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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • Hey... ask and you shall receive, eh? Thanks so much for the heads up... I didn't know about tonights Dateline episode... I'll definitely be watching!

    I'm really crossing my fingers that the Chrysler/Dodge minivans test well... I just can't seem to find any other vehicle that has all the options, feel, and overall package that I'm looking for!

    Thanks again!
  • I think I misspoke regarding the 3.5 V.6.. sorry! You are correct.. the EX comes with the 3.8V6 as standard... The 3.5 V6 is supposed to come out sometime soon... but not as of yet.

    In regards to what you're looking for.. sounds like we're in the same boat too.. I also like the Steel Blue best... but am opting for the taupe leather (hides all the crumbs from my kids food best). I would really like the LTD version, however I'm finding I really like the convertibility of the 3rd split bench in the LXI's... I wish that CHrysler would offer the LTD with a split bench! When I asked the CHrysler dealer about this.. he said, " Chrysler didn't figure than anyone who could afford this minivan (the ltd.. ) would care about a 3rd row split bench!" Genius, eh?!! Geeze!!!

    I was able to test drive a Dodge GC EX, AWD.. completely maxed out as well as a TC LTD, AWD, and a TC LXI FWD all on the same day.. I was given free reign by the salesman and able to park them all side by side and just walk back and forth comparing them... I ruled out the DC just because of my overall feel of the look. I like the exterior trim, etc.. of the TC better. I also figured that since the DC I drove was 37K and the TC LXI and LTD's were 37 and 38K respectively... why get the DC? Resale seems to be better on the TC's... My relative Chrysler dealer in Oregon also told me the same thing...

    The video systems I've seen were in a DC EX... I was not impressed with the picture myself... I was told by a different dealer in WA that another option is to save some bucks and move the convertible console from btwn the driver/passenger to btwn the 2nd row seats.. then get one of the cheap tv/vcr combo's at Costco and put it btwn the driver/passenger seat and plug her in! Has anyone done this? You'd get a 13" tv screen vs. the 6" too! I would only do this for long trips... You can still use the wireless headphones too!

    I'll be curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this idea!

    Good luck!

    PS.. IN regards to the bit of name-calling/nastiness on the board today... come on people.. this is a place to post INFORMATION... share and keep it nice. I personally am tired of reading the same posts from some regarding "not buying a Chrysler", etc... I don't know how to tell who is a dealer for Honda vs. Chrysler, etc.. I just appreciate feedback from TC/DC owners helping me to make an informed decision for my family (since my husband wants nothing to do with this decision!) :o)
  • egrandegrand Posts: 14
    Maria, I too considered the option of putting a TV/VCR combo between the seats. The screen size was much better and the cost much less than the Mopar fold down 6.5" screen. I changed my mind when I read on some site, about the concerns of a 13" TV flying around in a car in case of an accident and the damage that this projectile could cause. I had never considered that.I went with the Mopar system which the kids and I are very happy with. Another plus is that the sound is wired through the cars speakers. Elliot
  • Elliot,

    Wow!! I cannot believe that I didn't even consider that! With all my concerns about safety, etc... I'm really embarrassed I even brought it up now! Yikes!

    Ok... You've totally convinced me not to go that route now! Thank you! See.. that's what I love about this board.. people sharing info and helping people! :o)

    On a good note.. I have heard that Mopar and others are offering larger fold down screens these days... don't know how much more they are... but would possibly consider. Someone had posted about this on one of these boards... I think the clarity is supposed to be better on the 6"... but the person that posted about his larger screen flip down said that the larger screen was much easier to view and the quality was fine for his needs... Just a thought!

    Thanks again!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You're welcome! That's what my co-host and I are here for :-) As a Chrysler AWD minivan driver myself, I'll be watching for interest-sake, even though I already know the results of the 5mph bumper tests. ;-) I won't spoil it for you though. The 40mph offset crash tests in about a month or so should be interesting though, and they'll certainly be what you've been looking for.

