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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • I must have missed it the first time I looked. I'll try again. Many thanks for the

  • zoltan2kzoltan2k Posts: 1
    Greetings, All:

    1998 Taurus SE, 57k miles in Tampa. Zero problems till now. Intermittently idles high...1,000-1,100 rpm in gear, 1,500-2,000 rpm out of gear...seems at times I can get it to normal by turning on A/C. Sometimes problem doesn't appear for days. Looking for down and dirty fix like cleaning contacts, checking vacuum hoses before I sink any $$ into diagnostic/repair. Thanks in advance for any assistance you might offer!
  • I went to my local Mercury dealer and asked him to show me the resistor in

    I finally located the faulty resistor in question. It looks more like a multi-pin
    connector than a resistor. That's why I missed it the first time.
    Many thanks to those who offered advice.

  • faseelfaseel Posts: 2
    Ok all, my 2003 Ford Taurus, is at 37,000 miles, and the ac has gone dead. At first I could work the nob, on and off a few times, then it would kick in, and work until I turned off the car. Now, no matter what, it won't come on. This happened over a 2 week period. Have any of you EVER heard of a 2 year old AC system going out on one of these things. I'm beginning to regret my purchase.... any ideas..?
    Thank you!
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Sounds like a simple switch or relay bad or your AC compressor clutch, if it was working only intermittently and now not at all. If it was a freon leak, it would slowly get less and less able to cool, but your problem sounds more electrical, which is probably a good thing. You need to get it in to either the dealer or I would suggest some shop that specializes in automobile AC systems. It may not be anything too expensive.
  • faseelfaseel Posts: 2
    Thanks for the heads up. Yea, I was thinking it couldn't be all that serious, I have an appointment at the dealer where I purchased it, I'll let you know what they find. Thanks again. I just didn't want to go in there going Umm.. dddduuuhhh.. it be broken..
  • 75winks75winks Posts: 5
    i haven't seen recent replies concerning the starting problem. around a week or two ago, my '98 sable didn't want to start?? no previous starting problems. i've checked almost every part related to the ignition system, think she's ok for the rest of evening, next day run to store- hour later won't start. kind of sounds like playing a record backwards or a movie sound fx of slo-mo. when it does start- fires right up. have you seen the movie 'Christine' by stephen king?? i've changed the battery cables (pretty well corroded, end-to-end); i've changed the crankshaft position sensor (check engine light related- possible relation in computer system- light went off -no other difference); checked all fuses, relays, diodes, and possible loose or corroded connection somewhere in ignition 'loop'; still not sure when i'll be walking or driving. battery good, altornater good. last piece i've yet to change is ignition itself- procrastination- just don't want to!! looking for feedback before i pull out my last two hairs.appriciate it.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Does the engine crank over when you have the problem? If it does not even turn over, I would look at the starter itself being the problem. Starters can sometimes act intermittent when they are going out. If it cranks but does not start, then it has to be something in your ignition system or your fuel system or the electronics that control them.

