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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • barexybarexy Posts: 3
    Seems to me there is a problem with the connections, make sure the both battery terminals are cleaned and connections are tight.Next make darn sure that the ground going to the motor its tight.There is a smaler ground wire comming off the negative battery post that will ground to the chassis,make sure that is tight also.I have seen problems in the past with the smaller negative ground wire not being properly grounded thus creating all kinds of havic such as flickering dash lights,and out of wack gages. Beleive me your problem is simple,you just have to know what your looking for and also where to look.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    I am driving a 99 Plymouth Neon and we just got rid of a 99 Dodge Neon RT (Daughter traded for a Sebring Convertible). We bought both cars new. The RT had about 65,000 miles when we got rid of it. My other daughter Bought a Kia Optima and I kept her old car, the Plymouth Neon because it has $5400 worth of hail damage and was worth nothing as a trade. The Plymouth has about 71,500 miles. The only real problems over the years was the original batteries developed bad cells and caused electrical problems until the dealer realized it was bad batteries(both cars) The older Neons had problems with head gaskets blowing. This was supposed to be fixed with a new style head gasket that came out around 97. Both of my neons had head gaskets changed under warranty. Both started leaking oil on the drivers side of the engine. I don't know about the Plymouth but the RT had the old style gasket according to the mechanic who did the repair and it was a 99. I guess they had a stockpile of engines and it got an old one when it was built. The sun roof motor was replaced on the RT twice and the plymouth had its sunroof repaired or replaced 4/5 times. Other than the above they have been pretty reliable. I drive the Plymouth back and forth to work and get 30+ MPG (its a 5-speed). The engine runs strong and I drive it hard and quite often run it up to redline. I change oil and filter every 3,000 miles and put in gas, thats about it. It did get front and rear brakes about 5,000 miles ago but really had another 10,000 miles of life according to the mechanic. All 4 door Neons with power windows have rear crank up windows, even my wife's 2002 Dodge Neon RT. A 98 with 73000 miles could be a good deal if it was taken care of and you get into it cheap enough. Check here on Edmunds and see what the true market value of it is. I personally wouldn't think it would be worth more than $2000 to $2300. Hope this helps!
  • jkdodgejkdodge Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 neon also that my wife drives..occasionially i notice a vibration while the car is idleing at a stop light or even sometime when it is in park just warming up. from time to time it seem like the car revs up and shifts hard. this does not happen often enough to really have me concerned. just wandered if anyone else have experienced the same. the only other complaint i have is that the brakes on the car squeal alot. the dealer said that softer brakes pads would solve this problem,but would burn up faster. besides that i feel that this is a great little car, i have about 60000 miles on the car now,hope to get alot more out of it.
  • My 2001 neon automatic 3 speed had only 12,503 miles on it when i bought it a couple months ago in january of '05. Now it has about 16,400 on it. ever sence i bought it, when i start to drive off ( not accelerating fast but at a slow normal speed)it doesnt shift smoothly. It jerks the whole car on the fist shift and as i get up to speed on the next shift it seems smoother as does the other shifts. why does it jerk the car when it goes in the first shift and not the others. it has low miles so I wouldnt think there would be anything wrong with the transmision already. its not bad when i accelerate hard on it, only when the rpms are low is when i feel it the most. and i think im getting bad gas milage from it. please help
  • I agree with the battery replacement. My gauges jumped while driving at 70MPH and I had to pull over after getting a flat tire. When I went to start my 99 Neon, it had a hard time starting. For $55.00 it was worth the aggravation. Neons are great cars and maintenance is cheap if you're handy a ratchet.
  • 01 tranny problem:: Check your plugs and wires first. Does it act up on an every day occasion or does it act up when it's raining out? If plugs and wires are ok then get it to a tranny shop and have it looked at. I had 50,000 on my 99 and the tranny went. You had to drive the car an hour until the tranny would start shifting properly. I was lucky to have it replaced for free under warranty.
  • tkelly2tkelly2 Posts: 2
    I need help! I just purchased a 200 dodge neon "as Is" and less than a week later the Keyless entry, Cruise Control and Cigarette lighter all stopped working. I figured it was a fuse, but they all look good both in the cabin and under the hood...any suggestions? thanks in advance!!! Toby
  • tkelly2tkelly2 Posts: 2
    I need help! I just purchased a 2000 dodge neon "as Is" and less than a week later the Keyless entry, Cruise Control and Cigarette lighter all stopped working. I figured it was a fuse, but they all look good both in the cabin and under the hood...any suggestions? thanks in advance!!! Toby
  • Has anyone done any experiments to see what spark plug works bext in their Neon? The stock plug for a 99 SOHC is a Champion RC9YC Copper. I was wondering if anyone tried Platinums and did their Neon run any different? Bosch sucks in a Neon, don't bother trying them. Also, recommendations for a good set of wires other than Mopar? -Rick
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Conventional wisdom is the stock plugs replaced at the recommended 30k or at 15-20k if you do it yourself are best. People report bad experiences with other plugs. Factory wires from an online provider are fine and seem to be good for 60k.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    Stock Champion plugs and Mopar hi performance wires work well in my 99 DOHC/5 speed.
