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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • Thank you for the information. yah i don't think i want to put more money into the car. It has 107000 and needs a lot of other work done. Thank You Again
  • ahoronahoron Posts: 30
    Didi you remove the three bolts that hold it on ?? If so tap it side to side with a hammer.
  • im running roughly 21mpg and a little less in town on a 2005 grand prix 70k Now i have a question i want to replace my taillights but cant find any companys that make them for 2004 and above anyone know
  • ebushebush Posts: 2
    I have changed the following items with no luck, spark plugs and wires, coil packs, fuel filter,fuel pressure regulator, and the egr valve only to waste money. the car will run without the egr valve. It started by losing power but then stopped altogether. Can someone please help. I'll try anything. Thank you very much in advance.
  • ebushebush Posts: 2
    Also it only has 45K miles on it.
  • I have a 95 Grand Prix with 44K miles, it goes through 1 to 2 quarts of oil a week! Its not leaking anywhere that I can see, and it doesnt appear to be burning, cant smell or see any smoke. Where is all of this oil going?
  • It might be an o-ring located somewhere on the engine. i am not sure exactly were but i had the same problem on my 94 Grand prix. Also if you dont already know those cars have manifold gasket problems mostly around 100000miles. It will give the symptoms of a head problem.
  • My 2002 GT is hard turning to the left from time to time. Dealer told me it is the power steering fluid pump and meineke told me the rack and pinion. I believe meineke. They have done work for me before. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Car has 60,200 miles on it. Had a right front wheel bearing replaced at 38k, intake gasket replaced at 45k, tranny rebuilt at 55k, key gets stuck in the ignition a lot, now this. This car has been a head ache. I bought it brand new and have been good to it. It barely gets 15 miles per gallon too. I would love to sell it to get something else.

  • I have a 2003 grandprix i was reading your message and i have the exact problems you have intake gasket replaced power steering replaced water pump replaced key stuck in ignition and right now as i speak my car is in shop for its 2nd I repeat second time to replace rack and pinion the only difference this time is they have to replace gears in steering and both front wheel bearings have to be replaced. I only have 33,000 miles on my car and thank god i bought exsteaded warr. ether way i am talking with a lemon law attorney as i speak and he says looks very good for me. best of luck
  • Thanks for your reply. Did they say that the power steering pump was a problem or did they just change it to see if it would fix the problem? I am debating getting the rack and pinion done but it only is had to turn sometimes and I dont feel like paying the $700. I will never buy a GM car again. I have called the manufacturer several times and they are no help at all. I just deal with the key being stuck. I just leave it in. I guess I am lucky I didnt need the water pump replaced, and only had a problem with one wheel bearing. You are lucky that you have the warranty. I wish I did. My next car will be a Toyota and with an extended warranty. Let me know how things work out.

