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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • nachinachi Posts: 9
    I just noticed that there is water after a rainfall gathering on the floor of the front passenger side footwell. Seems to be coming from the front. Am bringing in for service Wednesday night. Will let you know what happens.
  • nachinachi Posts: 9
    Here goes the experience I had.
    Get to the dealership and the service tech pops the hood. Starts clearing away some leaves and says "there are alot of leaves in here. this could be causing a backup which may be why water is coming into the passenger footwell. This would not be covered under warranty". IMy response was dont tell me a couple of leaves is going to create an issue to a 50K+ SUV. I dont want to hear it. So he says well It may just be coming in from the sunroof but we will check and let you know. The follow up call i received was to confirm the water was in fact coming from the a-piller and was covered under the warranty.
  • meva75meva75 Posts: 1
    I got 08 Q7 last November . Two weeks later the MMI Console stoped working. I took in for repair where I was told something must have gotten spilled on it and it was not covered . NOTHING GOT SPILLED AS FAR AS I KNOW!!! I was quoted anywhere from $ 1500 to 1100 to get it fixed since Audi doesnt cover spills . After numerous calls to very unprofessional customer service ,I had no choice but pay for the repair . Since I had paid for premiums like navigation , camera and ipod interface not enjoying it while the poorly designed MMS stopped working was not an option. Two days ago my MMI stopped working again . In the morning I took it to Audi . The same thing. Again nothing to my knowledge got spilled !!!! The guys at the audi told me that they have average of 2 claims that MMI stops working on the Q7 . They said it doesnt even have to have anything spilled on it sometimes all it takes is a dirt that gets stuck inside , Of course they would charge me $ 1100 to get it working again . This is ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why wouldnt they fix the flaw in the design knowing about it ??? IS THAT AUDI WAY TO MAKE MONEY ON LOYAL COSTUMERS ????? I am seriously considering getting another car . Any ideas
  • The dealer has flexibility to cover 1st MMI failure so escalate to the owner of dealership. If you do have to pay it should not charge you more than $900 with parts.... they should do it for COST !!!

    Next log a complaint with AUDI HQ. This is a WELL KNOWN problem with MANY posts here ... They even had a audi shill in this blog argue why electronics under a cup holder. do not need to be sealed ... like the MMI ... almost FUNNY if it did not cost me $

    Also mention the Q5 has the MMI on the dash which is the only reason I stayed with AUDI when I got rid of my '07 Q7

    AUDI USA has poor customer services and their dealers are arrogant (although my service guy is good) BUT AUDI makes a great car ..

    They should hire a Customer Service Exec from Toyota

    Lastly you paid $50K + and should NOT take any of their nonsense so complain until they relent

    GOOD LUCK !!
  • I think the service tech's remark was basically sound and could very well have caused a leak in your vehicle. What happens is that the leaves, being organic material, degrade and break down into a kind of brown slop, which then clogs the drain holes in the fresh air cavity under your vents. Then you have a moving fish tank, and as you turn or brake the water spills into the passenger compartment---since this part of the car was not built to hold a gallon of water---merely to drain out some rain water as it falls in there.
  • You lot don't know you're born. I have never read so much rubbish on cupholders in my entire life. If you insist on purchasing coffee by the bucket then get a drinking straw and strap it in the boot - which is away from sensitive electronics - and thus avoid sloshing it all over your MMI controller. Anyone who expects Audi to pick up the tab for a punter's fumbling clumsiness surely has a screw loose...

    All this whining about what you expect from a $50-60k vehicle too; I paid $135k for mine (4.2 TDi S-line, loaded) and that included a 15% discount. You get what you pay for and I have had no problems or glitches. Brakes are going strong still at 30k miles (in 1.5 years), summer tyres have been replaced (continentals that came fitted) and winters still have at least this winter left in them.

    If you have the diesel available then buy the 4.2 TDi S-line if your budget runs to it. Much more torque than any of the petrols, faster across the range and reasonable economy. Q7 makes my company X5 look and feel very second best, ML is gutless unless you can run to ML63AMG and who on earth would ever compare a Japanese plastic pursuit ship to a premium German mile-muncher?? Next someone will recommend an Escalade as an alternative. The only car that I enjoy as much for the long trips is the new RS6 avant, but the fines are boring...
  • I had the same problem (I didn't recall spilling anything either - but I did use that cup holder so I guess a drop could have gotten away, since the cup holder is NOT built properly to securely hold a cup in the first place) with my car and went to the manager in the service department as well as calling Audi HQ directly. Within the day they called me back and split the cost with me - which ended up being under $500. I still felt that I should have to pay for anything due to it being a design flaw. At this point - I do not use the front cup holder AT ALL to ensure that not even 1 drop of fluid hits that MMI. I use the cup holder in the door now- or the back cup holder. I never use regular coffee cups anymore - only those with a lid! I use the front cup holder for my cell phone now...
  • I think if anyone were "sloshing" liquids on their MMI we wouldn't be having this discussion at all. We're talking about a DROP of liquid POTENTIALLY hitting that area. They say a DROP is all it takes. IF a drop is all it takes why design the area with TWO CUPHOLDERS 2 inches away from it? Hence all the anger and frustration over poor design.

    Anyway- Who in the hell would buy a $50K-$70K car and then SLOSH liquid everywhere? No one.... And yay for you having tons of money to throw down on a car. You must be so proud! By the way - $50-60K on a vehicle is a LOT of damn money. Get in touch with reality pal!
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Just to add to this very interesting topic about how sensitive the MMI seems to be.

    I have my Q7 3 weeks old now and have been very interested to read all the horror writing about MMI shorting out from just a small water or other drink spill on it. This all seems to be a result of very poor design and I think there is an understandable yet not acceptable explanation for this.

