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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • jcolonjcolon Posts: 1
    I also have a Ford Taurus. Mine is an SEL with the Mach System also. I thought it sounded like crap so I changed all 4 speakers with 6 x 8 Pioneer 4-ways. It made a world of difference. I also changed the tweeters near the front windows to Kenwood.
    Quite honestly I should have left the tweeters alone. The system just doesn't sound right.
    I took it to a shop and was told that I would have to install a new amp and crossovers in the front because the stock Mach System speakers are designed to be
    1) The door speakers - woofers and midtones
    2) The window tweeters are for highs.

    However the climate control is attached to the radio somehow, so changing the amp and radio are out of the question
  • Hi, I purchased this car with 80k miles on it and even though it looks like it's in great condition, it's given me nothing but headaches. I've had the car for only two months but i've put almost a $1000 in it already. My final thing to fix is to replace are all 4 02 sensors (2 sensors and 2 monitors). Car has lost some power and stalled a couple of times. Computer reading shows that two are bad, took the car to a mechanic 2 days ago, lifted up the car and the cable on one of the sensors (away from the front of car, downstreme?) was completed ripped off the sensor. replaced it with one of the two upstream sensors I had purchased. he didn't want to use the other one because he said both one bad sensor could set off two codes so to keep the other one. Reset my check engine light, two hours later, light was back on. Resent reading is showing that 2 sensors need replaced. I went ahead and got the two downstream so now I have 3 sensors and I plan on changing them myself.

    I need a little help, one I think the mechanic put the upstream sensor I Had in the downstream hole, I was able to get a good look at all 4 sensors while i was there.

    My first question is, are the upstream towards the front of the car and the downstream towards the back of the car? If so, I will take the sensor he just installed out and place it in the right place.

    Secondly, what tool will be the easiest to take the old sensors out with. I have 3 new sensors in hand but I want to do it myself. Not willing to pay another 300 bucks for nothing, especially after spending an unexpected $500 Christmas eve after my driver side lower ball joint and axle broke of the car.

    Thanks in advanced.
  • dlangdlang Posts: 59
    Hi Forum,

    Times up and I have to either buyout my leased 2003 Sable LS with only 17000 miles for $10500 or get another car. While I've read that the Montego is the Sable replacement, looking at just specs, the Milan seems a better car. It has slightly more front legroom than the Sable, while the Montego has almost an inch less. The Milan is not much less on headroom, hiproom and other specs than the Sable and the Montego not much more. The Montego gives almost 3 more inches for rear legroom though. The newer Milan engine has higher HP and RPM while the Montego is about the same as the Sable. The Milan has 6 speed auto transmission while the Sable only has 4.

    Generally, looking thru the Mercury site, the Montego seems "old" while the Milan seems "new" and "hip".

    I really like my Sable, especially the Mach audio, and the new Audiophile option from what I read is lacking, but it doesn't pay financially to buy the 2003 Sable at $10500 plus a $1350 Extended warranty from Ford for 6yr/60000 when I can get the Milan Premier for $295/month lease.

    Also, my Sable is column shift tranmission with fold down bench seat. Are any models still made this way or is everything now center console?

    Any ideas and experience from Sable owners?? Thanks! :cry:
  • epilpepilp Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Ford Taurus SE with the tape player radio. There is no CD changer or CD player, but the CD and disc 1-6 buttons are still there most likely because it's the same sonsole as the SEL?

    Anyway, I wanted to put in a CD player of some sort, and I was wondering on the center dash, under the radio, there are two slots. The first is open with what looks SORT of like a cigarette lighter to its right. Underneath that is the ashtray and cigarette lighter. The open slot has 3 holes in the rear and there's some removable rubber pad just sitting in there.

    Could anyone tell me what the open slot is used for? I was thinking it may be the common size for head units.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    The cubby hole is for storing stuff. It is where I keep my sunglasses in a case. Doubt if you could make a CD deck fit in there, and making it work with your radio would be a headache, I believe.

    The factory radio is designed and wiring already exists to operate a trunk mounted CD player which, I believe holds 6 CD's. You might be able to locate a used OEM deck, and there is (or at least was a few years ago) an aftermarket unit available at Crutchfield. These are kind of pricey, but likely your best bet and it will work with your OEM radio.

