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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • lcoatslcoats Posts: 1
    I don't want to sound stupid(which obviously I am), but I just bought a 2005 Sable LS and can not find the 6 disc cd changer. The owners manual says it's in the trunk or in the console, but I don't know where to look, and have never had a changer, so don't really know what I'm looking for. Can anyone tell me where it is???
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  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 455
    I just looked in my 2003 Mercury Sable brocure. For the 2003 model year the CD-changer was an option. It wasn't standard equipment for the 03's.

    So it just may be that your car (an 05') does not have the CD changer option.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    It should be in drivers armrest. Open armrest and you will see black unit, it will have sliding door on top. Slide the door and push "Eject" button.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    (I also posted this on the maintenance and repair board)

    Looking seriously at a used 2001 SEL Taurus with 85000 miles. It is in decent shape, no dents, just a few dings and interior scrapes. Seems well maintained, though it clunks over some bumps. The owner says it is the sway bar (or did he say stabilizer) bushings. He says new brakes and tires less than 10,000 miles ago. Oil is clean. He is willing to have the bushings done, but I am afraid how that will interfere with negotiations. Will he think I would then pay full asking price? Couldn't tell how the a/c is, as it is abnormally cold here in the NOrtheast.

    Do Tauruses have a reputation for bad a/c units (like dodge/chrysler)? How about Trannys? I can't have an inspection because his wife died, so he didn't renew the plates, and is reluctant to let it on the main roads where we could be stoppped. (I believe his story-he is rather old).

    Edmunds price for average is 4400 and clean is 5300. He is asking 6500, which is dealer retail for clean. The kelly blue book ranges from 5400 for fair to 6245 for good to 6785 for excellent. THose numbers seem high. Thinking of offering 5,000 (is that insulting to him?) and settling around 5300. Don't know how the bushings will figure into that. Any advice on the reliabilty and price for this car? It seems high to spend to me for the mileage. This is for a 17 year old.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You need to have it checked out even if you have to tow it or have a mobile tech look at it at his house.

    If that can't happen, just buy something else.
  • injunearinjunear Posts: 1
    I hope you take heed of the advice offered by others. That car is overpriced. The old man may act need to sell it but if he truly needs to sell, he would price it realistically. Keep looking...the kid wants it NOW but it's your money.
  • I like the front allot, better than in the pictures, but the example I saw has overtly chromed rear lights, even more so than the fusion. Now, on the fusion they look nice, but the job they did on the 2008 is a bit much.

    THe rest of the car look really good, BTW, but I hope this design does not turn off the people who would be most interested in this car.

    What do you think?
  • fordenvyfordenvy Posts: 72
    This powertrain competes with the Toyota Avalon. This may be good product for Ford, we'll have to wait and see.
    Taurus 263hp, 18city 28highway.
    Avalon 268hp, 20city 28highway. You see the same highway mileage.
    I definately would consider it, being its $4k less than Avalon.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Too bad the engine isn't as silky and smooth as the Avalon engine. There are bigger differences than just looking at a 5 hp difference and assuming they must be alike because horsepower is close.
    It will also resell for more than $4K less, so no savings.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    How do you know that "isn't as silky and smooth as the Avalon engine"? Did you drive a new Taurus/Sable?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I driven another car with that engine. The Lincoln MKZ.
    It had "enough" power, but did not sound super slick and refined like a Japanese Toyota/Lexus V6 or even a Nissan or Honda V6 that all sound smooth and luxurious even when revved hard.
    I'm sure the lower priced Taurus will be likely seem even worse due to less sound insulation than a Lincoln.
    A nice engine doesn't have to hide behind loads of sound insulation to mask crass engine noises.
  • fordenvyfordenvy Posts: 72
    Ford just passed Toyota in initial quality ratings, what do you think, Ford on the right track?
  • fordenvyfordenvy Posts: 72
    that 3.5L V6 made engine of the year.
    I still think Toyota has the best cars on the road, but the gap is closing as Toyota quality goes down the American quality goes up. Toyota's quality started to go down because they're growing way too fast.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    How it compares to Duratec 3.0L soundwise?
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    "I still think Toyota has the best cars on the road"

    It depends what do you want from cars. Camry is certainly not the best car e.g. It is rather mediocre. It is not even good highway cruiser. The only thing good about it is sound isolation (and may be quiet engine). I personally do noy care for quiet engine, still prefer hearing engine and feeling the road.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I noticed some dealerships are selling used 07 Taurus SE's and SEL's, Were these only available as fleet cars? I like the styling of the 4th generation, Just wanted to get some thoughts on the 07's i'm thinking of purchasing one used, the dealership says they are certified used, I've seen pictures of the 08 models and they are the same as the Five Hundred model, to me they have a boxy look to them.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The 2006 and 2007s are so decontented now that you would be better off trying to find a cheaper and better equipped 2005 with 24V engine and extended warranty.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    I agree. I drove rental Taurus last year - it was decontented and plastic used inside was horrible.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    Actually I can only find the 24V Duratec engines in the 2004's Ford didn't make the 2005's with the Duratec's.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I did find a loaded 07 Taurus SEL used yesterday, this model had leather interior, sunroof, woodgrain, seems the extras that the SE model doesn't have, they had it priced at $14k with $20,000 miles looks like it was a former rental unfortunately.
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