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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



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    #1 of 2 Taurus fuel filling problems by ijennings1 Dec 05, 2002 (1:06 pm)
    I have a 2000 SES with an 18 gallon tank according to the book. Even with the guage on empty, I can't get more than 12 gallons in her even when filling really slow. The gauge then shows full. I understand Ford have a reserve tank when the guage reaches empty, but even so, there does seem something wrong here. I'm getting around 300 miles per tank before the gauge reaches empty. Can anyone help? thanks

  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I wish Ford would fix their faulty gas gauges. My 2000 SEL has the same problem. The manual is probably wrong for our year model. I knew that it had 16 but the manual says 18. They came with 18 gal. tanks in 2001.

    One post suggested driving until you run out and then putting a measured amount in to check the true amount, but that's not wise because the gas is under pressure and the fuel pump is running and heating up because it has no gas to keep it cool. (The manual also frowns on this practice.)

    This same annoying feature was on my 1984 Mustang. It drove me nuts! After driving that car for 16 years I thought that I'd finally get a functional gauge - WRONG! What's the reason behind this?
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    Many posts have bantered back and forth about what car has sold the most in a given year. I'd like to summit a new take on this topic that I haven't seen posted.

    The annual "best seller" often is a best seller by product name only. For example, the Honda Accord was the best-selling mid-size car in 2001, with sales of 414,718 cars, according to Automotive News Data. The Toyota Camry came in second, with sales of 390,449, and the Ford Taurus came in third, with sales of 353,560. The Sable finished out of the running, with sales of 102,646.

    But those numbers are misleading because they are based on nameplates, not vehicle platforms. There is only ONE Accord brand and ONE Camry brand. But Ford sells the same cars (Taurus and Sable) under TWO different names. Combined Taurus and Sable sales last year totaled 456,206, EASILY surpassing the "leader", the Accord.

    The point is that most of the public aren't idiots and they recognize a good value when they see one. Both of these models have been selling very well since their introduction in 1986. The reason for their continued success is "perceived value". Enough said.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    I agree to be fair Taurus and Sable should be grouped together, and this shows the twins to outsell the others. Additionally, I also believe that Honda lumps the Accord sedan and coupe together as does Toyota with the Solara coupe. One could argue that the 2-door coupe market is decidely different than 4 door sedans, certainly more different than Taurus/Sable are from each other.

    Of course the Honda and Toyota zealots will also point out that a lot of Taurus/Sable sales are fleet/rentals, but so what? Just because Ford has elected to attack that market doesn't mean the cars are somehow "tainted"

    On the fuel gage problem a few of you are having, why not get it checked by the dealer, especially if you are still under warranty? I do not have that problem on my 2000 SES.
  • Lots of Camrys and Corollas are in rental fleets, mainlky since cusotmers are wanting them.

    Soon, they can't use the "Mines not a rental" claim any longer.
  • Actually Corrolla was considered in many countries as an ultimate rental car. Because it is reliable, cheap, boring has grey plasticy interior, basic engine, cheap cloth and etc. etc.
  • I did a comparison of the 18 non-luxury mid-size sedans including available features, gas mileage, horsepower, leg room, head room, and so on. I averaged it all up and the Taurus won with the Sable four points behind in second place. My favorite to win, the Nissan Altima, got third. For some silly reason, the outdated Buick Century got fourth place. The PASSAT came in LAST or 18th PLACE! It had the least front leg room, second least rear leg room, and highest price well equipped. I love the sporty looks. They are so improved over the previous generation '96 to '99 Tauruses.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    ALL 3 of my Fords, two of them Taurus, have had the same thing with the gas says more than you can ever fill it. Is Ford afraid of having too many roadside assistance calls?
  • modurmodur Posts: 2
    My friend has a '95 Sable sedan. He wants to know if you fold down the rear seat. He wants

    to use the car to move a dining set.
  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Is your friend's name modur?
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    Dow Jones Business News
    Ford to Replace Taurus With Model Based on Mazda
    Friday December 13, 12:45 am ET

    DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. is developing a replacement for its aging Taurus midsize sedan -- once the best-selling car in America and an industry icon -- based on the new Mazda6 sedan from its Japanese affiliate, Mazda Motor Co., Friday's Wall Street Journal reported, citing executives.

