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Volvo S70



  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,170
    I think that you have a legitimate beef, but the first response is to (almost) always deny the claim. However, some people who make it a crusade eventually get the problem all or partially paid for.

    In this case, I hope you have it in writing (in the service records) that you complained about the light coming on, which you now know means there is a problem. if you do, then you should be able to argue that this was a preexisting condition that you brought to the attention of the dealer, even though they didn't seem inclined to discover the true source of the problem.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • Well now I don't know what to do. I was thinking about buying a 2000 S70 (with auto trans) but with all this business with bulbs, squeaks and other gremlins plus a new 5 speed auto....Should I? I'd be purchasing used with 15-18k miles and still paying alot of dough. I looked/tried out a S40 but to small (but sweet) and the 70 is just about right (S60 is small and too pricey) So guys and gals, should I or shouldn't I? Thanks for any help...boatman7...PS my second pick is a 2001 Maxima SE for about the same amount of money....
  • kjc3kjc3 Posts: 2
    Stickguy thanks for the advice. After a number of discussions with the dealership today they (the dealership and Volvo), agreed to cover approximately half of the repair cost. Gung Ho!

    To Boatman 7. In addition to the 1998 Volvo S70 GLT we also own a 1993 Nissan Maxima SE with 112,000 miles. Our Maxima has been very reliable. My opinion is if your priority is reliability and performance, assuming the S70 your looking at has the base 168hp engine, go with the Maxima. If yourlooking for safety and comfort (Seats) buy the Volvo and see if the dealership will throw in an extended warranty.
  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    I bought a Y2K S70 with 5sp. auto. Love everything about it. No problem with squeeks or bulbs. I would recommend one.
  • I am considering the '01 Acura 3.2TL, Toyota Avalon (wife wants it) and a 2000 S70. I have found three dealerships within 250 miles of NW Arkansas that have a total of about 30 new S70's still on their lots. From initial negotiations they will deal. I can probably pick up a GLT SE pretty loaded with a MSRP of $36.5K for $30K or less. Sounds like the need to clear their lots. Anyone have any similar experience or recommendations? I really want the Volvo but the Acura sure is nice and I have negotiated a dealer down to $26.5 on one. Is the S70 worth about $3,500 more?
  • I owned an S70 (1999 Base) for 18 months. As I've said in previous posts, the car had many fine points, and I will remember it as one of the more interesting and endearing cars I've owned. BUT, it was not reliable, and I consider it crude by today's standards. The S60/V70/S80 are much closer to what people want today. My S70 left me stranded three times, two required tows, one was on this past christmas eve, and there were no rental cars to be found. I had to borrow a friends car. Although I think the dealership was one of the best I've ever been to, they could not identify the problem. I now own a 2001 Toyota Avalon, and, with the exception of the seat comfort (Volvo is unsurpassed) the car is leagues above the S70 in quiet and comfort. Yes it is boring, but requires little muss and fuss, and will be reliable. I also considered the Acura, which I liked very much, and actually ranked above the Avalon, but because you can't get the acura without the sunroof, it was a confining feeling compared to the Volvo and the Avalon. The Infiniti I30 is also an excellent choice, but dealers are few and far between. I have read that the VW Passat has been average or above reliability, and has much of the euro character people seek. The Avalon, by the way, is safe. If safety is your only concern, buy a Ford Crown Vic or Mercury Grand Marquis. As much as I loved my Volvo, I am very glad I got rid of it. After it left me stranded three times, I always had this lingering feeling whenever I got into it as to whether or not it would start. When I went on vacations (twice last year, each two weeks) I rented a car, one a Ford Explorer (new) and one a Grand Marquis (500 miles). Both were superb cars. I won't go back until I start reading that Volvos are at least as reliable as other euro cars, and approaching the reliability of japanese cars. If you do buy the volvo, get the extended'll need it. AND, be prepared to be inconvenienced on a regular basis.
