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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • Although the MMI trouble is a well known engineering flaw from Audi (see and in general the Audi/Volkswagen group you can consider yourself very lucky that Audi wants to replace the MMI under warranty. You are actually the first person I see posting that news.

    Had the same trouble with my 07 Q7 and it took me 3 months to come to an arrangement with Audi. My dealer, Audi Knopf, first told me they had to replace 3 devices for a total cost of approx $3,500 (amplifier, GPS, tuner). It turned out, at the end, that only replacing the amplifier brought everything back to working order, GPS and tuner included. So watch out for Audi dealers wanting to create unnecessary expenses.

    Can you ask your dealer if this warranty for the MMI is new? Many of the readers will be interested to know. Thank you.
  • I own an Audi as well. And I think it is idiotic that they have the MMI near the cup holders. I have had to have mine replaced recently and it was $1200.00. Why would Audi even think of changing the design when they can suck tons of money out of the consumer? They must be making a fortune off people! Really sad!!
  • I am following this thread because I am considering purchasing a 2012 Premium Plus. I'm a little nervous about the purchase but my spouse really likes the Q7 over the MDX.

    I drink coffee in my car everyday.....other drivers would hate for me to skip it!

    Thx for any and all advice! :confuse:
  • I currently have a 2008 Audi Q7 with 30K miles and am no longer eligible for Audi Extended Warranty. I would like to cover my Audi for the next 3-4 years and was wondering if anyone has a recommendation on an external warranty provider.
  • fagirifagiri Posts: 1
    I wish I had seen this post earlier. I own a 07 Q7, around late August started having problems with the battery where I had it jump-start the car. Took it to the dealership and they diagnosed it as a bad battery. Well, went ahead and replaced the battery at different shop, but few weeks later around early October the same symptoms re occurred and would have to jump start the car if I don't drive it for more than 2 days, however I don't see the problem that much as long as I drive the car daily for long trips as the alternator would charge the battery enough to keep it running (at least that's my theory). Any how, went back to the shop where I got the battery from assuming that they gave me a faulty unit, the shop went ahead and replaced the battery as it was still under warranty.

    Well, starting late November the problem re occurred for the third time, so decided to take the car to the dealership this time but due to my work schedule, went back to the dealership in mid December while jump starting the car ALMOST EVERY OTHER DAY IN BETWEEN and informed that I replaced the battery per their recommendation however still having issues with the car not starting if not driven for few days. The dealership charged me the $125 diagnostic fees, come back saying the computer was not re programmed correctly after the battery was replaced by the other shop and as a result there is a draw causing the battery to die and it will cost $250 to re program it.

    I agreed to take the hit saying that I shouldn't have replaced the battery outside the dealership, anyhow after the dealership re programed the computer, they came back saying that they still see the draw, nevertheless the computer still had to be re programmed. The dealership said it will take them few more days to identify where the draw coming from and it will cost an additional $250 to diagnose, they said it will be refundable if it turns the draw is due to something covered under the extended warranty. So that's $500 to re program the computer and diagnose the draw!!

    Guess what?? late December, they were finally able to diagnose the problem due to a faulty amplifier and the amplifier is not covered under the extended warranty, there quote was $1600 in additional to the $500 of re programing and diagnosing the issue. They suspected the faulty amplifier was due to the water drains not been cleared and that's an additional $700 to clear.

    I was pissed off, called Audi USA, had lengthy conversation with the customer rep. She opened a ticket and decided to follow up with the dealership. After few days, the dealership and Audi USA came back with a 50% discount to repair the draw. I contemplated their offer for few days, but decided to accept it as I needed the car back and can't go about jump starting the vehicle every day. I wish I had seen this post earlier.
  • After almost 4 years of completely trouble-free motoring with my 08 Q7 4.2TDi a light appeared on the dash warning of an engine fault. I booked into the dealer I bought it from (and all the other Audis we have owned) and they ran a swift diagnostic which showed there was a air suspension sensor fault. I was due to drive on holiday the following week for 5 weeks which was going to involve 3000 miles of driving and I wanted to know if it would be possible to use it for that and have it repaired afterwards. The answer was 'no' because the system would recognise the fault and go into 'get you home mode' at 30mph, which, frankly would not have got me home because I would have had the thing destroyed for being annoying.

    The worse news was that there was no availability in the workshop until after we were due to leave but they would see what they could do. In the meantime one friend offered to lend me his S6 and another his Range Rover supercharged, both of which would have doubled our fuel bills.

    A couple of days later the dealer said they had found a workshop slot at another dealer which they would open on a Sunday to get the work done. The work involved taking out the engine, doing some stuff to the axle and so on and was going to run to 8 or 9000 francs (or dollars). I gulped and told them to get on with it.

    The car came back good as new and the bill followed a month later. Audi had decided that this was a fault that should not have occurred in a car of this age and picked up the tab for all parts and 66% of the labour, leaving us with just 1500 to pay. We were more than happy with that. The downside of driving expensive cars is that when/if they go wrong they cost plenty to fix. A friend had a similarly expensive experience with his Touareg and VW did not offer a cent by way of assistance. That is the advantage of driving a premium car I guess...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    francs? Are you in Switzerland?

    I think I would have taken my friend up on the S6.. ;)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have an 07 Q7. I have experienced problems recently with the engine cooling fan continuing to run after I shut the car off. It runs really loud and really fast until it totally drains the battery. I can stop it temporarily if I open the door and once the door closes again it starts right back up until the battery is dead!

    Has anyone experienced the same or similar problem, or heard of the same? If so, what was the fix?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    First thing you might do is check for low coolant in the reservoir. Even if you are down 1/2 liter, this could cause the fan to run longer.

    If the coolant level is fine and there is no indication of coolant leakage, then I'd suspect the coolant temperature sensor.