  • neo763neo763 Posts: 4
    I also have a 2000 neon with 71000 with the same symptoms. I took my car in for an oil change and by routine inspection they found that the lower left motor mount was broke. Afterwards I found that the upper left motor mount is broken also. It does not appear to be causing a major problem but I have not had it repaired yet because it costs $100 a pop per mount for replacement. I thought I would do it myself but I'm having difficulty finding the parts without going to the dealer. I'm told that Napa or carquest will have them. The jury is still out on whether they have them or not.
    My brakes squeal some as well but I still have plenty of pad left. The service tech told me not to worry about it that it is just some dirt that gets caught between the pad and the rotor and will usually work itself out. Thanks for posting your problem, I'm glad to hear someone else is having the same issues that i am. Good luck on your fix.
  • I have a good friend that has a 97 Neon and this morning the headlights would not come on.All the dash lights worked and the brights signal light stayed on in the dash but headlights did not work on dim or bright. The battery was replaced for the 3rd time about 2 weeks ago and nothing else has been changed but the oil.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • dipdip Posts: 1
    yeah napa should have the mounts cut i stopped in the store and they can get them but they were about $32 each so i went on and they had the inserts for $42 and it had all 3 inserts for the motor and tranny(they are supposed to be a little stiffer) i dont know how they will be cuz they are still in shipping damn ups and not working on sat. haha but when i put them in ill let you know how bad it was and how good they are i drive a 98 dodge neon but i am thinking they will proly be about the same when putting them in
    just thought i'd let you know about your question

    hope this helps Darin
  • hcs820hcs820 Posts: 1
    :shades: Hello! I bought my 98 Neon in late November. I wanted a car that I could trust to take me from my college town to home (2 1/2 hours) and still get good mileage. It's an automatic, but it gets at least 30 mpg on the highway, even with my lead foot. I've only had it for 5 months, but I couldn't be happier with it. There were no problems for the previous owner;and the only problem I have is that I can't get the moonroof back on its track. I'm poor and not mechanically inclined, but if someone can tell how I can fix it myself I'd be grateful. I got this car for $2500, so I feel like a got a great deal. I love my car! I can even fit my 350 lb, 6 ft tall brother in the passenger seat and still get up the huge hills of the Ozarks! Now that is impressive. Have a great day everyone! :)
  • I have had my 00 Plym Neon since Feb. 04 and every once in a while weird things happen. The problems I have had are: the factory alarm goes off for no reason(usually in the middle of the night), the power locks flicker while I'm driving, and today for the first time, the door lite kept popping on along with the dome light. This happens pretty random but the only thing I can relate to each occurrance is that its either really cold or raining, or some other change in weather, when these things happen. I'm clueless when it comes to cars, so I don't want to take it in until I have some idea what it will cost. Any info would help
  • I have a 1996 Neon, it was running good up until last week, it was stalling, running rough, and then not starting at all just turning over. I'd leave it for a while then all of a sudden the car would run fine after, anyways i did all the preliminary checks : coil resistance, Cam Sensor test, Crank Sensor test, and fuel pressure test, and they all turned out good when the car was running good. But when the cars acts up i don't have any spark, or fuel, and to make matters worse when it does this, i can't even get into the computers diagnostic section with the Snap-On scanner. I'm starting to believe that the PCM is being the main source of the problem, but i was just wondering if anyone else has had any sort of problem like this and could give me any ideas on where to go next, because i don't want to go start changing parts and not figure out the problem
  • neo763neo763 Posts: 4
    Thanks and good luck.

  • brianm2brianm2 Posts: 1
    My girlfriend's 2003 Neon had a very similar electrical problem where all the lights went out and then came back on. The dealership said they couldn't find a problem, but after a few days it happened again. The dealership ardently assured us that the car was fine, but finally the lights wouldn't turn on at all; and as it turns out the problem was a faulty switch in the dash that burnt up the wire harness. They replaced the entire harness. Now the lights work fine, but the car bucks under acceleration. A new set of spark plugs was the solution the first time it did this, but now a new set didn't even phase it. The dealer suggested new plug wires, but it seems like a fuel issue. Is it true that the 2003 and newer Neons don't have a fuel filter? That's what the dealership said. :lemon:
  • slisli Posts: 1
    The odometer doesn't work. Bought the sensor today and tried to replace it. Thanks.
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