  • I had a 1998 S70 GLT on lease for 3 yrs. In 45,000 miles I did not have any major problems and my cash outlay for maintenance was minimal. I have also had two Maximas, an /89 GXE and a /93 SE -- the best cars I have ever owned in terms of reliability, fit, finish and integrity (read, no squeaks, rattles or other funny noises). The Maximas were both run to in excess of 100,000 miles and were unbelievably reliable. My father also has a /93 GXE with 125,000 miles -- never a problem! I had (and still have) a love/hate relationship with the Volvo. The S70 had much going for it -- incredibly quick, best seats in the business, great brakes and nice handling. Unfortunately, it also had some annoyances hard to forgive in a $30,000+ car -- numerous squeaks and rattles, as Car & Driver said, a Bush (the first one, not W.) era suspension with a pretty punishing ride over lesser quality roads, and other minor mechanical problems including a/c that went out twice, an ignition switch that had to be replaced, the front sway bar bolts breaking, and a couple of others that I now cannot recall. In fairness to Volvo and the dealer, they cheerfully took care of all mechanical ills (however, they never could trace and eliminate the rattles and squeaks which to tell you the truth were the things that bothered me the most). If you want reliability and very few visits to your friendly dealer, go with the Maxima. You won't be sorry. I am hoping that the S60 is an improvement over the S70 since I need to replace my wife's car that is coming off lease in early May. I have driven about 4 examples of the S60 - 3 were tight and solid with no rattles, but the 4th (which the dealer gave me for a weekend) had some. I'll likely lease one, but I will be sure to insist that before I take delivery and sign on the line, I give the car a through drive over the bumpies to make sure there are no rattles and squeaks from the get-go. I have driven the /01 Maxima SE and I could be very happy with one. The only reason I'm considering the Volvo is that we already have one mid-size Japanese car, a 2000 Acura 3.2TL, and we're looking for something a little different. Good luck with your decision.
  • Thank you for everyone's help in my decision (used S70 vs 01 Max). I located a 99 S70 base/auto/loaded with all options, 24k miles, silver/graphite leather. It's a clean auction off lease for $23K (not a Volvo dealer)I drove it a few times (20 miles) and it was rather nice but boring. (loved those heated seats) It was slow off the line and it didn't like 'country roads' all that much. It was very smooth on the highway with low wind and road noise. I live in up state NY (sorry) with alot of hills. Compared to the Max, the S70 didn't like hill climbing at slower speeds (30-40mph)and it feels like it needs more HP or torque. But, when shutting the car off in park the motor didn't quit smoothly, it felt like something was 'going on' under the hood. It's hard to describe, but it was like the engine was moving and taking it's time to shut off for a few seconds...Any idea there? Other then that everything worked fine except for a frozen door handle. It's a nice auto but I still can't decide.
  • The "shudder" when the shutting down the S70 is "normal" (?--this is what I was told by Volvo). It is almost like a dog shaking off water after a bath. It just lasts a second or two. Reminded me of post-ignition problems on some 70s and 80s cars. This is just one of the little quirks that I referred to above that make this model crude by today's standards. Yes, you can live with it, but why? I frequently visit the forums, and still hang out in the Volvo sections. People consistently list the following reasons as to why they were attracted to a Volvo (1) seats--and again, I must say, there a few that equal or exceed the Volvo seats (2) brakes (3) safety, although the S60/S80/V70 have side head bags and multi-stage bags now, plus safer seats and (4) it's just different from anything else on the market, and they get BORED with a reliable, runs all of the time, refrigerator like vehicle (AKA Japanese). Fact is, there are many cars on the market that can meet or exceed most or all of these requirements, with a lot less fuss, and for a lot less money.
  • I have had no problems with my 2000 GLT SE and have been thouroghly enjoying the car. Great seats, styling, and stereo. I had the CD changer installed in the glove box, which has worked well. still room for some small items and the manual can go on the lower shelf. The turbos engine is great, and again I have no complaints. I would recommend the 2000 S70 over the american models, Toyota or Nissan.
  • Hello:

