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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    My steering-wheel-mounted Volume button, when depressed, announces that "NAVIGATION IS NOT ACTIVE" - that is when it isn't, or it repeats the last navigation command when the Navi is on. I am not sure how it is supposed to behave if you do not have Navigation. There is also a setting to reduce/mute the volume when Navi "talks" - the setting which may have been changed on your Q7 by the software upgrade.

    I would suggest to read the MMI manual - but I WON'T! I still remember trying to read that thing in order to figure out why my one-touch voice-recognition button either
    1. Works at all since I did not have "the package"
    2. Dials a random number from cell phone memory...

    Well, somehow, it now works wonderfully - dials my home phone # and I only need to yell "DIAL" once or twice... while other voice commands are not recognized - after all I do not have "the package" :)
  • mml7mml7 Posts: 55
    I used to be able to MUTE my sound system by depressing with my thumb the volume button found on the right side of the steering wheel . I have the Q7 Premium 3.6.

    On a service visit I had the dealer check out an electrical problem and they said there was none but that they did some Software updates.

    Then the MUTE featured stopped working.

    I bought it in to the dealer for another service (since no mute button was annoying BUT I was too busy to bother with it ) and they now claim that feature was never on this model. SO I guess I (and my whole family) was HOLLUCIANATING !!!

    That button on my 4.2L Q7 (with Nav) does not mute the radio. Only the radio volume know next to the MMI does. What software updates did your dealer perform? You should be able to get a list of the software updates performed on your car from the service invoice (typically listed something like I3 update, etc).
  • The thing is with AudiCare, our money factor was decreased on the lease, making the true cost equal to ZERO, yes it was essentially free. So it makes sense to opt for it even though it does not cover things like rotations. Free oil changes still count for something.
  • While I agree is sucks to have to shell out $1000 when something spills on the MMI, whose fault is it ultimately that the liquid got into your MMI? Certainly not Audi... You don't have to drink while driving the car- especially when you KNOW there will be a problem if something spills in it. You got one free pass from Audi already, now you want them to pay again when you make the same mistake?
  • You miss the entire point . The mistake is not mine... remember I am the customer and the customer is never wrong !! A coffee spill should not cause $1000 worth of damage to a car - NO WAY Audi (or u) can explain this one away .. They screwed up and their arrogance wont allow them to just admit it and fix the flaw!! That same arrogance almost bankrupted AUDI with their SUDDEN ACCELERATION problems.

    No one with even a rudimentary knowledge of electronics would NOT SEAL a unit that is vulnerable to a spill. Or better yet NOT put the unit directly below a cupholder - PURE GENIUS !! Also realize the spill was small and wiped up immediately.

    The key here is AUDI has a flawed design and is too ARROGANT to admit it !!

    If you are accustomed to paying premium prices for subpar design quality and even worse "arrogant" customer service then you will do well to stay in an AUDI ...

    I checked with my friend that has a BMW X5 and guess what ..... he spilled coffee in his car and it did not cost him days in the shop and $1000.... he said "It told u to buy a BMW".....

    P.S. Do you work for Audi ? :lemon:
  • But you certainly are. Again, who spilled the drink on the MMI? Audi? I think not. You were aware there would be an issue if a drink spilled on the MMI after the first episode and still chose to allow it to happen again. This is not Audi's fault, it's yours. They have a cupholder in the front door as well, you know. If you put your drinks there it won't hurt anything if it spills.

    I will give you another example. The automatic rear hatch on the Q7 has an adjustable stop point. If you purchased your car, drove home, entered your garage and opened the hatch without adjusting it, it would likely hit your garage door(causing significant damage to your rear hatch). Would this be Audi's fault too? Would they be liable for the bodywork needed to correct it?

    You show real ignorance by bring up the "unitended" accelleration issue. This was proven beyond a doubt to be driver error, it had nothing to do with Audi's design at all. That was an example of media using its power to hurt a company, not an example of truth in reporting.

    And, no, I don't work for Audi. I am just a satisfied Q7 owner who doesn't like to hear whining about things that were self-inflicted....
  • mml7mml7 Posts: 55
    You miss the entire point . The mistake is not mine... remember I am the customer and the customer is never wrong !! A coffee spill should not cause $1000 worth of damage to a car - NO WAY Audi (or u) can explain this one away .. They screwed up and their arrogance wont allow them to just admit it and fix the flaw!! That same arrogance almost bankrupted AUDI with their SUDDEN ACCELERATION problems.

    I stopped trying to reason with you awhile back, but seriously, the mistake really is yours. By your logic, it is Apple's fault if I accidentally spill coffee into the keyboard of my Macbook and fry the motherboard.

    Also, try doing some research on the "sudden acceleration" problems before claiming it as a failure on Audi's part. The story has been completely debunked. The expert 60 minutes hired actually doctored the car to make it behave the way it did and the NHTSA even cleared Audi a few years later.