    I can tell you right now that it will be improved over the previous generation Chrysler vans (model year 1996 to 2000), but perhaps not quite to Toyota Sienna levels. Chrysler revealed at a dealers conference a little while back that it had mis-judged the (very positive) effect that good crash test results would have on sales (ex. the Windstar, Sienna, or Odyssey) and that it expected the '01 vans to do better, but not best in all of the areas.

    Good luck!

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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    Y'all will have to fill "the co-host" in on the Dateline report in since I don't have a TV (guess I can find their web site):-).

    btw, I hitched a ride down from the ski hill today (I don't have a car either, lol!) in a '94 Dodge Caravan. Owner had to replace the tranny at 5k, and is now at 125k on the vehicle, had no further problems, and loves it.

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  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    That noise won't be nothing after you back into a pole at 5mph and cause $4000+ damage to your van. Now that will be a noise.
  • egrandegrand Posts: 14
    Now that's a useful post for this board! Must make your decision to buy the Odyssey feel like the right one......yet the doubts & regrets still won't go away, will they
  • dmathews... What is up with that comment? Did you already catch the episode of Dateline tonight that our host mentioned?? Is there something other than the usual.. " I hate Dodge/Chrysler" theme here you're trying to get across... Unlike you... some of us just want to share information and make a knowledgeable and unbiased decision about our future car/van. In this day and age... with the ridiculous prices we have to pay for these vans... you can bet your (well.. you know..) that I'm not going to make my decision based on some guys constant digs towards one particular company. I have a completely open mind about what car/suv, etc.. I'll choose to put my priceless family in. My decision will be based on all the facts... safety ratings, prices, comfort, options, reliability, and consumer feedback (to some degree).

    Are you a Honda salesman???? It seems pretty strange to me that you are on all these boards.. Chrysler/Dodge, Odyssey vs. the TC, CHevy Venture, etc... posting all your dislikes towards every manufacturer except Honda... Hmm...

    I'm happy for you if you actually do have an Odyssey and really like it.. that's just grand... However, in case you didn't catch the title of this board.... as a reminder.. it's "The 2001 Next Generation DC/TC".. not the "Buy an Odyssey cause AMerican Cars Suck!" board.

    Please do us all a favor and stick to the topic at hand.. the TC and DC... ( Maybe I'll have egg in my face if you are actually referring to the testing that is being reported on Dateline tonight... but I'll have to wait a few more hours to see!)

    Happy Trails to all!! :o) (My I've had a busy day on here today!)
  • OK... well... guess I know what dmathews was referring to now... the 4000.00 total repair cost for all of the 4 bumper tests on the DC..

    HOWEVER... does this rear bumper 2000.00 portion have something to do with the electronic lift gate?? Just curious...

    I will STILL wait to see the actual crash ratings... because as many car manufacturers noted in their responses to the bumper tests... the interior passenger safety is their primary concern... not bumper design and overall repair costs of those bumpers. I share the same feeling. I would however like a cheaper bill on the repairs... Still... my family's safety is still the primary concern... as always!

    I cheated and went to msnbc's website to read the summary article on the crash testing... just couldn't wait!! :o) (Also being a mom of two with no breaks/sleep.. need my rest... I'll be asleep when it airs at 10pm! :o)

    I'm sure you're getting your kicks dmathews... but please remember why we are on THIS particular board...

    I sign off with a slight bit of egg on my face... HEE HEE!
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    As a 2001 T&C AWD owner who has complained about the noise, I can tell you that the hyperbole on this board is out of control.

