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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    I'm considering buying a new 05 or 06 Neon with the automatic
    tranny. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has bought
    one of these model year cars. My questions are:

    1) Does the automatic tranny work well and shift smoothly?
    2) Is the car quiet at freeway cruising speed?
    3) How good is the stereo system either base or upgraded?
  • How difficult for an average joe like me to install a cold air intake in my 2001 RT. Also, I was wondering if there were any recommendations as to which product would be the best.

    Thanks in advance!
  • I hit some road debris recently and it jammed my right fog lamp back into the bumper and broke the plastic housing that the light goes through into the lamp. Now the lamp kind of hangs there loose and most of the plastic housing busted right off.

    Anyhow, I'd like to replace it and it seems rather simple. Has anyone ever worked in this area and might have a suggestion?

    Also, I was looking for a part number too so I can order it from Mopar.

    Thanks all for your help
  • i have a 1995 noen sport 4 dr, plymouth i wanted to do a civic conversion in the front i have all the parts i need it it possible?? need to know asap thanx
  • dose this thing actually work do people reply?
  • I just bought a new 2005 Neon SXT with the 4 speed auto. It was made in 9/05, the last month of production for Neon. There will be no 2006 model.

    Anyway to answer your question the automatic shifts fairly smooth, not as smooth as the 5 speed auto in my Ram but it doesnt snap your neck when it shifts. It is supposed to be adaptive to your driving style but I find it shifts smoother when you accelerate briskly. If you drive it slow like a granny (breaking in the new engine) the shifts are fairly firm feeling going from 1st to second.

    The stereo sounded OK, the SXT came with 6 speakers and an AM/FM CD radio. I swapped it out with a Pioneer. Why? because the Neon I traded had it in it and I took it out and reinstalled the old radio that it came with. Also I wanted my MP3 player back and the factory radio does not do MP3s.

    The car is much quieter than the Neon it replaced. At 75mph the tach shows about 3000 rpm so the engine is fairly busy at interstate speeds but not too intrusive. It is quiet enough you can hear the slight wind noise caused by the sideview mirrors.

    I got a super deal on mine. Lithia Dodge in Omaha had a Neon sale and the 1st 10 Neons to be sold were $9999.99. All were basic SXTs with no other options than the spoiler. Dodge shorted them by 2 basic SXTs so there were 2 automatics available for $10,999. They had the automatics and cruise so were a better deal at least for me. I got one of those. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • I have a 1998 Dodge Neon R/T. When I use the left turn signal the indicator light on the dash flashes at about 5 times the normal rate. Both front signal lights are flashing as well. The rear light is not flashing. I replaced the bulb which didn't help the problem. The owners manual says that it the lights don't flash at all then it could be a bulb but does not reference the rapid flashing. The right turn signals work fine. Does anyone have an ideal as to what may be causing this problem.

  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    Thanks for the descriptive info, especially on the temperment of the
    Neon's automatic tranny.

    You mentioned you replaced your stereo system. Was stereo system
    that came with the car the base stereo or upgraded one?
  • "Was stereo system
    that came with the car the base stereo or upgraded one? "
    Yes, the SXT gets a CD player over the base Cassette radio. It however was not the big bucks audio option with the sub woofer. Like I said the radio was fine and I'd have left it alone if it played MP3s. However I had the Pioneer I had put in the 99 I traded after its radio died. It does MP3 and sound great with the stock factory 6 speakers.
  • I just had my Neon inspected and slightly repaired. Now the check engine light comes on with code 34 (Speed Control solenoid Circuits problem). I'm trying to get thru to the repair shop, but is this anything to worry about?
  • Hi, I have the same prob and the garage changed the torque solenoid but the problem stayed. They think it may be the ECU or an electrical problem. I'll let you know if I get any joy. If you have any luck I would appreciate any news.
  • Sorry, Late reply. Easy enough if you have small hands. 3 10mm hex nuts hold the assembly to the wind dam. The real trouble's going to be finding one. My local Dodge dealer wants $102 each. The standard Neon light will not work. Different profile and plug. Part numbers from the dealer are:
    RH (passenger side) 5288592AD
    LH 5288593AD
  • i have a gen 1 97 neon and wanted to know if i could bolt on the srt parts. Bumpercovers hood trunk so on and so forth also the srt4 exhaustnot including header just exhaust from header back? any help would be appreciated...
  • Ive seen front and rear strut braces on Ebay for 03-05 SRT4s. Would these fit an 03 SXT?

    Just Wondering
  • This happened to me a couple years back to my 2001 dodge Neon. I took it to the dodge dealer 3 times and was ready to apply the lemon law. They were never able to find the problem after the 3rd trip there they claimed they changed some wires and it never happened again. They claimed they never had seen this problem before. Months later my own mechanic changed my battery and found my cables were a mess and needed to be replaced. Possibly this contributed to the problem? I will never know, but it has not happened again. Good luck and do some research, I have seen others complaining about this problem.
  • I have just read your message and I have a Chrysler Neon LX UK model 1996. I have the same problem of the battery draining. It has a new battery which is a standard american battery and it has been into a UK dealer and they have told me there is nothing wrong with the charging system. This is a recurring problem in which I find often I have to charge the battery for the car to start. Could you please let me know in more detail if you think your problem is similar to mine, and what your american dealer did to rectify it.
  • i have a 96 2.0 neon that was started to warm up for me one morning and it quit while i was in the house now the old girl wont hit a lick its getting gas and a good spark what could have happened to her :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:
  • I recently installed a white speedometer glow gauge.. I thought I knew what to hook it up to, but I was mistaken.. does anyone know what wires I need to run the glow gauge into to get it working? Also I've noticed that the gauges are reading off a bit (ex: speed is about 10 miles faster than actual speed) does anyone know how to reset this? Thanks for the help

  • My daughter who is 17 years old, owns a 1999 Plymouth Neon that from what I understand overheated. When she arrived at her boyfriend's house, he added water to the reservoir while the engine was hot and WITHOUT the engine running. He then added some oil -- about a half of a quart. Once she cranked the engine up it began making a noise that I would describe as growling. The noise reminds me of bearings grinding without lubrication. Today, I went out to check the oil and water and it does seem to be very low on water and the oil is very thin and smells stongly of gasoline. If anyone can please make any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. She is a high school senior with only a part time job and needless to say she is very upset because her car is messed up.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • check the door jamb switches they may be broken which will show fuse and its because the jamb switches dont recognize that the doors closed mine did it until I bought door jamb switches at auto zone for 7.97 :)
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