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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • jbbw20jbbw20 Posts: 38
    I agree, even new products can be defective, however if I am going to pay a substantial amount for a product it should work until I leave the lot. I ordered some parts for the 98 GP a couple of weeks ago and I asked the parts mgr about the sick GP he stated it was sitting at the back of the lot waiting for parts, apparently the compressor is of a new design and he said GM gave a delivery delay of 30 days.
    Bottom line I still think the GP is a great car but with the experience I had I believe I made the correct decision to buy the Taurus.

    To transulate--30= approx. 90 in the old method
  • Hope everything works out for you with the Taurus. It is a decent car for most purposes. I just wanted something a little more sporty looking. The Taurus looks more like a company car.

    The white 04 GPs here are bright white - not sure why it looked "dirty".

    A guy I know from the local gym had a 1996 white Taurus. Last week I saw a new regeistration sticker on his car and wondered why. After checking it out for a minute or so, I realized he had bought a new Taurus in the same color! Looked identical except for the minor exterior mods they made on this model.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Taurus is a decent car but it's no GP in terms of looks or handling. Power should be decent with the motor you chose though. A guy here in the office has one and he is very happy with it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    For anyone in the Toronto area, the Sun is giving away two 04 GPs. You have to collect a few puzzle pieces and mail them in. Unfortunately they are GT1 base cars, but who knows, maybe you can pay the difference and get a GT2.
  • jbbw20jbbw20 Posts: 38
    I totally agree, the Taurus is no GP, although the Taurus does have a functional rear seat, and to the kids delight they can see outside. BTW according to the Canadian brochure on 04 GP colors-- ivory white--IMO looks more like cream--Taurus Vibrant white which resembles the summit white available on 03 Grand Am
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    "I test drove a '04 GTP and thought it was a bit too soft. I would definitely go for a Comp G edition."

    Actually, I thought the GTP ride was somewhat harsh even without the Comp-G. Maybe harsh is too harsh of a word, but I can definitely hear every "thump" each time I go over seems in the road or little road imperfections. Perhaps it is the type of tires that cause this, because my old 98 GP GT seemed quite a bit smoother and quieter.
  • stumack1stumack1 Posts: 56
    ...while I agree that the AC compressor issue was likely an isolated incident, there is no question that if that happened to me and it was my money on the table, that would have been the end of any consideration of GM...ruski, I agree with your assessment of the ride, that's a good description. Actually overall I think the '97-'03 GP was a better, more attractive overall package. The sales numbers will be interesting...I'm here in the "factory town" and there aren't many on the road yet, and I recall the '97 was everywhere when it first came out (and it wasn't built here).
  • Every person is entitled to his opinion. There is a professional not corrupted opinion, or just dislike to certain auto. As you know some peoples like to drive a stone age car, some like to drive an expensive car that is does not pass the 4 cylinder. We do have our taste, amd admirations. Please do not sell me your advise , or none sense idea, while I am paying for it. I have a good judegement and sense to chose my own car, I will test it, drive it, look at it,and pay for it. I do not eat , or drink in my car, I do not talk on the phone while driving, I care less about a cup holder in my car, I care less about leather dash board, I care less about a leather seating, or heated one. All I care about is a beautiful car with a powerful engine, excellent performance, good mileages, stability, and resale value, and in this case the Grand Prix never failed us. If I have a family I will buy them a mini van , and I do not crawl them in my Grand Prix Back seat either. Whether the Grand Prix is sporty sedan, or family car, or one person car. My aspiration and enjoyable driving experience performance always in the hearts as long GMC stil producing this beauty.
  • tkbettstkbetts Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2003 Grand Prix and just love it. I liked the lines on it better than the 2004 - the 2004 just seemed too boxy for my likings.

