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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • pkdlpkdl Posts: 10
    I drove a Caravan ES with touring, but no tow package, and it was nice. Great blend of ride and handling. (17inch wheels in this instance)

    I also drove a T&C with tow package, but no touring. It did not seem to ride or handle as well. (16 in inch wheels this time)

    What happens when you get them both?
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    We are out West Seattle ways. Still seems like a small town out there.

    Suburbans are nice, but too long for my wife to feel comfy with in the city. It also would have been tougher for both sets of grandparents to get up and in.

    My wife and I are usually a great team when it comes to negotiating anything. However, when car shopping we figured a nursing baby and an active almost 3 year old would put us at a distinct disadvantage during negotiations. The dealer could just wait us out until either or both of our kids would lose it (you know what I mean!) and then our energy and resolve falls apart. I also had just started a new job and didn't have chunks of time off to play haggle.

    Because I was unwilling to deal with anything other than being a good father and (new employee), we went through Ended up working good--not great--but well worth the savings of time and hassle.

    Our deal was before the rebates and Chrysler's public problems so I think you can get a better deal today. Be sure you know exactly what you want in the vehicle; most of the online car buying services will allow you to pick options and see invoice prices.

    Consider at least two approaches after you ID what is important:
    1)Ask you cousin's husband to sell it to you at invoice less rebate--they get a holdback anyway and need to turn inventory.

    2)Try Greenlight or carsdirect. Greenlight has a network in each state, but in my case the car they found was out of network, but it didn't matter: dealing with everyone was easy. We went to Kirkland and had an excellent experience with the fleet manager.According to Greenlight, auto brokers in WA (and one other state, maybe NE) cannot profit on the deal, so the price to us was very reasonable.
    The dealer was also wondering how Greenlight could profit at the price we bought the vehicle at. All I could say is, "hey, it's the internet, what's making money got to do with it."
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    After you got all the information/ price online. Send a fax or email to the Fleet manager of each Chrysler dealers around town and let them quote you. You can even use a different name to send to your cousin's hubby's dealer and see what they can offer. For your info., I paid $30,600 (in California) for my 2001 T&C Ltd. after $4600 dealer discount plus $1000 Chrysler rebate
  • Does anybody know when thw 2001 models will have safety crash tests done? Should the new ones do better than the old ones???

    Really like our Dodge dealer and want to buy a Grand Caravan or maybe a Town/Country but with recent small additions also want the best in safety and dont want to buy a Ford! (Burned 2 times already).
  • I was told that the new minivans though look similar have lots of new parts in it.

    Considering Chrysler's reputation for quality, it may not be a good idea to buy these minivans during first year of their production. Usually it's a good idea to wait for 2 years and allow them to take care of these problems.
  • I'm just wondering if both of this engine creates low frequency noise. I'm interested in the 3.3L V6 engine and wanted to find out if there is any low frequency engine noise.
  • Try a 2001 Honda Odyssey because it has excellent reliability with a 5-star crash safety rating. It's also roomy as well. I just found out that the Honda Odyssey problems is reducing in numbers. The 2001 Odyssey should be the fewest since 1999.

    Also, if you don't like the Odyssey, try a 2001 Toyota Sienna with excellent reliability with a 5-star crash safety rating. The cargo is small.
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    Walterchan -- the only reports I've seen regarding this noise are from all wheel drive owners (myself included). I don't think you can get an AWD without the 3.8L engine.

  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    I have been driving An AWD 1992 Caravan for over 174,000 mile. During the time I have found it to be excellent. Living in Michigan, I have had it in lots of snow, ice and bad weather. I have never been stuck and it has been tested. If I get another Dodge, it will be AWD. However, I have had so many problems over the years (including three tramissions, brake problems...) and the company has been so unrepossive, that I am forgoing the AWD and buying a Honda. I find assurances that the transmission problems are fixed (the same I got when I bought mine and put hate next two in) hard to believe. Now if the company put some warranty behind it - say 100,000 miles- I might buy another.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34
    Hi... I own a 2001 T & C LTD... 3.8L engine and I don't have AWD. The noise is terribly annoying. I had it in for service twice for this problem and no answer has been found. The loaner car they gave me was a 2001 GC Sport. It doesn't have the 3.8L engine and it too make the noise. I suspect the noise is related to the transmission or exhaust. But until Chrylser can FIND it and FIX I would recommend you STAY AWAY from Chrysler products. Print all the articles on this subject and call Chrysler or see a dealer. This noise will annoy you too... and for $50K Canadian, we should expect more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone make any headway on this problem... happens around 2000 to 2200 can feel the vibration in the gas pedal expecially at slow speeds!!!

