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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • pfinkpfink Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. I have the automatic climate control and it's always "on". But you may have the answer, the system doesn't start for a while, so it may close itself under certain conditions and when it opens, I get the stale air.

    Regarding my other problem .... (post 673) the transmission pulse or modulation issue. My service light came on and the dealer replaced an engine sensor and the transmission problem seems to have disappeared. Car is running well again (knock on wood).
  • harmarharmar Posts: 94
    All work done is supposed to be entered into a computer data base that can be accessed by any dealership. But in this era when the meaning of "is" can be debated, perhaps some dealerships don't do so. I asked for, and received, a copy of my car's work, because I bought it as a program car and wanted to know what had been done. When getting service, I type or write down a list of things I want done, keep a copy and give one to the service manager. Then, I always request/demand a copy of the RO to make sure everything on my list was done, because creating a chronological paper trail is one thing the courts will accept as "proof" you have tried to get [repeated] repairs to the same part(s). It's good business sense to be safe, rather than sorry, if something ever does go terribly wrong. A few extra minutes each time you take it in will be worth days or weeks trying to backtrack. Now, if you are not getting copies of repair orders for some things, might that mean they don't want you to know what was - or wasn't - done? For the prices of cars today, the average owner can't afford not to CYA. Good records can sometimes foil the best company lawyers. Good luck!
  • Does anyone here who owns a 96-99 model Taurus have problems with alignments, and its front suspension?
    My Taurus not only has had alot of problems out of the suspension, and alignments. But it also has recently had problems with the tranny slipping. But them door sensors get replaced every time I take it in the dealer for repair.
    I have problems with the alignments either not taking, or going out of alignment to often, and most of the time its out of alignment real BAD.
    I have replace 2 complete sets of tires for this car, the 1st set had even wear straight accross (but I know what caused that) it was my suspension that was in bad shape.
    But this last set is wearing on the outer sides of the tire, and my alignments are constantly out real bad.
  • One thing I have learned through my mess with my taurus, that if you are respectful when telling them your problem, they really help. In my case Ford Motor Co helped me. Most of my bad luck was the Dealer that had been repairing my car. It was not Ford's fault, but Ford did work out the problem with us, and paid for the car to be taken to another dealer, where Ford Motor Co, and that dealer treated me like a QUEEN.
    Sometimes you have to take it out of the hands of the dealer, and go directly to FORD themselfs. Unforunately there aren't to many good dealers out there, but I know I found a bad one in Oklahoma.
    My situation I took it directly out of the hands of the Bad Dealer and when to FORD on my problem. As it turned out, either this bad dealers mechanics was un experienced or it was simply intentional. My case in OKlahoma left me where there was no Lemmon law to protect us consumers from dealers like the one I encountered.
  • I am a owner of a 97 model Taurus that had problems with the rack n pinnon, stablizer links, motor mounts separations, struts, oil pan gasket, door sensors, and the last thing is the tranny slipping.
    When taking my car to another dealer just for the rack n pinnion, stablizer links, struts, motor mounts, oil pan gasket (this was a 2 week repair job), I had found out that the 1st dealer that had been making attempts at repairing my car, left my car is awful shape. Most of them parts was either lose, or gonna fall off.
    I had to go one step ahead of the 1st dealer and contact Ford Motor Co, the 1st dealer evently got to where they refused to look at the suspenion in my car. Once I contacted FORD, and started a dispute settlement on my taurus, Ford had paid for the taurus to be sent to another dealer, where my experience changed from BAD to GOOD. Ford Motor Co and this Billingsy Ford of Lawton, Oklahoma treated us like we was Kings.
    But we learned our lesson about this BAD dealer in Altus, Oklahoma. Unforunately the state of Oklahoma has no Lemmon law that protects consumers from BAD DEALERS.
    My suspension was repaired, and any other problems that came about the Taurus went right back to Billingsley of Lawton. There is GOOD ONES out there, and there are BAD ONES. But unforunately there are no warnings on these BAD ONES prior to encountering them, I think there should be a board for consumer protection against Dealer that are BAD< or FORD needs to take action against them. 9 times out of 10 its the DEALER not the FORD product.
    I got a free ISP up to 5 years from my encounter on this BAD DEALER, and untill these BAD DEALERS NAMES are kept silent, it happens over and over again.
    Where was Oklahoma law protection for me as a consumer. This Bad dealer mechanics was either not experienced, or experienced enough, or it was simply intentional with the findings that Billingsley Ford found.
    Ford Motor Co does HELP, just give them a chance. They helped me, and I am thankful for them> They are the greatest.
  • harmarharmar Posts: 94
    I had minor problems with my '99 Sable front end. The dealership told me everything met Ford's specs. I found a good frame/front end shop by asking friends and others where they'd had good service. At that shop, they agreed that my car was indeed meeting Ford's specs, but it was "not optimally aligned." And the rear was not tracking properly by a mere 3/8 inch. They aligned the front end (but NOT using Ford's method) and fixed the tracking. My handling problems disappeared. So - I would suggest you search for a good independent frame shop and get their opinion on what needs to be done. With that in hand, ask if Ford's dealership can do it. If not, ask them to cover the cost of having it done at the frame shop. Good luck!
  • prestoneprestone Posts: 13
    Hi all,