    I actually work in the plant that builds the 2004 Grand Prix's and can tell you that there is definitely white. You should check out the Orange Fusion Metallic - it is gorgeous.
  • fred707fred707 Posts: 27
    Well... I leave the boad for one month and look all hell brakes loose. I received a motor trend survey in the mail a few days ago and Motor Trend wants to know whta I think... Hmmmm maybe I should call the execs at pontiac and use this as leverage after they set me up with that stupid pull ahead program.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I'll bet you got a wicked deal on an 03 to boot!

  • bobbyz34bobbyz34 Posts: 10
    I've had my 2004 Sport Red GTP for almost 2 weeks now and I couldn't be happier. It handles the rough roads of Detroit very well. I get all kinds of looks and compliments. My largest hesitation was the interior but it's growing on me. Most everything feels and looks fine with a few exceptions.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    My only big beefs are the seat patterns for the cloth and the door handles. Otherwise it's a good layout and the seats are trez comfortable.

    I saw a white one on the road today. 04 definitely comes in white.
  • Hi all. I test drove a GT1 and GT2 over the weekend and here is what I thought.

    Positives: I thought the braking was very good. The handling was very good. The extra features in the GT2 like the radio controls in the steering wheel and the fold-down passenger seat were very nice.

    Negatives: The cloth seats were, in fact, ugly. The back seat was small, the seat was too low and felt uncomfortable. I have two sons (ages 2 and 7) and I would like to be able to take this car on trips. The back seat right now is the biggest drawback to me. Also I thought the CD player looked cheap.

    The engine exhibited characteristics of most fuel-injected engines. It revved a little high when I was accelerating on the highway and then the RPMs dropped down when I was cruising. I did not think it was that bad. My wife a 2002 Camry LE that has a 24 valve 3.0 V6. It rides smoother on the highway but the RPMs start to creep up once you get over 65. The Camry has a much nicer back seat. There is plenty of room for the kids. And there is a fold down armrest in the center of the seat that has a cupholder. :)

    I really want to like the Grand Prix but I feel that it is too much money to spend on a car with some drawbacks. I am going to test drive a GTP at another dealership since this dealer did not have any non comp-g models. Maybe the GTP will drive so well that I will be willing to live with the back seat. Also I think if there was a $3K rebate on the grand prix I would be more likely to get just the GT2. The dealership told me that all they could offer was the $1,500 rebate.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    I think one of the weakest parts of the new GP is the back seat comfort. It's ok, but not great compared to other sedans I have owned. I guess they have sacrificed some comfort for the flat folding seats. Works for me, as I rarely have anyone in the back and I carry longer items like skis, but for others I can see it being a draw back.

    I actually don't mind the seat patterns, but I'm pretty easy about that kind of thing.

    Over all, the car is a great cruiser and it definitely handles better than a Camry. Quality and reliability are A-1 so far after a few months of service.
  • My wife's camry also has the flat folding seats and the back is still very comfortable. I think the reason the GP back seat is not so good is that there is not much room to work with. The big trunk and the coupe styling in the back both cut into the room available for the back seat.

    The cloth pattern still reminds me of something from the 80s.

    The GP has the Camry beat hands down on handling. That is the main reason I want to buy it for my car. I do not drive much on the highway for my daily commute. The only time I would be able to cruise on the highway is when I am on a trip with the family. At this point I am wondering if I should wait until the 2005 models come out to see if the back seat improves.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Back seat is not that great, no doubt about it. I think it could be reworked a little inside to make it better though. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes for 05. I generally like the car a lot and with a few small changes to the fabric patterns and back seat comfort it could be much better.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    I sat in an 04 GTP on the weekend and I don't know how it could be called anything but bad unless no large midsize vehicles could be called bad in the back seat area. Ten minutes later I sat in a cheaper Acura TSX which is a much smaller vehicle and it was heaven in the back seat comparatively, about the same as my Intrigue or a bit better but not as wide back there.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    yeah but TSX doesn't come with a 260HP V6
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    I guess the extra displacement and automatic transmission affects the ability to engineer a normal back seat.
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