    Does the fan run with the engine cold, in the morning. Normallly there are two sensors, one for ON and one for OFF. So if the ON one seems okay (doesn't run when cold) then I'd suspect the OFF one.

    Might not be a big deal.


  • I am planning to buy a 2012 Audi Q7 Premimum Plus Model and I was wondering whether the water leak issue and the break issue is still persisting in the new 2012 model's as well. Any pointer to this will be highly appreciated.
  • cirquocirquo Posts: 7
    I am not aware of any 2012 model water leak issue. That doesn't mean there isn't one. You would hope by the 4th generation model they have worked those kinks out. If you are buying new or used, see if you can purchase CPO (certified pre-owned ) warranty, which is extended warranty coverage beyond the manufacturer, no matter how much it costs, $750 or $1,000. It covers just about everything besides wear and tear (brakes). I have a CPO 07' model. It is a good looking vehicle and feels good driving.
  • vahid1vahid1 Posts: 1
    i have a 2008 Q7, since 3 months ago i have faced with a realy strange situation. in the morning after 5 min perfect drive, the car shocked for one to two times. i mean when i was driving ( speed 70-90 km/h) it seems someone push brake for 1 second and leave it.if i drive with very low speed in that particular moment ( like in trafic jam) car turned off. it happened one time a day. when i sent car to service center they changed feul pump, checked electronice and ECU and.... but not usefule, so i came back again to them and this time they asked me to change gearbox!!! i can not belive because in my mind if it is a seroius problem it must happen more frequently not 2-3 shocks a day only when the car is cold. any comments will be admired.
  • Hi there,

    have you decided to purchase the Q7 I ham having the same dilemma and have started to look at the grand Cherokee as an alternate but also see mixed reviews and issues, although they sell much more of these as they are in a lower cost bracket, they seem to have a many issues.

    I have seen a few on car guru and prices are much more reasonable in the U.S
  • We are thinking of purchasing an Audi Q7 but see much related issues with leaking and MMI issues.

    We have owned a 2003 jetta tdi and now a 2005 passant wagon tdi and have had very little issues, except the transmission acting up as well as dash board computer, after finding out had the computer connections under the front passenger's feet were corroding. (odd place to put a computer). Repaired wires and now have just under 300,000 kilometers and still running strong.

    Would like anyone's experiences with the newer models.

  • cirquocirquo Posts: 7
    I purchased my 2007 Q7 about two years ago. Definitely purchase any year 2008 (the minimum year for CPO now) and up as a CPO, certified pre owned, if you are buying pre owned, no matter how much, 750 US dollars and up is worth it for the extended manufacturers warranty of an additional 2 years plus services. If able to buy a third party comprehensive Zurich warranty, that is another option, although pricey, in essence buying what you may pay ahead of time. The car has great looks, you stand apart from the normal cars on the road, but had some issues, non were MMI, I had the interior leaks from a clogged AC tube and windshield cowel that was covered under the CPO and didn't get to the MMI behind the dash. I also had that oil pressure issue where the pump wouldn't do it's thing upon start up, but was replaced under CPO, which was particular to 2007 year which was first production year. I'd get a 2008 or higher, although the 2008 I've read has tail lites burning out a lot but not anything serious. Buy from an Audi dealer that also provides Audi service. V6 which I have, is adequate and pretty good on gas, the V8 I would imagine is quicker from a take off standpoint and not as great at the pump. The new Infiniti JX has copied everything from Audi's Q7. We also had a 1997 Jetta, 2003 Jetta, 2006 Passat. Good luck and you will be happy. Chrysler/Jeep has many odd issues from cars shutting down on the road to other electrical issues. They haven't mastered the Mercedes technology they acquired when under that ownership and Fiat has their own intentions with Chrysler distribution as help.
  • edw899edw899 Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2012 Audi Q7 TDI on 8/8 and the check engine light was on after little over one week drive. I sent it back to dealer to check, and they said there was EGR system problem, and took 3 days to replace a vault. I just about to pick it up the next day, they called me said the other vault was bad, the code was set to the computer the light was on again. They ordered the vault and will take 5 days to ship from Germen. It was 417 miles when I sent in the car, now it is 465 miles sfter they test drive, and they said at least 20 more mile will be added to it. My car is still in the service. Dose any one know will this car be a lemon car. Can I return it?
  • I really hope you can help. I also have a 3.6 with the same problem. Was your problem solved and what did you do to fix it?
  • If I could be honest mike,

    They probably don't care if you have purchased 100 Audi's. They'll treat you like most any customers these days. First off, if you don't want to shell out allot of money and put up with dumbfounded answers to problems, you have to be willing to put in a little time and effort to learn how most of these modern day cars function with the thousands of electronic devices buttoned up inside of them these days....How was that for a run on sentence. I invested in a quality repair manual, quality tools, web-forums, and a Ross tech device to talk to the computer in these beasts. You would be amazed at what they tell you!!!! In my case, my 07 q7 had the same situation, and it turns out that there's quite a few actuators that open ducting and adjust various ventilation paths underneath that dashboard. The interface told me what actuator was malfunction and I referred to the detailed repair manual for location and how to remove it. After a little lube and adjustment, the heating problem was corrected. If you don't have the patience and time to dig into these things, I'm afraid that we are all left to succumb to the hefty dealership charges for all cars these days. I was told once, hey buddy you bought an Audi, so you should be able to absorb these costs. I'm not rich, but I do like German Engineering (But you shouldn't be forced to pay for there upkeep) Good luck on whatever decision you make on spending your time an money, but I know how I like to invest mine!!!!
  • hjs3hjs3 Posts: 3
    My spouse is interested in getting the Q7. But there are WAY too many posts under "maintenance".
    There must be a real relibility issue with this model
    please respond.
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