    You could also go the super inexpensive route and buy a tape adapter unit and just use it with a portable CD player. Crude, but it works and it is super cheap.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    I guess it depends on what you want to do, either have to make continuous never ending lease payments and always drive a new car, or buy the Sable and drive it a long time. At 17K miles, it is hardly broken in and should serve you well for many years. Only your can decide what you want to spend your money on.
  • epilpepilp Posts: 2
    Hm, I thought it might've been used for an electronic device due to the three holes behind it. I was considering three options, one of which was the head unit. THe other two involved a CD changer, and the last was buying a whole new console with a CD player instead of a tape player for a Taurus off eBay since it'd be the exact same panel.

    I'm willing to go to a mechanic or Best Buy...Pep Boys, whatever for assistance, though.

    Any other suggestions before somethin' goes down?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You can get an aftermarket CD changer that works with the car's CD changer controls. Try autotoys and crutchfield.
    An iPod adapter would be better though and would give you access to much more music than 6 CDs in a changer.
    This even gives you some control of the iPod using the car stereo buttons.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • Your expansion valve (metering devise) in the air conditioning system is located in between the condenser coil and the evaporator coil (the cold coil). To service it, you must recover all of the R-134A refrigerant (Freon is a brand name of refrigerants).
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    I see you are new on Edmunds. If you click on kathy5 in her post you will see a profile that she has not posted or logged on here since July 19, 2005, so I doubt if she will ever read your response. It usually doesn't pay to respond to posts that old as either the issue has been solved, or the original poster lost interest long ago.

    Welcome to the dwindling group of Taurus/Sable posters, however!
  • vladmerevladmere Posts: 2
    Hello everybody. I have a 2000 Ford Taurus SES. I was thinking of adding a few things to it. Because I wanted to add a little bit horsepower to it. Does anybody any ideas going on doing that? I would really appreciate that. Thanx. :confuse:
  • vladmerevladmere Posts: 2
    As u all know that I have a 2000 ford taurus ses. My right front passenger door won't lock properly. Does anyone know how to fix it? I really have to get it fixed. Thanx. :cry:
  • wrench5wrench5 Posts: 1
    need help
    on my 91 sable with abs the brake pedal comes up a little harder then normal when coming to a stop at low speed only the last 25 feet. it just started doing it.
  • I noticed your high recommendation on the Brembo rotors. I've got 164K on my 2000 Sable and have had to have the factory rotors turned 3 times during that time due to warping (50K, 90K, and 122K). My mechanic told me at 122K, that was the last time he could turn them. Just had the front brakes done today at 164K, and had the Brembo rotors installed. What can I expect in performance? Better braking? Better resistance to warping? All of the above and more? I know one thing, the drive back to work from the mechanic's shop was wonderful! What a smooth stop! Thanks.
  • racer5racer5 Posts: 3
    high im new to this site yea i read your message you might want to go with first,high flow air filter ,fuel sytem cleaner get the redline brand from pep boys im an employee there so you can ask any thing about your car and i can tell you what you want to know also get high conducting spark plug wires and performance spark plugs how much are you wanting to spend on it and how much more horsepower are you looking to gain :shades:
  • I tried a K&M air filter, but it kept screwing up my Mass Airflow Sensor. Went back to a good paper filter. Since then, no Check Engine lites. The biggest boost in performance came when I switched to 93 octane for my Vulcan V6. May take a look at better wires and plugs when the time comes. My mechanic called his supplier and asked about perf parts. His response was "That's the first time I've ever been asked about such things for a Sable!" What about exhaust systems? Any recommendations? Don't want anything loud, but wouldn't mind changing the tone a little and boosting the HP if possible.
  • racer5racer5 Posts: 3
    really because im putting a intake on my 95 taurus i guess ill see wat happens for exhaust you might wanna go with flowmaster or the cherrybomb turbo or turbo 2
  • Thanks for the tips. I'm still on the original exhaust at 165K miles. Don't know if I'll change it before it actually goes. Depends on my wallet I guess! I also have a 1994 Probe GT w/ only 24K miles on it (driven on dry summer weekends only). I've always loved the sound of that V6. Wonder if the Flowmaster or Cherrybomb would give me something similar in sound.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I recently bought a 2005 Mercury Sable and got a nasty rock chip on the center section of the back bumper of the car. I generally put mud protectors on my cars shortly after purchasing. It seemed like a strange place for a rock chip and was wondering if this car is any more prone to this kind of damage or if I just had a moment of bad luck? As other owners may know this model has what appears to be rubber side panels along the side of the car and what appear to be mud protectors in the front wheel wells.
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