man/woman has his own experiences and opinions that need to be tolerated and respected.

    That said, I CAN believe that it's possible to have all those things go wrong with a car.If you got a car manufactured during a period of stress at an assembly line,you can bet that quality control might be terrible.

    It's for that reason that I strongly believe in the merits of robotic construction. They're mindless and don't bring emotions into their work.

    On the other hand, I find it difficult not to agree with Edswords that for the most part, a large percentage of car owners (whatever make) really don't have much to complain about.

    I also read some of the NEON boards, and laugh to myself when I read some of posts. Some of these guys modify the hell out of their cars, and are then amazed when they are not reliable."Changed the intake and PCM of my NEON, and now it's not runnning right"! Duh.., ya think?

    Whatever. Sorry to hear of your problems Isauka,document all the repairs (make sure you have each and every repair invoice) and then contact your State's small claims court.

    Just hope I am one those with a car built on a day when the workers were happy.., Uhmmn.., lets see.., mine was built on a Monday during September..,YIKES!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Who are you to call someone else a liar? These forums on Edmund's are for owners of vehicles to share their experiences with each other, not to use for a way to criticize each other. While I don't believe anything until experiencing it, I have had trouble with a used car like that within 9265 miles, so it does happen.

    Boy, after reading all these troublesome comments about the Neons, I am SOOOO glad I bought something else.
  • edswordsedswords Posts: 47
    Let me just say this. I dont believe that the cars people write about in these forums are as good as the proclaim they are or as bad as they would have us believe they are.

    I am skeptical by nature.

    Are my Neons perfect? Hell no. Are they good cars? Hell yes.
  • justpurplejustpurple Posts: 12
    I understand completely your frustration and disappointment. My 2000 Neon has had many of the same problems as yours. See posts 68, 72, and 81. The most frustrating one for me is the rough/low idle at stops. Like you, they can't find anything wrong with it. I've tried two different service departments with no luck. They tell me it's "normal". Yea right!

    My latest problem? Four days ago the trunk latch broke. My trunk is now tied down with a rope until I can find time to get it back to the service department. It's really frustrating to have to take the thing back to the dealer every week or so.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I think $1000 off MSRP would still be too high. That would give them full price for $2500 worth of options and all of the hold back. Also there is a $1000 rebate right now (Edmunds says $1250 but I think they are wrong). Keep in mind whatever you offer even if it is over MSRP they will probably counter with a higher number, it's just they will always try and get the max possible. I would offer $13500 on the above deal (counting on the $1000 rebate) and then not go above $14000. I would feel pretty good about letting them have a fair profit and me getting a sweet Neon for only $14000.

    PS watch out for getting screwed on the other end with a trade or extended warrenties or $250 wax jobs or...
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Talking up those "fine" other cars that cost the same as a neon to beat my 98 Sport. I got the mileage of the Echo, near the room of an accord, the performance of the Civic SI, every creature comfort I need (power windows, locks, tilt cruise, moonroof, and CD), my two tone camel interior looks far from cheap (unless compared to a LHS or something, not mazada). All this for $11500 ordered new from the factory. I have had a couple of problems (reprogrammed the computer, and fixed a taillight leak into the trunk) I also had the front pads replaced because it was free and they squeaked with 20000 miles on them, my mom's VW does the same thing at 10000 miles and when she found out dodge did it for free she tried VW, they said no way, it's normal. The neon has gotten more expensive but it still can't be beat for bang for the buck.
  • I just got a 2000 NEON with a sticker price of just over $16,000 and paid about $15,100 (about $200 over invoice). So I don't think you are asking to low, but two months earlier my family bought another car from the same dealership and salesperson so they gave me a larger discount than they normally would give to most people. So your luck of actually get the neon for $15,000 is not that good unless you know someone that can get you a good deal
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    what about the $1000 rebate? Or did you get special financing? If sticker was $16000 and there is a $1000 rebate then I'd say you paid about $200 over MSRP and a good $1500 over dealer cost ($2000 if you count holdbacks). There are 2000 neon's advertised in the Seattle area for under $10000 and there is not $5000 worth of options available.
  • lsaukalsauka Posts: 8
    As many people commented, I have everything documented and I also have an attorney. Believe or not everything I listed HAS gone wrong with this car and everything is documented on paper by the dealer as a WARRANTY ISSUE!!! If you do some research you would find that a lot of people are having the same problems with the Neon.

    As for beating on my car, I highly doubt it. Even though the Neon is an entry-level car and not very expensive compared to some, I spent my hard earned money on it. I am NOT going to beat on it and I take extremely good care of it. Even going as far as having oil changes sooner then needed. I have never beat on any of my cars. I had a Pontiac Grand Am prior to this and it had almost 100,000 miles on it. I took care of it and did the maintenance and that is why it lasted as long as it did.

    Oh yeah, by the way, that Grand Am. It NEVER had any problems other than normal wear and tear issues from the day I purchased it. Now my nephew is driving it and still no problems. It now has well over 100,000 miles.
  • sux to be you ;)
  • has anyone out there experienced a distinct clunk in the front end of their neon? I have a '97, that has been repaired (struts, springs, sway bar)
    it clunks particularly on a turn going up or down hill.

    thx calgaryclunker
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