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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    Amen to pit, r5512, and ezaircon4jc!! The Camry and Accord Do have small back areas and DO have small trunks for four door intermediate sized cars. If anyone has read many of the postings here they can see how many owners are VERY happy with their Tauruses. None of us want to throw away extra money on some car that does not serve the full purpose of an almost full-sized car.

    I think that steves24v does not like Ford in general for him to make all of the statements, that, quite clearly to the majority of us, don't apply to our cars. And trying to compare apples (4 cyl.) to oranges (6 cyl.) is ridiculous at best!

    Besides, both the Camry and Accord are very unattractive cars. Fords distinct rear lights alone beat the entire back end of the others. Being a designer, this is important to me.
  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    Well, the saga continues with my 99SE. Last Friday I went to shift from Park to Reverse and the column shifter went right to the base of it. I opened the hood to find my linkage connection bolt to the transmission on the ground under the car.

    After the rental for two days and the repair, the total came to 168.00 dollars. STEVES24V, makes some very good points. Although the initial offer seems like a better deal on the Taurus, the resale and/ or trade in is horrible. Over and above that,it's even worse if you've had the problems I've had (posts-992,975,924,748).

    I want to support the brand and buy American, but it's getting harder and harder. My 91 Integra went 252,000 miles with only timing belt changes. The 95 Camry we purchased was flawless until it was broadsided and totaled in 1999. The 2000 Sable LS premium has been ok so far ( 8500 miles ) but we'll have to wait and see.
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    As with any vehicle built over the years with minimal changes and built with large numbers in mind, the resale value is going to go down the tubes immediately after purchase. I own a 93 Plymouth Acclaim that can be catagorized the same as the Taurus. I bought the Acclaim new in 93 and after 100,000 plus miles, still own it. I didn't ever consider selling or trading the vehicle. I just recently (last October) bought a 2001 Taurus SES with the exact same idea. I have absolutely no thoughts of selling or trading it. I'll drive it for at least 10 years, then probably do what I'm considering doing with the Acclaim; finding a college student who can use some basic transportation during their college years and GIVING the vehicle to them. I can write that off on my taxes. The Acclaim has been a very good, reliable vehicle. I just spent about $100+ to have it inspected to make sure that the vehicle is in good, safe working order. Also, I have, over the years, made sure I maintained the vehicle at least to the manufacturers specifications. I feel confident that whoever gets the vehicle will have a safe, reliable vehicle for at least a couple of years. If the vehicle "dies" during their ownership, then they aren't out anything. If you're looking at a Taurus as your only means of transportation, and considering selling or trading after 2 to 4 years, then you should consider looking for something with better resale value.
  • A car has to be the WORST in investment terms. Very few will increase in value, few will remain constant and the vast majority will fall faster than Der Schlickmeister's surpporters! A car should never be viewed as an investment. It is a disposable/durable good. Buy what you like until you don't like/want it anymore then get rid of it!
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I'm not a Tax Accountant, but I play one on the Message Boards.....

    I don't think you can 'give a car to a college student' and write it off on your taxes. You've got to gift to a tax-exempt organization to get a deduction.
  • oxx93oxx93 Posts: 67
    has anyone noticed a sizzle sound once you shut the car off? i have a 2001 ses and it sounds like steak being thrown on a grill--some type of condensation falling on to some pan in the engine? just curious if anyone else has noticed this---i do not think it is a problem-just odd
  • asdxereasdxere Posts: 29
    I testdrove a 2001 Mustang recently and it "sizzled" too. Sales rep and I tracked it down to the a/c dripping on part of the engine. The Taurus, of course, has a different engine. It wouldn't hurt to track down the noise, just in case it's anti-freeze or a more "crucial" fluid...
    Hope you find your sizzle...
  • Hello Everyone. Let me elaborate on my position since I think some of you think I am knocking the Ford Taurus. I think the design is really attractive and the price is fair. Looks like they made some good improvements over 2000 debut models by increasing the gas tank size...etc..etc. Here in California the gas was peaking at $2.00 per gal in early spring/summer. I am in sales and drive lots of city miles, aprox. 28K per year. I was filling up every 2 days. I would have kept my Taurus if I was traveling longer freeway distances and actually getting 20+ MPG. The seats were extremely comfortable and roomy back seat/trunk, etc. However, for my situtation a 4 banger is better around the city. I bought a 2001 Camry LE with Power Pkg, 6 speaker CD, keyless entry, etc. Added perfed leather for another $1,100 (cannot drive without since I did the same in the Taurus). Price w/leather was $19,083. This is exactly what I paid for the 2000 SES Taurus w/leather and 24V pkg. I admit the power is not the same..but..the ride is much smoother and quieter in the Camry. I really don't miss the V6 at all.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Having just gone through the entire car buying experience and test driven the above cars, I would place the Accord- 1st, Taurus 2nd and Camry 3rd (only because of price). Drove the Taurus SE (155 HP) right after the Accord LX and it was quite noticeable the differences. Accord was much smoother, better acceleration (even though it had the 4 cyl.) better styling inside (totally subjective)and desptie what was posted before the back seat was the same for both. The entire Camry experience at the dealer left me wanting to take a shower afterwards.

