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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    I have complained vehemently about the GP's back seat, which I do think is atrocious. But, if that short a ride in the new GP caused you and your wife such pains, there is a very distinct possibility you both need to seek medical advice. A short journey in ANY car should not cause such symptoms. You really do need to find out what is going on here. I doubt it is JUST the car.
  • fantascpfantascp Posts: 175
    I have a 2003 GT- although it took a few times
    to get the seats adjusted to my comfort level
    the front driver and passenger seats are fine, Granted, I have leather seats, heated driver seat and lumbar support, but a rental is a rental- you get what you pay for- don't judge the car by a rental vehicle- I also own a 98 Bonneville SSE which is (IMHO) more comfortable than the GP
    but it is also a bigger vehicle and the MSRP was also higher- again- you get what you pay for.
    If you are thinking of purchasing a GP- then test drive one with leather,lumbar support etc- don't bother with one without these obviously if it gave you and your wife backaches. If you still get a backache, purchase a different vehicle!
  • I know what you're talking about with the uncomfortable seats in the GT1. I had preordered my Comp G before the 04s hit the dealer lot. When they got one in (a GT1) I sat in it just to check it out. I thought I might be in trouble because the seat was so bad. I figured (hoped!) the Comp G would have better seats and sure enough, it does! I've driven for four hours without stopping and haven't had to "scootch" around at all. In my 97 (also with leather power seats) I could go maybe 1 1/2 hours.
  • tek3tek3 Posts: 20
    Is there really that much difference between the cloth and leather seats beside seating surface material? Or are you saying that the trim lines have different seats altogether?
  • You're right, it's not really GT1 vs. Comp G but standard vs. power seats. Huge difference though!
  • davidinazdavidinaz Posts: 14
    johnclineii - It is possible that it was not entirely the car. But, my wife said when we turned the car in and I started to have problems that she had never seen me like this. (Her back is not great - and she admitted it!)

    I do know that I am a bigger guy who cannot handle the lower cars. I honestly thought the Grand Prix was the same height and comfort as the Impala. I did have some problems getting out of the car. (I hit my head getting out once or twice) But the back problems...OY!

  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Well, I have owned both an Impala and a Grand Prix, 2000LS and 1998GTP, respectively. I can say the GP sits MUCH lower than the Impala. My father had Alzheimers and got to the point he could no longer get in and out of the Grand Prix without a great deal of assistance, which is why I traded for the Impala.

    Perhaps you should look at vehicles like the Subaru Outback or the Ford Five Hundred...
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    "One interesting bit of news from the sales manager was that the '05 Grand Prix GTP will have a 5.3L V8--still FWD. " - bunky36

    Anyone else heard anything like this?
    - Ray
    Cross posted from Bonneville board . . .
  • I drove in my friend's Impala for a long weekend trip. I like the Impala - I think it is a very nice car. The Impala sits higher, but it has a very high door sill to get your feet over to get in and out of the front seat. I found that put stress on my sore lower back at the time.

    The base model GP cloth seats are atrocious, and the cloth has since been changed already by Pontiac. I would not have bought a GP without power leather and heated seats. The leather makes it much easier to slide in and out of the car, which is necessary because the top of the door is very low. At first it is easy to hit your head on the top of the door until you get used to it.
  • tateostateos Posts: 36

    I too am not as comfortable as I'd like in my wife's 2004 GTP, but I feel it is actually due to the meager headroom (especially with the sunroof), and the fact that I am 6 feet tall plus long waisted (I wear 30" in-seam pants). I have to recline the seat significantly just to fit in, and my head still has to be cocked a little to the right to fit in the area where the sunroof is. I'm sure I would be more comfortable if I could position the seat without concern for head room, as I can on my friend's Regal. I'm not really complaining, as we knew about this issue before we bought the car, and since the car is my wife's and she fits in fine, we decided to go for it.

    Anyway, my point is that the seat comfort may be at least partly related to the lack of headroom if you are tall or long waisted.

