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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • mfs37mfs37 Posts: 2
    I have a '97 Taurus w/ about 93K miles. The service engine light came on. The mechanic scanned for codes and found a code for a bad solenoid. The car has started shifting into overdrive. The mechanic--a trusted local mechanic in a relatively small town--says that the Taurus is notorious for weak transmissions. He says he can replace the solenoid for around $400--apparently lots of labor. But he has no confidence that this repair will work because of what he perceives as the bad Taurus transmission. He recommends a remanufactured transmission at $2400 (including labor), as he says the remanufactured transmission has the weaknesses fixed and comes with warranty.

    Does this all sound correct? Are Tauruses from the '90s notorious for bad transmissions? (I notice others on the forum have had the solenoid code come back). Is a remanufactured transmission necessary (as opposed to solenoid replacement)? Is the price in line?
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    Badgerfan, do you think that the lack of postings to this site is from apathy or??? I remember back 5 years ago a lot more of the regulars were posting all the time when our cars were new and redesigned. Since Fords' designers have taken a break from designing anything new for the Taurus I guess we have nothing to talk about. You and I and maybe a couple of others who purchased new, have had good luck with our cars so most of the time I just read the comments. Of course I don't drive it much so maybe my day will come with the complaints.

    Are the Honda/Toyota folks happy with their cars?

    Do you also have a Camry and Accord that you take the time to read their sites or are you just curious?

    I was opening my mouth too soon when I posted last time - last night that darn engine light reappeared on the way home from the commuter lot!! :mad:
    I guess I'll be back at the mechanic's early Sat. morning after all. Another Sat. morning shot. :cry:
  • In my respectful opinion only. As a former Taurus owner (2-time) I think we have to be honest. The Taurus is a "good" car with a "good" record. Since litterally nothing new has been added since 2001, it's actually become quite boring to drive. The features available on the Taurus have become about as exciting as watching your Grandmother knit. The hurtful truth ("Hurtful" to us, the consumers) is, that todays Taurus, as a fleet only car, is right where it belongs. Actually I'm not that disappointed in the car itself, but rather greatly disappointed with Ford for letting it happen. :(
  • Just bought a 2002 SEL Premium w/ 32k miles a few weeks ago. Both of my parents have Taurus's and I know how reliable and powerful the 200hp V-6 is. I am wondering if there are any aftermarket accessories or options available?? I'm not really talking about anything to make the car go faster or anything like that, its fast enough for me. I am mostly looking for cosmetic accessories. My car is completely loaded (leather, floor shift, moonroof, MACH, 6 disc CD, automatic climate control, spoiler, side airbags, traction, security alarm, dual front power seats, etc.) so Im not sure if there is anything else I can possible add to it. Ive thought about rims but I dont want to make it look ricey. Any ideas would be appreciated!! As for the car itself, so far I love it.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "The hurtful truth ("Hurtful" to us, the consumers) is, that todays Taurus, as a fleet only car, is right where it belongs. Actually I'm not that disappointed in the car itself, but rather greatly disappointed with Ford for letting it happen".

    I agree with you...but here is another angle. My wife goes on vacation and rents a Nissan Altima. She comes back and says what a nice car it is. Conversely, someone rents a Taurus, (and we all know how time has past the Taurus by) and says to him/herself, "What a piece of garbage."

    The bad thing is they may NEVER CONSIDER ANOTHER FORD PRODUCT based on their encounter with the "fleet special" rental Taurus. You see, this is the danger when a car maker "decontents and neglects a car for years". At least on this one, I think GM has it right-just manufacture one primary car (the Malibu Classic) for the rental market!

    I have an '05 Taurus SE (company provided vehicle) and at 28,000 miles the passenger side wheel hub (i.e. wheel bearing) was replaced and now the drivers side is whining! Where is the excuse? They have been making this car for years!!!!!
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    I just read the Camry and Accord sites out of curiousity, not that I own either.

    As far as lack of Taurus posts, I am sure it is mostly apathy on the part of owners, as Taurus is coming to a soon end as Ford is replacing it with 500 and Fusion. I am looking forward to when Fusion hits the showrooms and gets into owners hands, even though I will not be in the market for another 4-5 years, assuming my Taurus doesn't get totalled!

    Like I posted, however, the statistics of frequency of posts can become blown way out of proportion to experience with a particular car, good or bad, just by a few zealous posters.

    However, if there is something serious affecting a lot of a particular model, you can be assured there will be a ton of posts (like the Camry sludging in the past, or current transmission recalls on most Honda models with V-6 engines).

    I am seeing little or none of that for the current (and final, allas) generation Taurus, so my assumption is that there are no glaring reliability faults and most owners are happy even if apathetic.
  • jbiz23jbiz23 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new 2005 sable ls, which replaced my 2002 sable. On the 2002 sable i had the mach audio system with 6-disc cd changer. This system had speakers placed on the upper portion of both the driver and passenger doors which said "mach audio system" on them. In my new sable i also have the 6-disc changer and i thought i also had the mach audio system, but these speakers are not present. I was under the impression that the only way to get the 6-disc changer was with the mach audio system. I was wondering if anyone knew if mercury stopped placing the speakers there as they had in the past or if it is actually possible to just get the 6-disc changer seperate from the mach audio system. Any light that could be shed on this situation for me would be greatly appreciated.
  • As for as I know, they are seperate options. I am not entirely sure on the Sable, but on the Taurus they are seperate options. The 6 disc CD and the MACH system did come together in previous models, such as yours, but I have no clue as for the 05. As for stopping production of it, the sable itself has been recently pulled from production. Suprised you were able to actually find a new one. The new Montego will replace the Sable; the 500 for the Taurus. The Taurus will stick around for some years however mainly as a fleet car.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "The Taurus will stick around for some years however mainly as a fleet car".