    RE-sale value of a vehicle takes into account a number of different variables. Reliablilty and durablilty of previous model cars, price of the car, who the car is sold to (individuals vs. fleet and rentals), rebates and discounts offered at the time of purchase, etc. The Accord and Camry have a history of offering reliable cars. Does it mean they are perfect? No. Does it mean they don't break down? No. Been your odds are better then the average car of not having any major repairs and for lasting well over 100,000 miles. What hurts the Taurus is so many are sold as fleet and rental vehicles. These vehicles are sold on the used car market as one and two year old cars with over 30,000 miles and uncertain prior maintence. You seldom see an Accord or Camry in a rental fleet. Plus the previous history of the Taurus models doesn't help either. Again, not all of them were bad (simply look through this post and you will see this) but a higher percentage then the Accord and Camry needed major repairs (just look at he recall of the 3.8 L motor). Also all the rebates offered on the Taurus immediately knock the re-sale value down. I saw an interesting article by the Honda CEO in japan explaining why Honda never offers rebates on their vehicles. He claims they immediately kill the re-sell value of a car because now the price of the vehicle is immediately reduced by that amount. So $16000 vehilce with a $1500 rebate is now worth at most $14500. Take into account that your car immediately drops $1000 in value as soon as you title it and leave the lot. Now you are at $13,500. So if you had a $16,000 car and wanted to trade it in within a week, the most the dealer will give oyu for the car is $12000 (normal trade-in value is much less then the true value) for a vehicle you just bought a week ago for $16000.

    Am I bashing the Taurus? No. It is a very nice vehicle (Although I was quite surprised by the limited leg room for such a mid-size car). I found the base V6 to be underpowered. Why doesn't Ford just make the 200HP engine standard? It gets the same gas mileage as the base engine. The styling is much better then the previous model. It does have a little more "flair" then the Camry and Accord. I liked the interior of the Accord the best. It was cleaner. Again this is totally subjective and up to the discretion of the person writing the check.

    After all of this I bet you all think I bought an Accord. Nope! If I was the main driver, that is what I would have bought. But my wife liked the Chevy malibu, believe it or not. I have to admit, it's not a bad car at all. Similar room to the above mentioned cars, good power, roomy, comfortable interior. Not as refined as the Accord or Camry. I think Edmunds' review of this car is dead accurate. Why did I buy it over the Accord? Price. It was about $2500 less then the Accord and now that we found Our family is growing by one, I'm glad we made the choice. BTW, I plan to run this car into the ground so re-sale value is not an issue.

    Good Luck with your Taurus everybody. Very nice cars. You'd be better off not comparing the car you already purchsed to another one and concentrate on the positve aspects of the Taurus: roomy, good value, good safety record, nice styling, etc.

    Hope you guys don't mind a Chevy guy (I never thought I would hear myself say that) intruding on your board. It won't happen again.
  • jndfishjndfish Posts: 7
    I have a '99 Taurus SE. This car was my husband's company car and we just bought it. I believe keyless entry was standard, however his company had the delearship take it out. I will be driving this car for a few months until I decide what my next car will be (I am turning my leased minivan in tomorrow). With 2 kids and a 100 lb dog it will be quite the downsizing.
    Anyway.. does anyone know if the delearship would have actually taken the keyless entry mechanism out of the car or would they have just dissabled it? It has 49,000 miles on it so it is not under warranty. (I suppose if it was under the 36,000 miles they might have had to "fix" it under warranty.) I guess I could have a new keyless entry put in for about $100, but since I will only drive the car for a few months at most it doesn't seem worth it. If the mechanism is still in the car, I would think a Ford delearship would be able to reconnect it for a minimal charge.
    Any thoughts on this?
  • pitpit Posts: 4
    How many keyless entry / chip key sets have people gotten with their Taurus?

