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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • I have a 1998 with almost the same issue. About 3 weeks back, I had the heat control on mid-low setting and started the car. I started smelling a terrible burning/hot smell. I noticed I couldn't hear the fan spinning anymore. Previous to that, I'd heard the squeak/squeal' in the fan intermittently. Now I can only use the heater control on the max setting.

    I don't know if it's just the blower motor that's dead, but maybe also the control board you spoke of. Any ideas? And how tough is it to get the dash apart to replace such a part.
    Thanks in advance!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I don't have a Grand Prix anymore, but if I recall correctly the resistor board is a pretty easy swap - it's right under the glovebox, under the passenger-side dash. The part should between $18-$25. I would imagine any decent Pontiac parts department (not that many around - good luck) would have the part.

    Since this board is the problem 90+% of the time the blower motor doesn't work on all speeds, but does on some, I'd suggest swapping it first, then troubleshooting further only if it does NOT fix the problem.

  • I had a similar problem on my 2000 cougar, my independent mechanic said the max blower operates on a differnet fuse from the lower level blowers therefore if the fuse breaks on the basic fan motor the max blower will continue to operate. I do not remember the cost of repair but I think it was only around $25. The mechanic guessed the problem as soon as I gave him the symptoms.
  • Thanks for the reply. I will contact my Pontiac dealer about the part.
    Would that resistor board going bad cause that horrendous smell? I was able to switch the fan control to level 4 (5 is MAX) and it would squeal like crazy. I was only able to do that once or twice almost immediately after the 'smell'. Now, nothing.
  • So it sounds like there are 2 blowers...a low level and a max.

    Am I correct?

    Thanks again for the help!
  • Hi, I just got a used 2000 grand prix, and the dealer did nto give me a manual for the car, When my cigg lighters went out I assumed fuse, after looking under the hood in the fusebox there are no indications for cigg lighter(s). The dealer is supposed to be mailing the manual out to me and I dont have the $$ to buy a new manual. Can anyone help with what fuse # it is for the lighter or is there another fuse box i am unaware of. Thanks in advance

  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,477
    Digital versions of GM manuals are available here:
  • rerunrerun Posts: 5
    I am having the same problem. It is hard to describe, but it is like you feel a thud when you turn the steering wheel.
  • rerunrerun Posts: 5
    I am having the same problem. Was the dealer able to fix your problem?
  • I have a '94 pontiac Grand Prix. I had the power steering pump replaced 3 years ago. With in the last couple of month my car as drank power steering fluid. It's leaking all over the ground. It doesn't make any kind of powersteering noise but it's leaking all over... Does anyone have any ideas what it could be.
  • We have a 96 grand prix SE and are considering a new car. I have been reading all types of cars forums on here and so far the G P is standing up to the rest as the best of them! We have enjoyed ours very much with good gas milage for the size, indeed any size--except compact, relibiality and comfort. We have done nothing to it except tires , brakes and oil in 118,000 K miles. We were considering the Vibe, malibu maxx or Impala but think we are sticking with the G. P.!!! My only problem with this one is it's terrible in the winter the butt end wants to come around without any warning. Other people say theirs is good though----m husband says he thinks ours had been in a accident before we bought it and that has affected it. ( it was 2 years old when we got it) How has any of yours been on the slippery roads? Thanks-westbranhmama
  • I have a 97 GP and had the exact same problem 2 winters ago. No one would believe me, they all said theirs went great in snow. I finally parked it because I was afraid I was going to kill myself. Im the spring I took it to the mechanic for another problem and he noticed the stabalizer bar was bent on the rear wheel. I told him about the rear end kicking out from under me on snow. He said that was my problem and he was right, that winter it handled great and still no problems. He said it looked like someone had tied a tow strap to the bar and bent it since there is really no place to put a strap. Have it checked, Im sure this is your problem.
  • Just recently after driving about 5 miles my car starts to stink, its VERY strong. Been happening for 3 days now.
    It smells like a combo of plastic/antifreeze/hair/and flesh burning. The first time I thought a cigarette had flown back in the window and was buring amongst the garbage on the floor. Its smells inside and outside equally. There is nothing in the oil, it looks clean. I do seem to be using antifreeze but no leak puddles under my car. No critter nests in the exhaust pipe or on the muffler. Nothing burning on the engine. Any ideas or tips to rule out problems? Thanks
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    A leaking heater core?
  • My wife drives a 2002 Grand Prix and recently the cigarette lighter and auxillary power source quit working. I assume that it's probably just a blown fuse but don't know where the fuse is located and can't find it in the owner's manual. Any help? Thanks.

  • razr89razr89 Posts: 1
    Please click the link below to view pictures of my car. Let me know which ones you like. Also, I bought the car used. I was wondering if the rims were part a factory package or maybe the previous owner or whatever. It has some gold colored trim as well.

  • Our '98 GT came with leather and driver's heated seat. No passenger heated seat was offered in '98. There is a single seat heat switch located on the center console and there appears to be room for a second (passenger) seat switch as well. Question: Was a passenger heated seat offered after '98? If so, I am wondering if a matching switch plate (for two switches) is available for the '98 console. Thanks for any help.
  • bobbeebobbee Posts: 9
    What actual mpg can be expected on a basic 2005 Grand Prix.
  • I bought a 2001 Grand Prix from the dealership new.
    This car has had more problems than any other vehicle I have owned (out of 8).
    Last year the computer read that the EGR valve was having a problem. The check engine light was on, but no other symptoms appeared. I decided to wait to have it fixed and was told that it would eventually cause the engine to stall out. It NEVER did.
    After unhooking the battery, the check engine light went out and never came back on. I still have not had problems with the car relating to the EGR valve.
    However, the other problems have been numerous - from the window motor, fuel regulator, the leaking of anti-freeze in the engine, the list goes on and on. Now the transmission is acting up and they said it was a selinoid going bad and it would cost 4-500 to fix it. I called several transmission places and they all told me the same thing that the GM transmissions are junk. They said if this is what the dealership is telling you is wrong with the car and the dealership didn't "drop" the pan, they can pretty much guarantee me that the transmission will go bad within the year if it is not rebuilt. To have the selinoid and transmission fixed I have been quoted $1500 - 2000. They said it will cost me more to have the selinoid fixed now and then the transmission later. Has anyone encountered this? The car now has 130,000 miles on it and the transmission people told me I was "lucky" because most of the GM transmissions go bad at 70,000 miles.
    Any suggestions?
    No wonder GM is in trouble - I know people that will never buy an American car again because of how much trouble they have had with them. I'm beginning to see why.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Just the opposite, GM transmissions have very good reputation. Of course, even these transaxles need service about every 30k miles or so, 50k miles in ideal driving conditions. Either transmission fluid flush, or "drop the pan", or the both.

    2001 car, 130k miles. About 25-30k miles per year. If the car will run another year after $400-$500 fix, it will be 155-160k miles. It probably makes sense to go with the smaller fix. Who know what else will fail during the year? It is possible that you will prefer to replace the car instead of fixing it again. Even more that you are unhappy with the car.

    After 100k car prices drops very fast. It looks like rebuilding transmission would cost about the same as your car costs now. The bigger repair would make sense only if you are already decided to use the car for many more years, no matter what.

    All transmission shops want to rebuild, it is their business. Personally, I would not rebuild. A factory remanufactured transmission costs only a bit more than rebuilding, but swapping transmissions is faster, easier, and much more reliable. Dealers install transmissions remanufactured by GM, with good warranty.
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