    In Germany where I have driven a lot of different rental cars it is not normal to find cup holders at all. It is not customary on German (or Swiss, Austrian, French,Spanish...) roads to see driver to eat or drink while he is driving. This is why most cars don't even come with cup holders. If you want one you need to special order your car with it. 4 weeks ago I rented a MB S350 in Dusseldorf and it did not have one cup holder in it but I'm quite sure you can get one if you order your car with one. Not sure with MB though...

    From everything in Q7 cup holder design you can see that it is a poor adaptation for people who insist having one, i.e. mostly for N.A. market. What makes it poor is that the front edge of the middle arm rest that holder is built in to must be kept low so that the MMI can be used without overly bending your wrist. There is no room to make holder deeper because of the room AMI takes underneath it. Obviously normally so superior German car engineering missed important point here, the MMI moisture sensitivity. They would have been better not to supply cup holder at all for the front middle console.

    Now, someone with a lot of money or other vice thinking people are stupid if they spill coffee or other drinks in their car and get mad when $1000 damage is easily caused when they are not warned about it should think about it a little bit. If Audi would have a big sticker inside the car warning people of the danger with spilling something it would be a different story but they do not have a sticker. Wonder why? Is it that some people would not buy the car if there was one? Perhaps.

    Personally I do not know any other vehicle that has so expensive component positioned in such jeopardized location as MMI in this Q7 is. Audi should have made a better design for this as cup holder really is in very stupid position and when there is a cup holder spills can be expected. It is not if it will spill, it is only when.

    Would be interesting to see some poor victim of the spill take Audi in a court over this. And I think Audi would loose. If they had a big sticker warning or some other way informed potential buyer of it before buying the car then they would be covered.

    I have also seen posts that Audi repair says something was spilled on the MMI that shorted it out when people say they did not spill anything on it. How can you prove you did not spill as this now is an easy way for Audi to avoid paying repair under warranty by just claiming there was a spill.

    How about moisture from condensation? I live in Louisiana and during some winter time months there can be very severe condensation moisture inside the car. Does warranty cover if this shorts out the MMI? This clearly would be poor design damage again.

    For the cup holder need in U.S. is a good reason. We, or some of us anyway, are used to drive very long distances (or times). Personally I travel sometimes driving 10 hours straight (yesterday 6 hour drive) only stopping for gas and for that drink that I need to be able to keep going. I have never stopped at any gas station and drink or eat at location. In that easily lasting half hours drinking/eating time you loose 35 miles of travel so I choose to drive and drink my coffee or soda in my car while driving. This is very normal in the U.S. and this is why cupholders are found in every U.S. made (and most U.S. sold) cars.

    If you want to get in the game then do it correctly, i.e. if you "half [non-permissible content removed]" add cup holders in the vehicle in location where they should not be to be able to sell cars in this market area then at least inform / warn your customers about it. Audi did a very poor job with this.

    Even knowing about the sensitivity of the MMI to moisture I still love this vehicle. It drives by far better than anything I drove before, including the MB 350S and Audi A6 Avant S-line. This vehicle is something else. Of course I have not driven my Q7 at 155 MPH as I did with the A6, which probably would change my opinion but for the 80 MPH and lower speeds this is the best so far.

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,196
    Here's a thought -- go to waldomart and buy one of those cupholders that fits into the window/door seam. Get one to match the interior. :P Then get a piece of plastic wrap and cover the problem area. It's clear and no one will ever notice. Good to go. ;)
  • Well PUT ...
  • I'm with the Europeans on this one. A modern car is like a modern computer, and all it takes is one drop of coffee to fry a keyboard on a laptop (been there, done that)---this is why laptops don't have cupholders. :P

    The modern car's environment is by definition *hostile* to electronics as it is, even in areas where the driver cannot reach.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    My ThinkPad has a built in drain in case of spills. You can't immerse it but it's spill resistant. Minor accidents won't necessarily kill the $1,000 shiny object.

    High tech plus good engineering. ;)
  • That's the THEORY anyway :P
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,196
    The pay must be plenty good at edmunds if you can afford 1k on a Think Pad. I get mine for a buck at the dollar store. It's not shiny unless you count the spirily wire thingy that holds the pages together.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    This may or may not be related but you may want to have a look at the Audi A4 Ignition Coil Problems discussion.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Don't worry about it. They are replacing every Audi car with new coils. You would have an engine light on if this was a problem on your car.
  • Thanks to all who post here. Your insight is so valuable to folks like me considering a purchase of this magnitude. I totally agree with the cup holder as after thought sentiment expressed it right, or don't do it at all. The claims of moisture shorting the MMI remind me of a similar cell phone experience. Took it in for repair after taking a call during a light rain, and the VZ rep shows me this little white dot turned red, signifying the VOIDing of the warranty. :mad:

    In some ways, you know better, but they (designers) should have considered the possibilities (we Americans DO drink and eat in our cars) :surprise: . I guess the lesson is don't use that cup holder. :P
  • my car literally stopped in the middlde of the road dead- then it had to be towed into Audi. I received it back and then none of the automatic locks worked - the dealership said they did not do anything and wouldnt fix it- the MMI doesnt work - they claim its my fault- I turned the car in early its a lemon- never again
  • just search on MMI in this blog and u will be amazed at how many people have problems with MMI

    i was given incentives to stay with audi when my Q7 lease expired... I bought a Q5 and love it

    GUESS WHAT even though they claim Q7 MMI is perfectly designed they changed it on new Q5 .... the MMI in Q5 is in the DASH and as a result not vulnerable to spills etc....
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