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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • hey there
    I have a 2002 GP and need to replace rear deck speakers also.
    were u able to get good instructions?
    if so, can you share?

  • I purchased a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT sedan less than a year ago---it had 36,500 miles on it at that time and was a private party, not rental return, trade to the dealer. It now has about 44,000. This is my first American car in more than 20 years and after reading about how American car quality had improved thought I would "buy American".

    I did not get the extended warranty for the Pontiac but am now regretting that decision.

    In the last six weeks, I've had to replace 3 of the 4 window regulators at nearly $465.00 each. In all three instances, the window was up then came half way down and within a minute or two, fell all the way. Luckily, the glass did not break.

    The dealer could not get the first one fixed timely so I took it to a local repair chain where I've since taken it for the other two replacement regulators. The dealer was going to charge nearly $100.00 more for each and the warranty was the same as the local repair chain.

    How common is this problem? The service rep at the dealer was very non-committal saying he's had many cars like mine that have never had any window regulators replaced but did admit that he has also replaced all 4 in a few cars. He gave no reason why some were and others were not problematic.

    He said there was not a GM recall going on for this problem but he was most willing to service my car when needed including the next repair of the last regulator should that be necessary.

    Is any one aware of a recall or related campaign focused on window regulator failures?

    Have many/any of you experienced this kind of multiple window regulator failure over a short period of time?

    Have you been able to get any satisfaction from your dealership (management or service department) on costs of repair, reimbursement of costs for past repairs, anything like that for problems with a used car purchase?

    Have you been able to get any satisfaction from the Zone Rep or some other GM higher-up as to the same questions asked above?

    I know I am at somewhat of a disadvantage because I did not have the repairs made at the dealership, but it is more that the problem exists than where I took it for repair that should be the focal point of the resolution.

    Any comments, suggestions, input, information or advice on what you may have go through related to this problem and your remedies will be appreciated.

  • I'm having the same problem with my 2004 grand Prix gt with 32000 miles if you find out the problem please let me know.

  • Will a 2005 3.8 grand prix motor work in a 99 grand prix gt and will the tranny work also?
  • I have a 97 grand prix gt When you start the car you have to wate at least 10 to 15 min befor useing the turn signal's or it will kill the engine the dash makes a noise all the dash lights go out and nothing works any more. now the car will not start unless you pull the ignition fuse. and after doing that nothing works on the car at all it runs but no dash lights no tach ect. and that will only work for a few min and then it starts to smoke. HELP
  • My GP clonks out as soon as it starts sometimes. Can anyone help me out? Please email me. :cry:
  • I have an opportunity to purchase a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (loaded) for $4,700. It has 102,000 thousand miles (mostly highway). Its had regualr maintenance and I just had it checked out and all is well.

    Just need a sanity check saying this is a good or bad buy.

    Also, I'm buying the care remotely so all I have is pictures, etc. I did a Carfax and all is well. Is there a way I can find what all the features are included. For example, since I have the VIN number can I plug that in somewhere and it will tell me if it has leather, CD Changer, etc.


  • I just purchased a 2002 Grand Prix with around 50K on it. Appearance is in great shape along with the engine. Its an automatic and just recently i started having problems moving into 2nd and 3rd gear after driving the car for a while.(i.e. car is warm at this point) Its giving me a kickback that is extremely noticeable and beginning to become an annoyance. Does anyone know whats creating this and how the hell do I fix it???
    Your help would be very appreciated.
  • thats absolutley right i own a 2005 grand prix and i absoluteley love it
  • mryan1mryan1 Posts: 1
    Have a high pitched humming noise when auto is idling. Dealership claims the problem is bearings in alternator. Have to replace alternator to stop noise otherwise alternator is fine. Auto is still under warranty but the alternator is not. anyone have this experience? Sometimes the noise ls so loud and high pitched passengers complain. THANKS
  • A local (Atlanta) dealer has a used 2005 Grand Prix with 20,409 Miles listed for $14K

    Carfax has a clean title but says it was a rental before being sold to this dealer.

    Two questions:
    is this a good buy?
    any known issues with the 2005 base model?

  • How do you disassemble and replace axles?
  • Adding to my question, make that a transaxle. This is for a 1999 Grand Prix sedan.
  • I have a 2000 grand prix gt is feels like it hesistates then slams into gear once it gets warm. I have changed the trani fluid and that didnt work. My mechanic has told me that similiar cases are coming thru on our cars that the cylinoids in the trani need to b replaced.
  • I have had the exact same problem for the past year. I have had it at the dealer four different times. Of course when they have it the problem never happens. It's just something I am learning to live with. I wish i had an answer.
  • 1999 Grand Prix GTP- power window went down but won't go up. Any have this problem or have any suggestions. Thanks in advance, L
  • I have a 2002 Grand Prix GT passenger side window motor went out. Had to replace it. Dealer cost $250.00 no labor just the part. Aftermarket part was 95.00 with shipping. Works great !
  • Have no worries about the rental vehicle purchase. I am employed by Enterprise Rent-a-Car and i just bought an 05 grand prix base model and it is awesome. The cars (at least from Enterprise) are taken care of very well. Oil changes are on time, tires rotated, etc. I had leather, auto start, and a sunroof added to mine cause the base is kinda plain. The only thing i dont like about it is that it does not have ABS, the brakes feel strong, but they are kinda jerky. Other than that they are great.
  • Does anyone know of any good sites for finding aftermarket goodies for an 05 grand prix. I am talking hoods, fenders, cheaper wheels, sounds, anything. I have searched the web and still can not find anything worth while to add to my car. If anyone knows any stores or sites. Let me know! thanks.

  • Here's a gadget .... how about signal mirrors for the GP? I've had them on my '98 for years. They work great and look like stock mirrors. Easy to install with clear instructions and pictures. Go to:
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