    Just received a safety recall notice (01S08) today in the mail from Mercury. It deals with both 2000 & 2001 Sables and Taurus's that have the power adjustable pedals.

    "Grease used on the adjustable pedal assembly may enter the brake lamp switch and contaminate the contacts. This may cause one or more of the following symptoms to occur:
    -Brake lights stay illuminated or are inoperative.
    -Shift Interlock disabled (will be able to shift out of "Park" position without depressing the brakes.
    -Speed Control will not activate.
    -Cannot shift the vehicle out of "Park."
    -ABS Warning light illuminates on vehicles with ABS
    -Battery Discharged."

    The recall stated to call the dealer for an appointment without delay. I called ahead and the parts department did not have the parts in stock, as they had not yet received notification from Ford. The Parts Manager stated that he should have parts within 3-4 business days.

    Thought all you 2000 & 2001 Sable & Taurus owners with adjustable pedals should know about this safety recall.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    to the Mercury Sable topic, and will also be joining this group, since the cars are "close siblings"...I have been a poster and a lurker for over a year, but on 10 or so other topics...however, last week my 1988 Honda Prelude, 183K miles, four wheel steering (best option known to God and man, why no one has it I will never know), has died...needs $4000 repairs to a $2000 car...time to kiss it goodbye, quite tearfully, I might add...bought a used 2000 Mercury Sable LS, Duratec engine, adjustable pedals, moonroof, no CD, 26K miles, appears to run addition to my 2000 Intrepid, I am now one of you with my Sable...have not had the time yet to read the entire line of posts (and I will also follow Taurus, of course), but I just thought I would apply for "membership" in the Club of Sable...and associate membership in the Club of Taurus...I hope you folks are seeking new members, cuz here I am :)

  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally took my 2000 SEL in for it's first oil change this past Sat. Bought it in June, but only have 3900 miles on it. Getting ready for a big trip and wanted new oil.

    While I was there, I told them that I had just gotten a recall notice. They were way ahead of me - they already had it written on my ticket. What is needed is a new light switch which is located under the dash right above and behind the brake pedal. The letter stated that it will take at least a half a day to fix, but the mechanic did it in 15 minutes - I timed him and watched the whole operation.

    I only drive my Taurus 6 miles a day so I don't get to enjoy it as much as I would like. To the individual who suggested that someone buy a Sable because of a lot of extras - I, too, looked at the Sable first and was not impressed by the rear end. As I looked closer I noticed that the trunk didn't have a very large opening. Went up to the Ford dealer and noticed that the Taurus trunk was not only wider, but larger. Checked the brochures and compared them and sure enough, the Taurus is bigger by one cubic foot!! That made the difference for me. Also, I got the top-of-the-line SEL which came with everything but a CD player which I didn't want. I think the car is quiet enough for me. Plus, I got a good loan and $1000 off!! Not bad.
  • prestoneprestone Posts: 13
    Just read your info on recall # 01S08. Good to know that there's a fairly quick fix to this problem. The parts manager informed me that the parts should be in this week. Looking forward to getting this issue corrected.

    Concerning trunk space, when my lease is up, I will definitely look at the Taurus. One of the few weak points that I've noticed with my 2000 Sable LS Premium, has been the fairly small trunk opening. I was a bit embarrassed the other day as a box I was attempting to load into the Sable's trunk, would not fit. However, it did fit into the trunk of my wife's 2000 Honda Civic! My wife had a very smug look on her face as her smaller car was able to accomodate the box my larger Sable would not! With that said, I think that this is the best overall vehicle I've personally owned.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    I've also received the safety recall notice 01S08
    for my Merc Sable and the following day I went
    to a Ford svce dept a few blocks from my job.
    They had no idea about the recall but were
    interested in giving me an appt. for schedule
    maintenance. Re: the recall, I was asked to call
    in two weeks, and later upon my insistence the
    idiot svce advisor suggested that I call in a
    week. I left pissed off, and next day Saturday I
    called Ford in Detroit. The customer svce rep contacted every Ford
    and Mercury Dealer in New York City and beyond and was able to find one that knew about the recall. The owner of this
    dealership told the rep that I could bring my
    car in on Monday.