  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 187
    I posted this a couple times on the "GP Any recent Troubles" peer board. Thought I might get some ideas here: Ref earlier posts around #34-36 on 3.1L GPrix rough idling. Well have done 2 more things w/o any luck: One shop cleaned intake (said it was gummed with black stuff, seems strange since I regularly check air filter unless kickback of oil...I don't understand PCV). But that did not fix it. Went into another shop and they changed plugs which had only 5000 miles and tips were covered by crusty white compound, especially front plugs. That shop said it could be valve/rod guides and those need replacing and possibly entire valve job. In discussing it with my normal part time mechanic today, he suggested trying something easier and much cheaper than valve job: putting in new intake manifold gasket(s). So I plan to do that in next couple weeks and will update posting unless others have ideas first.
    Any ideas???

    BTW, this 10 yr old pretty reliable GP goes to my 17 yr old next month as we upgrade to a new Chrysler300M. THE NEW GP's just do NOT fit TALL PEOPLE!! I like the looks but at 6'4 literally can look out the top of the sunroof! We tried the Bonneville but that still did not have enough room, even in the back for my 6'1 son (nice car but to be truthfull besides room just does not stack up to the 300M w.their closeout model change prices and $4K rebates ... have owned 2 caravans and a grand cherokee with pretty good DC luck). So sorry but even though I like the looks of pontiacs ENGINEERS / DESIGNERS AT GM, WAKE UP; build some cars for guys over 6 foot please.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    Seat comfort is one of the main reasons I bought a GP. I drive long trips for work and I can sit in my GT for hours, no problem!
  • I too can sit in the driver's seat for hours on end. Although most of my drives are less than an hour...
  • idntnvuidntnvu Posts: 251
    I read somewhere and/or it was said that the GXP would be rear wheel drive. I hadn't heard anything any different since then, so I figured it still stood true. My apologies.
  • minnguy34minnguy34 Posts: 11
    I bought a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 with cloth seats. I was going to get a sunroof and leather seats, but they only had the red exterior that I didn't like, so I went without the leather. The leather option includes 4 way power lumbar and heated front seats. I have driven the car 10,000 miles in 6 months and the driver's seat still bother's me. It is the most uncomfortable car seat that I have ever had, and that includes a Ford Pinto. I too have started having lower back problems from sitting in this car. I have never had back problems before. I noticed that one local dealer has started to order all of his Grand Prixs with at least the $150 Power Lumber option. I am surprised that more owner's of Grand Prix's without lumbar support have not commented on this. Consumer Reports also mentioned the "lumpy" feeling seats in the car they tested. I am still pissed that the salesman lied to me and said that the 24 hour test drive program had been discontinued. Within 24 hours of owning the car, I suspected I had made a mistake about not getting the power lumbar support. I figured I would get used to it, instead I just got a perpetually sore lower back.
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    Few things you could do to help your problem. Check out the local yellow pages for an auto seat company in your area. Have them replace the cloth with leather, or add support where your back needs it most. Check out in their other products section for the "Relaxor" seat system. Or trade your car before you put even more miles on it.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    I saw an ad in the paper yesterday for a GT2 with sun roof, leather wrapped steering wheel with controls and all the standard stuff for $24995 Canadian cash price. Wow! Less money for more car than I have. Guess I should have waited. No wonder the GPs are selling so well.
  • tateostateos Posts: 36
    Isn't that always the way???
  • I wnated the 04 Grand Prix as soon as it came to the market. At that time, I was debating between an 03 leftover GP and an 04 GP. The 03 had much better incentives, but I wanted the newer body style. I decided to order an 04 fusion orange GP, since the dealer did not have any in stock. It took nearly 3 months to be built, which was very frustrating. But during those 3 months, the rebates went from $1000 to $3000. And I paid 3 more payments on my trade in vehicle. So, patience certainly is a virtue!
  • tateostateos Posts: 36
    Are you happy you made 3 more payments on your trade in? I'm not sure that was good thing. Did the trade in value stay the same, or probably go down? And don't forget you now have 3 more payments to make on the GP.

    We got our FOM GTP in December - I don't think the incentives are better now, and one we had received in the mail, a $750 24 hr. test drive incentive, has expired as of 1/2/04, so we have no regrets. We went out of our way for the FOM color - we drove from Fountain Hills, AZ to Tucson - over 2 hrs. each way - to get the car in FOM and with the options we wanted (every possible option except block heater - we don't need that here in the desert!) we even got the XM satellite radio, which we didn't think we wanted, but which found we like - especially me - I love it!
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