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Isuzu Axiom Error Codes

On Isuzu Axiom '02. error code 401 keeps appearing. Have changed Oxygen sensors 4 and EGR valve. Appeared again. No vaccuum leaks. Any other helpful tips?


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,109
    Something is clogged up in your EGR system. Perhaps someone with hands on experience can verify that and offer tips on how to fix it. Anyone?

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  • restreporestrepo Posts: 1
    i have an isuzu axiom 2004. earlier last year my check engine light turned on and the error code was p0430 bank 2 catalytic pressure low? i think that is what it said, not sure word for word but it was the same code, p0430. i took it to a service center in waco, tx and they changed out my catalytic converter. fast forward to now. the light comes on and off. on for one week off for a month and now it stays on and my cruise control does not not work. same code p0430. i need to know exactly what is going on because i find it hard to believe that the catalytic converter is bad again. what should i do?
  • I'd had my 2004 Axiom for maybe a year when I got a check engine light. I can't remember the code, but they changed my cat. Check Engine light came on again, maybe still in the dealer lot (it's been a while). They took it back and found that something in the coil-on-plug deal was going out, and taking the cat with it. They fixed the coil problem and replaced the cat. No trouble since.

    So, it could be the coil problem that's causing the cat to go bad. If I can find the original paperwork, I'll see if it has a more detailed explanation of the problem.
  • Hello Everyone, Axiom02 error code P0401. Engine hesitates to get to 20mph, going uphill is worst and from stop and go, It doesn't pick up speed quickly. Loss of power. I took it to my mechanic
    he cleaned EGR passage, ports and changed EGR valve but had no luck. So, I took it to the dealer hoping they would know exactly what the problem is, and explained the supervisor about the problem. Dealer did exactly what my mechanic did cleaning EGR ports, and at the end I was told they don't know what is causing the problem, so they want to see if its from catalytic converter or something else. At this point I already spent $700 and its driving me crazy. Does anybody know what could be the problem? Plz help
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