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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair

jackson6137jackson6137 Posts: 2
edited March 10 in Audi
I just got a notice saying that Audi needs to inspect and possibly replace my ignition coil but my dealer knows nothing about it. And this is 2 days before a road trip! Has anyone had ignition coil failure?


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • Hi, I just bought an Audi Q7. It is awesome but I am find one annoying problem. Does anyone else notice the dashboard reflection in the windsheild? Also the drivers side mirror reflects in the window. Both these things are distracting. Any solutions out there?
    Thanks a million! jan
  • Sorry I meant windshield

    Hi, I just bought an Audi Q7. It is awesome but I am find one annoying problem. Does anyone else notice the dashboard reflection in the windsheild? Also the drivers side mirror reflects in the window. Both these things are distracting. Any solutions out there?
    Thanks a million! jan
  • We just purchased a Q7 with the in-dash 6-CD changer option. In looking through the vehicle with the salesman on delivery, we found another single CD player in the center console between the driver and passenger seats. He was as surprised as we were - and he says no one in the dealership understands why it is there either. Unfortunately, I had to travel the day after we picked it up, so I won't have a chance to explore the situation until this weekend. I'm wondering if anyone has a logical explanation as to why the audio system would be configured this way. Ideas?
  • Could it be the DVD player for the rear?
  • I don't think so - it says CD Player on the front face of the unit, the vehicle is not a Premium model, and it doesn't have any rear screens. Baffled.
  • Do you have navigation as an option??
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 873
    I bet it's the disc holder for the nav?
  • That was my thought as well although I am sure the Q7 uses DVD based not CD based nav.

    Are you sure it said CD on the player and not DVD?
  • jescuejescue Posts: 521
    This is the standard CD player. If you get the 6 disc upgrade in dash you still have the one in the armrest-kind of goofy.
  • xy46xy46 Posts: 26
    Got my 4.2 Premium about 3 weeks ago, and a couple of quirky finds.

    1) The front parking lights (located in the bumper next to the turn signal light) - my Q7 arrived with a white bulb on one side and a yellow bulb on the other. When the dealership and I looked at other Q7's on the lot, all the others had yellow bulbs on both sides.

    2) The cargo cover in my 7 seater is not the one that can be folded. From what I can tell, they must have two versions - one which doesn't fold for the 5 seater config and one that will fold in half for 7 seater config? Does anyone know if this is true. It makes sense, since otherwise, if you can't fold it in half, it won't fit in the remaining cargo area, and you would have to remove the entire contraption every time you want to use the third row of seats. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :confuse:

    Otherwise, I've been very happy with it. Great vehicle!
  • Picked up my Q7 replacement on Friday and it is amazing to see the differences in just a few months of production. My original Q7 has a sticker under the passenger seat which says Production Line #: 1, Run #: 1, Sequence #: 0139. Since then, they've made some minor changes to the Q7 of today. There's now a little hook to keep 3rd row seatbelts in place (out of the way). The thin strip of rubber molding at the bottom of the doors that came off after a week on my first 'loaner' Q7 has been replaced with a more substantial strip of rubber. My new 4.2 Q7 has adaptive air, navigation, advanced key, voice recognition, side assist, rear camera with acoustic parking. As I'd hoped the 'dynamic' setting on adaptive air was just what it needed to stiffen up the ride and really hug those corners on the windy parkways in New York.

    I love my Q7, and have every faith in Audi. This is my 4th and not my last Audi.

  • newq7newq7 Posts: 21

    Just picked up my new Q7 4.2 Premium and hooked up an LG8100 bluetooth cell phone (Verizon) and a Valentine One Radar detector. The LG's address book DID not transfer, although the info from the Audi site does not indicate the phone to be fully compatible.

    The Valentine One was going off nearly constantly throughout a 300 mile drive - to the point of being useless.

    I've had a V1 for years, so I pretty much know what to expect from it - and this was not it. My first thought was the Audi Side Assist. Perhaps I thought, Side Assist uses Radar and that may be tripping up the V1. I turned Side Assist on and off - no change.

    Then I noticed that when I powered off the phone the V1 started working as expected. Very weird - cell phones and bluetooth are different frequencies than Radar - or so I thought.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?
  • parishparish Posts: 5
    we've got the same issue with our brand new Q7- a 6 in-dash CD player and one under the arm rest as well. I have spoken to the dealership and they have offered to "investigate removal", at a cost of somewhere between $1-200. Since the storage interior space is limited, I have agreed, but as it is a lease, I might get whacked for re-installation at the end- we'll see.
    Their explanation (a guess) is that the under arm rest single player is standard, but with the 6 CD player, there is nothing to take up the space left if the single is removed. We're going to find out. If you opted for the lease package of roughly $550 per month with $2500 down, you must notice all the superfluous buttons lacking functions- various extras we weren't entitled to. Audi needs to work on it's control panel and button arrangement, as it is obviously not completely thought through yet. Annoying , but in the end a pretty good car, so these issues are easily overlooked.
  • xy46xy46 Posts: 26
    My 4.2 Premium with the 6-disc in dash CD player has a pretty good-sized storage area under the armrest where apparently your single CD player is presently. So, there is a storage tray that does go there when the CD player isn't there.

    Did you by chance get a 7 seater, and if so, does your cargo cover fold in half for storage?
  • In all three of my Q7's there was no under the armrest CD for anything. I imagine that the dealers either forgot to 'uncheck that box' on the order or the Audi logistics failed to notice the superfluous extra CD. I have a 4.2 premium with 6 CD in the dash, Nav under the trunk in the back, and see no reason for an extra single CD in under the armrest. My local deal, New Country recently had a Q7 launch day with many 3.6's and 4.2's. (Shortage? What shortage?) I don't recall seeing any extra "standard" single CD's in any of them.
  • xy46xy46 Posts: 26
    Just visited Ingolstadt factory 2 weeks ago for the tour. We saw the A3 being built. They build multiple variations of the same car on their lines - British cars next to cars destined for the US - four doors and two doors - each one different from the other depending on ordered options and country of destination. I suspect that someone on the line put the CD player in by accident instead of the storage compartment as it passed through their area. It then probably got missed at the final inspection, which is easy to see considering it's location.

    The tour was awesome - highly recommended if you're ever in Germany.
  • parishparish Posts: 5
    yes, the 3.6 I got is a 7 seater, and, no, my storage cover does not fold in half for storage. It sits in my garage unused.
  • If this were a single incident, I would agree it simpy may be a cse of stupidity on the part of an assembler on the line. As at least two people on this forum have the same issue, I suggest it might be something more endemic. As long as they remove it with little or no hassle, I 'm ok with the inconvenience, but I plan to argue whatever costs they attempt to levie.
    My only other issue is a rattling with the sun visor inthe rear, and the glass roof itself "creaks" somewhat. The latter, I suspect is simple to fix, and I hope the former works itself out in the next 2000 miles.
  • Sure am - my reading skills are pretty decent ;-)
    Definitely not DVD, no navigation option - and it shows up on the dash display as "CD7".
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