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Forester vs__

cdndrivercdndriver Posts: 86
edited May 30 in Subaru
My Legacy comes off lease this next month. I'm furious that they've dropped it. So I'm looking at the Forester, VW golf TDI, Volvo v50, Ford Escape. I'm not considering the OB because it's too big, more money, and I think they cheaped out and compromised on so many of the good things the legacy had.
The forester has worse mileage than the legacy, which is disappointing. Some of the others are more money, so I'm stuck as to what to do.
Does anyone have the 2010 Forester? Are you happy?


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You mean wagon, I believe. That was implied but not quite spelled out.

    We have a 2009 Forester that ironically enough replaced a 2002 Legacy L wagon.

    My wife is a lot happier with the Forester. I like it a lot but she just loves it. Won't even talk about what vehicle she will buy next, because she wants to keep it forever.

    Pros: length is shorter, you sit up a lot higher and visibility is better, love the huge moonroof, easier to park, brighter cabin, smoother and more user-friendly, easier to make U-turns.

    Cons: Legacy had a longer cargo floor, and back then it cost less, too.

    Overall the Legacy ownership experience was just average. It was reliable and cheap, and for 7 years served us well, but she never really loved it. It was just Point A to Point B.

    She loves the Forester. No contest.
  • Yes, I meant the Legacy wagon. We've had two of them. I've been pretty pleased, though I never liked the brakes, too slow.
    Thanks for the feedback on the Forester. I'll go drive one and see how it'll do for us.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,512
    I also have a Forester: 2010 X Premium. So far, we are really enjoying it. I could do without the ever-present Subaru rattles, but the space is generous, the interior cargo area is adequate, and the drive is solid. My only complaint about the driving experience is the muted steering feel. I'm sure you will notice that right away, coming from your Legacy. It will also have more body roll than the amount to which you are accustomed. However, given the upright and high seating position (depending on how you adjust the seat) and its very capable semi/poor-road capability, I think it strikes a good balance.

    Unlike the Outback, the Forester really is better than its predecessor in every way.

    As for fuel economy, I was hovering at 30 mpg when temperatures were warmer and fuel was not winter-blend. At -20F and with generally short trips (5-15 miles) last week, we were getting a steady 20 mpg.
  • "... have a Forester: 2010 X Premium... could do without the ever-present Subaru rattles... only complaint about the driving experience is the muted steering feel. I'm sure you will notice that right away... It will also have more body roll... the Forester really is better than its predecessor in every way..."

    Except for more back seat room, I don't think the new Forester is better.
    For all those reasons that you gave, I got one of the last 2008s while I still could.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    2006-2008 models went upscale, sort of a little brother to the Tribeca. Fabric headliners with padding, same cloth on the seats from the Tribeca, even.

    2009 they did a little cost cutting, but so did everyone else (Honda, Toyota). In another thread someone was commenting on how his older CR-V was nicer than the new ones.
  • thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I've got to go drive one. I noticed just looking at the Forester when my legacy's steering harness was getting replaced, the there were lots of things that felt looser to me. The legacy was fairly solid, the Forester had loose door handles, the back seat jiggled, and didn't seem as solid as the legacy.
    I'd be paying more than the legacy for the forester now. (I konw everything goes up) but I'm looking at other cars as well: VW golf wagon, V50, Ford Escape...I don't have to have AWD, though I like it, but I don't want to have something I'm not really happy with. Dropping the legacy wagon has just soured Subaru for me.
    I'll see what I think when I drive the Forester. I've only got a few weeks to make up my mind.
    I've been told that with interest rates low, it's better to buy than lease these you agree?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I always buy, rather than lease, but Forester offers up to 62% residuals on 3 year leases. So it has best-in-class residuals, making leasing better than competitors.

    A Jetta TDI wagon would appeal to me, especially with the $1800 Fed tax rebates. I'm just not convinced VW has exorcised their reliability demons (check the DSG issues being reported).
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,512
    I don't want to have something I'm not really happy with.

    That is hitting the nail on the head. You shouldn't settle for something, whether you lease or buy!

    The final choice in the lease/buy question comes down to how long you keep it. If you plan to recycle in three or four years, you will be hard pressed to make out better with a purchase than a lease. But, run the numbers and you will find a pretty clear winner. Also, there are those intangibles that you cannot really factor. For example, had you purchased your wagon whose lease is now up, would you be in this predicament in the first place? :(
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