    I am pleased about the help given to me by Ford Central. But for the life of me I can't understand how The factory sends a recall notice to customers before informing many dealers about the recall.
    Dealers are informed online whereas owners are informed via snail
    This is something the rep couldn't answer and I didn't pursue.
  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    I think your gonna love it Marsha. (see post 681)
    We've had ours now for 6 months and it's great. It's also a very good looking car I might add. I've also received the recall notice, but my dealer is cool. He said just drop it off on Friday afternoon and you can pick it up Saturday.
    Good Luck!!
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I'm going to buy a new car in May and have it narrowed to the Taurus or the Impala. I have checked the Impala discussion group and they all love their cars. I've read a number of discussions with some of the complaints on Taurus but couldn't get to all the discussions. I've come across transmission problems and chirping noises. If one plans on keeping their car for 8-10 years, how well does the Taurus hold up? I guess anyone with around 30K-50K miles may know the problems when the car gets older.

    A major concern I have is the cooling system. I live in a very hot climate and the car I have now tends to overheat easily. What kind of temps do people get in stop and go traffic in the Southeast or Southwest.

    Any input would be helpful. The Taurus I plan to buy is the 2001 LX.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    I can't comment on long term durability or over-heatability (some word :) ) but if price is a consideration, Ford has a partnership program (the X-Plan) that allows you to buy a new Ford for dealer invoice minus 1/2 of the dealer hold back and also minus any incentives/rebates currently available. Seeing as how the Impala is selling well, Chevy doesn't have many (if any) rebates, so the Taurus would be considerably cheaper... just one more thing to make your decision tougher. :)
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    It does get more confusing. I had decided on the Impala but the Tauruses are stacking up on the lots whereas the Impalas aren't. Believe I could get a much better deal on the Taurus. I'm still going to talk to the salespeople at Chevrolet and see what kind of offer I can get. I believe the Impala has a $1000 rebate right now but it may expire on April 2. I've seen ads in the New Orleans paper for base Impalas for $17,225. Will have to see how that goes in May. Thanks for info.
  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    Stnel, here's a real curveball for you. Have you considered the Mercury Sable ?. In my local paper tonight ( NH )here's what they have listed for options. Leather interior, 24 valve V-6, moonroof, keyless entry, tilt wheel, cruise, AC, 16" alloy spoke wheels adjustable pedals. All this for $19,995. I own a 99 Taurus SE and haven't had too much luck with it. (see post 654).
    I know it sounds crazy but the Merc seems a much better car. Hope this helps.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    shank6, As best I can tell, the base Sable is the equivalent to the Taurus SE. I was looking into the LX cos it's a little cheaper. I'll look into the Sable too when I'm ready to buy--the price you saw in paper was pretty good for all that you get. With the discussions I've been reading in this forum, people seem to like the Sable over the Taurus. I went to Ford-Mercury dealership on Sunday and they had 8-10 Tauruses on the lot and one Sable. I read post 654--sounds like you've had a lot of problems. I'd like to go with the Impala if the price is right. I don't know if they'd start adding on to the $17,225 price when you get there as opposed to coming down on price.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    the 2000 Sable LS I just purchased has an odd problem...and it has been noticed by three people other than myself...a distinct, intermittent smell of gasoline, believed to be emanating from the AC vents, but not sure...all of a sudden, someone will say "I smell gasoline" but by the time we lean forward, we are not sure if it emanates from the vents or somewhere else...anyone run into this, and is there a loose "something" that should be checked?


  • hockey2hockey2 Posts: 12
    Does any one have any preference on using a synthetic oil. I have a 1999 DE with the Duratech engine. Great car I love it. I had heard that if you use the synthetic in place of the standard 5w30 that the engine will run smoother and cooler.
    Also, The book says 5.5 qts? I bought this car used and checked the records and every oil change the receipt says 4.5 or 5?
  • sable93sable93 Posts: 107

    If you do pick the Taurus over the Impala, I'd recommend based on my experiences with my Taurus that you also buy an extended warranty. You might not need it, but my '97 Taurus required $3700 worth of work in the last ten months I've had it. Who knows how much before I bought it. I don't know much about the Impala or Chevy's reliability, but I do know that when Ford makes a Lemon, they REALLY MAKE A LEMON!
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