    With its rounded styling and front-wheel drive, the original Taurus was a big hit and helped Ford out of deep financial trouble during the 1980s. But shifting tastes and unsuccessful recent designs have left the Taurus uncompetitive with newer models from Japan in recent years. Ford now sells more than half the Tauruses it builds to rental and other fleets. Toyota Motor Corp.'s Camry and Honda Motor Co.'s Accord now dominate at the top of the car-sales rankings.

    With foreign rivals now attacking their strongholds in the sport-utility- vehicle and pickup-truck markets, Ford and the other U.S. auto makers are trying to shore up their largely dated car lineups, often relying on foreign affiliates to do much of the work.

    Ford executives hope the Mazda-based cars, which are likely to hit the market by mid-decade, will be competitive with the Camry and Accord.

    By using the Mazda vehicle as a basis for its new model, Ford is hoping to save on engineering and parts costs through greater combined volume. Wall Street Journal Staff Reporter Norihiko Shirouzu contributed to this report.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Typical press Taurus story, but please see posts 1900 and 1901. Adding Taurus and Sable sales together, the Ford twins still are beating Camry and Honda. Many people including fleet buyers, must still see good value.

    Is Mazda6 built in Flat Rock Plant, where Ford and Mazda have shared manufacturing in the Past?
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    I rent cars at least twice a year from various companies including Hertz that is owned by Ford not once have I seen a dominance of Taurus's in any lot. There is always a mix, quite often with GM and Chrysler actually having more in the lot.

    Personal view, the vast quantities of Taurii being sold to fleets is pure bunk. All of the big three sell a lot of rental vehicles.

    No IMO Tarus sales are no more inflated by rentals than say Pontiac TransAM, or Dodge Stratus, or Chevy Malibu. Heck, even these days I see a lot of Civics, Camarys, and Maximas in the lots.
  • BTW Mazda6 platform is sporty with wishbone front suspension and multilink rear suspension. Also Mazda6 features V6 Duratec with Mazda re-engineered head with variable valve timing. So it is not a bad choice.

    Mazda didn't want to use Mondeo platform, cause kinda why we great Japanese engineers have to use someone else platform (for those who don't know Mondeo platform is one of the best in industry and was developed by German engineers) we can develop our own platform better than Mondeo. Is it actually better or not is still a question, we will see soon. But another question is why Ford doesn't want to use its own Mondeo platform.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    good question...but why not just bring the mondeo over as is?

    i had heard the next taurus would be a volvo derivative chassis.

    the 6 chassis has awesome dynamics but lets hope the next taurus has much more headroom and rear seat room than the 6.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Today I took my Merc. Sable for schedule maintenance at the dealer's service department where they also took care of the latest recall. Brake pedal was moved over and nuts were retorqued.

    Car went in at 8 am and by noon time I picked it up. Service was inexpensive, quick and convenient. All around good experience.
    I've never been happy with dealer service departments until now.
  • My wife and daughter are nagging me to replace my old Merc. It's an original 1986 with 152,000 on it, only replaced the alternator, fuel pump and a couple suspension parts so far! It runs great, somebody please convince me to take the rebate and drop 20 grand on a new one...
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    This is a great time to buy a Sable or Taurus, Ford is offering generous cash incentives on left over 02's and 03's. Personally, I'd get a 2003.

    Good luck!
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    talk about denial. one of ford's goals with the latest redesign was to reduce sales to fleets. so much for that. the only reason these cars are considered to have any kind of value is because they sell at such huge discounts. in the next year or so GM will have a fleet of redesigned mid size car that are supposedly quite an improvement over their current cars. this will pretty much leave the taurus at the bottom alone. aren't there any taurus enthusiasts who are upset WITH ford for letting this car grow so long in the tooth. these cars are not competitive with makes from japan and in the case of the passat, germany and ford knows this.
  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    I am not upset with Ford for letting the Taurus grow "long in the tooth," because I know that the Ford 500 will be out in less than two years and the Mazda 6 derived replacement will be out in about 3 years. Also, the redesigned Grand Prix, Regal, and Impala will only use updated versions of their current platforms, while the Ford 500 and Taurus replacement will use all new platforms. In addition, the Taurus is a good value for the money.
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