    The last I read was the Taurus was going to be stopped the first quarter of '06.
  • That's whats ford is saying now, but I doubt if they get rid of it then. The Taurus is still a very popular vehicle, I believe it is still the 3rd best seller. Ive heard that roughly 45% of sales are too fleets. The larger 500 is expensive, prolly too expensive for the fleets; the fusion won't be coming for awhile and appears to be smaller than the Taurus. I don't understand why Ford is getting rid of the Taurus; they should have just given it a complete makeover.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Fusion will likely be in dealer lots in a few weeks, and I believe though it may be a bit shorter than Taurus/Sable, will probably have about as much interior room and trunk space.

    A low end 500 can be had for under $20K, and Fusions will likely sell for in the $16k-$22K range depending on equipment level, so Ford is not exactly walking away from the midsize sedan market.
  • I checked Ford's website and came up with this information. The 500 has a starting MSRP of $22,840 without a single option. Loaded limited's run well over the $30k level. Taurus starts at about $21k. The Fusion, however, starts at about $18k. My sense is that the Fusion will replace the old Contour. Focus is the economy, Fusion is between Focus and 500, 500 is the large mid-size, and the Crown Vic remains as the full size car. The Fusion also wont even be standard with a V6. I just see these new vehicles as a risk for Ford; the Taurus name was a best seller for many years straight and even recently has still been very popular. Fusion and 500 must be homeruns; though since it appears that both are really midsize, I doubt if they are ever best sellers.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Pricing I listed of under $20K for 500 SE base model is what you can buy it for, not the MSRP, which is a meaningless number. . Also, note the base 500 without a single option already includes the DOHC V-6 which was an option on Taurus except for the top of line model, and the base 500 SE is pretty well equipped, about what a mid range Taurus SES or SEL without leather was equipped. Note since Taurus is being phased out, Fords offering of equipment and options has also been severely scaled back, and I am not sure that it is even currently available with the DOHC V-6 option.

    Likewise I am estimating Fusion actual negotiated pricing starting at $16K, or maybe even closer to $15K.

    As far as Fusion base model having a 4 cylinder engine, that is appropriate for this classification, as Camry and Accord and most of the other competition has base 4 cylinder engine. I would bet Fusion with 4 cylinder will be approximately similar in performance, or may even be better than Taurus with the base Vulcan pushrod V-6. If it has good fuel efficiency, given rapidly rising gas prices, the 4 will likely be fairly popular.

    I do lament the loss of the Taurus name, but in my opinion, Fusion will be a worthy replacement, and for those who want something bigger, with an enormous trunk, 500 is available.
  • jamz117jamz117 Posts: 3
    i have a 99 taurus SE i was wondering am i able to get a dash mounted cd player for my car or do i have to buy the disc changer that mounts in the trunk?
  • mfs37, I do not think you need to replace transmission. Just change solenoid. If it really brakes down then rebuild it. There were problems with pre '95 Taurus electronic transmission that has been fixed in redesigned ’96 model.
  • I have 2002 Sable LS Premium and 2003 Focus 2.3L. Also keeping ’94 Taurus. ’94 Taurus still impresses with quality of ride, I can understand why it was so hot in 80s and early 90s.

    Sable feels little bit outdated and underpowered compared with Focus. Almost everything in Focus is better – steering, suspension, engine, seats, acceleration… 2.3L I4 Duratec runs smoother at idle that Sable’s 3.0L V6 Duratec – how it can be?

    Still Sable has some advantages - leather trim, more upscale features and more premium feel. And yes it is roomier and more comfortable.

    I am looking forward for Milan. If Focus is so good – Fusion/Milan must be impressive, especially if they refined 3.0L Duratec.
  • Well Im not in any real position to argue as Im only 17; I just think the Taurus is a great car and I hope that whatever does replace it is even better than it is. As for the DOHC engine being not available, when I was car shopping he told me they have stopped producing them. He said leather and moonroofs are rare for 05 but wood interior trim was standard on SEL models.

    You seem to know much about the Taurus, so Im hoping that you can help me with a question. My 2002 SEL is equipped with the "MACH" sound system. Ive heard that this same system is used in GT Mustangs. Is it really the same sound system with the watts and stuff? It is much louder than my mothers standard 99, and has 2 additional speakers. Also, my car has every available option except for the wood trim, do you know if Ford offers it on cars already sold?? Do you know any good wood sites and do you even think its worth it??
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    I couldn't tell you whether Mach system in your 2002 SEL is comparable to that in the GT Mustang. My gut reaction would be no, as the designs are so different in generation, the current Taurus dating to 2000 with a few minor revisions, and the Mustang having just been introduced.

    As far as fake wood trim, I don't care much for it, and can't say I am all that enthralled with some or the recent trends toward fake metal, chrome, or brushed aluminum either. A little goes a long way, in my opinion and many times too much just ends up looking too fake.

    I believe there are some aftermarket outfits that sell fake wood, or maybe even real wood trim kits. You might want to do an internet search.
  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    Looks like i'm not the only one with Taurus problems and mine is a 2005, i've got vibration, suspension and brake issues already, I was told before I purchased my Taurus that they were very dependable and long lasting cars and very trouble free however I must have purchased the lemon on the lot.
  • 95 taurus 3.0 v6 auto can i adjust somthing or do i need a chip?
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