    I have been checking used car prices on Edmund's site and a few other sites. But strangely, the price for 98 S70 varies a lot. From this site I got the price for dealer retail fro about $17700
    but from Kelly Blue Book it's about $21k. I put in the same milage, same options and same condition, still the price for dealer retail varies greatly. Can anyone tell me why is it so?
    What's the difference between the websites? And which one is more accurate? Actually I bought a used 98 S70 base already, with 35320 miles and a few options like CD/Tape, leather seats. We paid $19100 for it. Does this sounds like a good deal to you? Thank you in advance for any comments that you might have!
  • I know your concerns.. have a current lease on a 1998 S70 and have experienced some of the problems that are listed. I am seriously considering a BMW X5 Or ML320. Though another S70 is in the back of my mind. It is really a good car But with other manufactures stepping up with the first 3-4 years of complete maintenance free it is almost worth the extra cash. Read all of the articles here. These forums help alot on making decisions.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    I, too, had the same prob with my 95 960. It happened 2 yrs after I bought the car. The engine raced up to 3000 rpm like crazy. The dealer stated that was a problem with the engine temperature sensor (!?). The engine had the wrong info and resulted in bad fuel/air mixture.

    I still don't understand how that made the engine rev so high.
  • In response to #139

    The switch for the radio/cd reset is on the right side behind the plastic rail. You need to take the radio out and then remove the rail. There is a small hole there where you can insert a bent paper clip and reset the cd player. I went through 4 radios and numerous resets until this last radio. I have a 98 S70 glt; other than this only bulb replacement has been a huge pain in the A**.
  • eklndeklnd Posts: 4
    I owned a VOLVO S70 for 3 years and it was a piece of garbage!!! I've owned two VOLVO's prior to the S70 and they were perfect. Something has happened to Volvo's over the years and they're totally unreliable. I was stranded many times with bunches of dead right after the other. I bought a 2000 Acura 3.2TL new back in September. I have 7000 miles on it already and it's WONDERFUL. Do yourself a favor and don't by a VOLVO electrical nightmare.
  • Why would you keep a piece of garbage for 3 years? Not me. I have problems similar to yours(bulbs, gauges, AC...electrical). But it's solid (definitely more than the TL) and fun to drive. Hopefully the bugs are out and no more trips to the dealer....
  • eklndeklnd Posts: 4
    Actually Albert123, I had a 36 month lease on the S-70 and I had to keep it (or pay through the nose) It was the smartest move I've ever made, however, because Volvo HAD to take the car back at lease end. I was going to turn it in to the dealer and lease a newer model, but the dealer wouldn't take it back!! (was in perfect shape, interior and exterior and good mileage) They suggested that I make Volvo take it back and then come see them. So what does that tell you....they've had so many problems with the 98's that they don't want them! I agree that the Volvo is a tight ride, but the Volvo power doesn't hold a candle to the Acura and the Acura is much more nimble than the Volvo. To each his own, I suppose.
  • I recently purchased a 1999 S70 GLT w/29K. The couple I bought it from was buying a house and had to get out of their absurd lease payment (500 bucks a month). I paid 22,000 for the car, the original list was over 37K. The only thing I notice is that the CD player seems to skip often at high volume. Is this normal? The car is as comfortable as a recliner and I find it has power to burn. I hope the '99 models don't have the bevy of problems that the 98s seem to. Anyone with a 99 S70 GLT have any input?
  • jkirk22jkirk22 Posts: 1
    I'm new to these discussions. I have the opportunity to buy a 1998 S70 GLT. It is Red/Black leather, auto, moonroof, has a Volvo CD changer in trunk, Cold Weather Pkg, and looks immaculate. Only has 16,500 miles. Asking price is $22,800. I can get it for $22,000 and maybe even for $21,500. I was very excited when I first found this, because of it's history of safety and the low miles. However, as I read the discussions, I'm scared as hell now about all the recalls & problems. How do I find out what recalls were out for this car? If they have all been taken care of, should I definitely be looking to buy an extended waranty, and if so, where? This is an individual, not a dealer. I guess my biggest question is, should I just pass and look elsewhere such as a 98 Lexus ES300. Any help would be appreciated
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