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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • jgraceyjgracey Posts: 1
    Hey I'm from Canada and I'm thinking of buying a 2000 chrysler neon 4 door with the 3 speed auto transmission. Really like the looks of the car and it drives great considering it's a 3 speed (i've always driven 5 speed manual). Any ways the millage is high at 130,000km (80,000 miles) but the price is right. Any thoughts?

  • hz17k0hz17k0 Posts: 1
    Hello, did some one answer you're question? I'm having problems with my keyless entry control, I think it lost it program, do you were I can find the programming instructions?
  • To All,
    Has anyone attempted to do a 134A recharge on their Air Conditioners? I know Walmart sells them pretty cheap and didn't want to pay a shop $125.00 to do it when I could do it for 1/3 of the price. Any comments would be great.
    Also, any comments on different spark plus besides the stock Champions would help me out because I believe there are plugs out there that give off a hotter spark. Didn't like the bosch plug. I drive a 99 SOHC.
  • '96 2 door neon ... Manual Transmission. I'm learning how to drive... a manual and was practicing in the yard (Big yard.. in the country lol) ... and somehow i did something to lock the rear left wheel... any suggestions?
  • bobkatsbobkats Posts: 1
    My car had three of the four spark plug wires worn thru and it was running for a short time with only one or two holes firing. This was fixed but after the car will lug seriously when accelerating from a stop sign or a slow down for a turn. The problem is most of the time but the car runs great at highway speeds. Also when the AC is turned on it tends to run very rough and it does not seem to firing right. :sick: Neon
  • 90gs90gs Posts: 107
    I'm looking to buy a 98 or 99 Neon R/T and I've heard nothing but good things so far except for the thin head gasket that needs to be replaced with a thicker one... the ones that I'm looking at (just south of the bay area) are going for around $2-3k. Is there something else that I should look for (or look out for) before buying one of these. :)
  • broken1broken1 Posts: 1
    In the summer car gets hot,runs hot even when air is not on, overheats when using air conditioner.. Has antifreeze
    replaced thermostat, only one fan comes on. Can someone give me some information on what could possibly be the problem...
  • nbafan101nbafan101 Posts: 3
    I was driving my 03 neon and all the sudden the check engine light came on and the car is idleing very very hard cuz i can feel it jerk when im sitting still and when im driving, does anyone have any ideas what it could be?
  • slowkiddslowkidd Posts: 1
    I have a 98' Neon and I'm looking for some suggestions on how I could put a cone air filter in and move it up front instead of having it right by the firewall. It makes no sense to have the filter back there! Any tips on putting a cold-air intake in would be greatly appreciated. :shades:
  • nbafan101-
    If you have an AutoZone in your area, get your Neon to them. They'll diagnose your "Check Engine" light for free. A little tip on it is to turn your key off and on 5 times and then leave it in the on position and your "Check Engine" light will do a series of flashes. Count the flashes, that's your first number, then count the second set and that's your second number. Let's say it flashes three times and then the second it flashes five times. Your error code will be 35. At the end your check engine light will flash a series of five times, that's your que that its done. If you have an owners manual, great. The codes are in there. If not, AutoZone, Lappens and I believe Pep Boys sells the repair manuals for 15 bucks.
    Hope that helped you out. :)
  • My 03 Neon 5sp, 45k miles, just started accelerating when the clutch is engaged and at stoplights for no reason. No warning lights. What's wrong? Vacuum hose??? Anyone had this problem?
  • bamsbams Posts: 1
    i have a 97 neon and i have used the 134a recharge, it works fine. i got my recharge for $6.00
  • nbafan101nbafan101 Posts: 3
    Yeah it did i went to autozone and had a burnt out spark plug and that fixed my problem thanks
  • bad4ubad4u Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2004 Dodge Neon that has radio reception problems. I tried another antenna and that did not seem to work. I have heard there may be some ground strap issues? If anyone has had this problem or can direct me to a fix for this problem, I would appreciate it.
  • bad4u-
    I had a problem like this and it was my spark plug wires. They were interfering with my radio. Once I changed them, the radio worked great. :)
  • pamelakaypamelakay Posts: 2
    I found it a usual complaint of neon owners that the car idles rather roughly (low idle). We recently purchased a 2000 neon, and found it unbelievable that dealers would consider such a rough idle "normal." Hubby cleaned the throttle body and replaced air filter....difference between night and day! Much better idling and better "get up and go." Not an expensive fix if you can do it yourself. Also, after reading this forum, another common complaint seems to be breakage of motor mounts, so we checked. Sure enough, top passenger and bottom passenger bad. We have replaced upper mount (carquest...$37). Haven't done bottom yet.
    Do have a question though.....I know they didn't put 4speed auto in these cars until 2002....however, unless these 3speed automatics have an overdrive, our car is shifting like a 4speed automatic.....maybe it's been replaced???
  • I've had my 97' Dodge Neon for almost 5 years now and it only has about 48,000 miles on it... but if I take off too quickly from a dead stop or a slow speed my gears will grind. I know that the transmission is the problem, but I don't know what can be done about it. I was just wondering if anyone had a similar problem and could help me out. I want to get it replaced, but I'm afraid that this repair will cost more than my car is even worth now. Help? Anyone?
  • rwernlirwernli Posts: 1
    Have you solved your brake problem? I own a shopp in Houston Tx and we are currently trying to repair a 2000 Neon with an intemittent left rear wheel lockup. We replaced the two brake metering valves on the master cylinder and thought we had solved the problem. After three weeks, however, the problem has re-occurred.
  • kchemtkchemt Posts: 1
    When driving my 95 Neon long distances, after about 100-150 miles, the engine dies, if I try to restart it it starts, but backfires and dies like it is not getting fuel, after I let it sit for a while it will run fine for a while and then do it again. I had the car towed twice to a mechanic and they can find nothing wrong and cannot duplicate the problem. It drives fine on short distance trips. Any ideas ???? :confuse:
  • I'm the owner of a 2000 Dodge Neon. My Battery is being drained and i cannot find the source of my problems! First off... My Power Door locks keep making these annoying sounds, My interior lights dont shut off, and to top things all off... My battery works when i give it a Jump, but as soon as i shut it off... Well its dead again. Is there anyone out there who may be able to help me??? :lemon:
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