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Audi Q7 Maintenance and Repair



  • sbornosborno Posts: 9
    Well, most of the reliability issues are from the older models. I think everything has been worked out. 2010 and newer, especially 2011s have much better reliability, and better engine/transmission.

    I'm in a similar situation. We need to replace my wife's 04 Sienna, it's been great, but at 155K, its kinda time. Plus both my kids have driven it the first six months of having their lisences.

    We are considering either the new MDX, due at the end of May, or a 11 or 12 used Q7. I've been an Audi guy for years, and even though some don't age well, We love our Audi's I dont think we'll see a redesign for at least a year or two, cause Audi is building a new factory in Mexico, and will wait until it's up and running, before a new Q7 comes.

    The new MDX would be great for the wife, but I hate buyin new cars. That being said, we bought her sienna new cause it was the perfect vehicle for our family, and was only available new. The MDX maybe the same situation, but kills me to pay sticker, when I can get a 12-18 month old Q7 for 20-25% of the original MSRP.

    Also, the MDX will not have a pano roof like the audi, I really like the pano...
    So, I'm on the fence, and will probably wait until may to drive the new MDX.

    Just another car nuts dilemma, any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!!
  • aagyemanaagyeman Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Q7 and just spent $4000.00 on some Electrical problem connected to the transmission. The car just stopped working and has been at the shop for a week now at the Audi dealership in Des Moines. I can't wait to get rid of this LEMON! I also own a nissan (1997) that I have not spent more than 4k on for routine work, let alone transmission. When I called the dealer and Audi Customer Care, they both gave me the run around. I AM DONE WITH AUDI and will be happy to get even 1 person to not buy an audi....It was fun trying. Yes, thousands of dollars fun.
  • I bought a used Q7 back in late March. The car had 67,000 miles on it but appeared to be very good condition overall. When we bought it from the dealership, we noticed the tires were a little worn so we asked how long they would last. They said, "At least a year."

    I just brought the car in for service. I've now owned it for 5 months and I've put about 4500 miles on it. They told me I need 4 new tires, new brake pads and a new battery. Totally price: $2700. I feel like I just bought the car and I really haven't put many miles on it. And we don't drive it hard. It's mostly used for taking the kids to school and driving around town.

    I would have expected this if I had bought the car from a private seller or a less reputable dealer. But, I bought it from a Nalley dealership. So, I thought they do a better job reconditioning the vehicle before the sale.

    I talked to the Sales Manager and the Service Manager and they want to try to make it right. But, they're not going to do the service for free. They offered 20% off.

    Any thoughts here? Thanks for your help.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,999
    I don't think I've ever purchased tires from a dealer. Nothing wrong with shopping around for parts and service.

    It's a good idea and cheap insurance to get an independent mechanic to check out any used car you are thinking of buying.

    Feel free to write up a review here too:

    Dealer Ratings and Reviews.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I too bought an Audi Q7 this year and am glad I bought a Certified Pre-owned. I have had ESP failure, two fuel pump failures and a blower motor failure in 10 months which would of cot me $5000 to repair but was handled free of charge while I got to drive around in a loaner 2013 Audi A8.

    The tires and brakes wear quickly on the Q7 since they are sport tires. My tires have 25,000 miles on them and need to be replaced at a cost of $1700 a set.

    I spent $40000 for a 2009 Q7 TDI and wish that I had spent that $40000 on a new Acura MDX. However, now that my wife has driven the Audi for 10 months she doesn't care what the cost is to keep it because she loves it too much to give up. I do like that this big SUV can still corner and accelerate like a sports car and still get 25 MPG.
  • dbrsrdbrsr Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    You folks tickle the crap out of buy a $70k vehicle and then have the Nerve to compare it to a Mazda and Acura? You're kidding me, right? NO comparison...I have a 2007 Q7 3.6 Premium and a 2009 S5 FAR the best two cars I have ever owned, Including MB, Lexus (junk), BMW (not impressed), Honda, Nissan, Cadillac, Lincoln, Jag, etc...the only car that comes close is a Porsche Boxster (awesome)....

    They WARN you that "liquid will short out the MMI" and you are DUMB enough to take the chance?...what you didn't believe them?...I covered my MMI on Both my Audi's from day One and have had ZERO problems with them...DUH!! It's NOT Audi's fault your clumsy a** spills your coffee in it...put a D*** top on it or leave the crap at many keyboards has Microsoft replaced for you?

    Love my two Audi's and plan to buy more in the future...prob a R8 V10 and an A8 W12....

  • babymommiebabymommie Posts: 1

    I am having some electrical problems with my MMI board in 2007 Q7. Radio, Nav, liftgate not working and now remote key is not working and something keeps draining battery. Anyone else had this problem. Mechanic is telling me to get new key. But from what I'm reading, sounds like I need a new board....Help!

  • gnw27gnw27 Posts: 1

    I have a 2011 Q7 which I bought new. The truck drives nice and the interior features are great. I have not been impressed with it mechanically however. About 2 months ago, my husband noticed that my brake lights weren't working. When he took it to the local mechanic, he said they were fine. A couple weeks later, same thing. A google search revealed that it was probably the sensor on the lift gate. It was. $500.00 to the dealership later and the problem was solved. This weekend (90 plus degrees in NJ) my air conditioning stopped working. Took it to the dealership this morning.....the blower motor is shot. $1005.00 later and that can be fixed too. Really Audi. You should be making better cars for what I paid. Never had any mechanical problems with my Mercedes, Porsche or BMW. This will be my last Audi. (Also, word of caution, the tires wear quickly and are expensive to replace. The brakes also wear quickly because the truck is so heavy but I knew about those two issues before I bought the truck).

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