    Good Luck... do yourself a favor and look at other products. Write me if you have any news Thanks
  • kkshinkkshin Posts: 13
    On 01/24/2001, I met with regional technical representative from Chrysler about low frequency noises and vibrations for my 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Limited AWD. I have explained to him about what the dealership has done on the car in order to resolve the problem [after numerous visitation at the dealership, they changed my vehicle’s transmission to isolate the problem yet the problems become worse than before]. I have indicated what was the problem as we are test-driving the vehicle. After a day, he called and he explained the following things are done on the vehicle for the solution:
    1. Adjusted rear end forward to center carrier bearing hanger
    2. Isolated rear a/c hoses
    When I got the vehicle, the noises are still there and vibrations are still vibrating through gas pedal. There are NO IMPROVEMENT with the vehicle.

    So, here are my thoughts: there are problems with their products and Chrysler’s customers are complaining about these problems. Chrysler’s engineers, technicians, and customer supports are ignoring these problems and not listening to their customers. Obviously they will lose their customers (I know that I will never purchase their product ever again after this vehicle). My suggestion is DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM CHRYSLER. If you are in a market for a minivan, then purchase yours from elsewhere.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34
    Great post. Thanks for the information. This if very, very frustrating. Every vehicle I have driven has this problem in various degrees. My T & C LTD Fwd has it less than other Chrysler vehicles I have driven. The question now becomes what is a consumer to do. The great thing about this forum is that it has the potential to reach a large number of readers. I am willing to try anything and would welcome anyone's suggestions as to what we might be able to do.

    I paid big bucks for this van and this is totally unacceptable!!!!!!!!! To the person who wrote post #473... what is vehicle&#8217? Is this a unique serial number or transmission reference??? Also ... what is your plan of attack.


    If anyone has any info please email me at Thanks. BTW... I"m from Toronto Canada.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Are you writting your responses using someother word processor? If so it is putting those %$#%$$ in it. If you don't want to just type it after posting it you have 30min. to edit it. Please do so as those extra #$%^%$ detract from the post and confuse a lot of people.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Do you guys know the time period of your 2001 T&C Ltd. FWD was built? Mine was built some time in Oct (or the dealer took deliver in Oct) and I couldn't hear the noise (lucky me) you guys mentioned. Is the noise coming from the spare tire like the other posts mentioned? Or it came out of the engine only at 2100rpm? Pgs_28, if you have the same problem with the other cars you owned, what have you done about it?

    Maybe, that's why Chrysler have one of the best car audio system installed...just to cover the noise :-)
  • kcjamjkcjamj Posts: 1
    Hi, I just purchased a 2001 T&C on 1/24/01. I absolutely love it - EXCEPT for this irritating wind noise. It sounds like there is a window open - all of the time. It is going in to the Service Dept. on Wed. to be looked at. Has anyone else ever experienced this wind noise? I'd really appreciate your responses. Thank you.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34
    Hi Again

    I had wind noise coming from the driver side door and they replaced some of the rubber moudling. The noise is coming from the side view mirrors and the roof rack. Although they talk about the fact that they were redesigned to minimize it. Ha My theory is that the vehicle has so much sound insulation that the noises that you would not notice as easily are coming through as if they were very loud. My 1998 did not make this kind of noise... but then I couldn't talk to the people in the back of the van.

    The low frequency vibration and noise is more like a rumble that one feel on the accelorator pedal. Push lightly on the pedal until you reach around 2000 to 2200... go up hill works best. Turn off the stereo and be aware of the gas pedal. You will feel it my friend.

  • kkshinkkshin Posts: 13
    To all:
    The “&#8217” in my previous post is text problem. It means nothing. Somehow it was inserted as I was typing and up-loading my post.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    If you type your posts in a word processor and then copy and paste the text into the post box, the weird codes will appear in place of apostrophes. Try using an ASCII compatible text editor (ex. Notepad) or typing directly into the text box.

    Hope this helps!

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  • abealiabeali Posts: 13
    It is interesting that all the previous reports of the low frequency vibration/noise seem to be coming only from the Chrysler T&C AWD! Has anyone out there experienced this on the Dodge GC? I have reviewed all the posts here and I don't think anyone reported them on the Dodge - unless I missed it somewhere?

    The reason I ask is that I am just about to buy a 2001 Dodge GC FWD. I drove one a couple of weeks ago and there was nothing wrong with that one. It was very quite and smooth. I would appreciate hearing from the Dodge owners out there about their experience.

    Does anyone know if the Dodge GC and the Chrysler T&C are produced in the same factories?

    By the way, I have owned a 98 GC for the last 3 years and I put 45K on it. This van was a great car for me with no problems either.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    It seems like our experiences are quite different in this aspect--my T&C is remarkably quiet even with the 2100 rpm rumble. My three year old sits in the back row and we conduct conversations (no yelling) with and without the music going.

    Hope yours is just a loose gasket or molding.
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