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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • I sat in a previous generation and found it to be tolorable. Everyone says the new Grand Prix is smaller.
    Does anyone find the '04 backseat comfortable?
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Well, I find it is the reason I didn't buy an 04.

    I owned a 98 GTP. I can't stand the back seat in the new one, and won't be subjecting passengers to it. It is too small, hard, and there is virtually no head room. The second version of it (yes, it has already been changed) is better than the first, but still not a comfortable place for anyone over, say, 5 foot 6. Just my impressions. I carry adult passengers frequently, I MUST have a good back seat.
  • I took two co-workers to a holiday lunch yesterday in my GP. While it isn't the greatest, no one complained about the seating, and these guys were not small people. If you ask me, there are very few sedans that have truly comfortable back seats. I sat in the back seat of a Chrysler Concorde and was very cramped as well.

    I spend 95% of the time alone in the car. And the driver's seat is VERY comfy!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Back seat of our Intrigue is pretty good, better than the GP BUT we don't get the fold flat feature which I think I would almost rather have as some things I have tried to put in the car have not fit by just a tiny bit. I guess you pay a bit for the feature in seat comfort but I'm not sure if there is another sedan to compare with in that respect.
  • tateostateos Posts: 36
    We had read about the bad back seats on the '04s, so tried them in the dealership - yes, they are not too hot, but we don't really care, as it's only two of that use the car. Also, as dindak says, the fold flat feature is more important to us.

    Interestingly, the back seats in out Eldorado are VERY comfortable, once you get in there, which is not that easy. Getting out is even harder. Still, my 70-something Dad insists on sitting in the back when he comes to visit us in AZ. He loves it back there. Of course, they don't fold down, or even have a pass through feature. Life is full of compromises.

    What oil are most of you with the supercharged engine using? My friend with a Regal with the same engine uses sythetic, as he feels the supercharger adds a lot of stress on the engine. I have always used conventional oils with no problems, even in a turbocharged engine. I feel the supercharged engine is beefed up to take whatever additional stress the supercharger causes, but am still considering using synthetic. Any opinions?
  • if the Grand Prix is supposed to be "full-size" and is larger than the upcoming G6, does that mean the G6 will have an even smaller backseat!?! Makes me wonder...
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    It all depends on the roofline.
  • Hey etcb--

    Where and how did you get a loaded GTP for 25K? Around here they are 31-32K?
  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    I work for EDS which qualified me for the GMS price, plus all the manufacturers rebates. In all it was worth about 6K in discounts. Even without the GMS I still think you can get it for somewhere between 27-28 easy! Deal tough and be ready to walk out!

    CB :)
  • tateostateos Posts: 36
    For anyone currently shopping for a GP:

    We bought our 2004 GTP (with Comp G) a week ago, with every option except except block heater, sticker was $30,765, we paid $250 under invoice, another dealer was willing to sell for $500 under invoice, but didn't have the Fusion Orange Metallic color we wanted.

    So, sticker was $30,765, we paid $20,700 after:
    $2,500 rebate,
    $500 Comp G rebate,
    $665 leather seat dealer incentive,
    $750 24 hr. test drive rebate,
    $3,500 GM Mastercard rebate,
    and the discount the dealer applied (am I forgetting anything?)

    Another FYI:

    We had the car tinted yesterday - a must here in Phoenix. The Pontiac manual recommends no tinting be applied to the rear window. It also states that metallic film applied to the rear window could interfere with the antenna in the rear window and affect radio reception. Well, they are right - the AM reception is now very poor, although FM seems OK, and of course the satellite radio is outstanding.

    Anyone come up with a way to get those ugly stickers off the leather back seat?

  • tateostateos Posts: 36
    Regarding the latest supercharger found in our 260 HP 2004 GTPs:

    "As a result, the Gen V operates at considerably higher efficiency than its predecessors. At wide open throttle, the Gen V turns at 700 fewer rpm (a 9 percent reduction), draws 13 percent less power from the crankshaft, decreases operating temperature 15 percent and increases volumetric efficiency 9 percent. For the customer, that means a 9 percent increase in horsepower (see product specifications), and best-in-class acceleration times for the Grand Prix. Moreover, the 3800 Series III SC does not require premium fuel, and even with regular it produces as much power as the Series II. A Grand Prix owner might use regular for workweek commuting, then fill with premium for more spirited, enthusiast-style driving on the weekend."

    It seems like the new supercharger is what's responsible for the 20HP increase this year.

    The link to the full article is below, then scroll 2/3 down page to:

     "What's new or changed (L32)"

    (Copy and paste this link into your browser)

  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    20K What a steal! Sweet Ride! Enjoy
  • what would be a good comparison between the Maxima SE and the Grand Prix Comp G??
  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    After my first 3K I had the dealer put in 5W-30 Mobile 1 Synthetic and Purlator filter. Only the best for my GTP. Then I will do an oil change every 7-8K

    CB :)
  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    My son backed into my GTP and took off some paint and push out my front lens. I had my local body guy fix me up. He took the front bumper completely off and repainted it and realign my lens. All for 300.00 and did it all in one day! When the front bumper was off, I took a look and didn't find much there. In case anyone is courious, the most noticable feature was the metal bars that span across the front of the vehicle which are fixed to the frame. Not much else to see.

  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Although living in TX, I don't think it does much of a difference in the summer and I don't like its looks. I got a used Intrigue that had it and I'm wondering if it's cheap and risk-free to remove it, particularly on the rear window.

    BTW, now I know why the radio reception sucks on this car...
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    the January 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics has a pretty good article on removing window film and bumper stickers etc... spray with light ammonia and use a cut garbage bag to keep the window film wet for a while... see page 111 for details.
  • Sorry to hear about your accident, but you are not alone. Wrecked my GTP Saturday night in the snow... just made me sick to my stomach. All in all it's not too bad, but I've only had it for about 3 months and I can't believe it happened. I need a front bumper cover and a driver's side mirror and door skin. I didn't even leave the house Sunday! ETCB- how did yours come out? I just hope I can't tell what happened, I feel like I have a dark cloud over my head.
  • lupuslupus Posts: 1
    Great car,getting used to firm ride,back seat poor

     but we dont use much.Fold down feature nice.Stick to C&D and R&T for car tests,CR should stick to toasters and washers. Welooked at04 Malibu but could not get past its slab sided ugliness,maybe designed by the truck division.We traded in a 01 Impala for the GT.
  • etcbetcb Posts: 42
    I'm happy with my repair. The damage wasn't as bad as yours. The paint is a tad dull. WHen the weather is better, Ill bring it back to get buffed out. Hope your turns out alright. It amazing what a good body shop can do.

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