  • mine isnt the GTP, but has similar issues. tranny runs rough, and occasional if i come to a stop up hill, the engine will shutoff. of course im having alot of other tranny issues along with this.
  • mine eats about 2 every month, with the same issues, no burning, and no leaking.
  • I have a 99 Grand Prix GT and whenever I hit stop and go traffic and use my brakes a lot I see a little puff of smoke come out of the hood of my car. (Assuming its brake related) I have no oil leaks, I do have a slight leak with the brake fluid. Then also sometimes after the car has been on for awhile I hear pumping noises coming from the left (driver side) of the engine, sounds like its coming from or near where you put in the brake fluid. Any help would be nice, thanks.
  • I have been having this problem for the last 2 weeks. Whenever my car has been sitting for around 4 or more hours (usually this is at it's worst after it sits overnight) when I start it up it turns over fine but when the engine fires it start shaking Mildly and makes a weird sound. The sound is hard to explain but it's kind of like pa pa pa pa pa etc and the higher the rpms are the rate of the sound increases. The shaking lasts for about 5-10 seconds (usually the longer it has been sitting the longer it shakes) and the sound can last from about 30 seconds-3 minutes and maybe even longer (same as the shake the longer it sits the longer it lasts). When I start driving the sounds goes away in about 15 seconds-1 minute. I just had the intake manifold replaced last night and this morning there was no improvement. All the times I listed are estimates and aren't 100% accurate. If anyone has suggestions of what the cause of this is or past experiences of this I would greatly appreciate your responses.
  • jal012773jal012773 Posts: 63
    We have a '04 GT2 that we bought for my wife in Feb. '04. I had been getting the oil changed every three months, even though she only puts about 6k miles per year on it. I decided this last time to see how long I can go before the oil monitor system tells me it's time to change the oil. How long should it go before telling me to change the oil. I don't want to go too long without an oil change and risk damaging anything.
  • abc1923abc1923 Posts: 6
    I have '04 Grand Prix and i am thinking about changing factory installed cd player with after market ones. Will that effect anything as far as alarm system or anything else. Once i heard that since alarm system is embedded with cd player/radio , after market cd player will mess up something. Any ideas?
    Thank you all
  • Ok. I've got a 1993 grand prix. It hasn't been running and has been sitting in the driveway for about a year. I know it needs a new battery, because even when I try to jumpstart it, it won't turn over and still sounds like it needs more power, however it had a new battery put in it last year before it died. It looks like it needs an oil change for sure (oil's pretty black, but not creamy, so I don't think a head gasket's to blame), and I want to check the spark plugs as well. Any other ideas on what may be causing this? I'm unfamiliar with pontiacs, so I don't know any problems they tend to have, and am not car-savvy enough to guess exactly what else would be wrong with it.

    basically, I try to jumpstart it, i can hear it trying to turn over, but it won't start.
  • mahnkejjmahnkejj Posts: 1
    Don't spend all your money yet. I had the same problem with my 97 GTP. All it was making the noise inside the supercharger was a plastic coupling. I can't remember where I ordered it from but a search on the internet should bring something up. The part is $30-$50 I think and you'll have to buy some new supercharger oil.
  • z28gurlz28gurl Posts: 5
    My unfortunate purchase was a 2000 Grand Prix GT, 2 door, nothing special....
    I have read through so many discussions on the tranny issue with the hard shifting when warm, but only sometimes, as well as taking off in 3rd gear ( It was put best by someone when they said, "felt like I was hauling a house") and I am even more confused now.
    I figured it wouldnt hurt to start a thread for just my question.

    For everyone who has had this problem was it worth fixing it?
    I am considering taking it in for the Pressure control solenoid ( as this is what has been refered to as the problem several times now) I know there are many other factors that "could" contribute to this "hard shift" however, my symptoms have been EXACTLY as described by others who have dealt with it. Also when I purchased it in October last year (2006)it was working fine, the engine light has recently come on, and now its acting the same as the others.... I had a tranny flush done in October, tune up done, and some new parts put on although they were "alright for now".
    What would one say to the mechanic ( especially being female) and not get jerked around too much, what would be your top recomendations for things I should want checked out? Or is it even worth it? Should I just sell the beast and move on???

    Thanks for any answers!
  • I have a 2001 Gr Prix GT 3.8. I recently had the upper and lower intake manifold replaced (common problem in these cars)at a Pontiac dealership. After the work was done, I noticed the heat and air was blowing only out the defrost vent near the windshield. I took it back, lo and behold, the mechanic knocked loose the vaccuum hose. They "fixed" their mistake and all was well. Until it got hot out a couple weeks later, and I turned on the A/C and while it was blowing air, it is NOT cold air. Given the dealership's admitted prior mistake and the fact I have had NO problems with my AC until they worked on the car, I figured they did something to it while working on the intake manifolds. I took it back in, and they did a dye test and some other test to see if there was a leak, because there was no refrigerant in the system at all now. They could NOT find a leak anywhere. I suggested the problem resulted from something they did or didn't do while replacing the intake manifolds, but the dealership insists not, that they did NOT have to touch the A/C system nor did their work affect it in anyway. I've talked to a lot of people who all agree they could NOT have replaced the manifolds without it affecting the A/C. I'm trying to get a certain answer so I can take this further and have the dealership be held responsible if they indeed are. Any thoughts?
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