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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192

    Breakdown 3 to 5 times? What are the problems. Every Taurus breaks down 3 to 5 times before 30k. I find that hard to believe!

    Trust what company. Go to the Honda or Toyota board. They get repaired too!!!
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    I just looked onto the Canary Board. You're asking about 4 cylinder Canary's and how they respond to flooring.

    Do you have any personal experience with any of these cars? Or do you just like to make irrational comments for whatever reason?

    You don't add anything to the board. How can you tout Toyota without having owned one?
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    Meant Camary. Don't know how the bird got in the post.

    Then again, maybe the bird is an appropriate response!!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    What is 4 cyc. Canary? Or what is Camary?
    Are you guys trying to write CAMRY???
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    After going on my final test drive, I finally figured out where my blind spot was coming from. I initially thought it was from the sticker price on the car but rolled down the back window this time and that wasn't the problem. Anyway, I don't think I can adjust so will more than likely take the Taurus off my list. I'm running out of cars!!

    I went on to the Pontiac place and sat in a Grand Am and had the same problem. The salesman got me to sit in a Sunfire and I didn't have the problem although I didn't test drive it - too tired of car shopping that day. I may just have to go with the smaller car. I am going to look in to the Alero and Malibu this week. If those give me the same problem, I'll just buy the Sunfire if I like the test drive. I wanted something with a little more horsepower but guess that may be the breaks.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352

    Sorry you found a blind spot in the Taurus...if you don't like blind spots, don't drive my Mustang convertible (of course with the top down this is not a problem at all).

    I find my wife's 2001 SEL to be a great driver with no blind spot problems...sorry you do.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I'd have to rely strictly on the mirrors for changing lanes and merging onto the interstate. I'm not sure if the blind spot is caused by the back corner pillar or that the seats are too high. They go a bit above my head. My other car seats hit around the middle of my head.

    Anyway, I'll work it out. It's good to find these things out before I buy the car. Guess they're not making cars for short people these days! I'm reminded of the song by Randy Newman.
  • keithwandkeithwand Posts: 23
    First off the car is a co. car but it is the most irritating car I have driven.

    1) At highway speeds of 60+ the steering wheel vibrates excessively. I have had the tires balanced many times (even witnessing) and rotated with no success. The problem seems to built into the car and "feels" dangerous to drive as if parts are loose.

    2) The FFV engines now pings most of the time and especially with the A/C on.

    3) The car is waaay underpowered.

    Anyway it will be a happy day when I reach my mileage to get out of this car except... the next car we get will probably be another Taurus.
  • barjonbarjon Posts: 27
    My 2000 SEL now has 14,000 miles on it and is becoming increasingly difficult to start. Until recently, it would take 2 turns of the key to start maybe once a week. Now it seems to be every day, but only after sitting for a few hours. The first start of the day is fine, and there's no problem after a short stop. Try it after sitting 3 or 4 hours, and it'll crank and crank on the first turn of the key with no desire to start.

    A guy I know has the same model, both cars were built in May 2000, and he's having the same problem.

    Does anyone else have difficulty starting their Duratec? Should I try a higher octane gasoline? Should I have my dealer's service department run engine diagnostics? Any input will be appreciated.

    Other than that, I absolutely love the car!
  • My 2000 SEL with 18,000 miles was built in March. I have absolutely no starting problems whatsoever. I live in the Minneapolis area where it can range from a "dry" -35 degrees F in winter to an extremely humid 105 degrees F in summer. Through all of that, never a starting problem. In fact, the only problem I have ever had was the air bag light flashing while I was driving (has happened about 1/2 dozen times). That is easily solved by pulling over, shutting the engine off and then restarting it so everything "resets" itself. This has been the most perfect new car I have ever owned (I have had 8 new cars in my lifetime).
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    aka Taurus, can anybody tell me if an optional "cargo net" is available that attaches to the trunk spring looks like a great attachment location for a net, but does anybody own one, either Ford equipment or aftermarket???

  • larryn2larryn2 Posts: 18

    ............. LARRY
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    may be silly, but here goes...I purchased 4 new Bridgestone Potenza RE-950 tires for my 2000 first, they rode really rough, and it took three different tire places to finally balance the tires...oddly, each one balanced the tires to "0.00" on the computer balance machine, but every machine was different...anyway, the third balance was the best, but still a steering wheel vibration between 65-80 mph (the average interstate speed in Atlanta is 70-80 mph)...I was really annoyed at the tires, and was going to throw them away (the selling dealer: since they were "properly balanced" there is nothing we can do), but, after about 2000 miles, I think some of the vibration is it possible for tires to "break in" like, say, an engine or transmission, or a pair of new blue jeans??? all my years in the auto trade, I have never had a set of tires that "changed" performance after a few thousand miles, so my question is not a tires need some break-in time???

  • mrl11777mrl11777 Posts: 154
    I purchased an aftermarket net for about $15 from Aid Auto here on Long Island, NY. There are two flat hooks welded inside the trunk area -- run your hand along the edge of the trunk opening about six to twelve inches forward of the tail lights and you will find them. I do not use the spring hooks; these other ones enable you to mount the net in the very front of the trunk, so that it is easily accessible for use.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I bought my 2000 Taurus SEL in June and have about 5400 miles on it. How do you know when the car was built? I have to agree with a recent past post that this is, so far, the first new car that I've ever had that hasn't gone back to the dealer for any adjustments!! I hope I'm not jinxing myself by stating this, but I'm pretty impressed.

    Of course I only drive it 6 miles a day, so maybe my time will come. I recently drove from Virginia to Cincinnati and was so happy with the drive and the comfort that I almost fell asleep!! My family was impressed by all of the options and ride in what is otherwise a middle-of-the-road Ford vehicle. My sister's 2000 Gran Marquis wasn't that much better in any way and she paid more.

    As a side note, it would be really nice if everyone would reread their postings and correct spelling AND grammar!! Some postings are unintelligible at best!
  • larryn2larryn2 Posts: 18
    Well i was in a hurry last night (reread my post wow that bad)kids acting up.

    The "BUILD DATE" is on the sticker on the drivers door or pilar.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 318
    If you are able to position the seat of a car further back and eliminate the blind spots, but then you can't reach the pedals, you might want to consider pedal extenders. There are many kinds. Ask the dealership for what's available, or try looking at:

    The big 3 have mobility programs which I'm sure would know about pedal extenders, even if a great many dealers haven't a clue. (...and they'll still ask "what they can do to get you in a car TODAY?" Clueless, I swear.). There's many other resources listed there too.

    Hope this helps,

    Rick D.

  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    Thanks for the info. The main problem I have is that the head rests on cars today are higher than they used to be. On some of the GM's, if I recline the seat somewhat, it lowers the headrest and I can see a little better. I prefer to sit straighter but may have to start reclining the seat some.

    I sat in a Grand Prix that has potential but I need to drive it in traffic to see for sure.

    I asked a salesman why they started making headrests so high and he said it's to meet more rigorous safety requirements. Don't know if he's right or not but it makes sense.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 318
    Ah yes, the headrests.

    My wife (5'3") has a similar problem with our current car's headrests - they're high and wide. Comparatively, the Saturn SL2 and LW's we've tried seem to allow better visibility for her.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I'm 5'4" and I've talked to other women that are approximately that tall and the headrests seem to be a common problem.

    If I have to nix the Grand Prix, I'll try the Saturn. I test drove the Grand Prix and it was so-so. The head rest has a whole in it and I can see through that whole. I'm going to test drive it again. That's a rather bizarre way of seeing but hopefully I could get used to it.
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