    At the time of purchase, I only received one key w/ my new Taurus. Had to go back in to the dealer and wait about an hour while a spare was cut and programmed. Service manager blamed the delay on the computer crashing. When I asked why I hadn't received 2 keys when I bought the car, he said Ford recently changed their practice and only provides a 2nd key "upon request". Wouldn't everyone request a spare key?

    I'm pissed that I had to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday to get the 2nd key. I'm also pissed that pissed that the spare didn't come with the remote entry fob. When I bought our minivan from Toyota, we got 2 keyless entry sets w/out question.

    Is this just my local dealer being cheap or is it the bean counters at Ford?
  • pitpit Posts: 4
    I can't believe anyone would disable a keyless entry system - that's just destroying value.
    If the car originally came with keyless entry, my guess is that the system still works. But you need the keyless entry fob.

    Keyless entry is standard on the 2001 SE - don't know for sure about the '99 model.
  • When I had my Taurus I happen to loose both sets of keys. The computer memory chip allows the dealers to reprogram a new key with the key code that the dealer keeps on file and that is programmed into the spare key too. My experience was a nightmare since I did not have a key to the car. So, the dealer had to contact the Ford Factory to reprogram the entire system with a new key code, then reprogram the keys. $275 a nightmare. I cannot believe that a new Taurus does not come with 2 keys with chips and 2 keyless entry controls.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    My 2000 SEL came with two sets of keys and remote fobs. They told me that if I lost one key it would cost $75 to replace and that I'd have to bring in the spare. If I lost both it would have cost me $250 because they would have to get it done at the factory. (I think.)

    How cheap, if indeed, Ford is supplying only one set. I guess they traded that for the extra 2 gallon gas tank.


    While I'm on line, I got a recall notice yesterday concerning "the wiper motor park switch (located in the wiper motor) may malfunction and cause one of the following conditions." It then goes on the state three different possibilities that could happen, including smoke and/or fire!!

    The recall effects certain 2000 and 2001 model year cars and trucks. Hope mine is excluded cause it was built in April.

    Anybody have this done yet? It's supposed to take 1/2 a day, but the last recall only took 15 minutes not the 1/2 that they stated. GRRRRRR!

    I still love the Taurus - just turned over 7700 miles last night after over a year.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    Just got back from the Ford dealer and had the recall matter completed. They took about 20 minutes to replace the housing for the windshield wipers. Hope that's the last!

    While I was there I spoke to my salesman about the topic of keys with a new Taurus purchase. He said YES indeed all cars come with TWO keys and TWO fobs. If anyone is paying for them the dealer is ripping them off!!
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Remember the old days, when for financed cars, dealer kept a set of keys. If you didn't make the payments, the repo was just that much easier?

    How's your credit report? That lost set of keys setting in a special spot in the finance guys office?
  • vince4vince4 Posts: 1,272
    Does anyone notice a mild oil/burning smell coming in the vents? My 2000 SE is pulling in engine compartment air when I have the ventilation set to outside air. I only notice it when stopped and after the engine is warm. After the dealer "fixed" it (no change), I took half of the fresh air intake plenum apart and added more foam seal but it still does it.

    By the way, do you know there is a cabin air filter in there and you should change it yearly? It's a bit of a pain to replace but not bad if you are handy. I just bought one at the dealer, $32. My Silverado has a similar filter and it's about the same price.

    P.S. I got 2 keys and fobs with my car.
  • Main Entry: fob
    Function: noun
    Etymology: perhaps akin to German dialect Fuppe pocket
    Date: 1653
    2 : a short strap, ribbon, or chain attached especially to a pocket watch
    3 : an ornament attached to a fob chain
  • The cabin air filter does not need to be bought at the dealer. You can get one at an auto parts store (like PEP Boys) for about $12. Same filter - there is no magic to the Ford filter, just a higher price. Last time I got one, they didn't have one listed for a 2000 Taurus. Just buy the one for the 96-99 Taurus, it is the exact same size.
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