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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • tncarmantncarman Posts: 82
    I've dealt with dealerships in the past that were stubborn like yours. Usually I just take my car to a different dealership and they fix it, almost every time. Hope it helps.
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    If the car was still under warranty, I would agree. However, in this case another dealer won't repair damage resulting from the first "fix" without wanting compensation; justifiable expense on his part. It appears you have to appeal to the dealer's sense of "honor" and his commitment to provide customer service--both of which are increasingly hard to find. Failing to get the dealer to respond to a sense of duty, you may have to respond with "Better Business Bureau", Chamber of Commerce, or "action line" through a local media outlet. Good luck!!
  • omegaxomegax Posts: 1
    Ok i have a issue that doesn't make sense to me. I have 2001 grand prix gt 3.8l with dual zone climate control. Now the problem is this. well there is a leak but thats not what's concerning me at the moment. When i turn on the ac the passenger side blows out cold air.....the driver side blows out warm air. I have no idea what's going on at all.

    posting to see if anyone else has had this problem and/or has a solution.

    Thank you for your time
  • Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have a 1997 GP where the alarm is going off every 24 hours (around noon every day). It beeps four times and then quits.
  • I have no idea how to explain this one. It started shortly after I got the car in 2004 but only occurred at one specific time when I was backing out my drive. Now it's happening a lot more. What it is is this: Originally when I started my car, put it in reverse and started backing out the drive, something in the front of the car (engine, brakes, steering, ???) makes a kind of humming/grunting noise that vibrates slightly, lasting a few seconds. Now it happens more often but intermittently when I break, am steering into a turn, or sometimes just driving straight down the road. It's loud enough people can hear it and stare. I don't know if this is connected, but sometimes my low track light will come on for no reason. This has happened maybe 3 or 4 times when there is no reason for it to come on, such as starting to back down my paved, even driveway. I tried driving with the track off, but it had no affect on that strange noise. Any ideas?
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    I believe it is somehow connected with the ABS and its sensors. Don't have any thoughts regarding the current frequency of the sounds, etc. However, the initial sounds and pulsing after start-up are normal for the ABS as it initializes itself. I have no experience with having an ABS that needed repair or service. How is the brake fluid level? Do pads/linings need replacement? The "Trac" light comes on becuase it is tied into the ABS; it applies braking pressure to the wheel that has slippage. Keep us posted.

  • That was my suspicion as well, even though I know practically nothing about this stuff. I have not checked the brake fluid level recently. I just had all the rotors and pads replaced a few months ago, so I don't think that is the problem.

    I did, however, take my car in to have the tires rotated and Belle Tire told me I needed a new right front hub assembly. Could this contribute to the problem at all? The vibration and noise is getting so frequent now it happens more time than not.

    Thanks for the info and I will check the brake fluid level when I get home tonight.
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    You may have two separate problems: front hub assembly could certainly cause the constant humming and vibration; ABS/TRACS system could cause some of the pulsing. You're right regarding the fluid level--you certainly wouldn't expect a problem there since you just had a brake job done, unless....? Clark
  • I have a 2000 GTP that had the same problem, I replaced the fuel pump resistor, didn't fix the problem, I replaced the crankshaft positioning sensor, didn't fix the problem. So I bought factory service manuals, I paid less than a hundred for it, the manual is easy to read and diagnosed the problem the first time through it.
    My starting problem was cause by the mass flow air sensor starting to fail in the throttle body (manifold). If the computer detect decreasing air flow it tries to compensate by decreasing fuel delivery and when sensor completely fails the computer stops fuel delivery completely.
    I hope this helps, I've been where you're at and it ain't no fun.
  • I am having the EXACT same problem with my 2004 grand prix. I've had a couple mechanics look at it, and they can't quite determine whats going on. Today I'm taking it to the dealer. Did you find out wha the problem was??

  • What did the dealer tell you?
    I am having the same exact problem on my 04 GP as well. And this morning my ABS and Traction System lights came on. I have also had a couple of instances where the same "humming/vibrating" noise would happen pulling into a parking space while turning to the right, :confuse:
  • I have an 05 Grand prix that just failed its inspection due to a P0411 code that came up in the emissions test. I was told by the dealer over the phone that its a secondary air injection check valve that need to be replaced at a cost of $300 for just the part!! Are there any other cheaper options it might be? Is the dealer blowing smoke up my butt?
  • I noticed about three months ago my tac on the console would drop to 0 and stay there while the car was still running. Once you stopped and started the car it would work fine. Then the past two weeks I have had issues with the car not starting right away. It will turn over but not start and if you wait some time it will start for you. Also it has stalled on me about 3 times this week. After reading this I think I am looking at the CrankShaft sensor. IS there anything else I should look at based on your past experiences?

  • dlc2dlc2 Posts: 10
    I am trying to gain access to the steering column to replace the solinoid that releases the key. I have a 2003 Grand Prix and haven't been able to find a way to
    get the tilt wheel lever removed so I can take off the steering column cover.

    I've read there is a clip that holds the lever in place on older models, but I don't see it on this one. It looks like one piece of plastic. Any ideas how to get this out?
  • My 98 GTP RPM will suddenly drop to zero and occasionally the TCS goes to OFF. From what I have read, it appears it could be the crankshaft position sensor or the cam sensor. Anybody had any luck replacing these parts without further problems? I also hear they are not that easy to get at for replacement.
  • It sounds like a valve is tapping on my 03 GTP. It did this month ago but went away after it warmed up. I changed the oil and it completly went away. Now its back! This happen to anyone else.

    Does anyone know how much this is going to cost to fix?
  • Sounds like the oil pump may be failing. I have had this happen. I had to have my engine rebuilt because I didn't know my oil pump was only partilally working. My lifters would only tap sometimes and it was usually only after I started it, then would stop after a minute or sooner. It would be fine after I changed the oil and then a few days later start all over. Sounds like you might have the same problem. I hope this helps!
  • cigsmhcigsmh Posts: 16
    I purchased my Grand Prix in 2004 as a used 3 years old car.
    Recently had to replace head casket and this is the only problem I had.
    Very reliable car. Very fast and very predictable on the road.
    The breaks is fantastic. They saved me twice from a very serious accidents
    Car is very fast and very big. I drove a Camry 2005, and its cabin feels bigger.
    The trunk though , is huge.
    I am going to replace this car with a SUV, but I like my car and its a pity that GM can't put a normal head gasket on 3.8 and 3.4 engines. Engines are very economical and reliable
  • I have a 01 GP GT. Back in July, had the same problem as you, took my car to the dealer, they said I had a bad left wheel hub. $500 later car seemed fine. 3 weeks later, same problem; took car back to dealer, they said the other front wheel hub was bad; another $500. Now 3 months later, problem is back. Are the dealers just guessing? A lot of people seem to have this problem. How many more parts will we pay for before the problem is diagnosed correctly? I am extremely frustrated! Could it just be the wiring to the harnesses or the wheel sensors? Assumed the dealer checked these when replacing the hubs. Do you feel the "rub" in the steering when straightening the wheels after backing out of a parking space, and does it seem to happen mostly when car is cold?
  • I just replaced the ignition switch on my 2002 Grand Prix and also had to remove the tilt lever. I found that the lever simply comes out if you pull firmly on it. There's nothing holding it in, it's simply a friction fit.
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