    This is the noise: at about 2100 rpm, there is a faint rumble heard and vibration felt on the gas pedal. Since it's only at one rpm, you pop right through it when accelerating, and when cruising, you might never notice it. It should not be a deal breaker with this van, since it is only bothering folks since the van is so ridiculously quiet. Test drive the Honda van and you will feel like you are in a tin can/ go cart compared to the DC products. The DC van is American, and that is why I bought a 100k full warranty from
    So far 2 friends who have driven the van have now bought one, each after driving the Honda.
    The (presumed) worse repair record can be neutralized with the extended warranty, and then you get to drive one of the quietest and smoothest cars on the road.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Thankyou for the backup hotspur and that was the reason I first started bashing other brands--payback. They don't like me bashing them but then again I don't like them bashing me, so....I will from now on keep all my answers above board and hope that the Chryler van owners will do the same when they are on the Honda sites. I hate having to drive a Honda and after working for 35 years at GM I have taken a lot of egg in the face over this purchase and maybe I have went overboard in trying tojustify my purchase. My last 3 vehicles were Caddys, 2 devilles and a Seville STS. After many visits to the dealer for warrany repairs (the same ones Electical) I was going to go elsewhere but the factory sent me a $2500 certificate toward the lease/purchase if I would give them another chance. So with all the rebates, my discount and the certificate we leased the STS. Picked it up on a Thursday night and Sunday while driving through the mall parking lot the power locks, seats, power tilt steering wheel windows etc. all started moving on their own. When you are 6'4" and the seat is moving you into the dash in your $54,000 car you say this is enough. No more, but that don't give me an excuse for bashing Chryler so again I'm sorry, just a little bit P-O'd at all american cars.
  • Hotspur...

    "Just tell Sam to keep his unpleasant comments to the Quest threads. He adds nothing to the body of knowledge here"

    I believe this is your quote off of the Odyssey board for a bothersome Nissan-QUest-loving individual on that board.

    This is our same goal and feeling towards dmathews and any others who come to the DC/TC board to promote their favorite car. It is a waste of our time to have posts in the nature of these.

    The purpose of the TC/DC board, as I stated in my post 510, is to gather and share knowledge about the Dodge/Chrysler minivans.... GOOD AND BAD!

    You made two good points in your message, "Both are fine minivans" and "Just lay off, and these threads will be informative, not rancorous." I agree completely! I grew up in a family that drove Hondas.. and a Suburban. They are great cars.. just doesn't happen to be my choice for my next family car... nor is it the choice of most of us who post here... THat's why we are HERE.. not on the Odyssey board. (or Quest, Silhouette, Venture, etc.. board)

    To clarify... I am not a DC/TC owner... I don't even own a minivan.. yet! I browse some of the minivan boards to read info. and learn more about each of the different models I originally test drove. After 2 months of research, this is the board that I'm most interested in. (Still waiting to decide until those crash tests come!) I am for the record... a stay at home mom of 2 children... and a former elementary/middle school teacher of 10 years. I think I must have had some of these people who make the immature pokes at the cars/trucks that they don't like in my classes! (Say... 1st grade? )

    The Pro-Odyssey folks just need to post in the appropriate boards... We are all well-aware of the great features of the Odyssey ( and some of the features that make it not our personal choices) Remember.. there is a board titled,"Odyssey vs. the T&C". This board is made for just such discussions as dmathews and others so desperately seek. I'm sure our hosts will agree!

    Kids up now.. gotta go! Happy Trails.. in whatever you happen to drive!

    Maria (still driving my 92' Ford Explorer!)
  • Thank you for your honesty and candidness dmathews... It does enlighten us all as to your purpose of coming to this board...

    Just remember that not all of us engage in the type of bashing that you refer to. I for one do not and think it is really obnoxious.

    I haven't owned enough American cars to really have a history such as yours.. (only two) Some of us are bound to get burned somewhere down the road in our car ownership experiences... foreign and American both. I hope that I won't be one of them however!

    Thank you for your restraint in the future! :o)

  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    For the record, I have also posted "why you should buy a Chrysler T&C" beside the "why you should buy a Honda Odyssey". And I also posted a message comparing two vans fairly (sorry if you missed that post). The point I was tried to make was there are many reasons not to buy or buy a Odyssey/T&C. Also, I HAVE NEVER posted any messages on Honda owners' board. I could but I didn't. So if any of you Odyssey owners want to post anything regarding to Honda Odyssey please post your message in "Town & Country Vs. Honda Odyssey" and not here and I will promise you guys I will do the same (sorry I have no control over other T&C owners). We got a deal?
  • I'm sure the magnitude of this noise varies from van to van. Ours has changed slightly (intensified) as we put on more miles. It is true that as you drive around town, the engine will move quickly through the 'vibration' range and it is not really an issue. Cruising on the highway is a different matter - the 2100-2300 RPM range relates to 60-65 miles an hour. For my particular van, travel at that speed and you have to put up with a resonating, loud, humming vibration. Travel any length of time at that speed, and you will end up with a headache (due to the resonating characteristic). You can talk over it, it's not that loud, I certainly don't want to exaggerate - but it is substantially louder than any other operating range and definitely uncomfortable.