    P.S. Do you work for Audi ?
    I have to admit that I find it pretty humorous that you always question people who disagree with your opinion if they work for Audi (as you claimed I did a few months ago). I happen to believe in personal liability. If I screw something up, it's my fault. I don't go trying to find someone to blame.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,047
    I've just seen the photos, but the placement of the cupholder sounds like a design flaw to me. There's a lot of anecdotal accounts around that German car designers don't understand the North American demand for ample cupholders. This design sounds like it may be an afterthought.

    That said, my '97 Subaru isn't any better - the cupholder in it lets splashes dump into the HVAC controls, but mostly into a slot where the cable operated temp selector lives.

    Looking at interior shots of new Outbacks (and new MDX's, a direct competitor of the Q7), it appears that there are no cupholders on the dash at all anymore - just in the center console.

    Someone who likes to visit showrooms should go around and compare notes between the Q7, MDX, X6, Cayenne, etc.
  • Steve, great idea.. I will be replacing my Q7 next year so I planned to make the rounds at the dealers.. so I will document what I find and post. I am leaning towards a BMW X5 BUT note sure what new SUVs to expect in 2009. Any suggested forums to post/query on this ? thx !!

    BTW, you guys do a great job managing this site... very responsive and balanced ...

    :) :) :)
  • First of all lets get one thing out of the way. I do not work for Audi(or pump gas for that matter). I am a veterinarian by trade. There are not many mentally challenged folks getting into vet school these days....

    Second, why won't you just own up to YOUR mistake of spilling liquids into the MMI? You did spill it, right? It wasn't done while your car was at the dealer getting serviced, right?

    Your gas attendant analogy is excellent and you should learn from it. If you can't keep a coffee cup in the armrest cup holder without spilling it, don't put the cup there. Use the door cup holder instead.

    Help me out by telling me what you do for a living so I can give you a better example you may understand...
  • You were right man- Kerry is pretty unreasonable about the whole issue....
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    This exchange is becoming more and more personal. Let's all take a deep breath and refrain from the zingers. Debating an issue is one thing but making it ad hominem is quite another.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Nothing personal here tidester- just want Kerry to own up to the fact the mistake is theirs, not Audi's. I can't stand to see people complain about something they caused by their own actions. If the MMI was failing on its own and was constantly putting their Q7 in the shop, that would be another thing and I would agree. I had a 2004 Touareg before my Q7 and it constantly had issues which put it in the shop. The same components would fail again and again. The Q7 is a masterpiece in comparison.
  • dealership. We had a lady spill beer on her MMI and demand we fix it. :confuse:
  • It really is SIMPLE.....

    f you have electronics in a car .... hmmmmm say in the braking system or headlights you seal them from moisture etc.. well if you have electronics inside a car especially near a cupholder which leans forward over the electronica .... you should also seal the electronics .... how expensive could that be for a $60K car\

    Not sure why u are defending audi ... they dropped the ball and need to own this design flaw...

    It really is that SIMPLE....

    The key point here is to communicate to others :lemon: :lemon: that AUDI has no respect for their customers ... they are arrogant and that will reap its own reward ... :lemon: :lemon:

    It really is that SIMPLE....
  • WOW!!

    so now Audi determines if they fix damage from a poorly designed unsealed electronics MMI system by the type of liquid spilled on it ..

    Hey if it was Holy Water would you have fixed it for free...

    WOW - true example of AUDI arrogance !!

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You Guys are THE BEST !!!!

    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Anybody with an opinion other than yours is obviously an "Audi operative". Do you really think Audi would waste time replying to posts such as yours? You still haven't answered my question. Why would you put the same beverage that did the damage the first time back in the center cupholders? One time shame on Audi, two times shame on you. I guess you are not a believer in the quote: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Maybe you should be....
  • Hamilton CLEARLY STATES he works for an AUDI dealer ...

    WOW !!

    Try tp be less emotional and READ the POSTS .then your replies will be better respected and some people may actually fall for your inaccurate Audi biased comments. ..

    Also per Stever Pls refrain from the childish name calling

  • If I owned your Audi I'd never, ever use that cupholder again. You KNOW Audi is not going to fix it, so every time you douse it, you're going to pay for it. Ten cups of coffe spilled, ten modules, ten profits for Audi.

    Would you rather be unjustly deprived of a cupholder, or remain angry forever and pay $1000 a year for new modules? Me? I'd take my lumps and quit.

    Audi is never, *ever* going to pay for such a thing again, in a million years. You can take my word on this. Trust me. It's hopeless. You got your one goodwill module, just like the lady who sued McDonalds for being scalded by coffee got her settlement. Do you think she could sue again and collect? Doubt it.

    Look on the bright side. Maybe your complaint will get back to Audi and they'll move the module for future Audi owners, just like McDonalds lowered the temperature of their coffee to save us all from harm.

    Anyway that's my two cents. I'm a realist, as you can tell :P

    Visiting Host
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    just like McDonalds lowered the temperature of their coffee to save us all from harm

    McDonald's lowered the temperature of their coffee to save themselves from potential future lawsuits. :P

    I agree, it seems like a careless design but I don't see where any of this goes after the first "mishap." If I get shocked sticking my finger into a poorly designed electrical outlet, maybe I deserve compensation. But I'm sure as heck not going to stick my finger there the second time.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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