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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • chriso7chriso7 Posts: 34
    I recently bought the car with <70k miles. I was driving last weekend and the rear drivers side strut cup (below spring) collapsed onto my tire and consequently I wore the tire (1" wide piece) down to the steel belt. I had thought the white smoke emanating from it was due to an exhaust issue.

    Unfortenatly, I noticed inside the trunk that the quarter inch wide machine weld facing the fender surrounding the bearing plate where the strut bolts to was cracked (or split) 70% of the way through.

    Most likely due to the stress reflected back to it from driving it about 3 miles on city roads.

    Does anyone know if this impacts the structural integrity or is inconsequential? What is the best way to fix it?

    Thank you. :sick:
  • charmoncharmon Posts: 1
    My son has this car, and the motor is blown. I have been looking for used motors for it, but ghow can I tell what series motor is needed? He is going to use his existing supercharger, so does it even matter which 3800 series he gets?
  • josh55303josh55303 Posts: 3
    Hello everyone:

    I am having a couple of issues with my 2004 Grand Prix. I've had the car for approx. 5 years now, and never really any problems, but went over 140K miles, so I know the sounds of my car and know when somethings wrong.
    I was driving home the other day and gave the car some gas to go when the car infront of me abruptly stopped to allow a car turn, to which I had to slam the breaks. But the car "semi-stalled & hiccup'd" from the gas I just gave it and then slamming on the breaks.
    Anyways, after that and pulling out onto the highway I could hear what sounded like a small grind coming from the drivers side front tire area. Very faint, but I could hear it, and then the car proceeded to "semi stall" a couple of more times when I would come to a stop at lights. I immediately took it to my garage for diagnosis. To which they couldn't find anything wrong other than some breaks, bearing, and sway bars that needed replacing. Thanks a lot!
    So problem is still there. The only real change is the "semi stall" isnt there anymore. I hear it when I drive, and it really picks up when I am parked on an incline, like in my garage. Small downhill grade for water to move down. But once I park my car you can really hear this "grind".

    Also, there is some sort of water build up below the windshield and dash....anyone know how I can drain this water. Ive seen some posts about what I think is the problem, but haven't read a way to drain it.

    Any thoughts on both??

  • woosleywoosley Posts: 1
    have you tried the air breather the filter could be cloged.
  • fantaziofantazio Posts: 1
    Hi, Actually I hav ethe same problem with my pontiac grand prix gtp 2004. I took it to the mechanic and he told me the problem is rack and pinion whereas even when I pour steering wheel fluid in the car the alarm still exists, so the problem should be something rather than rack and pinion. please let me know if you found any solution for the problem. Thanks
  • What is this part called and what is the part number?
  • theraztheraz Posts: 2
    I had the exact problem happen in my car except the hot air was coming out of the passenger side. We figured it was just the slider or some connection with the slider not registering where the control was set at. We just replaced the climate control panel/box and I have no problems now. FYI...the part at the dealer is about $450+ is what they told my dad. We got it at a junk yard for $68.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You need to make sure that the bolt pattern of the engine matches with your vehicle. For example, a 1997 Grand Prix with the same engine may have a different bolt pattern than your vehicle. I would think that you could get this information from a Haynes a Chilton manual. Good luck.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Just purchased a 94 Grand Prix with 125k miles. I would like to hear about maintenance issues from Grand Prix owners that had owned one. Thank you.
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