    For those of you with 'less' noise than this, consider yourself fortunate.

    For those with a noise of this magnitude that you don't find acceptable (after many deep breaths and a couple weeks to think about it), my suggestion is to take the car to the dealer for the problem to be solved, keep the repair ticket clearly stating any action taken (including none), and register your complaint with Chrysler Customer Service. Keep at the dealer to check Chrysler service bulletins.... and document every conversation, etc. Keep taking it back to be repaired. Ask to have the Regional Service Representative drive the van on his/her next visit to the dealer.

    I am hopeful that Chrysler will find a way to rectify the problem. If in the future, they decide not to, I believe I (we) will need all the appropriate history of repair attempts, discussions, etc to get satisfaction.
  • So glad I found this great source of information! I'm looking at leasing a '01 T&C LTD FWD or GC ES (29S Pkg) FWD. The lease on our current '98 GC LE FWD is expiring in April. Reading through the posts in this discussion, I've learned more things about '01 models and DC minivans in general than from anywhere else. Thank you all so much!!!

    I have test driven both these vehicles and noticed hardly a difference, except for the luxuries on LTD. Would like to know:

    1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of new 3.5l engine arriving in March, offered only on LTD? According to an early-2000 DC special report and MSN Carpoint, there's not much of a difference between the new engine and the 3.8l i.e. extra 15 bhp is rated at a higher RPM (6400 vs. 5000) and extra torque is 5 lb-ft. Also, the special report mentions 89 octane gas is preferred for the 3.5l. I'm not sure if these specs are the most current, though.

    2. ES has standard touring suspension and it's not available on LTD. Is it because LTD has load levelling as standard? If I get load levelling on ES, which is an option, is it possible for me to have touring suspension as well?

    3. Do 17" wheels on ES give a better ride than 16" ones on T&C or vice versa?

    4. Is low-frequency noise/gas pedal vibration a problem on both AWD and FWD models?

    5. Is it possible to program memory seats/mirrors on LTD to work with remote control key fob?

    6. We're very pleased with overall quality of our present GC with zero problems in three years! In the past, has Chrysler product quality affected by layoffs and plant closings?

    Any information/thought/idea is greatly appreciated.

    Regards and thanks in advance.
  • kkshinkkshin Posts: 13
    To tomtomtom...
    Yes, I am an asian. But, I do not hate American nor American made product. Chrysler's Town & Country is not what you can say "full american made." Take a look on post #513 by hotspur for your information. For next time, keep your racist comments to yourself unless you are prepared to face to face with me.

    To egrand...
    pgs_28 and I are not same person. Don't make an accusation!

    To mnoutdoors...
    I agree with your post #518. I too have headache when I am cruising at 60 mph and I already met with regional technical representative from Chrysler, but he could not solve the problem. He left me without saying what he will going to do. Currently, I am hoping that Chrysler will solve the problem in near future.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34
    Mnoutdoors... thx. The more I hear of people with this problem the more I am convinced that this a problem that must be dealt with. I think my problem is minimized by the fact that I have the on-board TV and have it pumped through the van's EXCELLENT speaker set up. Please continue to keep us all up to speed should you hear anything more on this subject.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    This is what I said, "I hope the following comment won't offend anybody, this is just my observation and my experience. pgs_28 and kkshin, are you two Asian? The reason I said that is many Asian people have a thing against American cars and they love Japanese cars." I too is Asian and I do have a lot of friends telling me how they dislike American Brand cars...and yes they would rather buy a Quest instead of a Villager, or a 3000GT instead of a Stealth. I was just checking if you are in that category and I am glad you are not. I apologize if I offended you.
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