    Sounds like you are a do it yourselfer, but you just may have to take it in to an expert to diagnose this problem.
  • 75winks75winks Posts: 5
    i've typed the situation so many times, i'd felt like a broken record explaining what happened; may have left out a detail or two.
    when the problem happens, that's the 'slo-motion' sound i referred to. i may only get one or two revolutions (real slow), sit for a moment, turn key- nothing! no clicking, no low sounding hum, nothing. probably wiring somewhere loose, unseen without removing major components. when it doesn't give me any hassle, it turns over so smooth i almost forget that it may not start again once i get to where i'm going.
    the other day at work, i was heading out to go home, won't start. we sat there for only about two or three minutes, my girlfriend says, "try again"- fired right up?? it has a mind of it's own, i swear; never encountered or heard of this before without being able to diagnose it.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    My guess it is the starter, since it turns over slowly or just clicks sometimes. They sometimes fail intermittently like that, though you could have some other intermittent condition in your starter wiring system. If you are handy enough it is relatively easy to change starters, and you can buy rebuilt units with exchange of the old one for a fairly low price. You won't be out a lot if you change the starter and still have the problem. Otherwise you are going to have to take it in to an expert for diagnosis and repair.
  • 75winks75winks Posts: 5
    thanks, i'll try changing the starter. it never clicks though, just slow turn-over or fires right up. i'm not sure of the specifics on exactly what the starter solenoid and starter itself are. i get repair manuals, get lost in abbreviated names for parts and the way they give detail on numerous different years at once, toss the book, then just do what i know about servicing and repairing anything. i think about what i've experienced and encountered before, starting at one end and checking,testing, removing, isolating, changing, and/or tweaking parts and pieces along the way until it works. any other car i've owned, that method has worked fine. as i go through this car, little actions or sounds or appearance of things catch me off guard and make me try something else. got lost in the story for a moment, sorry.
  • 75winks75winks Posts: 5
    took starter out, went to local auto parts store, ran it on the tester, solenoid and starter working just fine. researched further, and i believe there's one last part to check... the ignition control switch, which is conveniently located- in, behind, under, and concealed within the steering column cocoon. i was actually a little upset when i found out the starter is good; it's more expensive, but definitely less hassle than removing any interior component containing electric wiring and parts all throughout.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sounds like your charcoal canister is flooded.
  • 2harwell2harwell Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 ford taurus and they a/c has gone out. it started by low and med blower speeds not working but high working...and then high stopped working. now when i turn the air on nothing blows out but while you drive you can feel cool air coming out of the vents. i took it to a shop thinking that it might be a resistor, the shop checked that (under the dash, by the and told me that water was getting into the blower via a manufactures defect. shop told me that there was a "patch" to fix this problem but cost of parts went from $20 to $300!! has anyone heard of this problem or patch??
  • alice2alice2 Posts: 1
    My Mom's 2000 ford taurus is having problems with the AC. It will blow cold air but not through the vents. The dealership said that they would need to take the dash out and look at the air plenum door. This door switchs the airflow to come out the vents. The dealership mentioned that the door may be warped and would need to be replaced. The cost of pulling the dash and then checking to see if the door is the problem or if something else in there is the problem!
  • laredo1laredo1 Posts: 2
    I am replacing the spark plugs on my car and I had no problem with the three front ones but I need help on how to reach the back ones. Do I have to remove something to get to them?
  • rellomrellom Posts: 10
    Can someone please tell me how to remove the dome light cover on my 2004 taurus sedan. Seems it should just pry off but mine does not want to budge.

    Also, if anyone knows how (step by step?) to remove the headliner in order to drill a hole in the roof for an antenna mount I would appreciate hearing from you.

  • 75winks75winks Posts: 5
    As stubborn as I am, I messed with the car for about 3 weeks and let it sit here, starring at it for another week before i forced myself to have it towed to the dealer. no one on ANY web site, chat room, radio station, or the local shops who had much more to offer than what i'd already tried myself. the first night at the dealer they tried the usual..."you know what's happening here is...", but anything they tried selling me, i shot down with, "done it", "changed it", "tested it", "tweaked it", or mainly "didn't you say that already?". then they ran out of daylight. the second day, i found out about a recall on this cars' PCM's emissions control system's computer programing. they called me to say in astonishment,"now i can't get the car to not start, so i can't diagnosis it?!?!" i laughed and laughed. "now do you feel me?" i said. "yeah man, it's odd alright" he said. i left it there another night to confirm my disbelief in fords. i called that following day, he said "we didn't get a chance to do anything to it, but today it won't turn over again". i told him to push it out front so i could get it later. after work i got a tow truck there, and as were waiting for the car, a young lot porter drove it out from the garages. i about lost it. the kid simply told me, he just grabbed the keys, jumped in and drove it here. the car has yet to die again the three days it's been home, still with no explanation. i only paid about a third of original est., they reprogrammed the computer from the recall issued, and i'm left with a very logical remark i received from almost everywhere i called for parts or info;"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR DRIVING A FORD."-nothing more.
  • vppcvppc Posts: 58
    Hello, everyone!

    I have a question regarding possibly selling my Taurus. I am interested in something with 30+ MPG since gas prices are outrageous.

    I love the car, but was wondering if you all feel I could get a certain amount private sale for the car.

    2001 Taurus SES
    73,000 miles
    (4) new tires and alignment
    New front pads and rotors
    New fuel filter
    Fuel system flushed
    Coolant flushed
    New high-quality windshield wipers
    Complete tranny flush w/filter (no tranny problems either)
    Has Vulcan V6
    PERFECT mechanical condition (suspension also checks out well)
    Like new exterior (with exception of a door scrape and clearcoat coming off front bumper)
    Like new interior
    All the power functions work (has power driver's seat and CD player)

    Do you think I can get $7000 for it locally (given I detail the car)?

    Any info would be appreciated, THANKS!
    - Alex
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Try asking Terry (rroyce10) in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Be sure to include all the necessary information that is itemized just above the post box. Let us know how it goes.
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